Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review

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We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.One of my favorite things about reviewing products for we heart this is discovering fabulous new brands and products that I otherwise would have never known existed and sharing them with readers.

Ziaja is one of those brands I wasn’t familiar with, but so glad I’ve gotten to know.

Ziaja, one of Poland’s leading skincare lines, is family owned and developed by pharmacists who believe in using natural ingredients and crafting products using the most modern technologies available.

All their skincare products are clinically and allergy tested, ph balanced, and are never tested on animals. Best of all everything on their site is under $10!

Ziaja sent the We Heart This team a variety of items from three of their product lines to test (there are seven total) – Natural Olive, Goat’s Milk and Cocoa Butter.

Ziaja makes it easy to figure out which products are best for your skin by dividing the lines up according to skincare types.

Ziaja Product Reviews

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

The Natural Olive line is best for dry and normal skin. All the Natural Olive products contain olive oil, vitamins A &E, provitamin B5 and shea butter.

With products ranging from hand cream to face cream there is something for everyone’s needs.

I tested the Hand & Nail Cream (a steal at $4.99).

This lotion has found it’s way into my office and sits right next to my computer. It soaks right in and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. It has a nice light floral scent and keeps my hands nice and soft for hours.

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

Ziaja Goat’s Milk Body Butter Review

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

The Goat’s Milk line is formulated to moisturized and firm the skin, and is recommend for dry and wrinkle-prone skin. This line is packed full of milk proteins, vitamins A & E and provitamin B5.

I sampled the Body Balm ($7.49)

It’s specially made for skin that’s dry and lacking firmness and goes on thicker than normal cream, taking a little longer to sink into skin.

It does feel like it’s doing some firming and I love using it on my legs where they could use a little less jiggle.

This balm is very moisturizing and makes your skin very soft, but the scent isn’t one of my favorites. It smells similar to baby powder and is a little stronger than I like.

Yet, I’m so impressed with the moisture this balm gives my skin that I can live with the scent.

Ziaja Goat’s Milk Eye Cream

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

Also impressive, the Goat’s Milk Eye Cream ($7.99), like the body balm, it takes a little longer to soak into my skin, but once it does it leaves the skin under my eyes feeling very soft and moisturized.

I wouldn’t recommend this cream for those with oily skin, it could be too moisturizing for you, but dry skin sufferers should check it out.

Ziaja Coca Butter

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

My favorite line of all was Cocoa Butter. This line is recommended for normal to dry skin and is designed to improve skin tone and elasticity.

Our testers tried out the Creamy Shower Cream, Hand and Nail cream and the Body Butter from this line.

Ziaja Creamy Shower Cream

We Heart This shares a Ziaja Skin Care Collection Review. Check it out to see if the Ziaja Skin Care products are right for you.

I was the lucky recipient of the Body Butter ($9.99).

Body butters are one of my favorite products.

There is just something I love about sticking my hand in a big tub of cream.

The Cocoa Body Butter did not disappoint.

It smells exactly like classic cocoa butter and looks like a tub of light chocolate pudding.

It leaves moisturized and the scent is light enough to not overpower.

Ziaja Products Pros & Cons

Dermatologically and allergy-tested
PH balanced
Not tested on animals
A skincare line for every skin type
All products are under $10!

Some of the products have stronger scents

we heartsters and Testers – Have your beauty travels led to the discovery of the European Ziaja Skin Care?

We’re talking more Ziaja products in the comments!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.



  1. I received Ziaja’s Goat’s Milk Night Cream to test. When I opened the lid, it just looked so rich and moisturizing and when I smelled it, I had an instant throw back to one of my favorite face creams, Nivea. I happened to be having one of those days when my sensitive skin was having a moment or two. So, I was anxious to see if this would help calm things down. I was quite impressed with the outcome. The very next morning my face felt 10x better and my skin was having that revitalized feeling you get when all is well. I love the packaging… so white, clean, simple and the little goat is adorable. I do think its great stuff and can’t believe it’s under $10.00! I find that to be a welcomed price tag when so many products practically bankrupt me! I would like to see this in a bigger container. Mine is almost gone already! Five stars.

  2. @tiffany , this is the first I’m hearing of Ziaja Skin Care and it sounds like a brand I need to hunt down. Inexpensive and fancy– I love it!

  3. I tested out the Goat’s Milk Eye Cream and was impressed. I don’t typically use eye cream but this one is actually pretty good. It’s comparable to much more expensive eye creams for sure, and I didn’t have much of an issue with it sinking in (then again, I only ever wear eye cream at night, before bed, and I always wash my face in the morning). I didn’t notice any scent to it, which I really like. So basically you’re getting a really pretty nice eye cream for less than eight bucks! I’d give it 5 stars, and I’d like to try out some of their other products too.

  4. I am so with you on having the opportunity to test brands I never would have found on my own, @tiffany – I LOVED the Goat’s Milk Hand and Nail Cream I tested out and will definitely be getting more because it’s a great price! The packaging is simple and sleek and it was a perfect squeeze tube, with a nice, flat shape that made it very easy to throw in a purse. I LOVE the smell, it’s a clean fresh smell that I couldn’t get enough of and found myself using it more, just for the smell! I also loved the consistency of this cream. It was soft and rich and absorbed quickly. I have to give this product five stars…I was very happy to discover Ziaja and I’m excited to try out some of the other products, especially in the Goat’s Milk line!

