50 Gorgeous Almond Fall Nails You Need to Try This Season

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While some people ponder long and hard about nail colors to try, nail shapes can actually be just as important.

After all, the canvas on which you paint is just as important as what you paint.

The shape of your nails helps determine the feel and look of your manicure.

Round-shaped nails are timeless and classic, square-shaped nails are for making a statement, and several long shapes like stiletto and coffin are if you are feeling daring.

If you are looking for a gorgeous shape to try that is stylish, feminine, and modern, then almond nails are a good choice. 

a manicurist designing almond fall nails to her client while wearing pink gloves

Many say that almond nails are the chicest in the fashion world because they are slender, sexy, and can be polished and styled in various ways. 

Shaped after their namesake nut, almond-shaped nails are perfect for autumn, the season it grows!

Here are almond fall nails that are sure to look good on everyone.

Autumn Almond Nail Inspiration

If you want to try almond-shaped fall nails, find a gorgeous seasonal nail trend that fits your personal style.

There are several gorgeous autumn nail trends you can try with almond-shaped nails.

Some of our favorites include:

  1. Autumn French tips — French tips with rich, bold colors of the season never fail to make a statement.
  2. Chrome love — Metallic chrome nail polish is hot this year and creates sophisticated and stylish manicures when paired with the season’s deep hues.
  3. Seasonal colors — Try almond shaped nails in fall colors including orange, brown, burgundy, and forest green.
  4. Prints and patterns — Any season is good for prints and patterns. For fall, you can choose fun autumn-inspired animal prints like cheetah patterns and tortoise shells.
  5. Monochromatic — Black and white continue to be popular choices. You can also opt for deep fall colors in a matte and glossy monochromatic mix and match.

50 Gorgeous Almond Fall Nails to Try Now

Want to try almond nail designs for fall? Check out these gorgeous manicures for some stunning inspiration:

1. Cozy Autumn Colors

Use soft fall shades to create unique nail designs with gold leaf and pair them with a matte finish for a rustic, magical look.

2. Bespoke Burgundy

Play around with rich autumn red by alternating glossy elegance, French tips, and abstract designs. An easy fall look that’s elegant and sophisticated. 

3. Stunning and Simple Brown

Beautiful brown nails are a fantastic choice for fall. Keep it simple and elegant with a classic almond shape and glossy finish.

4. Dreamy Nude and Gradient Gold

A gorgeous palette of brown and nudes are perfect for the season. Elevate the look further with specks of gradient gold.

5. Plum and Deep Blue

If you want to use colors like purple and blue, you can opt for deeper shades like these matte, muted choices. Add accent nail art to make it really stand out.

6. Metallic Chic Almond Fall Nails

Chrome and metallic colors are hot for fall.

Keep it simple with a classic metallic manicure and subtle accents that give a hint of Christmas.

7. Tortoiseshell Glam

Animal prints and patterns are always stylish choices, and these tortoiseshell almond-shaped fall nails look fabulous and go with everything.

The pattern is perfect for the season.

8. A Swoosh of Color

Add a hint of autumn colors like orange, black, brown, and more by opting for a simple side swoosh of color. It’s minimal but still so impactful.

9. Glitter Gradient

Glitter is always a good choice. Ramp it up by doing something unexpected like this alluring glitter gradient tip.

10. Literally Fall

You can take fall literally and create almond nails in fall colors with gorgeous nail art. If you can’t draw, you can always opt for nail stamping or press-ons.

11. Alligator Chrome

Put animal print and chrome together for a futuristic fall look that won’t disappoint. This gorgeous alligator pattern looks amazing in shiny pretty gray and silver.

Now imagine this pattern on autumn colors!

12. Orange Brush Stroke Nails

An abstract brush stroke nail art makes a gorgeous orange even more stunning. It’s a fun way of playing with colors but keeping it sophisticated and stylish.

13. Diamond Checkered Nails 

Who doesn’t love a crisp diamond argyle-patterned sweater in the Fall? Get that same cozy aesthetic on your nails to match perfectly with all your knits.

14. Minimalist Flowers

Try something sweet and fun with minimal, burgundy tips and flowers.

Not only do they look dainty and fun, they also go well with everything.

15. Chocolate Almond Autumn Nails

These understated chocolate almond-shaped nails perfectly combine a cozy autumn color with creative nail art that makes you crave a bite.

16. Gold Chrome Tips

Shiny gold French tips are an elegant way to combine the chrome trend for the season with a classic mani favorite. Add more oomph with a gorgeous glossy finish.

17. Marble Patterns

Pair autumn colors with trendy marble patterns to create a gorgeous, eye-catching look amazing against knits and wool.

18. Sexy Matte

Tapered almond nails are already sexy but look even more eye-catching with sultry-subdued matte colors. Deep hues in gorgeous matte are perfect for the season.

19. Reflective Glitter

Glitter is already gorgeous. Reflective glitter takes it to a whole new level.

This beautiful mani is warm and cozy one second and then sparkly and glam the next!

20. Autumn Leaves Art

Your nails can be a work of art when you pair stunning soft matte polish with paintings and colors of falling leaves. 

Choose any design you want to bring gorgeous nail colors to life.

21. Glossy Black French Tips

Choose sophisticated glam by creating a glossy black French tip and pairing it with nude pink polish and pretty gold glitters as accent. It’s feminine, unique, and goes great with everything!

22. Fall Florals 

This manicure is an homage to the gorgeous florals and leaves of fall.

You can recreate it by combining a palette of soft brown, nude, ivory, and gold to create eye-catching autumn nail art.

23. Blue and Brown

This manicure combines a gorgeous autumn brown with a faint blue and white.

It’s a refreshing take on a classic French tip and perfectly matches your denim and knits.

