50 Gorgeous Gel Nail Design Ideas For 2021

50 Gorgeous Gel Nail Design Ideas For 2021

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A woman getting a gel nail manicure with beautiful pink gel nail designs

Are you looking for gel nail design ideas?

Have you noticed how nail art has become popular?

If you go to Instagram, you’ll see a lot of nail designs, ranging from simple and classic to modern and trendy. Regardless of your preferred gel nail art design, you’ll surely find one that you’ll love in this post.

In this article, I’m going to share 50 gorgeous gel nail design ideas to prettify your fingers.

Whether it’s summer or autumn, you’ll love these beautiful colors and gorgeous art designs for your nails.

And what’s great about these designs is that they’re easy to replicate. You’ll be sporting these gorgeous nail colors in no time.

So let’s get started.

50 gorgeous gel nail design ideas

1. Looking for neat and simple gel nail designs?

Do you want gel nail designs that are both cute and appropriate for work?

Check out this neat and simple blend of neutral palettes. It’s a classic look and a minimalistic one at that. Yet it still packs a punch.

This gorgeous gel nail design is perfect for both work and play. It features an accent that lets you transition effortlessly between day and night.

When you want a feminine blend of simplicity and neutrality of colors, you might want to try this nail art design.

2. Want to try fancy nail design ideas?

Add a cool twist to a neutral backdrop with these fancy nail art patterns.

This nail design features sassy art, adding a pretty color pop against nude nails. The captivating design playfully adorns the lovely nails. It’s a beautiful blend of hues.

If you can’t decide between nude nails and a standout of colors, why not do both?

The result is a delightful blend that’s beautifully balanced, don’t you think?

3. Here’s one of the best nail color ideas for autumn or summer.

Looking for a lovely choice for summer or fall?

How’s this for a delightful nail art idea.

Check out the pretty and posh in yellow. It’s modern and chic and designed with colors that really pop.

Now, to add flair to a fantastic color is the contrasting white base with traces of yellow on the ring fingers.

With the yellow hue predominantly decking the fingers, here comes a glimmer of white with a touch of yellow.

Isn’t it a vibrant gel nail design idea?

4. Pretty pink & black gel nail design

It’s cute and bubbly. And it’s pink and very girly.

This is one of the cute nail color ideas in this post. With a melange of colors on a pink base, it’s anything but boring.

The middle and pinky fingers feature a gorgeous pink while the index and ring fingers are beautifully decorated with different colors and textures.

If you want to come up with a creative look for your nails, you might want to check this out.

5. Here’s a cool and chic look on a neutral base color.

Check out the chic blend of colors with an artsy feel.

If you want something that’s not too over the top yet still makes a statement, you’ll love this one.

What I love about this gel nail design idea is that it gives you a quintessential summer feel. I particularly love the rich pigments and the swirly thing that just makes it so precious and tantalizing.

Yes, there are many versions to this nail art trend. There’s the floral accent, and I also saw a palm leaf design on each nail.

But with this one, I love the abstract look and feel on the nails. It adds a pinch of interest on the artwork.

6. Gorgeous Black Shimmer gel nails

Here’s a fresh perspective on dark-colored nail paint.

With the flecks of gold, this gel nail design idea seems like a take on a starry night. It’s sassy and a bit romantic, if I may say so.

I think dark hues like the one featured here best complements light skin tones. And it’s perfectly suited if you want edgy nail art that you can wear on a formal event or a night out with the girls.

So if you want a breathtakingly gorgeous gel nail design idea, check out this midnight polish color.

7. Striped Gel Nails With Rhinestones

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What do you get when you incorporate nude, stripes, and glitter in your gel nail design ideas?

The result is this gorgeous piece of nail art.

Check out the stripes and the glitter. And did you notice the gems on there?

Putting all these elements on your nail art is a great way to add a dash of sophistication to everyday design.

With this design, you get a beautiful twist to understated nude nail art.

8. Fancy abstract art with a kiss of glittery sparkle gel nails.

Check out this beautiful sky blue polish design with colorful streaks that resemble clouds.

The variety of colors simply looks elegant. With summer in full bloom, the lacquer matches the season.

Other color combinations can also work with this gel nail design idea. For autumn, you can use red and orange.

