40 Best Cute Nail Ideas To Swipe In 2021

40 Best Cute Nail Ideas To Swipe In 2021

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Looking for cute nail ideas to copy?

When you’re all out of ideas and you just don’t want to leave your nails bare, I’ve got something for you.

In this post, I’ve got cute nail ideas to turn them into an attention-grabbing piece of art.

Whether you like it sleek and simple or want to go quirky and sophisticated with your designs, I have these pretty nail ideas that you might want to try.

There may be thousands of creative and innovative cute nail designs out there for everyone. But I’ll help you find the best one that suits you perfectly.

Here are cute nail ideas that you will love.

Are you ready for your next nail job?

If you’re not updated with the latest trends, check out these distinctly cute nail art ideas.

You can take them as inspiration the next time you DIY your nail job or book your next manicure appointment.

1. Do you want cute nail ideas for summer?

Here’s a fun cactus-themed design.

Whether you’re heading to the beach or planning to take a vacation, this design is great. It’s got a predominantly yellow hue, which perfectly matches the look and feel of summer.

Plus, it’s got a witty twist on its written text.

So if you’re looking for cute nail ideas for summer, you should definitely try this one. It’s fun and inventive.

2. Would you like cute nail ideas with an animal theme?

Then you’ll love this panda-inspired nail art.

Doesn’t it look adorable?

It’s lavender, it has glitters, and it’s got a charming panda design. This cute nail art features a delectable combo that will surely pique the interest of people around you.

Want to bring your nails to a whole new level?

Add this beautiful design to your list of cute nail ideas.

3. How about cute avacado nail art?

Let the fruit avo-cuddle your talons with this gorgeous design.

It’s got a nude backdrop. But what creates the visual interest are the adorable avocados. The nail art offers a fun twist to the classic nude nail design.

Church up your minimalistic nude nails with this delightful design.

4. Looking for a cow-abunga nail design?

Moo! Moo! Here come the cow nails.

Aren’t they adorable?

These cute nail styles are also easy to do. Simply apply a white acrylic for your base paint. Then put in flecks of brown and black to mimic the spots that cows have.

Have fun recreating these gorgeous nails. They are minimalistic yet draws a big punch when it comes to visual appeal.

5. Would you like to try the edgy yet cute nail styles?

Add a touch of faux animal skin on your nails.

Check out this beautiful combination of nude and white nails with a bit of leopard print.

Don’t they just look charming?

Try this animal-inspired nail design for yourself. It’s easy to do, and it amps up your nail game.

And because it’s unique and unconventional, it’s highly likely that you’ll be the only one sporting this cute nail art among your friends.

So if you want to try something new, check out this adorable design.

6. Have you considered using negative spaces on your cute nail ideas?

If you’re looking to create abstract art on your talons, check out this negative space design.

Partially paint your nails with eye designs and dots to create the pattern.

Don’t they result in a seriously chic look?

It is not just the placements that create the design; rather, the negative spaces work well with the random dots and shapes to make the overall nail art.

Also, notice how this design works with a white and nude acrylic base. This cute nail art is fun and easy to do. Give it a try.

7. How about really cute nails with an athletic touch? Just do it.

Try this cool nail art idea.

Incorporate the design of your favorite Nike shoes into your nails.

Notice how in the example the nails have perfectly captured the look of the sneakers.

Don’t they look cool?

You can recreate and rock your own design. Pick your favorite Nike pair and just be creative with your cute nail art.

And for a stylish and contemporary touch, play with the ombre effect.

8. Looking for luxe and cute nail ideas?

This gorgeous piece looks minimalistic and easy to do, right?

Indeed, they are. But though it looks simple, this gorgeous nail art is elegant. Perhaps it is the beautiful balance of its nude nail base and the gold flecks.

Add a touch of gold on the middle and ring fingers to create a sophisticated look. And for an extra bit of panache, you can opt for a matte finish (although a glossy look is also superfine).

9. Check out this minimal nail design with a floral outline.

Afraid you might go overboard with your cute nail ideas?

