11 Top Nail Polishes for Stamping: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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What kind of polish do you use for stamping? This is a common question asked by those who are new to this fun nail art technique.

manicurist using a stamping tool to apply nail design to white finger nail

Although you could use regular polish for nail stamping, the results will be less than ideal. This is because stamping nail polishes have specific characteristics that enable you to create crisp and detailed nail art designs. 

In particular, you need to meet a certain criteria when it comes to pigmentation, consistency, and drying time.

If you’re curious about what makes these stamping polishes special, check out our list of top nail polishes for stamping. 

Maniology 6-Piece Electric Pastel Stamping Art Polish Set
Editor's Choice
  • Creamy and pigmented
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Beautiful transfer from a stamping plate
Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Polish - 24 Colors
Premium Pick
  • Salon-quality pigmentation and finish
  • Easy transfer from a stamping plate
  • Durable and long-lasting
Pueen Super Intense Nail Polish for Nail Stamping - 12 Colors
Budget Pick
  • Highly pigmented formula
  • Clear and crisp results
  • Can be used as regular polish

What Polish Is Best for Nail Stamping?

When looking for the top nail polishes for stamping, you want to consider pigmentation, consistency, and drying time. Here’s why. 

High Pigmentation and Opacity

The top polishes for stamping are highly pigmented and opaque. You need a polish containing many dyes and pigments when creating intricate nail designs. 

This minimizes color loss when transferring the nail polish from the stamping plate to the stamper and then to your nails.  

The more pigmented the stamping polish is, the clearer and crisp the design will be.

Thick and Creamy Consistency

The main issue with using regular polish for stamping is their consistency. They are usually too runny, so they cannot hold designs from the stamping plate well.

The top nail polishes for stamping have a thick and creamy consistency. This enables the polish to get into the grooves of the stamping plate.

It also allows your stamper to pick up the entire design and perfectly transfer it onto your nail.

Once stamped on, the polish will hold the nail art design — before it is sealed with a no-smudge top coat.

Drying Time

Most regular nail polishes take a long time to dry. With stamping polishes, you want a quick-drying formula. 

Once the nail art is stamped onto your nail, the polish should dry up in a few seconds or minutes. This is to ensure that the design stays crisp and clear without running.

“Can I use gel polish for stamping?” 

Yes, gel polishes allow you to work on your nail art design for as long as you want. It will only dry after curing under a UV or LED lamp. This is ideal if you plan to create detailed designs using different colors. 

11 Top Nail Polishes for Your Nail Stamping Collection

Now that you know what qualities to look out for, consider these top nail polishes for stamping to add to your collection. 

Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Polish – 24 Colors

Create a wide range of nail art designs with this Born Pretty Stamping Polish set.

Key benefits: salon-quality formula; durable and glossy finish; easy to use


  • Highly pigmented with a silky smooth finish
  • Easy and perfect transfer from stamping plate to nails
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP

With thick consistency and brilliant opacity, this is one of the best nail polishes for stamping.


The Born Pretty Stamping Polish set comes in 24 colors. From your primary colors to metallics, pastels, and jewel tones, you’ll have everything you need to express your creativity.

Best of all, this is not just quantity over quality. Born Pretty stamping nail polishes are also thick and highly pigmented. This allows you to achieve crisp and clear nail designs.

With a no-smudge top coat, results can last up to 14 days or even longer.

Maniology 6-Piece Electric Pastel Stamping Art Polish Set

Express your creativity with Maniology’s Electric Pastel stamping polishes.

Key benefits: Creamy and pigmented formula; quick-drying; cruelty-free


  • Creamy consistency and rich pigmentation
  • Vibrant but soft colors that stand out over black or white base
  • No formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor

You can use these high-quality stamping nail polishes for special events or daily wear.


The Maniology Electric Pastel Stamping Art Polish set will be an excellent addition to your collection if you want to create fun and trendy nail designs. 

These stamping polishes are unique in that the colors are both striking and subtle. You can rock them during EDM Festivals or casual brunches with friends. 

These soft neons also have the ideal consistency for nail polish stamping — not too thick but also not too runny. It has rich pigment and perfect opacity, which are also suitable for more intricate designs.

Twinkled T 6 Piece Stamping Polish Bundle – Rainbow

Twinkled T is a top choice if you’re looking for the best nail polish for stamping plates.  

