10 Best LED Nail Lamps (For Perfect Nails)

10 Best LED Nail Lamps (For Perfect Nails)

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Are you looking for LED nail lamps?

Whether you’re a nail salon owner or someone who just loves doing glitter nail designs at home, you could use an LED nail lamp.

Why should you use an LED nails lamp?

When you need to cure your butterfly nail art designs, these lamps can do the job more effectively.

Also known as nail dryers, these devices can bring out the best look as they dry modern nail finishes.

There are plenty of LED nail lamps on the market today. So choosing one that suits your needs can be challenging.

But before we get into the best LED nail lamps, let’s also explore UV lamps.

As you know, there are two devices that you can use to dry modern nails finishes. First, using an LED nails lamp; the other one, a UV lamp.

Here are the good and the bad points of both devices.

Let’s get to know LED nail lamps and UV lamps

manicure table with led nail lamp

Did you know LED nail lamps are energy efficient?

These devices cure modern nail finishes within 30 seconds.

And their bulbs, they don’t need replacing. Ever.

If there’s any downside to getting an LED nails lamp, it’s usually more expensive compared to UV lamps.

Now, let’s look at UV lamps.

The latest generation of UV gel polishes cures well under UV wavelengths from this type of device.

But while it works well on virtually all gel nails, the curing process usually takes around two minutes.

Yes, UV lamps are cheaper compared to LED nail lamps. But at some point, the bulbs in UV lamps will need replacing.

Why should you choose LED nail lamps over UV light lamps?

Setting aside the price and the life span of their respective bulbs, here are a couple of reasons why you should pick LED nail lamps over UV lamps.

1. Most LED lights for nails have preset auto-timer controls. So you can simply set the curing and drying time, ranging from 10 to 90 seconds. It’s convenient. Plus, it shortens the curing time by about 70 percent.

2. With LED nail lamps, there’s no exposure to UV light; not to mention, curing is faster with LED lights. So there’s little to no risk of skin damage, which may result from exposure to UV radiation.

3. Most LED nail lamps have different power options. And they also require less energy to use. So it helps you save power when using them.

Is it time to ditch the traditional UV light lamps?

A lot of nail salons and manicure lovers are ditching the conventional UV light lamps.

Aside from the matter of having better energy efficiency, an LED nail lamp is a healthier choice.

There’s the issue of UV radiation with UV light lamps.

So if you’re thinking about the health concerns surrounding nail drying and curing, get an LED nail lamp instead.

The Best LED Nail Lamps

With LED nail lamps slowly edging out UV light lamps, it’s time to make the change; that is, if you haven’t done so already.

If you’re looking for the best LED lights for nails, check out this selection.

1. MelodySusie Eos Pro 12W

MelodySusie Eos Pro12W UV/LED Nail Lamp - Smart Nail Dryer, Cures All Major Gel Nail Polish Brands,...
  • TOP RATED: Amazon's Best Leading Manicure Beauty Brand.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT LED bulbs curing all kinds of LED&UVgel polishes perfectly.
  • COOL UNIQUE Design provides you a refreshing and different experience.

What I love about this product is that it has three auto-timer settings.

You can set the drying and curing time for 30, 60, and 90 seconds.

To set your desired time, simply choose any one of the three buttons labeled accordingly. You can find these buttons on top.

Once you have selected your timed setting, position your hand under the light.

Because this product is big enough, you can fit all five fingers on one hand at the same time. How’s that for quick and convenient curing and drying of your nails.

What’s more, the MelodySusie Eos Pro 12W nail lamp can work for both UV and LED nail polishes. It doesn’t get too hot to cause burns. And because it’s quick, there’s little to no risk of radiation or scalding your hands.

Want to get professional results?

Check out the highly versatile MelodySusie Eos Pro 12W nail lamp. It’s portable, easy to use, and efficient at producing great results.

2. NaCot LED and UV Nail Dryer Lamp

LED UV Nail Dryer Lamp - NaCot Professional 24W Portable Eye and Skin Friendly Quickly Dry Gel Nail...
  • AUTOMATIC SENSOR: Nail dryer lamp takes automatically sensor technology by infrared induction for your convenience, the LED lamps will turn on automatically when your hand in and turn off when your hand out. The LCD timer shows duration so that you can control the time and makes you feel at ease when curing nails.
  • CURING ALMOST ALL NAIL GELS: Our nail lamp adopt New technology of double light source covers a wider range of ultraviolet band, suitable for drying nail UV-glue, builder gule, nail polish gel, sculpture gel, gem glue etc.High-quality LED light beads with a life span of 50000 hours nonstop, ideal for both home and salon use.
  • GREATER PROTECTION: Comparing with ultraviolet light, it is closer to white light, which means no worries that your hand skin will be sunburnt and your eyes will be damaged. Ensuring safe and comfortable when enjoy professional quality nail polish at home.