Take your nail art to the next level. Make a splash with this eclectic color combo.

9. Fall gel nail designs

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Fun little fall leaves 🍁

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If you ask me, I get a feeling of Christmas and apples with this nail art design.

The red color on the pinky and middle fingers can really stand out. It’s bright and draws images of apples in my mind.

But holistically, the gel nail art design gives me a feeling of Christmas. Well, the theme of the design is actually fall season.

Let your nails sing and sparkle with this gorgeous design.

10. Effortless glamour from one of the best cool nail designs.

Looking for cute and cool gel nail ideas?

Here’s a great option for you. Let your nails echo out beauty and glamour with this gorgeous design.

What I love about this nail art is it’s very feminine with the right blend of chic and glitz. The rich, luxurious lacquer is perfect for gel nail addicts.

If you want to showcase flair and minimalism, this lovely design effortlessly delivers cool and cute. You’ll look professional with it too.

11. Cherry blossom + french tip gel nails

Nude nail art, even by itself, looks delightful already.

But what if you take that simple design and add a wonderful element?

That’s what you get with this captivating nail art. With a white gloss as a backdrop, you can see the carefully crafted tree with delicate red leaves.

It’s one of the stunning gel nail design ideas that can give your hand a stylish appearance.

12. Oh, the glory of red gel nails.

Sensual and luscious, isn’t it?

This alluring nail art looks equally good on a date night as it would at the office. The sexy red color, enhanced by the tree design, will surely impress all those who see it.

Don’t believe me?

Set out on a date with your special someone or with your friends and see what happens.

13. Are blue gel nails making you swoon?

Check out this clever use of the color blue. Doesn’t it look ravishing?

What is an otherwise plain-looking nail design has been made enchanting and delightfully irresistible.

Don’t you just love the clever placement of the contrasting nail art on the ring finger?

And notice the varying shades of blue, from light to dark; aren’t they stunning?

With its highly appealing visual, don’t you want to make this nail art worth trying for your next design?

14. Pretty zebra lines on your fingernail designs.

What I love about this shade and design is that it works great for most skin types. Particularly on people with dark skin tones.

Check out the yellow base coat, which looks very captivating. It’s neutral and seemingly conservative. But to add a trendy twist to this classic look, there are cool zebra lines.

It’s a great look whether for work or going out on a party. This gorgeous yet playful look is a wonderful alternative if you’re looking to switch from your usual gel nail design ideas.

15. Celestial pink for your cute gel nails.

If you ask me, I just love floral pink gel nail design ideas.

Check out this gorgeous nail art. Isn’t that pretty?

With a healthy nail bed and light skin tone, this shade highlights the beauty of your skin. And to enhance this design, a glossy finish will do the trick, creating a tantalizing aesthetic for your nails.

Add a touch of floral designs and a pinch of gold glitter and you have yourself an alluring nail design that works great whether you’re at work, on a date, or at a party.

16. Catch’em all Pokemon nail design

Reveal the playful and child-like side of you in this artistic gel nail art.

For people who have been playing Pokemon GO, they will easily recognize this icon. It’s one of the best gel nail design ideas for people who have a 90s childhood.

Guess what! It’s surprisingly easy to do. Using yellow as your base paint for your nails, all that needs to be done is to draw Pikachu’s facial features.

As for the design on the ring finger, use red and white as your base colors. Then draw the necessary elements to create the appearance of the Poke Ball.

Sure, you’ll miss on your first few attempts. But with practice, you’ll get better and perfect this nail art.

17. Check out this butterfly-inspired gel nail art.

Here’s a great art that you may want to add to your gel nail design ideas.

Butterflies are a classic choice; as timeless as floral designs. It lets you create a chic look, especially with this color combo.

With this beautiful nail design, you can go from a daytime, office look to nighttime, party or date getup effortlessly. It’s a trendy gel nail art that you’ll surely love.

This eye-catching nail design is sure to impress and delight.

18. Add glitz and glamour to your gel nail design ideas.

Looking for a very feminine look for your nails?

Check out this unique blend of glitz and glamour. Every true nail addict will love this blue and marble combination, which is complemented by the rich and sultry silver-toned shimmer.

If you want to take your nail art game to the next level, this dazzling mix of glimmer and glitter will sure turn heads. It’s a wonderful look that packs a punch.

