13 Top Stitch Fix Alternatives: Just as Stylish, Only Cheaper

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Stitch Fix is a go-to for many style lovers, but if you seek a more affordable or accessible alternative, there are great options available.

Stylists are now accessible to everyone, providing valuable assistance with outfit choices.

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If you’re interested in trying an online stylist and can’t reach Stitch Fix, don’t worry; other excellent Stitch Fix alternatives await. Explore our list of top alternatives and find your next style partner effortlessly.

What Is Stitch Fix?

As the digital space expands, so do online fashion advice services. One of the most popular styling services online is Stitch Fix. 

Founded in 2011, Stitch Fix offers personalized packages of clothes and accessories that you can try at home.

Here’s how the Stitch Fix service works:

  1. Once you sign up, the service lets you create your style profile by asking about your clothing sizes, body shape, style preferences, and budget preferences. 
  1. Based on this profile, the company’s personal stylist curates a personalized box containing clothes and accessories you may like in your size that match your preferences. 
  1. This box is delivered to your doorstep, and you can try out the clothing items for up to three days. 
  1. Then, you choose the items you may want to keep and pay for them. The rest you may return free of charge. Please also provide feedback regarding the box you received.
  1. Over time, based on the clothes you chose and your feedback, your style profile updates, which is helpful for any subsequent boxes you order. 

What made this service unique when it first came out was its service model of letting customers try out clothes first in the comfort of their own homes before choosing to keep or return them. 

However, over time, more competitors in the fashion industry have popped up throughout the years for this type of styling and fashion service.

13 Top Alternatives to Stitch Fix You Should Check Out

Whether it’s because you want a wider variety of clothing quality or you’re looking for something similar to Stitch Fix but cheaper, you can find many viable alternatives to the brand that offer similar services. 

To help you narrow your search, we’ve divided them into primary purpose, including subscription box types, rental types, and targeted services.

Subscription Boxes

The first type of service is the one most similar to Stitch Fix. These subscription box services put together fashion pieces based on your style and taste and send them to you, allowing you to purchase those you like.

Some boxes are a one-time subscription while others are bimonthly or quarterly, depending on client preferences.


DailyLook is an excellent styling service for its hands-on approach to learning your style.

Key Benefits: Allows you to only pay for what you keep; provides a comprehensive way of understanding your fashion style; provides you with a dedicated stylist


  • Customizable subscription that lets you choose the frequency (monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly) and number of garments that you can try
  • Wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X, and sizes 0 to 24
  • Garments come in various brands — from well-known labels to new designers.

Up your OOTD game with DailyLook!

One of the top Stitch Fix alternatives people rave about is Dailylook and with good reason!

Like StitchFix, Dailylook offers personalized boxes filled with clothes you can try at home. 

The service sends out seven to 12 handpicked garments per box. If you like certain items, you can keep them and pay for them while returning the others, free of charge. 

Plus, the main draw of Dailylook is that it assigns you a hands-on personal stylist who works closely with you to find and develop your style.


This online fashion retailer is a must-try styling service for those wanting to elevate their style.

Key Benefits: Offers professionally reviewed style edits; offers plans based on clothing type; lets you only pay for what you want to keep


  • Operates on a “try before you buy” protocol
  • Offers affordable styling fees
  • Each package sent out contains seven handpicked items

Update your wardrobe with looks from Wantable!

Like Stitch Fix, wantable operates a subscription service that lets you try clothes before buying them. 

With the help of stylists, Wantable puts together a curated box depending on the clothing aesthetic you’d like to try.

At first glance, you may find that Stitch Fix and this service have similar prices, but Wantable, in general, is a cheaper Stitch Fix alternative. 

They have the same price range, but Wantable’s boxes send out more clothing items per box.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try-Before-You-Buy

This convenient styling service from Amazon lets you try your picks to see if they suit you.

Key Benefits: Lets you handpick items you want to try; lets you only pay for what you want; offers convenient return service


  • Amazon Prime service
  • Sends out six items per Prime Wardrobe package
  • Wide range of fashion items to choose from

Finding new outfits has never been easier with Amazone Prime’s Wardrobe service.

When it comes to convenience, this styling service offered by Amazon is absolutely on top of the price list. 

While this also operates as a “try before you buy” service, you choose the six items you want to try from the wide range of clothing options found on Amazon. 

You have a week to try out and choose the items you want to keep, which is longer than the duration Stitch Fix offers. 

While you need an Amazon Prime subscription, the shipping and return services are convenient and hassle-free.

Urbane Box

Men and women love Urbane Box for helping them discover their personal style!

Key Benefits: Lets you choose from two types of memberships; has no lock-in period; offers personalized styling


  • Has an option for a standard “pay only for what you want” plan
  • Subscription box memberships are priced only half the worth of the items inside
  • Provides free shipping for all membership types

Express your unique sense of style with a bit of help from Urbane Box!