Give this one a try. For a chic and stylish mani, here’s a good design you might want to try out.

You start out with a clean and nude look. After the acrylic dries, you can put on your floral pattern using lavender. Then you can add the gold spots on the nails.

What I love about this cute nail art is that it’s easy to recreate at home or on your next visit to the nail salon.

10. Talk about cute nail art? These portraits are stunning!

You get a delightful bubble gum nail art that’s visually stunning.

When you want something more than just a minimalistic mani, you’ll love this blend of bubble gum—eating movie personalities and pastel colors.

Introducing Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn popping some gum.

Doesn’t this nail art design look splendid?

This is one of the best cute nail ideas I’ve seen so far. It’s got a killer art; a visual interest that sparks allure upon first glance.

If you’re looking for an adorable cute nail design for your next night out, give this gorgeous one a try.

11. Don’t these cute heart peach nails look adorbs?

Here’s a seriously cute nail design.

Don’t you just want to take a bite on those heart peaches?

Try this fruit-inspired nail art. It’s lovely and looks awesome. Just hope it won’t start you on a nail-biting habit because these talons look deliciously cute.

Bring your cute nail ideas to new heights with this charming one.

12. Welcome to the jungle with this cute long nail idea.

Do you want to make a statement with your nails?

Check out this awesome design. It’s got a touch of zebra and leopard on a base of white and yellow acrylic.

This cute nail art is pretty unique. It features bright hues that are fashionably chic and reminiscent of the jungle animals.

If you’re looking for a wonderful mani design that’s right for the warm weather days, check out this artistic nail art.

13. Do you want a spring-themed nail idea?

Here’s a floral mani that you might want to add to your list of cute nail ideas.

It’s subtle and has a white acrylic as its backdrop. With its floral design, it’s perfect for springtime.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can spruce things up a bit. My suggestion is to add gem embellishments or anything glittery to make your nails look dressed up.

With its neutral touch, this gorgeous design is perfect as part of your office look every day. And if you’re looking have a night-out, these babies will just fit in just perfectly.

14. Glam up for a summer look with these sunny nail ideas.

Looking forward to the summer?

Get set and bring your nails up to par for the sunny season with this lovely mani art. It’s perfect when you want to kick your look into gear in time for the warm weather days.

It’s got a yellow hue, which makes it look summery. And with a nude backdrop on the other nails, you get cute flowers as visual interest.

Want to rock this playful design?

They’re super easy to recreate and awesomely fun to wear. You should definitely try this one out.

15. Bring cuteness to a whole new level with purple butterfly nails.

Don’t you just love purple?

If you want to kick it with serious glamour without being too serious, then you should try this shade.

This hue can give your nails a ravishing look. And check out the butterfly silhouettes on the ring fingers. It adds visual contrast and appeal to the whole nail art idea.

16. Would you like cute coffin shaped nails?

Want cute nail ideas that are colorful and lively?

Bring life and vivacity to your talons with these cute coffin shaped nails. It’s a perfect design to match the bright summer.

To add a sparkly effect, notice the gem rhinestones. Don’t they make a beautiful adornment to these nails?

For a set of nails that spells fun and carefree in the summer, check out this beautiful design. It’s a great way to match the warm weather days.

You may also like these Coffin nail styles!

17. Want a simple chic look for your nails?

A gel mani may just be what you need.

Check out these really cute nails. This design turns up the fancy without getting too crazy.

What I love about this nail art idea is its minimalism. It also makes use of negative spaces.

Wondering how to create those straight, glittery lines on the nails?

You can get a striping tape to help you create this chic design.

18. Looking for cute long nail ideas?

Pink is an adorable color you can use for your nails.

It’s subtle yet it’s perfect if you want something special to have for a date or a night out.

What I love about this design is its visual contrast, which you can see on the ring finger. It creates interest and drama, which stands out among the minimalistic, pink-colored nails.

If you want to have sassy and sophisticated nails, then check out this design.

19. Do you want cute nail designs for fall?

Give this one a try.

It’s colorful and it’s got adorable nail art.