19. Do it pretty, do it in pink ombre gel nails

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Here’s a simple yet clever nude nail design that you’ll love.

This gorgeous nail art is perfect for most skin types. Just take a look at the ravishing pink, which ranges from light to dark shades.

It looks conservative yet seemingly timeless. A perfect look whether you’re at work or on a date.

And with its glossy finish, it creates wonderful focal point that enhances the aesthetics of your nails.

With the perfect blend of pink and glossy, doesn’t this lovely nail design create a polished appearance for your hands?

20. Seductive nude nail designs always make a terrific choice.

Tired of wearing darker colors?

If you ask me, nude gel nail design ideas are lovely. It shows off your healthy nail bed, and it looks neat.

Nude gel nail design ideas are very versatile. Simple and effortlessly awesome that you can wear in so many ways. Whether you’re in the office or going out for a date.

Which is why I love this gel nail art. The nude shade is universally flattering. And to add a touch of whimsy, check out the yellow hue at the tip of the nails. It’s eye-catching, don’t you think?

For a unique yet understated elegance, you’ll love this nude nail art.

21. Oh, so pretty sparkly gel nails.

Just look at those sparkling nails.

Don’t they remind you of rubies and precious stones?

It’s like you’re gazing at fathomless eyes as they wrap you in tranquility. This nail art speaks volumes. It’s very elegant and sophisticated.

I’d say this is one of the best gel nail design ideas for formal events like weddings.

Stunningly elegant, this gorgeous nail art is an easy favorite for me.

22. White looks captivating and fit for a queen.

Looking for gorgeous gel manicure ideas?

Here’s a simple yet elegant new nail design you might want to try.

Don’t these white nails got the look of pearls?

And with a touch of glitter, these nails definitely look great. The sparkling components add a focal point that prettifies the pearl overtone.

Seductive and alluring, these luscious nails will make you look queenly.

23. Make a rich statement with these fierce cheetah gel nails.

Shake things up with these elegant nails.

This gorgeous design is perfect for women with light and olive skin tones. Tipped with a hint of dark colors, check out the animal print on those nails. It adds a pop of interest and a unique personality.

And as if that’s not enough to spark charm and fascination to your hands, this beautiful gel nail art features multiple tones.

Explore your adventurous and artistic side with this daring and statement-making design. It’s a perfectly stellar nail art

24. Quietly excellent look with this nude nail art.

There’s something elegant about nude nail colors and designs.

This attractive nail art is understated yet uniquely pretty. It’s a lovely choice if you want to achieve a business executive look or when you’re looking to go on a date.

With this captivating blush pink shade, you’ll look feminine. And you’ll be sure to impress if the glimmer of your nails catches the light.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic design that’s as pretty as a picture, you might want to consider this ravishing nail art. Doesn’t it pack a punch?

If you like this you may also like these nude nail designs

25. Subtle gels nails

Do you want a simple design?

When you want gel nail design ideas that aren’t overly busy with many elements, you can’t go wrong with this minimalistic nail art. It offers a fresh perspective on understated yet elegant nail designs.

With this gorgeous nail art, it’s perfectly suited for any occasion. Whether it’s a weekend night out with your friends or a formal event that you’ll need to dress up for.

If you want to add a dramatic flair that’s not overly adorned with other design components, this fun and feminine nail art is perfect for you.

26. Nude start gel nail designs

Are you searching for nude nail design images?

Here’s a wonderful spin to these fun nail designs.

Tipped with a pinch of stars, you can transform an otherwise plain-looking style into a classically romantic nail art design. This gorgeous pattern is well-suited for formal events, parties, and even for your everyday wear.

You can make a timeless piece look chic and modern when you adorn it with a starry motif. Not to worry, the embellishing stars won’t detract the nail design’s overall romantic look.

Lovely nails, aren’t they?

27. Do you want alluring gold-themed summer gel nails?

Nothing screams “queen” like gold.

For gel nail design ideas that are sure to turn heads, you might want to try out this gold-toned, ravishing design. It’s a glamorous motif that exudes sophistication.

With the middle and ring fingers embellished with gold glitters, you get a textured nail art that’s sparkly and fierce. Way to create an edgy look that stands out from the crowd.