As one of the top Stitch Fix alternatives, Urbane Box is an online styling service that helps you find your distinct fashion style. 

Their regular membership operates as a try-and-buy service, where you have 10 days to try and choose the items you want to buy.

The other type of subscription operates more like a subscription blind box. While it costs more than Stitch Fix, the total value of the items included is twice its price, although you don’t know exactly what you’ll be getting. 

Nadine West

It’s love at first try with this styling service thanks to its gorgeous and affordable offerings!

Key Benefits: Helps you find more unique brands; provides a cheaper alternative to Stitch Fix; offers professionally curated boxes tailored to fit customers


  • Offers affordable prices
  • Operates on a “pay for what you like” program
  • Offers convenient shipping and returns

For gorgeous workplace fashion, Nadine West is a go-to!

Nadine West is a good fashion service to try if you’re looking for more niche brands and designers to add to your wardrobe. It’s Stitch Fix but cheaper and with more unique items. 

Besides being unique, it’s affordable too. Every item offered here costs way less than Stitch Fix. 

You only pay for the clothes you choose to keep, and shipping is free.

Nora Gardner Style Box

This upscale styling service is a go-to for many for elegant looks that can take you from the desk to an evening out.

Key Benefits: Offers more sophisticated personalized looks; style boxes are handpicked based on your preferences; boxes are not subscription-based


  • Each box may contain four to six clothing items
  • Comprehensive size spectrum that ranges from 00 to 16

Up the ante with looks from the Nora Gardner Style Box!

Sophistication is the specialty of the team behind Nora Gardner’s Style Box. It offers upscale elegance that beautifully elevates your wardrobe.

Focusing on workwear and nights out after work, the items included in this style box are skirts, tops, dresses, blazers, and/or accessories. 

As a bonus, the styling fee and the shipping costs are free.


We love this styling service for its incredible themed and carefully curated boxes.

Key Benefits: Sends out two to three entire outfits instead of just several clothing items; hands-on personal stylists choose outfits; gives you the option to select themed boxes


  • Requires a minimal styling fee
  • Boxes contain around six to eight clothing items, making up multiple outfits
  • Operates with a "pay for what you love" program

Discover new looks for your wardrobe with curated clothing from Trendsend!

Trensend is another style box alternative many flock to instead of Stitch Fix. However, the team behind this service curates their boxes differently.

Unlike many styling subscription services that pick individual pieces, Trendsend provides three entire looks per box and pieces that can mix and match these outfits.

You can try the outfits on and decide to keep or return them within five days.

Rentals and Purchase

The second type of service is a fashion rental service that also provides curated fashion pieces that are available to rent and try for subscribers and eventual purchase if they like them. 

For these types of services, clients don’t usually ask for styling services. Instead, they look at the available pieces and decide which ones they’d like to rent and try.

Le Tote

More and more people try out this fashion subscription service for its versatility.

Key Benefits: Lets you rent outfits; payment for rentals subscription plan-based; provides the option to purchase rentals,


  • Customizable fashion rental subscription plans
  • Flexible plans and programs
  • Specal focus on maternity fashion

Find the right outfits for you at Le Tote!

If you’re looking for alternatives to Stitch Fix, you may want to try fashion rental services instead of online styling services. One of the top ones that you can try out is Le Tote.

Le Tote was founded in 2013 as a subscription-based fashion rental service that allowed subscribers to buy clothes they wanted to keep for half the retail price. 

The service has a wide range of clothing styles, but one of the main draws of Le Tote is that it offers rental maternity wear.

Gwynnie Bee

Many recommend this styling service for its massive selection of brands and subscription plans.

Key Benefits: Offers a monthly subscription fee for unlimited rentals; offers to buy clothing items at a discount; carries a vast selection of well-loved brands


  • Customizable monthly rental plans from one to 10 items per package
  • Operates on a rent-to-buy model
  • Offers free cleaning and free shipping

Find endless looks and choices from Gwynnie Bee!

Another rent-to-buy fashion service on our list is Gwynnie Bee. For this, subscribers pay a monthly subscription fee for unlimited monthly rentals.

With this service, you can choose from a long list of well-known and niche brands to find styles that showcase your personality. 

If you want to keep something, Gwynnie Bee lets you buy it cheaper than standard retail value. 

Its subscription plans vary in price depending on how many articles of clothing you’d want to rent out at a time.


This fashion service is a must-try if you want to rent high-end fashion pieces at reasonable prices. 

Key Benefits: Offers a wide selection of high-end outfits and pieces to rent; subscription process is simple and convenient; offers a fashion buy-and-sell thrift store service


  • Lets you rent six items from exclusive and high-end brands per package
  • Offers free cleaning, returns, and shipping
  • Reasonable prices for high-end, designer outfits

Enjoy access to high-end outfits with Nuuly!

