13 Top Korean Mascaras (Volume, Waterproof & Natural Options)

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The ever-reliable mascara is one of the staple beauty items in every makeup kit. Even Hollywood celebrity Carmen Electra believes that great mascara is a must-have, based on a previous interview. 

korean woman in white shirt applying mascara

But shopping for the top Korean mascara can be overwhelming, and you can find many choices. 

If you need help finding the top K-beauty mascara, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the top Korean mascaras you can get your hands on! 

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara
Editor's Choice
  • Comes with nourishing bamboo extract
  • Easy to apply
  • Adds more length and volume
ETUDE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #1
Premium Pick
  • Provides dramatically long lashes
  • Smudge-proof all day
  • Curls lashes for 24 hours
CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara
Budget Pick
  • Provides long-lasting curls
  • Seamless wand application
  • Long-wearing

Why Pick a Korean Mascara? 

Koreans know how to make the top beauty products. Their skincare and makeup lines are famous worldwide due to their high standards. 

Korean mascaras must be part of your beauty arsenal for many reasons. These products are specifically created to lift and curl even the thinnest lashes. 

The top Korean mascara can also enhance the length and volume of your eyelashes. 

Since K-beauty products have a reputation for having simple yet highly effective formulas, you can expect to see mascaras offering different eyelash solutions. 

Some of the most popular Korean mascaras are waterproof and smudge-proof, and many are designed for short, fine Asian lashes. So it’s easy to find mascaras that add more volume and length to your eyelashes. 

What Are the Top Qualities of Korean Mascaras? 

A good mascara for Asian lashes comes with the following features: 

  • Deeply pigmented 
  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof or water-resistant
  • Clump-free 
  • Lightweight
  • Nourishing and hydrating
  • Buildable coverage 

By investing in the top mascara for Asian lashes, you can finally achieve the desired long and luscious eyelashes of your dreams. 

13 Most-Desirable Korean Mascaras Everyone Should Have  

Here are our top picks for the top Korean mascaras.

Top Korean Waterproof Mascaras

Peripera Ink Black Mascara Volume Curling (#02)

Waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. What more can you ask for? These are just some benefits your lashes will get from Peripera’s fantastic mascara. 

Key Benefits: Comes with a waterproof formula that will not smear, creates beautiful and strong curls, coats lash strands without clumping


  • Designed with Strong Curve Fix System Technology to keep lashes curled all day
  • Comes with a conveniently-designed lash wand that helps reach closer to the roots
  • Helps build up the volume with multiple coats

Trust us when we say that the gel-based formula of Peripera Ink Black Mascara is all you need to have a fuller and more luscious set of eyelashes that will last the entire day.


Do you want to achieve the perfect eyelashes every day? We have the top waterproof mascara for holding curls in mind. 

Peripera’s Black Ink Mascara is specially designed to separate and volumize each lash strand to create beautiful eyelashes. 

With its signature Strong Curve System technology, your lash will remain curled and beautiful for hours. 

As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about smudges or smearing at the end of the day. Its waterproof Korean mascara formula will not let sweat or moisture affect your pretty lashes. 

NEOGEN DERMALOGY Innovative Sensational Hygienic Washable Extra Slim Metal Mascara

Are you planning to achieve a sultry makeup look without weighing your lashes? This waterproof mascara for Asian lashes could be the best one for you. 

Key Benefits: Designed with a brush that has no bristles to coat each strand with no smudging or clumping; instantly volumizes, curls, and defines lashes; washable and hygienic to avoid eye irritations


  • Comes with a hydrating and light formula to lengthen and volumize each lash evenly 
  • Stays waterproof for at least 33 hours 
  • Cleans and wipes easily after every use

Flaunt your longer and fuller lashes with NEOGEN DERMALOGY Innovative Sensational Hygienic Washable Mascara’s waterproof formulation.


Can you believe this no-brush waterproof volumizing mascara will not weigh your lashes? 

This product comes with an ergonomically-designed wand that aids in instantly curling and volumizing the lashes upwards without the risk of clumping and smudging. 

But aside from its long-lasting waterproof formula, you will also appreciate this product’s bristle-free metal tip with a 50-degree angle that uniformly distributes the mascara in every strand.