Want glitter accents and a design that’s far from being ordinary?

Get stand-out nails with this enchanting design.

28. Care for cute and colorful gel nail polish designs?

Here’s an easy-to-do nail art.

Yellow and pink can do wonders for your nails. They’re anything but boring.

Getting this design done is fast and simple. Yet it looks fancy enough that you can wear it for a special night.

If you want to get posh and fancy nail designs, you should consider trying this one out. It’s pastel perfection that’s easy and quick to create.

29. Looking for ideas for neutral fall gel nails?

You don’t have to have bright nails to create a big impact.

Even neutral nail designs can be eye-catching.

Check out this blush-toned nail motif looks as delicate as porcelain. It’s simple yet its texture and tone make it really pop.

This goes to show you don’t really need to have all the extra funky stuff to get a noticeable nail design.

30. Searching for colorful gel manicure designs?

Doesn’t this look remind you of fall leaves?

Get your nails ready for autumn.

Here’s a wonderful design that gets your nails prepped for sweater weather. Check out the color combination. It’s a gorgeous play of hues, isn’t it?

What’s great about this beautiful design is that it’s easy to create. Plus, you can rock these enchanting nails at work or party. It’s vibrant and fresh nail art.

31. Lovely lilacs to grace your pretty gel nails.

Looking for popular nail designs that play with feminine tones?

Check out this simple lilac blend. It’s elegant and brings out the beauty of your hands.

Because it’s a straightforward design, you take out the guesswork as to how to apply certain design elements. What’s more, this one is easy to create.

If you’re considering what summer gel nail designs to get, you might want to try this one.

Doesn’t it exude grace and simplicity?

For effortless charisma, lilac simply stands out.

32. Are you considering red-toned fingernail ideas?

Do you want to take on a fierce persona with your nails?

Be edgy and sultry with these short and simple gel nails. This look is easy to achieve.

What’s great about this nail style is that you can customize it further. You can add glitter or something sparkly, adding another dimension to its texture. Or you can draw art on it. Let loose your artistic side.

This shade is perfect for autumn. With the muted red color, this nail design is reminiscent of falling leaves, isn’t it?

33. Looking for easy gel nail designs that easily stand out?

Why don’t you try this simple nail design?

Just when you can’t decide on one color for your nails, perhaps you’d want to consider this motif.

It’s multicolored yet isn’t too advanced that even a novice artist can make it. With the variety of hues that this design has, it looks festive. Which makes it perfect for fun and joyous holidays and similar celebrations.

Your family and friends will be downright dazzled by the gorgeous set.

34. Want sassy gel nail design ideas?

Check out this fun combination of colors and glitter.

Doesn’t this enchanting nail style look exciting and feisty?

The bright shades and sparkles create a gorgeous design that looks lovely for summer. And when you want something festive, this is a perfect party nail motif.

Get the shimmer and shine on with this gorgeous nail art. It’s a wonderful play of multiple colors. Perfect to meet the bright sunny days of summer.

35. Pink sparkly gel nails

Perfectly pink does it.

Here’s a beautiful bit of inspiration if you’re considering pink as the base color for your nails.

The ravishing pink creates a graceful yet fierce look. And if you put in these sparkly embellishments, it adds flair to an already enchanting nail design.

Nail art connoisseurs will love this. Novices will also find this motif easy to create.

Pop this hot pink for a sultry nail design.

36. Get the chic gel nail art look with this “rough paint” look.

Looking for an alternative design for the soft and delicate nail styles?

Check out this avant-garde, minimalistic look with a twist. This textured nail design features a scuffed up paint look. It somewhat resembles the surface of the moon; notice the consistency and grainy quality of its finish.

If you want something different, perhaps a motif that’s out of the ordinary, you can try this one. It’s an art deco style that looks lunar.

37. Create an interesting appeal with black and gold leaf gel nails.

Are you curious about what comes out from combining black and gold?

The result is simply glorious.

This breathtaking nail art offers a timeless and glittery look that reaches on-trend status. With the sparkles on top of the midnight hue, apply a dab of polish for a more sophisticated and elegant style.

If you want to amp up your game in gel nail design ideas, liven it up with a touch of glimmer and black. Get on the sparkling trend with this superb nail art.