24. Moon and Stars

Matte black polish is the absolute perfect backdrop for the moon and stars. Get this sophisticated and stylish by adding lunar nail art to perfect black nails. 

They’re perfect for those long fall nights.

25. Glam Nude Almond Fall Nails

Love the thought of glitter nails but don’t think you can commit to a full set of glitter mani? Use one finger for an accent nail for a set of semi-nude. 

You’ll enjoy the fun of varying nude designs and the stylish sparkle of glitter at the same time.

26. Sparkle Frenzy

A vibrant copper is perfect for these sweater weather months. This nail design set features a bright glossy, sparkly manicure in the color of autumn leaves.

27. Retro Pop

If you want a fun retro vibe, try a design like this manicure that combines retro patterns and shapes with a rich autumn color palette perfect for the season.

Enjoy a fun vintage feel in gorgeous autumn colors.

28. Fall Plaid Almond-Shaped Nail Design

You’ll love this stylish manicure inspired by plaid patterns and featuring a fun collection of fun autumn colors like orange, brown, and beige.

29. Half-Moon French Tips

This reverse French manicure is a fantastic way to use several bright fall colors but still create a subtle and slightly subdued look. 

If you want to make it even more classic, opt for differing hues of the same shade.

30. Lines and Gloss

Get instant glam by drawing minimalist nail art like wavy lines and unique accents on your nails in autumn colors.

Complete the look with a glossy top coat to keep it smooth and stylish.

31. Deep Maroon

Deep velvety maroon is a beautiful autumn color and a fabulous choice for a sleek, sophisticated manicure.

You can add a bit of flair with an accent nail in either glitter or shimmering polish.

32. Work of Art

These breathtaking nails are a Pinterest dream and an absolute work of art. Each one features an autumn theme or shade.

Use a glossy top coat for a glamorous finish.

33. Shades of Fall

If you love the colors of the leaves this season, play around with the different hues for a stunning mani. You can choose different shades per nail or pair speckled nails with a beautiful marble pattern.

34. Shades of Brown

Play around with the browns of autumn by alternating nail designs. Add silver sparkles and glitters to the tips.

The result is a standout mani in stunning classic shades.

35. A Hint of Glitter

If you want something minimal with just a hint of understated glam, try just a touch of gold like these gorgeous nails.

It’s a perfect touch of style and a lovely accent to your autumn outfits.

36. Olive and Copper

What’s a fun way to elevate a single-color manicure? Choose one that resembles a combination of two colors depending on the light. 

37. Fall Squiggles

Go for minimalist designs with a beige or light base like nude or pale gray, and play around with autumn-colored lines or blotches. It’s subtle but still fun!

38. Orange and Vines

Take inspiration from the palette of falling leaves and choose a muted orange. You can add vines and leaves as a lovely autumn accent.

39. Heart Tips

Alternate dark brown and tan French tips and give them a little more love with a small heart nail design on each. 

This mani looks gorgeous and works for every season and can be altered by simply changing the color of the polish.

40. Chocolate Acrylic Perfection

If you don’t have perfectly shaped almond nails, acrylics or press-ons are great options.

These gorgeous fall acrylic nails in almond showcase varying shades of matte brown and are an excellent option for a mix-and-match autumn mani.

41. Alternating Gradients

Add another dimension using an autumn shade in alternating gradients on the tip and nail body.

The result is a head-turning mani that looks like a cut crease.

42. Half-Colored Nails

How to change up the classic mani? Why not go half? This half-colored nail design is a unique take on a classic manicure and looks sleek, classy, and pretty. 

White polish looks stunning all year round, but you can also choose autumnal colors like burgundy, deep orange, or forest green.

43. Fabulous Check

Checkered patterns look fabulous for fall. Replicate the checkered love on your nails by painting the whole nail, half the nails, or the tips with fun autumn colors like these.

Keep the polish subdued and let the pattern do the talking.

44. Metallic Manicure With Stamped Leaves

Stamping is a fun way to do nail art without the work! In this manicure, they combine metallic fall colors and an autumn-inspired nail stamp pattern.

The result looks eye-catching and perfect for the season.

45. Flora and Fauna Cute Fall Nails

Can’t decide which pattern you want to try? Why not try them all and add flora and fauna lineart?

This brown-and-black manicure is fun and cheeky with animal drawings. 

46. Autumn Green and Orange

Combining fall colors always makes for an exciting manicure.

This stunning glossy creation pairs forest green with a desaturated shade of orange, and the result is just gorgeous.

47. Negative Space French

Understated elegance never looked so good. Choose a dandelion, chocolate, or pumpkin polish to create a negative space French tip against a glossy base so the tips  shine.

48. Matte Beige

Create a cozy and elegant mani with a silky smooth matte beige. You can keep it as is or emphasize it with nail art like these white vines.

49. 3D Elements

3D nail art is another popular trend for fall. If you want to keep it, take your cue from this gorgeous 3D mani with tiny gems, rhinestones, and knitted sweater patterns. 

50. 3D Thanksgiving Nails

Want an even more expressive 3D nail set?

This Thanksgiving mani uses warm autumn hues like orange, yellow, and brown and adds jewels, rhinestones, 3D leaves, and even a 3D turkey!

a close up image of a woman's hands painted with almond fall nails color palette under the leaves

Feel Fabulous with Fall-Inspired Nails

Seasonal manicures are a fun way to celebrate the holidays or indulge in your favorite time of year. And when it comes to fall, we love cozy falling leaves, knitted sweaters, pumpkin patches, and hot chocolate. Don’t we all?

Create this cozy feeling in your mani with these fabulous designs or mix and match these elements to create a design that’s uniquely you.

What’s your favorite seasonal nail trend? Let us know in the comments!

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