15 Magical Disney Nail Designs To Try in 2021

15 Magical Disney Nail Designs To Try in 2021

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Visiting Disney soon and want to sport a cute Disney nail design?

What better way to show your love for Disney than with these gorgeous Disney nail art designs.

You don’t need to go to the most magical and happiest place on earth to wear them. These cute Disney nails will look good with your everyday wear and complement your Disney mood.

Looking for Disney nails inspiration?

Are you a huge fan of Disney?

Can’t get enough of the adorable characters and their stories?

Then you might want to check out these fun and adorable Disney nail designs.

Whether you’re rocking a cute Minnie Mouse outfit or a Cinderella-inspired look, these gorgeous Disney nail ideas will complete your getup.

These Disney manicure art ideas are all about keeping the magic of your childhood alive.

Cutest Disney nail designs

You can take inspiration from these beautiful Disney nail art ideas.

From Mickey and Minnie to all the iconic princesses and fun characters, it’s all right here. Check them out.

1. Are you a big fan of Winnie the Pooh?

Check out this simple yet fun nail art design.

It features your favorite honey-eating bear and the rest of the gang.

Look at how cute Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on the thumbnails.

Can you spot the other characters on the other nails?

I can see Eeyore and Piglet right there.

So if you’re a huge fan of this yellow bear, check out this cute Disney manicure with the rest of the gang.

2. Here are simple Disney nails DIY design.

Want to get a Minnie Mouse-themed design on your nails?

Check out this cute Disney nail art. It features a bright pink base with glittery ornaments and a simple outline of Minnie Mouse’s ears.

It’s a minimalistic design yet gives a seductive vibe with its deep shade of pink. But it’s not completely minimal; notice the gems on the pinky and ring finger. And check out the sparkly ribbon on Minnie’s outline.

Perfect for your everyday wear or on your next trip to the happiest place on earth.

3. Can’t get enough of the cute tandem of Mickey and Minnie?

Aren’t these Disney nails stickers of Mickey and Minnie look adorable?

Here’s one of the best Mickey and Minnie Mouse nail designs I’ve seen so far.

Look at the fantastic nail art, clearly showing our favorite duo’s faces. It’s cute and truly represents the look and feel if we’re talking Disneyland nails.

This example features two images; simply scroll on the slide to see a close-up view of the Minnie and Mickey Mouse nails design.

Apart from our cute tandem’s faces, the rest of the nail art is minimal. You could say this is one of the easy Disney nails to do. Notice how it’s all stripes of pink and yellow on these nails. Plus, the glittery stars.

4. Looking for a girly Disney nails DIY design?

Check out the gorgeous combination of red and white on this Minnie Mouse-themed Disney nails acrylic design.

Isn’t it lovely?

Notice the obvious silhouette of our adorable Minnie on white background. It complements the design of the rest of the nails.

Red is a hot color. And if you complement it with white, well, that’s just beautiful. You’re in for a tantalizing look that creates an attention-grabbing visual interest.

And to create a contrast to the overall look of the nail art, this amazing Minnie Mouse design.

If you’re looking to glam up with a Minnie Mouse design, you might want to try this one.

5. Check out this cool Mickey Mouse nail design.

If you love an assortment of colors on your nails, you will love this fantastic Mickey Mouse nails design.

In this post, you’ll see these slides, each showing different variations of the gorgeous Disney nail designs.

See the play of different colors as each nail is treated with a Mickey Mouse design. Now, that’s one way to show your devotion to the popular Disney figurehead.

6. I just love the blend of colors in this gorgeous Disney nail art.

Do you prefer something more colorful and alive?

If minimal designs aren’t your thing, then you’ll love this playful blend.

Celebrate your uniqueness with this fantastic art. It’s one of the sweet Disney nail designs, setting itself apart from the conventional shades.

What I particularly love about this design is its wonderful mix of colors.

Don’t they just spell out carefree and fun?

This beautiful Mickey Mouse nails design just feels like summer, right?

It’s an interesting look that you can give your nails on your next trip to the most magical place on the planet.

7. Do these designs remind you of the Disney princesses?

When you see seashells, do they remind you of a certain mermaid by the name of Ariel?

Or does a rose make you think of a beautiful lass named Belle?

