DIY of the Month: Braided T-shirt Bracelet

How To: Give your old t-shirts a second life. Sorry dust rag pile!

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I love using simple materials to make something fun and innovative. The supplies for this bracelet DIY are really basic, so there’s a REALLY good chance you own all of them already. I mean, who doesn’t have a stack of soft old T’s you can’t wear outside of the house, but love to much to toss in the rag pile?

As with most of my DIY’s for wht, this is very customizable. You can easily work with your favorite color combos or add other textures for variety. Plus you can even make multiple bracelets to give to friends or just to match every one of your favorite outfits!

• T-shirt scraps
• 2 keychain rings
• Scissors
• Needles and thread
• Glue gun
• Ruler

1. Cut 3 strips of t-shirt fabric. One inch is a good width to work with. Length wise, they should be the length of your wrist PLUS 3 inches or so. It’s better to make them too long than too short! Gently tug at the strips so that the edges curl up neatly.

2. Stack the ends of the 3 strips on top of one another, and stitch a few times to secure them together.

3. Braid away.

4. Stitch the other end – just like you did in Step 2.

5. Connect the key rings.

6. Insert one end through one key ring. Fold over and secure with hot glue.

7. Repeat on the other side with the other key ring, and you’re done!

More Options:
• Add a strand of metallic thread into the braid
• Add charms to the key rings or actual strips of fabric
• Use the colors of your school or favorite sports team, or coordinate it with your latest spring outfit

Readers – do you have an favorite T just waiting to be turned into a new bracelet? Join us in the comments and tell us all about it!

Kirsten of is currently in graduate school, working towards her Masters of Science in Nutrition. She loves vintage shoes, photography, and baking at obscure hours of the night. Her art and DIY supplies are currently taking over her apartment, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    @kirstengail – big congrats on the CNN article! I am already a fan of your amazingly clever ideas and this one is no exception. I literally have a giant stack of old tees that I just can’t bear to turn into dust rags. And you always make these creations seem so easy even for the non-crafty among us. Great post!

  2. Profile photo of Alexa Lopez
    Alexa Lopez

    I discovered you and all of these other fabulous DIY sites through the CNN article. I’ve become so inspired now to make my own jewelry and clothing because, let’s face it, times are tough and when you’re in graduate school money is tight. Thank you SO SO much for your awesome tutorials that are fun, easy to follow, and -importantly- VERY reasonably priced :)

  3. PLLfan12

    Hey! I just found this on and I immedietly put one together. I love it :) The only thing I did differently was instead of using a hot glue gun, I just stitched the sides together (only because I don’t have a hot glue gun). Anyway, thank you so much for this creative idea! :)

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