13 Top Polygel Nail Kits To Try in 2024

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Wouldn’t life be amazing if we could have nails as durable as acrylic but as flexible as gel?

They won’t easily chip, break off, or fade, but they also won’t be as difficult to apply or maintain.

Thankfully, the goddesses of manicures heard us loud and clear.

light purple and silver poly gel manicure

We now have Polygel.

If you need the lowdown on this revolutionary trend to level up your nail game right from the comfort of your own home, keep reading.

Here are thirteen of the top Polygel nail kits that you can buy today.

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit
Editor's Choice
  • Contains all the essentials (poly nail gels, nail lamp, top coat sets, etc)
  • Has 72 curved and straight dual forms
  • Comes with detailed instructions
Gelish PolyGel Nail Kit
Premium Pick
  • Uses a straightforward three-step application process
  • Has a quick-drying, low-odor formula
  • Carries all the basics that you need for a long-lasting, beautiful manicure
Vrenmol Glitter Poly Nail Kit
Budget Pick
  • Comes with six beautiful shades and easy-to-smoothen forms
  • Low-odor formulation that uses non-toxic ingredients
  • Offers a glossy, lightweight finish

What Is Polygel?

Originally intended for use by professional nail technicians, Polygel is a hybrid formula created by Gelish that features the best that acrylic and gel have to offer, without the downsides. 

It uses acrylic powder and clear gel to create nails that have the following characteristics: 

  • Artificial length
  • Durable and malleable
  • Lightweight feel
  • Fast-curing under a LED lamp
  • Long-lasting

Polygel vs Acrylic

Like acrylic, Polygel nails can be used as overlays on natural nails or incorporated into nail art. But unlike acrylic, it’s lighter and more elastic, which comes with the added benefit of feeling and looking more natural. 

Polygel also does not require a monomer for application, which is associated with various negative effects on multiple organs like the skin and lungs. 

As such, it poses fewer risks to your health compared to acrylic nail polish. Like these healthier alternatives to acrylic.

And while acrylic lasts longer, Polygel can be applied more easily. 

It also doesn’t set unless it’s under a LED or UV lamp, so you (or your technician) can spend as much time as you’d like trying to perfect the way your nails look.

Polygel vs Gel

Like gel polish, Polygel also glides on with a lot of flexibility and elasticity. But it’s stronger and more durable than hard gel, which also means that it stays where it’s applied instead of self-leveling.

Polygel is also not as damaging to your natural nails as gel. According to experts, gel polish can contribute to nail brittleness and premature skin aging, as well as increase risks for skin cancer. 

And it’s easier to work with Polygel than hard gel. With the latter, you’ll need multiple coatings to get your desired effect, but that isn’t the case with Polygel.

How Polygel Is Applied

Applying Polygel to your nails is a fairly straightforward process. And unlike other types of nail polish, it doesn’t require a perfect ratio or combo to achieve a great finish. 

The process typically goes like this:

  1. Prep the nail by shaping it to your desired nail shape, with the cuticles removed and the nail bed buffed. 
  2. Once ready, clean and file your nails to make sure they present a flawless surface for the Polygel.
  3. After that, apply a dehydrator to further remove any excess moisture. 
  4. Prime the nails and apply a base coat. 
  5. Cure your nails for 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Now apply the Polygel. Start with a pea-sized amount on your nail plate and then mold it to the shape that you want. 

(Note: In some cases, a mold will be necessary to extend the length of the nails.)

  1. Cure your nails some more.
  2. Then shape, buff, and wipe your nails to get them clean.
  3. Apply a top coat.
  4. Do one final round of curing.
  5. Finish with one final round of wiping.

Now this begs the question: Is this whole process doable at home?

With good Polygel nail kits, the answer is a resounding yes.

Top Polygel Nail Kits You Can Buy Today

If you’re keen to get started with a beautiful, cost-effective, and convenient manicure at home, then let’s get to it.