38. Can’t get enough of pink sparkly gel nails?

Looking for nail design images to inspire you to create your own art?

Check out this mix of sparkly stones and polished pink base. This combination creates a versatile and elegant look that’s suited for a night out with your closest friends or a date with your special someone.

And to add flair and drama to this sultry design is the elongating detail. Notice how the nails look thinner and longer.

How’s that for fierceness and seduction?

What I particularly love about this piece is its typically feminine motif. And it’s anything but ordinary; it screams diva with a touch of playful quaint.

39. Indeed, black is beautiful.

Rediscover the beauty of black in this ravishing gel nail art.

This one may seem simple, yet it takes on a fierce persona. It’s perfect for light and olive skin tones. The bold color just looks so trendy and elegant that you can wear it every day; whether you’re at work or going to a party.

Vibrant and fresh, black is pristine. By itself, it is a punch of interest that can turn heads and impress people.

Get on the classic look. This trend never dies. Add black into your list of gel nail design ideas.

40. Need inspiration for blue-colored gel nail design ideas?

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Got light skin tone?

Blue is such a lovely color for you. And it’s perfect for summer too.

When the hot, summer days are just around the corner, you might want to begin your gel nail art transition.

With the change of season comes a change of motif.

Celebrate the highly anticipated alternation from cold winter to sunny heat with this gorgeous nail art.

This multicolored look is easy to achieve. Start by picking a variety of colors you wish to put on your nails. Seen here are different shades of blue and pink.

If you want to go wild, you choose 10 colors (instead of just five or less). That’s one color for each finger; a less repetitive look for your nails.

41. Geometric gel nails

If you think autumn-inspired nails are boring and bland, this design will change your mind.

Check out the lovely combination of nude nail color with a dark shade and stripes of red and green.

The careful placement of hues and stripes pulls the duty of elongating your fingers.

Along with the hint of glitter, this subdued nail motif offers mass appeal. You can wear this look from the office to a date night. It’s an effortless transition from work to play.

42. Gorgeous autumn gel nail ideas

Want to upgrade your understated neutral color nail designs?

Check out this autumn-inspired green nail art perfect for this fall with a muted green with stunning leaves.

43. Want to gel nail designs for short nails?

Not sure what color to use this time?

You can’t go wrong with pink. It’s feminine and elegant, conservative yet alluring.

The frosted pink hue translates to posh nail art. It’s suited for both long and short nails too.

44. Need ideas on professional nail designs?

Check out this beautiful work.

The elegance of black simply exudes from this gorgeous nail art. Which goes to show you can’t go wrong with black.

45. Polished pink gel nails aresimply captivating.

Want fingernails that are fit for a queen?

Check out this effortlessly awesome nail design. It’s versatile and flattering. Perfect to wear on special occasions or events like weddings or anniversaries.

46. Unique and understated yet so elegant.

Here’s another beautiful black-colored nail art.

Isn’t it delectable?

It’s a lovely choice for people with light skin tones. This nail design will simply dazzle and stand out.

47. Posh it up with the summer shade of yellow.

The sun’s up and it’s a bright, summer day.

Welcome the sunny and hot weather with pizzazz.

What better way to celebrate the transition from cold, bleak winter than with gorgeous, summer-themed nail art.

48. Spice up your nails with this eye-catching color and texture.

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Looking for spring gel nail designs that will surely impress?

Check out this lush and versatile nail art. The color is one of the sought-after shades because it’s sure to delight.

With elegance and glitz, this nail style will amp up your game.

49. Nude nail design with a hint of butterflies.

Looking to add a bit of flair on neutral and nude nail designs?

Check out this inspired nail style idea.

You’ll look cute with this one. It’s appropriate for work as much as it is fitting for a party or date night.

50. Looking for elongated gel nail design ideas?

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Here’s one you should check out.

This multi-colored gel nail art is simply gorgeous. The palettes just blend in perfectly, delivering a pretty accent that showcases your flair and sophistication.

Want more gel nail design ideas?

Looking to fancy up your nails?

With these gel nail design ideas, you can create gorgeous styles that exude timeless elegance.

woman with a beautiful manicure and the text gorgeous gel nail design ideas woman with a beautiful manicure and the text gorgeous gel nail design ideas

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