Check out these gorgeous easy Disney nails. Apart from the seashells and the red rose, you probably recognize a couple more of these designs, don’t you?

It’s a simple design, yet it tells you that it’s about Disney princesses.

Of course, these simple Disney nails look gorgeous too. You’ll be dressing to impress with the fabulous art.

8. Who’s your favorite Disney elephant?

Check out the fun and lovable Dumbo.

Doesn’t this Disney nail art look cute?

It’s easy to do too. Notice the minimalist approach to the design. It uses nude color on the two fingers while it’s sprinkled with glitters on the pinky.

Even with basic drawing skills, you can get the Dumbo design right. It doesn’t require much. Check out the simple strokes required for it.

Overall, I love the simple look of this fabulous nail art idea.

9. Can you spot the hidden Mickeys?

In this Disney nail art design, I see a lot.

I love how subtle these hidden Mickeys are. But when you spot them, you can no longer un-see these silhouettes.

It’s a wonderful design for everyday wear or when you need to go to a party or on your next trip to the magical castle.

10. He just can’t wait to be king.

I just love the gorgeous blend of nude and gold in this. It’s one of the best Disney nail designs.

Here’s the adorable cub who was thrust1 to take the place of his dad.

Check out the cute Simba design in this lovely Lion King-inspired nail art.

11. Here’s a cute Goofy design.

Do you love the bumbling friend of Mickey?

Check out this Goofy-inspired nail art. It comes with a pink background with glitters and adornments.

I find this one really cute.

12. This one is a sexy Mickey design, which I really love.

I love the blend of gold, black, and red. It’s sexy, and it’s glittery too.

Check out the white polka dots on a red background. Doesn’t that remind you of Mickey (or Minnie)?

And notice the nail art on the thumb; can you spot the hidden Mickey?

13. Will you be like Alice and follow the white rabbit?

“Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late.”

Follow the white rabbit down the hole and into Wonderland. Just like Alice.

Check out this gorgeous beautiful nail art.

14. Here’s the little mermaid who lost her voice.

Don’t you just love the intricacy of this Disney nail art?

With the outline of the beautiful mermaid, check out the gorgeous background.

Overall, it’s a wonderful depiction of a troubled young lady, torn between two worlds.

15. A truly unmistakable Disney nail art.

Can’t mistake it for anything else.

It’s got the initial, the iconic white gloves and polka dots.

I just love this.

DIY Disney Nail Designs

Want to try out these cute Disney nail designs?

What do super-fans do to show their love for their favorite band or team?

They would wear their band shirt during concerts. Or in the case of a sports team, people would wear jerseys, caps, and that huge glove with the index finger pointed up.

Other fans take it a step further by getting tattoos (for the less daring, there are temporary tattoos available).

So what do Disney fans do?

They will rock out their favorite Mickey and Minnie ear hats and headbands. Or stroll around in their best impression of their favorite princess by wearing the appropriate cute gowns and dresses.

But if you want to take it a step further, you might want to try out these adorable Disney nail designs.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland

Flaunt your way to super-fan status with these Disney nail designs.

There are a thousand and one ways to show your Disney love and devotion.

You can hoard a ton of Disney toys and walk around in a variety of princess outfits. Or you can just sing your heart out in public to the best Disney tunes.

But if you just want to keep it low-key and subtle, may I suggest these gorgeous Disney nail designs?

From the cute and quirky to the villainously adorable, you can make those once-upon-a-times come to life on your nails.

So what do you need to get started on these Disney nail designs?

Are you looking forward to your childhood dream trip to the happiest place on earth?

Or do you just want to make it a part of your everyday wear?

These gorgeous Disney nail designs can truly capture your passion and enthusiasm.

Wondering what are my steps to get started on these Disney nail art ideas?

Check these out.

1. I decide on what design to create on my nails.

Yes, there are a ton of Disney nail designs to choose from. Whether you’re channeling your inner mermaid or a magic carpet riding princess.

So your first step is to choose what Disney nail art you’re into.

Next, will it be an actual portrait of a character or just Disney-themed?

You can place Mickey and Minnie’s likeness on your nails. Or just create designs that people can surely connect with any Disney character or film.

And don’t forget your favorite Marvel superheroes and those cool, lightsaber-wielding Jedis of Star Wars are now part of the big Disney family.

