31 Gorgeous White Christmas Nail Ideas You Need To Try

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Christmas is right around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to amp up your holiday style!

You’ve got the perfect tree and gorgeous holiday outfits, and you’re looking for the perfect nails to match.

While holiday red and green are always a reliable choice, another option you should consider is classic stunning white! 

a nail tech doing her client's white christmas nails

White is not only a gorgeous go-to holiday color, but it’s also easy to match with every outfit and it works perfectly with so many designs.

Not to mention, gorgeous white Christmas nail designs give you a stunning canvas to highlight nail art, patterns, and much more!

Holiday Nail Trends From This Year

Seasonal nail trends are a wonderful way to help you choose your next manicure and give you some serious style inspiration.

But remember, you don’t need to follow trends to the letter. You can check them out for inspiration and still come up with your own designs and styles based on them.

Here are some fun winter nail trends you can incorporate into your Christmas nails:

Coffin-Shaped Nails 

While nail shapes continue to change and evolve, coffin-shaped nails continue to be popular this holiday season.

They allow you to be edgy and sleek and remain classy and stylish. Plus, they give you a lot of space to play around with nail designs.

Matte Colors 

Matte top coats give your nail color depth and drama. Adding a matte top coat on any color or shade can beautifully change how it looks.

Over a cream shade, it gives a nice velvety look. Over metallic, it looks like brushed steel, and over a pearl shade, it looks satin. 

Foil Accents 

A hint of metallic is a gorgeous touch if you want to ramp up your nail game.

You can add foil accents to a regular manicure without too much effort, and it’ll immediately elevate your style.

Go Glitter 

An easy way to give your nails a festive and fun look is by adding it with a coat of gorgeous glitter. You can add glitter to any color or design, and your nails will instantly be ready for the season!

31 White Christmas Nails to Try

Ready for some fun holiday inspiration? Check out these gorgeous white Christmas nail designs!

1. Sheer White Nail Art Manicure

Welcome the holidays with a chic sheer manicure and gorgeous sparkly snowflake nail art. It’s the perfect way to start feeling festive!

2. Icy Speckled Nails

These gorgeous white glazed nails are given an extra oomph with speckles, rhinestones, and glitter.

3. Snowflake and Knitwear Nails

These are glam, gorgeous, and perfect for the season. Add stunning white snowflakes and knitted patterns plus a hint of metallic gold.

4. Cute Christmas Holly Pattern Nails

You don’t need long and luxurious nails for a white Christmas mani! These short stiletto holly nail art patterns look great against white and are perfect for all nail shapes and lengths.

5. White Ombre Christmas Nails

If you want something simple but sophisticated, try these stunning white ombre nails with just the right amount of glimmer and snowflakes.

6. Antler Inspired Nails

If you want to try something edgy and magical, take inspiration from this white manicure with gorgeous gunmetal copper antler designs and rhinestone accents.

7. Powder Manicure on Nude Nails

Go for depth and texture with a nude base and white accents. This makes the white subtly pop out and allows you to play with different patterns and styles on each nail.

8. Christmas Sweater Nails

A stunning style that instantly elevates white nails is adding 3D cable knit sweater patterns. The result is crisp and clean nails that look cozy and chic.

9. White and Silver Christmas Nails

Shimmering silver is the perfect accent to white nails. Make your silver and white mani feel extra Christmas-y with glitter and snowflake design.

10. Christmas Present Nails 

These gorgeous simple white Christmas nails use a white base decorated with a fun red holiday bow and snowflake accents.

11. White French Tips With Glitter Accents

Even with all the unique nail art ideas available, a classic French tip makes a stylish go-to as the base for new designs!

This will look lovely even on almond-shaped nails and are perfect for Christmas and every single holiday of the year.

12. Exquisite White Holiday Nail Extensions

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me — gorgeous nail extensions!

If you want the length without the work, opt for stunning coffin nail extensions and beautifully minimalist white nail art.

13. Christmas Message Nails

Add fun, cheeky elements to your white Christmas mani by adding a holiday message to your accent nail, along with snowflakes, glitter, and other holiday elements.

14. Let it Snow Christmas Nails

Make your snowflake nail art stand out by using foil accents and stickers. The result is gorgeous glittering snowflakes across a powder-white manicure.

15. Soft White Christmas Nails

Not all your holiday nails have to be flashy and sparkly. Some days you can opt for a soft matte texture mixed with glowing gloss and elegant accents.