Here are thirteen top-rated Polygel nail kits from some of the top Polygel brands you’ll find on the market today.

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit

Looking for an all-in-one kit that has everything that you need for some DIY Polygel nails? Your search stops here.

Benefits: Offers a complete kit replete with nail lamp, accessories, forms, and various types of polish; ideal for beginners; can last up to two weeks


  • Contains all the essentials (poly nail gels, nail lamp, top coat sets, etc)
  • Has 72 curved and straight dual forms
  • Comes with detailed instructions

Just unpack this kit and get salon-beautiful nails whenever and wherever you want.


One of the top Polygel nail starter kits, the Modelones Polygel Nail Kit is especially ideal for those that just want to get their feet — or hands — wet and see how they like this formula. And it works every time!

Featuring all the basics, with a few extras, this full Polygel nail kit delivers beautiful nails that can last up to two weeks. It also comes with options in various sizes to best fit your nails.

Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit

Need the best Polygel nail with lamp kit? Morovan has something for you.

Benefits: Especially ideal for beginners; also comes with nail art options; offers results that can last for up to one month


  • Comes with six Polygel colors + two temperature-changing colors
  • Strong and lightweight formulation that delivers long-lasting manicures
  • Also contains nail glitter for nail art

Mix and match to your heart's content!


Another well-recommended beginner Polygel nail kit, this one from Morovan doesn’t only help you get a killer manicure at home, it also makes it easy to achieve the exact look that you want.

In this kit, you’ll find a 48-watt LED lamp, nail art tools, and eight shades of Polygel colors (including two that changes with the temperature.) 

And the best part? 

The final result can last for up to a month, with proper nail prep!

Beetles Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit

Who says beautiful manicures have to cost an arm and a leg? This kit from Beetles will change your perspective — and your life!

Benefits: Cheap Polygel kit that offers great bang for your buck; also great for beginners; contains non-toxic ingredients


  • Offers a low-odor formula with nine toxin-free ingredients
  • Can build custom nails in three minutes
  • Can last between two to four weeks

With this kit, you're sure of great-looking nails without the harsh chemicals!


Next in our list of the best at-home Polygel nail kits is this one from Beetles. Every Beetles Polygel review will convince you that it’s an excellent buy, and for a lot of good reasons.

This kit has everything that you need to give yourself a dream manicure without the complicated instructions or ingredients! 

And with results that can last for one month, you can just live your most beautiful life every day.

Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit

Need one of the best rated Polygel nail kits? The Saviland kit never disappoints.

Benefits: Ideal for nail extensions, reinforcements, repairs, or glitters; cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and vegan; low-odor formulation; can last up to 28 days


  • Comes with 20 amazing solid, glitter, and temperature-changing colors 
  • Lightweight but strong, weather-resistant formula that can last for four weeks
  • Made of healthy resins

Just add it to your cart and look forward to art on your nails!


The Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit is well featured in many Polygel nail kit reviews as the best kit for those who absolutely love their nail colors. With 20 amazing shades, you can achieve the dream palette that you want.

What makes it even better is that it only uses healthy resins, so you can feel safe knowing that you’re not damaging your nails even as you try to make them look their best.

Astound Beauty Poly Nail Gel Kit

Get ready to astound and amaze with this nail kit.

Benefits: Durable, easy to apply, and can last beyond a month; comes with quick-drying colors that change with the light and mood and can glow in the dark; able to work with any Polygel brand


  • Comes with 10 mixed colors, including glow-in-the-dark and temperature-changing options
  • Quick-drying, easy-to-use formula that works for both professionals and beginners
  • Also ideal as a Polygel nail extension kit

Solid? Two-tone? Rainbow? Whatever color palette you're aiming for, this kit will deliver.


Another great kit for nail colors, the Astound Polygel Nail Kit features 10 mixed colors that you can combine or use as they are to perfect your nail game.

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill colors! In fact, many of them adjust to changes in mood and lighting.