Want to get your nail gel hands dry faster?

With the NaCot Nail Dryer Lamp for LED and UV gel polishes, you can get even curing.

And you can look forward to having amazing results after a quick dry from this 24-watt beauty accessory.

Wondering what to expect from the NaCot Nail Dryer Lamp?

The first thing you’ll notice is its simple design. Even if you’re using this device for the first time, you won’t have any trouble figuring it out.

But despite its simple design, the NaCot Nail Dryer Lamp has advanced features. One of them is its auto-sensing feature; this eliminates the need for a switch to turn the device on and off when curing your nails.

Another advanced feature of the NaCot Nail Dryer Lamp is its LCD screen; it displays its current function.

If you’re looking for a portable nail dryer lamp with plenty of cool features, you’ll love the NaCot Nail Dryer Lamp. It works on the different types of gel polishes.

3. SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp

SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail Gels Based Polishes with...
  • 1.ALL-IN-ONE BEST QUALITY SUPERIOR NAIL DRYER: With new professional designed UV+LED dual light source, SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime, ideal for both home and salon use. This is a nail dryer can help you to solve almost all the curing problem!
  • 2.PROFESSIONAL AND CURING ALMOST ALL NAIL GELS: LED gels, UV gels, including Hard Gels, buildings, sculpture gel, gem glue etc..No brand requirements though. Easy to use, just plug in and you are ready to go!
  • 3.HIGH QUALITY ASSURANCE AND WHAT YOU GET: SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer provides Friendly Customer Service at any times. If there is any issues, please feel free to reach us directly. Customer satisfaction is our first target.

Do you want a cute yet durable nail lamp?

Then you’ll love SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp. It’s both a UV and an LED lamp for gel nails.

Here are some of the best features of this product.

First, it’s big enough to fit your whole hand in there. Your foot too.

Second, the SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp has a great timer. It will tell you once its work is done. So you can just sit and relax and just let the device take care of you and your nail.

Third, it gives an even finish. Unlike many LED lights for nails, SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp will cure your nails in one sitting without missing out the sides.

While it doesn’t give you the fastest finish, the SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp is perfect for beginners and home use.

For an impressive LED lamp for nails, check out SUNUV Nail Curing Lamp.

4. DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer

DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer Curing Lamps Light Fingernail & Toenail Polish Art...
  • Professional Salon Lamp: It can cure all gels within 30s: LED gels, UV gels, Base Coat, Top Coat, Acrylic, Hard Gels, Gem glue, Color Gel, Hard Gels, Sculpture gel and UV Resin etc, no sticky gel.
  • High Configuration: 24 upgraded UV and LED beads fast cure gel but won't hurt eyes or black skin; long-lasting 50,000hrs lifetime no need to replace. Large enough fit two hands or feet in at the same time, not to worry about bumping sides or messing up polish; also the bottom part is detachable from the top part, which is easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Auto On/off by Infrared Induction: Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off; It can be started automatically by auto-sensor without pressing any key.

Do you need a powerful nail dryer that cures the polish on both your hands at the same time?

Check out the DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer.

It has an infrared sensor that automatically activates when you slip your hands in.

You can also choose to set the timer, ranging from 30 to 99 seconds. Its LCD screen indicates how much time is left.

The DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer also features 24 UV LED lights. So whether you’re looking for a gel nail LED light or a UV lamp, this device covers both.

To clean it is easy. Simply remove the bottom part once you’re done.

For a versatile and convenient UV and LET light for gel nails, check out DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer.

5. Makartt LED and UV Nail Dryer

Makartt UV Nail Lamp LED Professional Curing Dryer 3 Timer Settings (24W)
  • UV nail lamp enjoy your nail art at anytime and anywhere: Excellent power storage function allows our UV nail lamp to meet your outdoor needs, and can be used for up to 2 hours with full charge. Whether you are at home or salon,or enjoy the manicure with friends outdoors, This nail dryer can satisfy you! You need to have such a UV nail lamp, let us enjoy the fun of nail art together.
  • Professional nail light nail dryer curing protect your eyes and skin :With advanced professional designed LED UV nail lamp dual nail light source, nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime, ideal for both home and salon use
  • Nail dryer fast and comfortable: Our UV nail lamp is low wattage but quick-drying which can shorten your curing time by 50% or overheat than others dryers. UV nail lamp's 24W low wattage design prevent dryer from overheat and protects your tender skin from being burned. NO NEED ANY FANS!

