Zelens Advanced Luminescence Serum - review

Zelens Advanced Luminescence Serum – review

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advancedluminescenceserum First up, in our overview of Zelens Skin Science is the truly remarkable Zelens Advanced Luminescence Serum.icon I could give you all sorts of reasons why this serum is so good, and I’ll get to that in a moment, but for now I’ll let you in on my secret. I’ve discovered my true test of the value of a serum is if I am compelled to follow my nightly regimen with a serum right before lights out. Sadly, I have a drawer full of half used serums that failed to live up to expectations and were soon pushed out of my night time routine.

I’m happy to report that the Advanced Luminescence is the first serum that broke through my lazy-bones habit and has me happily applying serum every night just before I crawl into bed (no chance of falling asleep serum-less that way). Why so eager? Because I saw Big Results after just days of use!

Advanced Luminescence is a lightening and brightening skin serum that “effectively reduces the visible appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) by inhibiting the production of the skin-darkening enzyme Tyrosinase.” The all-natural, plant based  ingredients will not irritate even sensitive skin while over night the serums seeps into skin to even and brighten the skin tone.  It even helps to prevent future discolorations!

You may recall I have suffered from cystic acne and as a result, I have a number of spots that still bear the scar of an old inflammation. Fifteen years spent on outdoor swim teams and working as a lifeguard doesn’t help the situation. My skin was starting to show some signs of sunspots along my hairline. Regular nightly use of the Zelens serum has markedly reduced my skin discolorations and acne marks! The spots have faded to a shade much closer to my skin tone. Meanwhile, signs of old blemishes on my jaw line and (my most hated one) the chin have visibly improved. Plus, my skin texture is smoother and clearer too.

These results will keep me using Advanced Luminescence night after night. It’s all a bonus that the serum is very light and seeps quickly into the skin (no greasy streaks on pillows) and has a light, fresh scent (minty even) that helps ease me into sleep.

I can’t wait to hear how our other serum testers faired with my new miracle in a bottle. Ladies – has Zelens helped you achieve a more luminescent look as well?

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6 thoughts on “Zelens Advanced Luminescence Serum – review”

  1. I’m pretty sure this is hands down the BEST SERUM IN THE WORLD! I wish I would have taken pictures of the changes it has made to my skin. I like T have tons of partially used serums that never lived up to the hype. This little beauty came in it’s simple yet elegant package and very very simple instructions and a promise. Fully expecting it to not work I dutifully applied to my spots and after 5 days of continuous use I not only noticed the difference but a GF of mine and my husband did too! I am seriously considering rubbing this all over my body every night. It’s non greasy, smells nice and it really works. I love the fact that it’s all natural ingredients too. I usually like to feel tingly or burning with products so that I know they are working, I didn’t get that with this and I was a little worried but the proof is in the picture (if I only I would have taken before and after shots). Ladies it may seem pricey but if you have any pigment issues this is your solution.

  2. Ok, let me preface this glowing review by saying I am a total serum junkie. It’s hands down my favorite item in my skincare routine. I look forward to patting it on before bed ever night and rarely skip it. I have also tried a TON of serums, from $25 drugstore ones to ones that break the bank. This is, absolutely, without a doubt, the best serum I have ever used. It’s amazing and nothing short of genius.

    It does exactly what it says it will, brighten your skin and fade discoloration. But most impressive, you start seeing results in days. Yes, days! I swear by day 4 my skin looked better, and it only improved from there.

    I’ve been stressing about discoloration lately, something I never really gave much thought to before, as I spend most of my time stressing over wrinkles and acne. But when we sent out our questionnaire to our testers, one of the questions is about hyperpigmentation. So I gave my skin a real close look and voila, a new thing to stress about is born! My skin just didn’t look as bright as before. Old acne marks, small spots, slightly blotchy.

    One little brown spot in particular caught my attention and you’d think it was an inch wide the way I obsess over it. It’s all I see when I look in the mirror! I tried a few products to lighten it (from some of my favorite tried and true brands too) and nothing budged it till now! This serum has all but erased it. And as mentioned, it smells and feels great on your skin too.

    Love, love, LOVE this!

  3. Well, I guess my post above already mentions that I absolutely loved this serum! Honestly, after hearing so much about this brand, I thought there was no way it could live up to the hype and my expectations. But after just a night I was already convinced. I really loved how the serum is so smooth and sinks in so quickly. I hate how with some serums you can feel it on your face (and get it all over our pillows) for hours after application. I also loved the very faint fresh scent (absolutely no chemically or synthetic smells here).
    And even on the first morning, I noticed my skin felt softer (and maybe even firmer? Is that even possible?) then the day before.
    The true test of course was the results after a few weeks of use. I’m so happy with the results! My sunspots and old acne scars have drastically faded and my skin is looking better and better. It’s also worth noting that I have not had any type of breakout, or any cystic pimples since I started using this serum. That’s saying a lot considering 1) I get the “new product breakout” pretty easily and 2) it’s the dregs of summer here – the time when I get lots of teeny breakouts.
    All in all, from the natural, cruelty-free ingredients, to the show stopping packaging to the amazing results – Zelens gets my top mark – 5 stars!
    .-= Tyna´s last blog ..Zelens Skin Science – overview =-.

  4. I just wanted to give a follow up post for this amazing product! I have been religiously using this serums for about two months now and my skin looks so great. I wasn’t sure if it was some other products plus this that was making the change so I went back to my basic routine for the last two weeks. I am happy to report that it is this serums that is the cause of my happy smooth skin! If you have someone to buy for that is a beauty addict or worry wort of skin issues, this would be an awesome gift. If you are a serum gal and see yourself using this on a nightly basis it is well worth the cost!

  5. Suzan, I’m so happy you came back and left this second comment. I’ve been thinking bout doing the same thing for weeks now. This is my FAVORITE serum I have ever used. I can’t believe how bright it makes your skin. And without any sort of shenanigans, meaning you don’t get extra oily or dry, no breakouts, etc. It just works. And the small brown spot I mentioned above, it’s gone!

    This serum is nothing short of miraculous. Love, love, love it.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..We heart Illamasqua, a review… =-.

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