Perfect for wrapping around a cup of warm cocoa.

16. Snowy Holly Christmas Nails

If you want a break from snowflakes and sweaters, use a gradual backdrop of green sparkles to create an atmosphere of holly bushes and wreaths.

However, use white for the leaves to keep the scene snowy!

17. White Glazed Donut Nails

Who doesn’t love the gorgeous pearlescent glazed nail trend from supermodel icon Hailey Bieber? They look beautiful and romantic against a soft holiday sweater by the fireplace.

18. Pink and White Christmas Nail

Create unique holiday sparkle nails by combining white with a dusty shade of pink. It’s a fun combination that looks fantastic with soft neutrals. 

19. Chrome White Christmas 

If you want something with a little more drama, draw your white designs against a background of satin chrome white.

Add some holiday flair with snowflakes and candy-inspired stripes.

20. White Glitter Nails

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous white glitter mani. It’s classic, fashionable, and goes with absolutely everything!

21. Rhinestone White Christmas Nails

Go for mega glam as you get closer to the big day! A stylish white manicure is a perfect canvas for rhinestones, accents, and all the trimmings.

22. Nude and White Christmas Nail Art

You can also use nude polish as a backdrop for white nail art to get a simple and ultra-glam look. 

23. Red and White Christmas Nails

You can’t have Christmas without some holiday red, right? Combine a gorgeous deep red with white in patterns, accents, and nail art for the perfect holiday manicure.

24. Christmas Eve Nails

’Twas the night before Christmas and the perfect time for a combination of deep blue and silvery white Christmas nails.

25. Christmas Foliage Nails

Combine white, red, and green nail art on a light nude manicure to create another take of snowy holly nails.

26. Cableknit Ombre Nails

Cable-knit sweaters are a must during the holiday season. Combine your favorite sweaters and scarves with the ombre nail trend to create stylish cable knit ombre nails. 

Go for a matte finish to make it extra cozy.

27. Icy Glam Acrylics

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your acrylic nails by creating an icy wonderland of white nail art and icy French tips. 

28. Elsa Nails

Loved Frozen 2? Who didn’t? Channel the ice queen Elsa and use her iconic color motif and dress details on coffin-shaped nails.

29. White Frosty Dust Nails

Go for a stylish chic set with white powdery designs in classic winter patterns. 

30. Silver Starry Nails

The year’s almost over, and it’s the perfect time to make a wish! Go whimsical with a starry-night silvery mani and get ready to greet a brand new year.

31. White and Gold Glitter Nails

You should definitely go all out for New Year’s Eve. Go for maximum glam with sleek white glossy nails, gold leaf, gold marble, and silver and gold rhinestones!

Keeping Your White Manicure White

White manicures are a style staple that’s here to stay. But how do you keep your bright white nails clean and vibrant? 

As much as we love white polish, it gets dirty easier than other colors as we use our hands so often. The polish can get discolored from being exposed to the elements or stained by food, pens, and more.

Here are some hacks you can use to keep your white polish clean and remove stains and discoloration:

  • Lemon juice and baking soda — These are both natural bleaching agents. The acidity of the lemon interacts with the baking soda to lift stains faster.

    Just mix one part lemon with three parts baking soda and turn it into a paste. Let sit on fingers for a couple of minutes, then rinse off with soapy water.
  • Hairspray — Got hair dye on your white nail polish? Hairspray can help. Spray it on the nails, gently rub it off with a cotton bud, and wash your hands. 

    This is recommended for gel or powder dip polish as hairspray can be strong and may remove regular nail polish.
  • Sugar scrub — A perfect natural method for removing stains made by food or spices. Create a sugar scrub with brown sugar and coconut oil.

    Mix one part of the scrub with one part water, and slough stains off your white polish.
  • Shaving cream — The hydrogen peroxide in shaving cream acts like a bleaching agent and can remove dark stains.
a close-up image of a woman's hand with white christmas nails placed in a mistle toe

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

There’s just something so comforting about white during Christmas. Whether you live in a winter wonderland or just dream of snowy goodness, you can still enjoy chic winter style with a gorgeous white manicure.

Play around, mix and match, and have fun experimenting until you find the ideal nail shape, finish, and nail art for you. 

Once you do, you’ll be ready with the perfect white mani for all those Christmas present unboxing videos!

Love having fun with your nails? 

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