Looking for an easy way to cure and dry your nails and get an even finish?

With the Makartt LED and UV Nail Dryer, you get a gorgeous-looking device that delivers professional-quality results.

Makartt LED and UV Nail Dryer is an innovative piece that speeds up the curing process.

It also features high-performance LED lamps having a useful life of about 50,000 hours. At that rate, this device will serve you for years.

What’s more, this product works on LED and UV nail polishes.

If you want a fast, reliable, and long-lasting nail dryer, check out Makartt LED and UV Nail Dryer. It’s comfortable and easy to use too.

6. SCCD UV and LED Nail Lamp

SCCD UV Nail Lamp,80W Nail Dryer UV Light lifting Handheld 42 pcs LED Nail Dryer Lamp with 4 Timer...
  • Upgraded design-80W UV Nail Lamp with 42pcs LED beads(365-405nm),which provide high power,New advanced tech led beads(365-405nm) covers a wider range for curing uv led gel
  • Safety More Space-This nail lamp simulates the sun's rays,is bigger enough for curing whole hand or 2 hands or curing toenail. which can better protect the skin of the hands and prevent the hands from blackening. The soft light does not hurt eyes. Your first choice!
  • 4 Timer Settings- 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s. You can easily control the time when you do nails curing. 99s low-heat mode also means the painless mode,the output power will increase gradually(the light will more bright),in this mode,the gel will be cured gently at first,there will be no feeling even the gel cured totally.

Here’s a dream among professional manicurists.

Check out SCCD UV and LED Nail Lamp.

It has four settings, ensuring that you dry and cure your nails evenly in one go. You can set the timer for 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds.

SCCD UV and LED Nail Lamp also has a low-heating mode. You won’t get burns or skin damage even if you go longer with the nail-curing process.

Whether you’re running a nail salon or just want to do your nails within the comfort of your home, you’ll love this awesome piece.

This multi-functional device works on UV and LED light nails. It also works wonders for gem glues, hard gels, and more.

SCCD UV and LED Nail Lamp is a pleaser.

7. Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp

UV LED Nail Lamp, Terresa 72 Watt Faster Nail Dryer for Gel Polish, Nail Light with 3 Timer Setting,...
  • Fast Drying and Save 70% Time for Curing Nails: Terresa 72 watt quick uv nail lamps takes only 10s to dry nail uv or led gel, our professional led nail lamp can shorten your curing time by 70% than other nail lamps. You can not only save time and effort, but also save a amount of money to get same salon experience at home.
  • Enough Space to Cure 5 Fingernails at the Once: Terresa nail polish dryer can be cured into both 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time, NOT curing thumb separately anymore. Our nail dryers with 180 degree multi-angle light beads, you can dry the whole hand or foot evenly including the thumb at once, and without worrying about the sides not curing.
  • Works Well with All Gel Nail Polish and Resin: UV nail light almost curable for all nail gels, such as UV therapy gel, extended gel, LED nail polish gel, hard builder gel, sculpture gel, gem glue etc. All top coat and base coat for gel polish, including nail UV-glue, builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel.

Looking for an expert LED nail lamp that also works for UV polishes?

With the Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp, it only takes about 10 seconds to dry. This device significantly cuts the time to cure your nails.

It’s easy to operate the Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp. Simply place your hands inside the lamp and it will automatically activate its lights. This switches on its nail-curing function.

Discover a salon-like experience within the comfort of your home with Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp.

8. NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer

NailStar Professional 12W LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polish with 30sec, 60sec, 90sec and 30min...
  • 4 TIMER SETTINGS: This NailStar LED lamp has 4 built in timer settings of 30sec, 60sec, 90sec and 30min to fit every need. Making this Nail lamp perfect for both low intensity use at home or for a higher intensity use in a professional salon environment
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Compatible with all LED friendly nail gel brands including CND Shellac, Gelish, Gellen and OPI, you can achieve salon quality results in minutes all from the comfort of your own home
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The compact lightweight design of the nail dryer makes it perfect for transporting to wherever you want to use it. This makes it great for sleepovers, travel, school and mobile salons

Simple yet effective. This piece is one of the best LED nail lamps today.

