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As an animal loving, beauty addict, I am constantly shocked that I still have to choose between natural, cruelty free products or lush, luxurious products that are a true indulgence. Shouldn’t a girl be able to find both? I’m here to tell you the answer is “Yes!” If you’re an eco-friendly beauty lover looking to pamper themselves with the most decadent and oh-so-effective skin care products, I am thrilled to introduce you to the wonders of Zelens Skin Scienceicon!

I’ve been salivating over this brand since they burst onto the scene a few years ago. The press fawned over the company and its founder, the world-class skin specialist Dr. Marco Lens. My beauty obsessed friends raved over the natural, plant based ingredients and the amazing results (including a fanatical Stef – my final word on all things beauty). And with just one look of the beautiful yet understated green and black packaging Zelens Skin Science moved to the top of my beauty Wish List. So I was over the moon when we heart this received three items from the carefully edited (seven total products) Zelens line which is designed to offer a complete 24-hour anti-aging regimen suitable for all skin types.

Zelens, which translates to “green” in Russian, offers a scientific approach to natural beauty. The world-renowned doctor combined the latest knowledge in anti aging with traditional Japanese herbal medicines to offer the best of both worlds in elegantly packaged, superlative skin products that deliver serious results. Just what makes them so special?

The Background: Founder, Dr. Marco Lens is a leading international authority on skin cancer and skin aging who spent his career researching the role of anti–oxidants in defending the skin from premature aging and the development of skin cancer. This research and his discoveries lead to the creation of Zelens. The line was formulated to fight “the three radicals identified to cause aging of the skin…and work to repair the essential collagen” to promote healthy skin while providing protection from environmental forces.

The Formula: Dr. Lens combined these potent anti-oxidants into one formula to provide the best possible skin health. This Zelens formulation contains a mixture of 20 natural, plant-based active ingredients, including 14 of those potent antioxidants. Among the plant-based ingredients of Japanese influence is Shiso extract (a mint leaf known to posses anti inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties). All these good for you ingredients work together in the Zelens formula to help protect against nasty environmental hazards like ultraviolet light, pollution and even cigarette smoke!

The Packaging: Now you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you will be hard-pressed not to be blown away by the exceptional packaging. The design was created by Anouska Hempel, an internationally renowned designer and hotelier. Heavy, reusable boxes of deep green with simple, elegant branding open playfully (with the tug of a black ribbon) to reveal the dream lotions. These boxes can be used and reused once you’ve removed the contents. (I keep my serum box in a drawer to hold items I do not want to roll around and mingle – tweezers, pimple extractors, etc).

The results: Here’s the important part. From print press to blogs, from friends to my own experience, Zelens products deliver. They can provided a visible improvement to the texture and appearance of skin. Make sure to read our we heart this review teams comments on all three products to hear about their experiences.

Finally, this overview would not be complete without a mention of the cost. Averaging about $200 a product, it is an investment purchase for even the beauty die-hard. While the cost will give you pause, in reality it costs about the same as one dermatologist appointment for a peel or laser treatment. I was very impressed with my results from regular use of the Advanced Luminescence Serum and would tell my friends it was worth every penny.

We have three items up for appraisal from the review team. We’ve separated them into two more posts so you can get a good feel for the brand and products before you decide if it’s time to bust open that piggy bank.

See our Zelens Skin Science reviews on these products:

Zelens Advanced Luminescence Serum
Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream
Zelens Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream (extra rich)


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  1. I have been really lucky to try a lot of really amazing skincare lines, from drugstore to juggle the rent payment. This is one of my absolute favorites. Everything I’ve tried (2 serums and an eye cream so far) have been fabulous. They fall in the juggle the rent category, but you will be so pleased. And really, I’ve spend half as much as these on items that I end up not really liking and that don’t really work. I’d rather save a bit and get something that’s worth the splurge. And dear readers, this line is oh-so worth the splurge!

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