Zuii Organics review – a big bouquet of pretty!

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Plus, a free lipgloss for we heart this readers from Bella Floria

Is there anything that encompasses the words “pure beauty” more than a flower? Go ahead, try to name something, I’ll wait! See? The smoothness of the petals, the intoxicating scent, the colors found in nature that we so desperately try to replicate. Nothing is more natural, more beautiful than a flower. It’s on this notion that Zuii Organics was developed.

The certified organic Australian line produces what they call Flora Makeup, products made with the petals and buds of certified organic flowers – Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile, combined with essential oils, vitamins and minerals to make help you look as beautiful as a bouquet. And of course, without any of the ingredients found in non organic brands; petrochemicals, parabens, talc or genetically modified ingredients.

We received three types of products and a handy and adorable mini brush set to take a closer look at…

First up, the item that I just couldn’t resist Flora Lip Tint in Frangipani ($22). The lip tint’s namesake is also known as the plumeria, the intoxicating flower most often used in leis. Intoxicating could also be used to describe this lip gloss! It has a subtle, but beautiful color; a medium pink loaded with gold shimmer. It also has an extra shiny finish, a delicious lemony-floral scent and a smooth and silky finish thanks to certified organic rose, aloe vera, beeswax, and vitamins E and C. I’m in lip gloss love! (See the bottom of this post for how you can get Frangipani for free from Bella Floria, the organic beauty super site!)

I also got a chance to try the Flora Blush in Mango ($29.95). I was very intrigued by the light shade of this blush. I imagined it would give just a kiss of color. Sadly for me, it’s more like an air kiss, as it’s almost undetectable on my light, warm tone skin. I am able to build the color, and since it has no talc it’s very creamy feeling, even when piled on my skin. But it never reaches a coverage that works for me. I would imagine it would be amazing on darker skinned gals. The blush is packed with some impressive ingredients though; soothing organic Rose petals, Jasmine buds, which have properties that encourages repair of scar tissue, and Chamomile flowers, a medicinal plant.

(from left: Frangipani, Mango, Rich Gold)

A few other lucky testers will be chiming in the comments with their thoughts on:
Flora eyeshadow in Rich Gold ($21.75). Packed with the same impressive ingredients as the blush, the color looks rather dark and a bit orange in the pot. But as you can see above, swatches a beautiful, subtle gold.

• The 5-piece Compact Brush Set ($59), made from a special blend of synthetic and natural fibers. It contains brushes for Powder Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Liquid Foundation and Eyeliner. Love the electric green handles!

Thinking about taking the leap into Flora Makeup? Bella Floria and Zuii Organics are going to give we heart this readers a free Flora Lip Tint in the beautiful Frangipani with each $50 Zuii order (while supplies last). Just enter the code weheartthis in the comment section of the order form and they’ll add the gloss to your order!

Review Team, did Zuii Organics have you looking fresh as a daisy?

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  1. As a lucky tester, I dove right into the pretty black and bright green Zuii Organic Professional 5-piece Compact Brush Set, which is a marvel of design. The case is so small, yet the brushes inside don’t suffer as a result. They’re full-sized brushes with slightly smaller handles; however, I didn’t have a problem adjusting to the size.

    I am so impressed with the quality of the brushes! The combination of synthetic and natural fibers creates the perfect texture: soft, yet able to pick up as much pigment as I need. Even though I’m new to the Zuii brand, I have six reasons to love it already:

    1. The blush brush will permanently replace my old, more expensive one. It picks up the perfect amount of color and makes application a breeze.
    2. The powder brush is large, soft and fluffy, everything I wanted it to be.
    3. The eyeshadow brush is a little smaller than my previous favorite, and I’ve decided this works well for me, allowing for more precise application of color. And like the others, it’s super soft.
    4. The liner brush is another winner, just firm enough for gel or powder liner. I’ve been using it with a gel liner.
    5. The liquid foundation brush is also a little smaller than my old one, and this is definitely a plus for application around my eyes and nose.
    6. The case packs all of these wonderful brushes into a tiny folder that I can tuck into my makeup bag.

    And all this for only $59, which is a steal for brushes of this quality. This brand new fan gives Zuii Organics 5 stars!

  2. I love the look of these brushes – the bright green! And that they pack up so easily. Great gift! The makeup sounds great to @stef … the smooth textures and hints of color. Love knowing it is all safe for our skin too.

  3. I just let out a big, OHHHHHHH, those brushes look so nice! Very nice! Why am I drawn to them, when 1/2 the time I opt to use my fingers? I can answer that.. because when you use good brushes, it shows! LOL

  4. I got to test Rich Gold, and the name says it all. In the pot, it has this odd color, almost like a shimmery dried mustard. Prettier than that sounds, but still not a color I would grab. But lordy, is it pretty on. It’s a bit sheer, but it give a really nice wash of color that shimmers. I haven’t tried it yet, but I know over primer this will really standout, so it works for a day and a night look.
    I honestly think this is a universal color, I really see it working on nearly every skin tone.
    I’m a fan, this gets five stars from me!

  5. I received a Flora Lip Tint in Frangipani. At first I wasn’t used to the slick, silky texture of the gloss as I’m more used to glosses with a bit more grab on them. But then I rubbed my lips together and though, well hey, this feels really nourishing! To me, this “gloss” has a more soothing factor than a glossing factor. And I love it!

    The color is one of those versatile shades that I can see being worn by many because it just blends into your lip color. The gold shimmer is very subtle and it’s only for some sheen factor but nothing more. Also the shade reminds me an awful lot of one of my favorite blushes – NARS Orgasm!

    The lemony scent is delightful – not overpowering. If you want a no frills gloss to take everywhere with you, this is it! 5 easy stars from me!

  6. I love good quality brushes! And that green is to die for. I would love to get my hands on this set.

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