With proper nail prep and care, the results can also last beyond four weeks. And if you’d like to work with other Polygel brands, that won’t be an issue with this kit.

Vrenmol Glitter Poly Nail Kit

Get amazing nails without breaking the bank with the Vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Set.

Benefits: Ideal for beginners; features easy-to-use nail forms; contains six colors, including temperature-changing colors; long-lasting and durable


  • Comes with six beautiful shades and easy-to-smoothen forms
  • Low-odor formulation that uses non-toxic ingredients
  • Offers a glossy, lightweight finish

Talk about getting optimal value for your money!


Another great option for quality but cheap Polygel nail kits, the Vrenmol set features six beautiful colors, including glitter options for amazing nail art.

This low-odor Polygel full nail kit is also formulated with non-toxic ingredients that don’t harm your natural nails, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing health for beauty. 

Results vary, but they can last beyond two weeks.

Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit

Make art with this nail kit from Makartt.

Benefits: Easy-to-use kit that has all the basics that you need for amazing nails; seven beautiful colors + glitter powders; can be customized with other accessories such as rhinestones


  • Comes with seven nail colors, glitter powders, a nail curing lamp, and other accessories
  • Durable, long-lasting, refillable, and quick application
  • Ideal for both professionals and beginners

Refill your nails every two weeks or switch 'em up — the choice is yours!

If you’re looking for a nail kit for multi-purpose applications, this one from Makartt offers 7 amazing colors that offer a lightweight but attractive finish that can be refilled.

Aside from the colors, you also get glitter powders to help you create the specific look that you want. And you can mix and match the polish with other decor and accessories for more oomph!

As a starter kit that contains all the basics that you need for Polygel nails, it’s also ideal for beginners.

Gelish PolyGel Nail Kit

Considered to be the best brand of Polygel for inventing the formula, the Gelish PolyGel Enhancement Kit is a worthy investment that will exceed your expectations.

Benefits: Contains quality accessories + nail colors; popular among professional nail technicians; durable, elastic, lightweight, and low-odor product


  • Uses a straightforward three-step application process
  • Has a quick-drying, low-odor formula
  • Carries all the basics that you need for a long-lasting, beautiful manicure

Talk about getting your money's worth!


As a premium Polygel nail kit, this one from Gelish features all the essentials that you need for high-quality manicures. These include four tube keys, a slip solution, a pH bond, a PolyTool, and more.

Another advantage that you can get out of using this kit is that the results last longer than the other kits on this list. In fact, you can expect to have lovely nails for more than one month!

Most importantly, it uses a simple three-step process. So while it’s beloved by professionals, it’s also a great option for beginners.

Gellen Polygel Nail Kit

Want something affordable but effective? This kit is for you.

Benefits: Easy-to-use nail kit with chip-resistant products; offers a shimmery, transluscent finish; also great for other types of nail extensions


  • Comes with a four-color sophisticated palette with great color payoff
  • Features a fast-curing formulation that can last for up to one month
  • Can also be used with other types of nail extensions, such as acrylic

Get salon-quality nails for less than 15 bucks!


If you already have tools such as a nail curing lamp, a nail drill, etc, this kit from Gellen is exactly what you need to start getting beautiful nails anytime, anywhere.

With four nail polish colors that can last for four weeks, it delivers great value for your money while making it quick and easy to create the specific nail designs that you want. Plus, curing can be completed in as fast as 30 seconds!

Phoenixy Polygel Extension Kit

Need something straightforward that delivers superior results? This Polygel kit from Phoenixy is the answer.

Benefits: Comes with a complete kit for nail art, including an auto-sensing UV nail lamp; offers eight colors; long-lasting


  • Includes a LED UV nail lamp that can connect to your phone's USB power adapter for easy use
  • Low-odor, non-toxic formulation made of natural resin
  • Can last for up to two weeks

With this all-in-one kit, all you need to do to get the nails that you deserve is to finally sit down and create them.