Introducing NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer.

This wonderful device has four preset timers. You can set it for 30, 60, and 90 seconds; but if you want it longer, you can go fro 30 minutes of fixed nail-curing time.

NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer is ideal for both fingernails and toenails.

It’s also very sturdy. Made of high-grade material, you can bring NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer for salon use or just have it in your home.

With its high-performance LED lamps, you can trust it to last a long time.

Versatile, quick-drying, and lightweight. These are what you can expect from NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer.

9. Gellen Nail Lamp

Gellen 24W UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer Light for Gel Nail Polish - Quick Dry No Harm Gel Manicure...
  • SMART SAFETY SYSTEM: Smart over-temperature protection, reducing burning sensation. Smart hand sensor, hands in - on, hands out - off.
  • FAST CURING: 2X faster curing than traditional nail dryers, save more time.
  • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION: 24W LED light + 12W CCFL light, non-harmful substances to human body.ALL IN ONE: cure all gel, like UV and gel nail polish, top coat base coat, acrylic gel, builder gel, etc. No brand requirements though.

Looking for a sleek and versatile LED nail lamp?

Check out Gellen Nail Lamp. With its cute color and impressive functionality, this piece is salon-perfect.

Gellen Nail Lamp works for your fingernails and toenails.

For pedicures, simply remove the bottom shelf to give your feet extra room to fit in.

The only downside to this brand is its price. But if you’re looking to use it for your nail salon business, it’s worth it.

10. MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp

MiroPure UV LED Gel Nail Lamp Light Dryer, Fast Dry 48w Professional Nail Dryer Curing Lamp with...
  • UV LED Nail Lamp--Double Light Source Technology: Comparing with ultraviolet light of traditional nail lamps, the light is closer to white light, which ensures the color of nail gel and does no harm to your eyes as well as protects your skin from being black.It covers a wider range of ultraviolet band, suitable and guaranteed for drying all kinds of nail gels. No need to worry about distinguishing your nail gel. It takes only 30s to dry nail UV glue and 60s to dry rhinestone gem glue.
  • 4 Timer Settings& Removable Magnetic Reflective Panel: 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. During the 99s temperature gradually increasing mode, power enhances gradually to resolve all pain problems caused by curing gels. The panel can be separated without tools, more convenient for toenail gel curing.
  • Auto-Sensing by Infrared Induction: Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off. It can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing time setting button. It will automatically come into the 99s low heat mode. Default max working time is 120s.

Save time and effort when doing your nails.

With the MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp, you can hasten the nail-curing process while achieving an even finish and impressive results.

This device works on most types of gels.

MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp has an auto-sensing feature. When it detects that your nails are dried and cured, it automatically turns off.

If you’re looking for an LED nail lamp that delivers great quality and quick-drying results, you’ll love MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp.

Looking for tips when choosing LED nail lamps?

Over the years, LED nail lamps have become a must-have.

No wonder it is a staple in most nail salons and beauty centers.

If you have decided on buying one but not sure what to look for in an LED nail lamp, here are some of the things to focus on. Look into these factors when picking a good product.


You want to make sure you can fit your hand in comfortably.

If it’s too small to accommodate your entire hand, you might encounter challenges along the way.

One of the challenges includes having to fit a few fingers at a time. This means it will take longer for you to dry and cure your nails.

Useful Life of its Bulb

With LED nail lamps, it’s almost never that you’ll need to change its bulb. However, that depends on your usage.

Ideally, you need to pick an LED gel nail lamp with a bulb that has a longer lifespan. I suggest you look for one that can last for around 50,000 hours.

Drying Time

The best brands can dry and cure your nails in less than 30 seconds.

However, the average drying time is around 90 seconds.


There are drying and curing lamps that can only accommodate gel nails formulated for LED technology; others, only for UV gel polishes.

So your best choice is to pick an LED nail lamp that’s versatile; one that can handle different kinds of nail gels and polishes.

You may also want to consider your toenails when choosing an LED nail lamp. Make sure you can use the device for both your toenails and fingernails.


How much are you willing to spend?

For home use, it’s understandable that you may want to choose something that’s affordable.

But if you’re running a nail salon business, I highly recommend getting the top-of-the-line brands; those that can dry and cure gel nails faster.

After all, time is of the essence when you’re running a nail business. You need to cure those nails fast to accommodate your other customers.

What is your favorite LED nail lamp?

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