While it’s not necessarily cheaper than Stitch Fix, Nuuly is a fashion service that’s definitely worth trying. The service offers reasonable pricing, given that you can rent up to six high-end clothing items per month. 

Many brands that Nuuly carries are familiar, and you can hand-pick clothes that can up the ante of your wardrobe.

On top of this, there is no lockout period, and you can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Rent the Runway

This service does exactly as its name implies, it allows clients to rent runway fashions from designer brands at reasonable prices. 

Key Benefits: Provides runway ready trendy pieces; offers one-time rentals for flat fee; offers back-up sizes when needed


  • Offers tiered subscription plans
  • Fast shipping
  • Pay for what you want to keep

If you want access to trendy runway fashions, this is a great service to try.

Similar to Nuuly, Rent the Runway is for high-end fashion pieces and runway-ready outfits. The subscription plans may be a bit pricier but worth it when you see their extensive catalogs.

They also offer one-time rentals for special occasions or when you just need to get your hands on that one special outfit.

The styles are high-end and trendy, and the best part is that the service always updates with the seasons, ensuring you have access to the newest, trendy pieces.

Targeted Services

And finally, there are also special niche fashion subscription services that are specifically for certain body types like plus or petite or certain types of fashion like athleisure or formal.

Dia & Co

If you want gorgeous plus-size outfits, this style service can help.

Key Benefits: Provides flattering clothes for curvier women; creates a personalized style plan; offers themed style boxes


  • Exclusively carries sizes 10 to 30 (0X to 5X)
  • Offers five items per style box
  • Shipping, returns, and exchanges are free. 

Gain confidence and show off your curves with offerings from Dia & Co.

Are you tired of drab, plus-size clothing? This styling service caters exclusively to big girls size 10 and up.

Dia & Co. helps curvier girls find flattering and gorgeous looks that are perfect for them and in the right sizes.

You can try out a personalized style plan or choose one of their themed boxes to find items that help update your wardrobe. 

You only pay for the styling fee and the items you want to keep. Shipping, returns, and exchanges are also convenient and free of charge. 


Curvy girls highly recommend this service for their flattering style choices for plus-size women.

Key Benefits: Lets you choose outfit capsules based on wardrobe type; provides one-on-one with professional stylists to work with; provides flattering clothes for curvier women


  • Designed for ladies wearing sizes 14 and above
  • Each box contains five items
  • Shipping and returns are free

Big girls can have fun in fashion, too, and PLVSH helps prove that!

Another great option for curvy girls is PLVSH. This online personal styling service offers a wide range of sizes, catering to women sizes 14 and above.

This service prides itself on hands-on stylists, who are experts in finding the most beautiful and flattering outfits for plus-sized women.

PLVSH offers its styling service for a fee, but shipping and returns are provided for free.

Short Story Box

Here’s a styling subscription box that’s perfect for petite ladies!

Key Benefits: Stylists choose unique petite fashion pieces; offers several fashion brands; high-quality, on-trend styles


  • Designed for petite fashion lovers
  • Each box contains five curated items
  • Pay for what you want

If you need help finding fashionable pieces for your petite frame, this service is for you.

If you are a petite fashion lover looking for an affordable alternative to Stitch Fix, check out Short Story Box.

The service is designed for petite clients who have trouble finding perfect-fitting clothing outside the children’s section.

The brand’s stylists are well-versed in petite clothing and curate boxes with five to six garments based on a client’s style profile, including tops, jeans, dresses, and more. They carry sizes 00P-20P.

The service features various brands like Vera Moda, Vince Camuto, and many more. When taking the style quiz, you can choose your price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stitch Fix Use Just an Algorithm for Their Styling Choices?

No. Stitch Fix has professional stylists who curate the clothes they provide based on clients’ preferences.

While Stitch Fix does have an algorithm, it’s only used to help the stylist optimize what’s in each client’s box.

Is Stitch Fix “Fast Fashion”?

Stitch Fix carries clothing from around 1,000 different brands.

While Stitch Fix isn’t considered fast fashion, they do carry some brands regarded as fast fashion, including Madewell and Free People.

Does Stitch Fix Have Its Own Clothing Brand?

Yes, the company carries three exclusive brands, including 41 Hawthorn, Goldray, and Market & Spruce. 

Celebrating Your Own Personal Style

Thanks to the internet, personalizing your wardrobe has become more accessible and convenient with services like Stitch Fix and its many alternatives.

Based on your preferences and your budget, there’s bound to be one fashion styling service that can help you update and elevate your wardrobe to its full potential.

Hopefully, this article helped you discover styling websites you can try. Feel free to look through them until you find one that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic. And most of all, have fun! After all, that’s what fashion is all about. 

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