Featuring a comprehensive package of tools and materials for nail art, the Phoenixy eight-color Polygel extension kit is another great option for beginners.

It includes eight colors of Polygel, dual forms, a LED curing lamp, a slip solution, and more.

It’s also ideal for those working with a budget as it covers everything that you need to start custom nail art without breaking the bank. 

And if you need your kit to have only harmless ingredients, this one features natural resins.

SXC Polygel Nail Kit Butterfly Series

For those who want butterfly nail art, the SXC nail kit is the best product on the market.

Benefits: Vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic; offers long-lasting results; comes with simple instructions for beginners


  • Includes 10 shades and six 3D butterflies for various nail art designs
  • Also comes with a nail lamp, nail brush, dual forms, etc.
  • Delivers a transluscent finish that can last beyond a month

Just make sure to prep your nails properly so you can watch them take flight in wondrous beauty.


Another ideal kit for those with little to no experience with Polygel, the SXC kit features all the tools that you need to create custom butterfly nail art. It also comes with simple instructions to guide you through the process.

And if you need nails that last beyond a month, this one won’t disappoint. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic.

Watch it in real-life action here:

Ohuhu Polygel Nail Kit

Need a nail kit that is as boundless as your creativity? This one from Ohuhu offers 18 colors and 30-plus effects!

Benefits: Includes regular, temperature-changing, and glossy nail colors; features natural ingredients; kit also offers 34 color effects


  • Comprehensive starter kit that features more nail tools than other kits
  • Comes with an 18-color palette for limitless nail art possibilities
  • Suitable for any nail type

Even better? Your beautiful nails can last for up to a month!


With its whopping 197 pieces, Ohuhu’s kit has made it easy for every nail art enthusiast to dip into the wonders of Polygel and unleash their imagination.

It features 18 shades, four of which are temperature-changing while another four come with glitter. Mixed and matched, these can generate up to 36 effects!

The only thing that you’d need when you purchase this kit is a nail lamp. Once you have that, you can look forward to having beautiful nails for the entire month.

GAOY Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

For those who love their nude nails, the GAOY Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit offers a basic but beautiful package fit for earthy, natural looks.

Benefits: Ideal for beginners; uses non-toxic, lead-free kit


  • Enables fast and easy application with results that can last for one month
  • Comes with a low-odor, lead-free, non-toxic formulation
  • Includes four colors, nail accessories, 120 dual forms, and more

With this kit, you're sure to always have nails that look sophisticated.


Rounding off our list of the top Polygel nail kits is this little international kit from GAOY. While it features only four shades, it features classy tones that are perfect for even the most elegant of functions.

It also boasts low-odor and non-toxic ingredients, which delivers results that can last for a month. And it offers easy-to-understand instructions, making it great for first-timers.


How long do Polygel nails last?

Polygel nails can last anywhere between two to four weeks. In some cases, they can even go beyond a whole month.

To make them last, proper nail prepping is necessary. Your nails should be clean and free from extra oil or moisture for better adhesion with the nail polish.

Is it okay to shower with Polygel nails?

It’s more than okay to shower with Polygel nails. In fact, you can go swimming too!

However, it’s best to wait for at least five hours after you’ve just had them applied to make sure that they stay intact and can last long.

When submerging your nails for prolonged periods underwater, it’s also recommended to apply a top coat to the nail before you go swimming to reduce the risks of lifting or chipping.

Where can I buy a Polygel nail kit?

There are various online shopping platforms where you can purchase your very own Polygel nail kit. Amazon, for instance, offers a lot of options.

You can also buy them straight from their manufacturers. Many brands carry their nail kits on their website.

Choosing a Polygel Nail Kit

When it comes to choosing the top Polygel nail kit, it really boils down to what you need and what you prefer.

hands with a pink and white poly gel manicure

Think about important factors like your budget, your experience with Polygel or DIY manicures in general, your access to additional tools that may be necessary, and your nail goals.

Get your own Polygel nail kit now and flaunt sexy, long-lasting nails!

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