Each swipe of the no-brush wand gives you a glossier and cleaner look.

With all these features in mind, you can expect to have cleaner and glossies lash strands for a long time. You can say that it is a fantastic waterproof mascara for Asian lashes.

IM UNNY Real Fit Skinny Mascara (Brown)

Need a portable mascara that will fit your tiny purse? This product could be your best bet!

Key Benefits: All-day waterproof formula; lightweight and clump-free; fits any makeup kit


  • Comes in natural colors to match your hair
  • Uses a thin 2.5-mm triangular brush for easy gliding
  • Makes your lashes longer and thicker all day long

Add more length and thickness to your lashes in just one coat using IM UNNY Real Fit Skinny Mascara. Trust us. It will be a staple item in your beauty bag.


One of the drawbacks of using mascara is the thick and hard-to-use brushes that come with it. But with IM UNNY, that will never be your problem. 

This skinny mascara is formulated with a lightweight and clump-free liquid. It helps ensure that your lashes will remain fabulous for hours. 

It also comes with a thin 2.5-mm triangular bush, making it easier to glide on lashes for natural-looking longer and thicker strands. 

With a single coat of the top waterproof mascara for Asian lashes, you can enjoy longer, more defined eyelashes without breaking the bank. 

Elizabeth Mott Black Lengthening Smudge Proof, Water-Resistant Mascara

Flaunt your long and luscious lashes all day with this waterproof Korean mascara. 

Key Benefits: Lightweight and long-lasting; lengthens hair strands; natural-looking volume


  • Coats individual lash evenly
  • Gentle formula that suits lash extensions
  • Boosts lash length with each application

Make a lasting impression with ultra-long lashes using Elizabeth Mott Black Lengthening Water-Resistant Mascara. You’ll never have to re-apply it throughout the day.


Increasing your lashes’ length significantly will never be a problem once you invest in this specially formulated Korean mascara. 

This product comes with a custom-designed C-shaped silicone brush created with flexible polymers. As a result, you can coat even the hard-to-reach areas. 

Aside from its water-resistant property, you will also appreciate the clump-free and smudge-proof formula. It is also easy to layer without the risk of flaking any time of the day. 

Top Korean Mascara for Volume 

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara

Contrary to its name, you will never have raccoon eyes again with this volumizing smudge-proof mascara. 

Key Benefits: Volumizes lash strands; smudge-proof; easy to apply


  • Formulated with bamboo sap and bamboo extract to enhance lash conditions
  • Offers additional length and volume
  • Comes with a long and easy-to-use wand applicator

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara could be your best solution for thin and sparse lashes. We love its cute packaging too.


The ultra-lightweight microfibers in this mascara provide an instant volume and length boost for your eyelashes. You can immediately notice longer and more voluminous lash strands with just one application. 

While one layer is enough to last the whole day, you may add more layers for extra volume and give your eyes a more dramatic look. 

With the help of the special ingredient, bamboo extract, you can expect a more hydrated and better strength to strands. 

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (001 LONG CURING BLACK)

Make your lashes stand out with the additional volume that this mascara promises.

Key Benefits: Creates stronger curled hair; lengthens and lifts your lashes; clump-free and smudge-proof


  • Keeps the curls and creates longer lashes
  • Comes in three different styles and colors 
  • Formulated with gel that coats every strand

Never mind its name, CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara will not kill your lash. Instead, it will give your eyelashes a cutthroat makeover.


Throw a killer gaze anytime with the help of this product. 

Each application will cover your lashes with a specially formulated gel that naturally lifts and lengthens every strand. 

Moreover, this product features a brilliantly designed wand to help you reach even the smallest strands in your upper and lower lashes. 

It also comes with their signature Strong Curve System technology that creates and maintains curls by sealing each hair.  

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Transform your lashes dramatically with this volumizing Korean mascara. Trust us. You’ll love your longer and thicker lashes all day. 

Key Benefits: Volumizes lash strands, lengthens the hair, lifts thin lashes 


  • Clump-free formulation for smoother application
  • Infused with shea butter and keratin to nourish each strand
  • Provides intense dark color for a dramatic look

Give your eyelashes lustrous volume with a swipe of the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. Each application will make your eyes look more magical.