2. Get your tools ready.

So what do you need to get these Disney nail designs done?

First, you really need the right tools. I suggest you invest in a basic set.

If you go to Amazon, you’ll see nail design art tools that are around 10 bucks. But they’re going to last you a long time and many uses. So it’s value for your money.

These nail design toolsets include several types of brushes and various colors.

As for nail polish, there are a lot of choices out there. You don’t have to pick the most expensive ones. All you need are nail polishes that are strong enough to stay in place; after all, you’ll want your Disney nail designs to stay as long as possible.

Wondering what basic nail art design toolsets to buy?

Here are my recommendations.

Teenitor 3D Nail Art Painting Polish Design Kit

Nail Art Brushes, Teenitor 3D Nail Art Paiting Polish Design Kit with 15 Nail Gel Brushes, Nail...
  • Fantastic professional nail art set: Contain 15pcs nail art design brush set, 5pcs nail art 2-way drawing dotting painting pen, 2 pcs nail-art rhinestones, 10pcs assorted colors nail striping tape, meets all you need for perfect nail art.
  • 15 pcs Nail art brushes: 2 Flat Fan Brushes; 1 Angled Head Brush; 1 Pattern Brush; 2 Liner Brushes; 3 Flat Brushes; 3 Oblique Brushes; 1 Dotting Pen Brush; 1 Drawing Brush; 1 Petal Brush. Covers the range of brushes you'll need, different brushes for different functions, some for dotting flowers, and others for drawing lines or painting
  • Double-ended nail dotting pens: each is end with a large ball and another end with a small ball for various size dotting

Of course, you’ll need a variety of brushes. They’re indispensable since you’ll be applying various colors on your nails.

I suggest you try this one. It’s a great set.

Check out Teenitor 3D Nail Art Painting Polish Design Kit.

This fantastic nail art set contains 15 brushes. What’s more, you also get five nail art painting pens; these are two-way dotting and drawing pens.

In addition, this set also contains two nail art rhinestones and 10 nail striping tapes of assorted colors.

Teenitor 3D Nail Art Painting Polish Design Kit has every brush and pen that you need to create the perfect Disney nail designs. This is a wonderful set is ideal for professional and home use.

Teenitor Fine Glitter Set with 32 Assorted Colors

Teenitor Fine Glitter, 32 Jars 8g Each Glitter Set, 32 Assorted Color Arts and Craft glitter,...
  • GOOD MIX OF COLORS: This fine glitter set with 32 vibrant color of unique extra fine glitter had all the colors you needed for project- white snow white sky blueaqua blue fluorescent blue royal bluelake blueblue metal blue forest green fluorescent green greenapple green purple plum violet mulberryrose redred pink magentasilver classic gray orangeyellow fluorescnet gold black brownpale goldgold greencopper red
  • VERY FINE AND SOFT GIITTER POWDER: Jumbo size, solvent resistant, made of polyester, a soft plastic that is safe for nails and skin. You can remove all the glitter effect effortlessly with some water or gentle makeup remover
  • SPARKLY GLITTER JARS: Set of 32 colors of glitter, good amount with 8g each jar

Let’s get to the glitter effects you’ll need.

Check out the Teenitor Fine Glitter Set. It contains 32 vibrant colors—all unique with extra fine glitter. Perfect for your nail art design needs.

If you want to add a shiny and sparkly effect on your Disney nail designs, get colorful and awesome with this 32-color kit.

In addition to creating beautiful nail art, Teenitor Fine Glitter Set is also ideal for makeup decoration and various do-it-yourself projects. Great for making ornaments, crafts, or just glitterfy your stuff.

3. Take your time to learn this skill.

To get better at this, just practice.

Expect a lot of misses in the first couple of Disney nail designs you make. But with trial and error comes learning. And the more designs you create, the better you get.

Looking for tutorials?

There are a ton of valuable resources on YouTube. Don’t forget to take notes as you watch them.

4. Practice doing simple Disney nails.

You can start by learning how to make easy Disney nails. Begin by picking a base color then create hidden Mickeys. They’re simple and easy to make.

And when you feel you can do more difficult designs, gradually progress to making Mickey or Minnie faces.

What are your favorite Disney nail ideas?

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