Check out the beautiful blue and yellow combination. But what takes the cake are the drawings on middle and ring fingers.

That raccoon looks so cute. And what better way to represent fall than having these leaves as nail art.

Doesn’t this design make you smile?

20. Here are cute basic nails.

Do you want natural-looking nails that glitter?

You will love this green gel nail art.

It’s a simple design yet packs a punch.

Doesn’t it look elegant?

This nail design is perfect for your everyday wear. And if you’re looking to have a good time after work, these cute nails are also great for your party look. Or when you have a special date.

21. Fierce and cute nails that can turn heads.

This is one of the coolest designs for this year.

It’s edgy and daring. These colorful nails will catch people’s attention.

Don’t they look unique and gorgeous?

22. Here’s a gorgeous feminine nail design.

Adding gold glitter surely does the trick at creating an attention-grabbing design.

Isn’t this a simple and beautiful design?

If you’re looking for cute nail ideas that feature a chic look, give this one a try.

23. Kick it up for summer with cute yellow nails.

Don’t you love the radiance of this minimalistic design?

This gorgeous piece will make your nails stand out. It’s a great nail fashion wear for summer.

24. Add sunshine to your nails with this cute design.

Yellow adds life and vivacity to your nails.

If you’re looking for a simple design that spells a fun-loving and carefree personality, then you will love this beautiful nail art idea.

25. We love this cute nail design for fall. 

You can add this to your list.

Just look at how simple yet gorgeous they are. It’s a great design to rock for the weekend or when you’re planning to go out to a party or a special date.

26. Check out this killer nail design.

It’s got a great blend.

This nail design is elegant and can bring out the beauty of your hand.

It’s perfect for formal events like weddings. You can also rock these beauties for parties and dates.

27. Here’s wonderful abstract nail art.

Not sure what design to use on your nails?

Get creative and go for an abstract design.

Come up with your patterns. Add various shapes and prints. Focus on adding contrasting colors and invent your abstract art.

28. Pretty in pink cute camo nail art .

Check out this festive nail design.

It’s a stunning mani in pink.

For a particularly playful design that looks gorgeous, this nail art sure does look amazing.

29. Here’s a sultry yellow ombre cute nail idea.

Don’t want summer to end?

Check out the gorgeous design that can give a summery feel.

With its palm tree design and the sunset in the background, it does make me long for the beach.

30. Get bubbly with this blue nail design.

Check out this cute and quirky design.

Take your standard blue nails then add the bubble design to create visual interest in the nail art.

31. How cute is this Sesame Street themed nail art?

With this cute nail art, you are in Sesame Street.

I see Elmo and Big Bird right there.

Who else can you spot in this fun design?

32. Looking for Halloween-inspired cute nail ideas?

View this post on Instagram

Cute & Spooky is forever my ideal aesthetic. 👻💕

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Get your spook on with these really cute nails.

Perfect for your Halloween party.

33. Do you want a unique nail design?

Check out this beautiful cosmic design.

They look effortlessly pretty and totally wearable. Perfect for a fun night with the gals.

34. Want to see some cool nail ideas?

Check out the prints on these nails.

Don’t they look creative and cool?

It’s perfect for foodies.

Just know people might get their cravings, seeing your nails.

35. Do you like this Lego nail art?

It’s never too late to get creative.

Get playful with this Lego design.

Aren’t these nails cute?

36. Cute pink nails never go out of style.

This color really stands out.

It looks cute and sweet. It’s a winner for the ladies who like a minimalist nail design.

37. Check out this great Halloween nail design.

This one’s inspired by the movie “Beetlejuice.”

Just don’t say his name three times.

38. Here’s another Halloween nail design idea.

It’s not entirely spooky since it’s pink.

Looks cute, right?

39. Here comes the Good Guys with these fun themed nails. 

Meet Chucky. Wanna play?

40. Sexy and elegant bling nail idea.

Take your mani to the next level.

Bring this nail inspiration on your next trip to the salon.

What is your favorite cute nail polish design?

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