If you have an upcoming special event or planning a romantic date night with your significant other, you will never go wrong with using this nourishing volumizing mascara from Eyeko. 

A single application can instantly lift your lashes and give them a thicker curl for added elegance. 

Aside from its nourishing properties, it is also easy to use and is travel-friendly, making it an ideal product to take anywhere to give your lashes a magical transformation.

MIZON Collagen Curling Fix Mascara

Volumize your eyelashes while making them healthier and stronger using nature-derived ingredients. 

Key Benefits: Nourishes weak eyelashes with collagen, lifts and boosts drooping eyelashes, adds more volume to the strand


  • Comes with a C-curl brush that securely lifts and fixes descending lashes
  • Infuses lashes with collagen from roots to ends to strengthen weak lashes
  • Formulated with active ingredients that prevent smearing for a long time

Improve your lashes’ condition by adding more volume and nourishment using MIZON Collagen Curling Fix Mascara.


Are you dealing with weak, falling lashes for a long time? You finally have a chance to improve them with this collagen-infused mascara. 

This product fills your lashes with collagen from roots to tips to prevent them from falling out. 

With its amazing C-curl, you can expect your lashes to stay lifted and curled the whole day. 

Believe us when we say that your weak lashes will be stronger than before! 

Vue De Pulang Eye Catching Lash Mascara

Enhance your thin and straight lashes with this volumizing K-beauty mascara. You’ll instantly notice your lashes’ natural transformation with a single swipe.  

Key Benefits: Volumizes and increases lash length, waterproof and non-smearing, formulated with nourishing ingredients 


  • Provides volume with a unique airy powder solution
  • Created with clump-preventing polymers 
  • Comes with a skinny brush for more straightforward application

Don’t let your lackluster-looking lashes bother you anymore. By using the Vue De Pulang Eye Catching Lash Mascara, you can finally have the long, curly lashes of your dreams.


Make your super thin lashes look extra luxurious using the super slim Eye Catching Mascara from Vue de Pulang. 

With its dual brush applicator, you can precisely apply the mascara gel between each lash strand. It can also provide curvy volume from roots to tips. 

But what you will love most about this excellent mascara product is its airy powder finish that provides more volume to each lash strand without weighing it down. 

Top Mascara for Asian Lashes

ETUDE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #1 Black (21AD)

Transform even the most stubborn Asian lashes into a perfectly curled set using one of the best mascara for Asians. 

Key Benefits: Waterproof and sweatproof; long-lasting; lengthens lash strands


  • Designed with a C-curl brush to coat hard-to-reach lashes easily
  • Formulated with sebum-proof and sweat-proof gel to prevent smudges or smears
  • Defines Asian eyes with just one application

Make your Asian eyes more alluring with ETUDE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #1. Each application will make your lashes curler and more defined all day.


From one of the most trusted Korean beauty brands, this product guarantees to provide the top mascara for Asian lashes. 

It comes with a 24Hours Fixed Curls formula for all-day curled lashes. 

Each coat is also protected with a smudge-proof gel to add more length and curl to the lashes without the risk of melting in the middle of the day. 

What’s more, the new and improved brush helps avoid clumping and flaking to keep the lashes curled longer. 

SKINFOOD Vegan Curling and Lengthening Mascara

Are you tired of putting numerous coats of mascara on your short lashes? This product could be your best solution for a full-lash effect.  

Key Benefits: Provides natural-looking curly lashes, creates instant lash boost without flaking, thickens and defines each hair strand with a waterproof plant-based formula


  • Comes with a C-curl brush to provide a three-dimensional finish to lift lashes and add curls
  • Sebum and moisture-resistant to irritation 
  • Made with nature-derived and vegan-approved ingredients proven safe for years

If you want the best Korean mascara for a natural look, then SKINFOOD Vegan Curling and Lengthening Mascara could be your best choice.


A study claimed that Asian eyes tend to have sparse lashes. Some people would resort to natural eyelash extensions, yet not everyone has the time to maintain them. 

Fortunately, you can still improve your lashes using this fantastic vegan mascara from SKINFOOD. 

It features a slightly curled mascara wand called the C-curl brush to enhance the lashes’ curls and lifts. 