Key benefits: Delivers crisp and durable results; low-odor; vegan and cruelty-free


  • Gives an opaque finish in just one swipe
  • Can be used as regular nail polish
  • Thick consistency ensures that every groove on the stamping plate is filled

With all the colors of the rainbow, you couldn’t ask for anything more from this nail stamping polish set!


If you have stamping plates that don’t seem to work, consider trying them with the Twinkled T Stamping Polish. With a thick and pigmented formula, they can get into the tiny grooves of your stamping plates. 

As a result, you get clear, crisp, and beautiful imprints.

This bundle comes with six beautiful shades of the rainbow. You can use them alone or mixed together to create eye-catching nail designs. The drying time is just right, so you don’t have to rush.

One swipe is already enough to give you great results!

Nicole Diary Nail Art Stamping Polish – 12 Colors

The Nicole Diary Nail Art Stamping Polish is the perfect starter kit for beginners.

Key benefits: Long-lasting and glossy finish; vibrant colors; non-toxic and low-odor


  • Great opacity and thick consistency
  • Comes in 12 assorted colors to suit every style or occasion
  • Made from natural resin and do not contain ethyl tosylamide

These stamping polishes are easy to work with, giving you a hassle-free experience.


If you want to get started with nail stamping, you won’t go wrong with this bundle from Nicole Diary. It comes with 12 highly pigmented stamping nail polishes. 

You get a quality similar to gel polishes, but you won’t need to cure your nails under a UV lamp. As such, even beginners will find it easy to work with these top nail polishes for stamping.

The polishes also have a thick consistency, allowing your nail polish stamp tool to deliver clear, glossy imprints. You’ll be able to have lots of fun creating different nail designs.  

MoYou White Night Pack of 2 Stamping Nail Polish

Even with monochromatic designs, your nails will stand out with the MoYou Stamping Nail Polish in White Night.

Key benefits: High viscosity and fast-drying formula; long-lasting results; easy to use


  • Highly viscous consistency for beautiful nail stamping designs
  • Fast-drying formula so you won’t have to wait for long
  • Durable results and less prone to chipping

No nail stamping collection is complete without these Mo You black and white polishes.


If you prefer minimalist nail designs, you’ll enjoy these black and white stamping polishes from MoYou. They’re designed to deliver a more convenient nail stamping experience. 

As such, the thick consistency gives you clear imprints, and the fast-drying formula means you can be done in just a few minutes.

A top coat helps seal in the design, giving you durable and long-lasting results. Less chipping also means that you can enjoy your creative manicure for longer.  

Biutee Nail Stamping Polish – Gel Pack of 12 Colors

No need to rush when you’re using Biutee Nail Stamping Gel Polishes

Key benefits: High color purity; glossy finish; low-odor, non-toxic, cruelty-free


  • Work on intricate designs for as long as you want
  • Once cured, stamping polishes can last up to 21 days
  • Safely formulated with purified water, mineral pigments, and natural resin

With this colorful set, you can enjoy the benefits of gel polish stamping.


When creating intricate designs, even the top stamping polishes will have you working quickly. This can lead to mistakes and less-than-ideal stamping results. This is where the Biutee stamping nail polishes come in.

Since these have a highly pigmented gel formula, they won’t dry until you cure them under a UV or LED lamp

This means you can work at your own pace, allowing for more elaborate and vibrant nail designs. You’ll have enough time to mix different colors for an ombre or gradient effect.

Since the formula is non-toxic and has a low odor, you also feel comfortable throughout the nail stamping process. After curing your nails, these designs can last up to three weeks or longer.

Pueen Super Intense Nail Polish for Nail Stamping – 12 Colors

The Pueen Super Intense Nail Polish Set for Nail Stamping features a great mix of colors — from light pastels to bright jewel tones.  

Key benefits: Highly pigmented formula; long-lasting and chip-resistant; non-toxic


  • Stamping designs look clear and crisp, especially under a black base
  • Can be worn as a regular polish for added versatility
  • No formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor

With super intense color, your nail stamping designs are sure to make a statement. 


Pigmentation can make or break your nail stamping designs. Thankfully, the Pueen Super Intense Nail Polish has got you covered. You get 12 intensely pigmented stamping polishes, which help make your nail designs stand out. 

All colors are also fully opaque, so you can use them for your base.

These stamping polishes are formulated to be long-lasting and chip-resistant. With a no-smudge top coat, you’ll be able to preserve these brilliant designs for much longer.

KADS Nail Art Stamping Polish – 5-Piece Set

For holiday-themed nail designs, you’ll surely love the KADS Nail Art Stamping Polish.

