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Do you, like me, suffer from very dry skin? Sadly, I think I may have the driest skin known to mankind. If I don’t put lotion on my legs daily, my skin literally looks like fish scales. Add to that my ghostly pale Irish skin, and let me tell you, I’m a huge hit with the boys! When I opened up my box of testing goodies from wht and saw Jergens Naturals Total Nourishment Moisturizer and Natural Glow Moisturizer, you can imagine my excitement to try them. Moisture and color are always on my “need” list. And if they worked for me, both products are easy enough to pick up again at the drugstore.

But before you even read my review, you should watch this video. Why? Two reasons. First, it’s the hilarious and adorable Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock. Second, because Jergens will donate $1 to The Skin Cancer Foundation (from now until August 31, 2010) for every view to prove they’re serious about healthy skin and ray-free tanning.

I have very sensitive skin and was happy to see that the Jergens Naturals Total Nourishment Daily Moisturizer is made with 96% natural ingredients. Rich with Acai Berry and Mangosteen to strengthen your skins moisture and vitamin levels by 74%, leaving it healthier and more nourished. Plus, its cruelty free, paraben free, and dermatologist tested. This lotion did noticeably improve my skin and gave it a nice healthy look. It lasted throughout the day too. Only my hands needed additional applications. But, with hand washing, that is to be expected.

With my fair legs blinding everyone at work, I’m not sure who was more excited for me to try the Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, me or my co-workers. Professional tanning isn’t in the budget right now, so I thought this would be the perfect solution. I would get the effects of a lotion loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E, plus the added bonus of a healthy tan. Unfortunately, this was not a love match with my skin. Smell wise, it was fine (which is great for a drugstore tanner) but it didn’t mix well with my eczema. I gave it to my mom to try and she had much better results. She actually looks like she does at the end of summer! I was so jealous that my skin had to be rebellious towards a good (and inexpensive) sunless tanner. But it looks like it’s a few more weeks of white legs for me…

we heartsters and testers, are you loving the Jergens glow?

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful Summer Skin – Jergens has you covered”

  1. Try as I might, nothing, even the delightful Ms. K., can make me overcome my aversion to the scent of Jergens. I wind up teetering between L’Oreal Sublime and Xen-Tan for my gradual or instant glowage.

  2. I love their gradual tanner for body. I have been using it since it first came out, and love it. Absolutely no streaking. It does have the typical “tanning” smell, but it doesn’t really bother me. I have tried the formulation for face too, but it makes me break out and my face feels really greasy.

  3. mandaleem

    As another super pale girl I am continually on the quest for a great self tanner. For the past few years my facial moisturizer during the summer has been the Jergens Natural Glow for the face. It is oil free which is great for battling that crazy summer oil slick my face becomes and it does a nice job of building up a sensible, radiant sort of color. Nothing too dark, never orange, just right.

    I do wish it was just a little bit more moisturizing. I have pretty bad combination skin- my cheeks will have flaky dry spots while you an see your reflection in my forehead- and Jergens isn’t quite moisturizing enough. I’d give it 3 stars. (Another star taken off for that weird mix of self tanner smell and Jergens smell- kinda ick!)

  4. lyssachelle

    As a dark skinned girl, I tan really easily. Like, occasionally through my clothes if I’m not careful. So while I don’t need a tanning product to get a tan, I have used them in the past to even out my oh-so-sexy farmer’s tan.

    Jergen’s Natural Glow worked for me, but only a little bit. It didn’t really change my color, more like it warmed up my upper arms a few shades. It did help to fade out the lovely line of demarcation where my t-shirts usually stop on my arm, but nothing drastic. Now that isn’t a problem because that isn’t what the product is designed to do, (if I wanted drastic color I could just get a straight self-tanner), but given the shade chart on the bottle I still expected a little more from the product.
    I could use it on my legs to give me a little more color, but when I mentioned it, my husband just said, “Why don’t you just wear shorts and go outside for ten minutes?” Annoyingly, he’s right. This might be great for some people, but it’s only okay on me.

    I tried to wrestle down The Boy and try it out on him, (PALE white boy who tans really easily and is outside all the time. You could twist his arms into a yin-yang symbol…) but he’s a big sissy hates all things lotion-y and even more if they have a scent.

    I didn’t hate the smell, but I wasn’t a fan either. And it moisturized well, but nothing more than any other lotion could. I’m giving it 3 stars, because I could see how it could be 4 stars if I were paler but it only worked about 2 stars worth for me.

  5. Cori

    As I said, I really wish that I could have used this….stupid eczema. My mom tans really easily too so maybe that is why the lotin worked so well for her. She seriously looked like she does at the end of summer.

    I’m giving it 3 stars. Good product but not for me.

  6. turboterp

    I’ve used Jergens Natural Glow on and off over the years, and I think they’s made big improvements in the icky tanner smell. It’s still not great, but I can tolerate it for a few days if the resulting color is pretty. Which on me, it is.

  7. stef

    I’ve used Natural Glow before. I really do think it’s the best of the Drugstore tanners I’ve tried. The orange “look, I’ve self tanned!” is kept to a real minimum. And the gradual effect is really nice. But yeah, the smell? There’s no escaping the full on old school self tanner scent. But if you need a tan on the cheap and easy, I think it’s a good option.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Benefit Ultra Shine Lip Gloss =-.

  8. Mel

    This post promted me to pull out my old bottle of Natural Glow Express and use it on my ghostly pale legs last night…I really do like it for what it is too – a decent tan on the cheap and easy, as @stef said. I don’t mind the smell, but wouldn’t want to put up with it for too long, either. Of course, follow the instructions on the bottle where it says to use sparingly on knees, elbows, and ankles – the sides of my feet and ankles are screaming “I just used a self tanner” right now – since I just slopped it on on the quick last night!

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