With this product, your lashes will look more dramatic and expressive without the nasty chemicals at the same time. 

Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara

Looking for the best Korean mascara for a natural look? This product could be the perfect one for you. 

Key Benefits: Smudge-free; lifts and lengthens lashes for an amazing curl effect; easy to remove 


  • Designed with a micro curvy wand to create a bigger and wider eye look
  • Coats lashes with water-resistant vegetable-based wax polymers for a smudge-free application
  • Adds curls and lengths to Asian eyelashes

Forget about the usual Asian eyelash problems by getting the heimish Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara. We love its unique formula made for Asians.


If you are looking for an efficient monolid mascara, you have finally come to the right place. 

It comes with a microfiber brush that helps prevent clumping and smudging. 

You will also love its nourishing formula made with vegetable wax, which not only gives more volume to your lash strands but also provides long-lasting curls. 

ETUDE HOUSE Oh M’Eye Lash Black Tint Mascara

Stand out from the crown with your “no makeup” makeup look by using this sleek and high-definition black mascara to give new life to your thin Asian lashes. 

Key Benefits: Makes lashes fuller naturally with a black gel, boosts brow volume, smudge-free and waterproof 


  • Comes with a specially formulated black gel to enhance curl-fixed lash strands
  • Designed with a unique coated curl system to stick correctly
  • Easy to apply for layering to help create dramatic lashes

Achieve your desired voluminous lashes with the naturally nourishing ETUDE House Oh M’Eye Lash Black Tint Mascara. We guarantee that your curl-fixed lashes will stay fabulous all day.


This intensely black lash-defining mascara makes your thin lashes appear more appealing. 

It comes with a lash-enhancing brush designed with molded spheres to help coat each strand for added length and definition. 

You will also appreciate the antioxidant-infused formula with vitamins A, D, C, and E. As a result, your usual straight and thin Asian lashes will be healthier, stronger, longer, and more radiant with every application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Coats of Mascara Should Be Applied? 

Beauty experts believe one to three coats are enough to achieve natural-looking or dramatic lashes lasting for hours. It’s best not to exceed the recommended coats to prevent the mascara from flaking and clumping.

Should You Remove Your Mascara Every Night?

Yes. Leaving eye makeup on while you sleep may lead to irritation and eye infection. Mascaras may also clog the glands near your lashes, which could lead to the formation of a stye. 

Does the Shade of Mascara Matter for Asian Lashes? 

You may choose black or dark brown mascara colors to achieve a natural look with added definition, especially if you have thin and straight lashes.

But you may also be more adventurous and look for fun shades like blue or purple to achieve an edgier look. 

What Is the Top Mascara for Asian Lashes? 

You must look for the top Asian mascara with volumizing and lash-lengthening formulas. Go for small to medium-sized wands.

Those will make short lashes look longer and provide a more defined appearance. It is also best to look for a waterproof formula to avoid looking like a panda later in the day. 

How to Prevent Clumpy Mascara? 

By minimizing product application, you may avoid clumping in your lashes each time you apply your mascara. 

If you put on too much mascara, you may remove the clumps using an old and clean mascara brush to comb through the strands from root to tip. You must also avoid using old and expired mascaras that have already dried out.  

What Makes Korean Mascara Different?

Not all mascaras are created the same. There are stark differences between mascara formulated for the US market and those for the Asian market.

For one, volumizing mascaras in the US have thicker formulas and come with big brushes. This is because Americans have lengthier eyelashes.

On the other hand, Asian lashes tend to be shorter and sparse, so a huge brush wand and a thick formula will be too heavy. These mascaras won’t make the lashes curl and will just weigh the lashes down.

Make Your Eyes Pop With the Top Korean Mascara

There are plenty of high-quality K-beauty lashes in the market, and this makes buying the best one a bit complicated. 

But choosing the top Korean mascara can be a breeze if you know the result you want to achieve. 

asian woman with dark hair and beautiful eye makeup

For example, you may get something to add more volume to your lash or a product perfect for Asian eyes. You may also prefer to get something that will not smudge or smear when exposed to moisture. 

Whatever you choose, you must always go after high-quality products that K-beauty brands are known for all over the world. 

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