Key benefits: Glossy and fully opaque formula; non-toxic and eco-friendly


  • Stamping polish has an excellent transfer effect
  • Infused with avocado essence to help protect nails
  • No harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde and toluene

Featuring festive but practical colors, you’ll be able to use these stamping polishes all year round.


The KADS Nail Art Stamping Polish comes in a set of five with black, white, bright red, metallic gold, and metallic silver. With these colors alone, you can already create many holiday-themed nail designs.

In terms of formula, these stamping polishes have great opacity and smooth consistency. This allows for a clear transfer onto the stamper. As the design is stamped onto the nail, it leaves an attractive and glossy finish.

Maniology Tropix 6-Piece Stamping Art Polish Set

Get into the summer mood with the Maniology Tropix 6-Piece Stamping Art Polish Set.

Key benefits: Heavily pigmented colors; thick consistency; quick-drying; cruelty-free


  • Heavily pigmented with a creamy consistency
  • Vibrant and high-energy colors that evoke a tropical vacation
  • No formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor

With shades like Marmalade and Fuschia Flame, these tropical-inspired stamping polishes look as good as they sound!


Maniology is known for creating the top colors for nail stamping. In this set, you have vivid tropical colors perfect for your next vacation. 

With a rich and creamy consistency, these stamping polishes transfer beautifully from the plate. The high-energy tones also appear very well on the nails, creating crisp and clear designs. 

Whats Up Nails – 2 Metallic Stamping Polishes (Gold, Silver)

These metallic stamping polishes from Whats Up Nails work well for ornate designs.

Key benefits: Opaque and thick consistency; dries naturally; cruelty-free and vegan


  • Opaque coverage for crisp and highly detailed results
  • Longer drying time so that you can focus on ornate nail designs
  • No formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, and xylene

No need to worry about opacity as these stamping polishes does its job so well!


If you’re fond of high-shine nail designs, consider the metallic stamping polishes from Whats Up Nails. 

They are very pigmented and opaque, so you can create many detailed designs. It also has a thick consistency, which helps achieve a perfect stamp transfer.

What makes these metallic stamping polishes even better is that they have a relatively longer drying time. You don’t have to rush as much when planning your designs. 

Nonetheless, they dry naturally so there’s no need for a UV or LED lamp.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish Set – 10 Colors

The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish Set is a more practical approach to nail stamping.

Key benefits: Thick consistency; dries in 60 seconds; glossy finish; cruelty-free and no formaldehyde resin


  • Glossy finish with long-lasting shine
  • Thick consistency works well with nail stamping
  • Brush perfectly contours your nails for a smooth application

Affordable but effective, this nail polish set is a solid choice for your nail stamping collection.


The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polishes weren’t made specifically for nail stamping.

However, their thick consistency and glossy finish perform very well for this purpose, enough to be considered one of the top nail polishes for stamping.

This set comes with a wide assortment of high-shine colors. You’ll be able to play with different combinations, leading to unique nail designs. 

With a quick drying time of 60 seconds, you’ll have to work quickly. This may not be an issue if you’re used to the nail stamping process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Normal Nail Polish for Stamping?

Yes! If you’re on a budget, you can use regular nail polish for stamping. However, the only downside is consistency. You will need to thicken the consistency of the typical nail polish first. 

Otherwise, it can run and won’t stay on the nail, so it won’t really achieve the stamping design.

How Do You Thicken Nail Polish for Stamping?

The best way to thicken regular nail polish is to dry it out, but just enough for it to thicken its consistency. To dry out nail polish, you expose it to air. 

Do keep tabs on how long you expose it and check regularly if it has already achieved the thickness you desire. Otherwise, you might ruin a good nail polish!

Does Nail Stamping Work With Gel Polish?

Yes! Nail stamping will work on gel and regular nail polish!

Choosing the Top Nail Polish for Stamping

hand with black and white designs on finger nails holding a nail polish stamping plate

Not everyone has the skill for freehand nail art, and that’s why nail stamping has become such a popular technique. 

With nail stamps, even a beginner can create unique and colorful nail designs. However, to truly appreciate the creativeness of this technique, it’s essential to use the right tools. 

Specifically, you’ll want to have the top nail polishes for stamping. Even with the top stamping plate and stampers, using the wrong nail polish can lead to less-than-ideal results. 

So consider our buyer’s guide if you want crisp, clear, and long-lasting designs. You won’t go wrong with these highly pigmented stamping polishes with their creamy consistency and quick-drying formula!

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