  5. This was my first encounter with Ziaja as well – that @stef is always discovering the most interesting lines for wht reviews! And this was a fantastic find. Seriously, modern and chic packaging; simple, effective formulas; nice scents; drugstore deal pricing? Love it.

    I tested the Cocoa Butter Hand Cream, and like @tiffany, the sleek, flat tube soon became a staple on my desk top. The scent is pretty wonderful – cocoa buttery but not too much like “I just came straight from the beach” – it has an extra chocolatey sweetness that I don’t sense in tanning lotions. And the lightweight formula meant I could apply the nicely moisturizing lotion without making a greasy mess of my keyboard. At 2.8 ounces it is a little on the small size side, but for only $5 it’s a ‘little luxury’ steal.

  6. Very cool review @Tiffany! I, too, love finding out about new brands through wht. It’s always such a breath of fresh air and this looks to be no exception. Since it’s so affordable (and the overall consensus seems to be fabulous), I will definitely have to try these out myself :)

  7. I’m almost finished with my body butter and I will definitely be ordering more. The scent is yummy and I love the way this butter soaks right in and leaves your skin super soft. The price of Ziaja’s products are super affordable. I agree with @Tyna definitely a luxury steal!

  8. Discovering new skin care and beauty lines is such a simple yet deeply satisfying joy! I had never heard of Ziaja either, but I’m now such a fan I’ve already repurchased!
    I tested out Ziaja’s Goat’s Milk Day Cream and Body Balm.
    The day cream is my official HOLY GRAIL of moisturizers! It’s perfect, seriously. Light enough to wear during the summer, moisturizing enough to tackle my worst flaky patches, and the smell is fantastic, like walking down the laundry aisle in the grocery store. It’s gentle enough that if I get it too close to my eyes it doesn’t sting or make my eyes run. And all this for $8?! I’m hooked.
    The body balm smells just as wonderfully clean as the day cream but it is far, far more moisturizing. A little too heavy for daily wear during the high heat of summer, I imagine that it will be my go-to lotion this winter. I have been using it on my feet on days when I wear tennis shoes and it’s done wonders for my abused “I’ve been wearing flip flops for 4 days in a row” feet and heels.
    Ziaja is my favorite beauty discovery in a long time. At these prices it’s not hard to make the leap and try something new, and I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed! 5 stars!

  9. I got to try the Olive Oil Light Formula cream, it’s a perfect night cream for me. Still a little too heavy for day wear during the summer but most likely perfect for chilly winters. I used it primarily on my face. I also use it as a good foot cream that I like sleeping in, really hydrates my heels from running around in sandals. The formula reminds me of my Mom’s old cold cream in a happy, nostalgic way. 5 stars from me!

  10. @tiffany –Great rundown of this line. You caught my attention “with the $10 and under comment.” I am very anxious to check this out due to all of the positive feedback!

  11. Adding to my previous comment, I ordered some more hand cream and then the Goat’s Milk Body Wash and Body Balm, (from the handy link above!). Shipping is a little pricy but I got it in two days flat so it’s super fast! Also, if you spend $50 you get free shipping. The body wash is a GREAT size, at over 17 ounces, and under $10, which is amazing! And, I have to comment again on how much I love the packaging, so simple yet so chic! The only suggestion I would make is they need a plastic tab on their body wash because it did leak, just a little, in shipment. But that definitely won’t stop me from ordering again. Way to go @stef on finding Zaija, LOVING this brand!

  12. Cocoa butter is my favorite which helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in my thighs and butt. It is good for the skin and nails too. It acts as sunscreen and moisturizer too.

  13. Mary cris says:

    I just bought ziaja cream today. It was actually my first time to try this product.But I picked day cream instead of night cream. I’m only applying moisturizer before going to bed…is it okay to use day cream at night?

  14. Paulina D. says:

    As a Pole, I have been using Ziaja since I was little – mum only bought their products. And then I moved to England and shifted to using different brands and products. Recently I have been to Poland on holiday to see my family and I ended up using Ziaja products once again. In this case, it was a conditioner and I kid you not… my hair has NEVER been this smooth. Since then, I have only purchased Ziaja products. My skin – which was fully of acne, pealing off dry and full of pores – is now healthy, glowing and so incredibly soft. Don’t even get me started on my hair… I also recently started using Ziaja makeup (like BB creams or chapsticks) and I’m very satisfied with them too! The things that I love most about Ziaja products is that they are so so so skin friendly and have such a nice and delicate scent. I also love the price – I mean, for the wonders that they do to your body they are a bargain!!! Hmm let me think… Cons???…. Oh honey, there is NONE! Whenever you get the opportunity to, replace your cosmetics with Ziaja products and you will not regret it! I promise!

  15. Steph O’Neill says:

    Hi I’m 52 and not sure which product is best to use on my skin. My skin is quite good but sensitive, I have used your manuka free paste on my face and found it very good but I wd like a cleanser and night and day cream, eye cream and body lotion, which wd you recommend for my age and to improve elasticity, prevent wrinkles but also moisturise, my skin feels tight if I don’t wear a good moisturiser.

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