Cat Eyelash Extensions: Are They Perfect for Your Eye Shape?

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After trying the classic eyelash extension types, step up your game and try other lash extension styles. 

And definitely don’t miss out on getting the popular cat eyelash extensions!

A close up of a woman's eye with long cateye lashes.

Cat eyelash extensions are a sexy twist on the classic and volume lash extensions styles that aim to elongate and lift the outer corners of the eyes, creating cat eye wispy lashes! 

This style is perfect for those who want an effortless sultry look. 

Now, if you want to know whether or not cat eye lash extensions are for you, read on! 

What Is a Cat Eyelash Extension?

The cat eyelash extension style is now widely offered in modern beauty salons due to its popularity. 

To achieve the cat eye lash extension style, certified lash technicians use shorter extensions in the inner corner of the eye and longer ones toward the outer corner.

As a result, it mimics the shape of a winged liner and creates the illusion of a feline-eye look, hence, the name cat eyelash extensions. 

If you want to elongate your eye while adding lift to your lashes, you should sport eyelash extensions in the cat eye look!

This lash style is perfect for people with round faces, closed-set eyes, and round eyes as they help balance your eye shape, create sharper contours, and even make your face look slimmer! 

Different Types of Cat Eyelash Extensions

An infographic featuring classic cat eye, hybrid cat eye, and volume cat eye lashes for cat eyelash extensions

There’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to cat eyelash extensions. 

Because of this, there are three main cat-eye lash techniques that you can choose from to match your eye shape and lash needs: the classic cat eye, hybrid cat eye, and volume cat eye. 

The most distinct difference is the ratio of eyelash extensions used per natural eyelash. 

Classic Cat Eye Lashes

To achieve these classic cat eyelash extensions, lash techs use a 1:1 ratio; one lash extension for every natural lash. 

If you are new to cat-eye lashes, you can choose these natural cat eye lash extensions since it’s the simplest among the other cat-eye styles. 

Volume Cat Eye Lashes  

For this cat-eye style, your lash technician might need to apply two to six lash-extension fans for every natural lash

These lash dimensions are the fullest and the most extreme cat eye lashes you can have. You can ask your lash tech to use more than 6D up to 15D cat-eye style. 

However, the 15D mega volume cat eye eyelash extensions are not a look you want to wear daily. 

But if you need that dramatic eyelash look to pair with your full-glam makeup, the mega-volume cat eyelash extensions are definitely for you!

Hybrid Cat Eye Lashes

The hybrid cat eyelash extensions are a combination of classic and volume cat-eye lashes

With this style, you can achieve the lash “spikes” with the classic eyelashes and the fullness that the volume fans provide. 

To get that extra oomph on your lashes, go for the hybrid cat eyelashes and get the best of both lash styles. 

With the right volume and length, you can achieve Kim K’s wispy lashes that everyone is talking about!

an infographic about cat eyelash extensions

Basic Lash Map for Cat Eyelash Extensions

Choosing a certified lash technician is critical to achieving cat eyelash extensions because they are trained to create the ideal lash map based on your eye shape and natural lashes. 

Lash mapping is a technique used to plan which thickness, curls, and lengths are needed to create the perfect eyelash extension style that the clients want. 

This technique is done in any eyelash extensions to attain symmetry between a series of extensions and to ensure that the result will be perfect for your eyes and face. 


For cat eyelash extensions, you can choose from flat, cashmere, mink, and silk lashes. 


The lengths used to make cat-eye lashes depend on the client’s natural eyelashes.

The cat eye lash extensions can range from 6 mm to 15 mm. However, the ideal lengths are from 8 mm to 15 mm. 

A close up of a woman's eye with long lashes.


Since the cat eyelash extensions look is universal and can be customized depending on the lash style you want, you can choose from all lash curls available at the salon — from A curl to U curl. 

Cat-Eye Lash Mapping 

As mentioned earlier, the secret of achieving the perfect cat eye wispy lashes is creating a lash map for your eyes and lashes. 

An infographic featuring an animated blue eye with beautiful lashes for cat-eye lash mapping

Here are some of the steps involved in creating a basic lash map for cat-eye lashes, according to lash experts:

  1. The lash line area will be divided into four to six sections using dotted lines.
  2. Depending on the length of your natural lashes per section, your lash artist and stylist will choose seven to eight extensions of different sizes and seamlessly transition them onto your natural lashes. 
  3. Short lash extensions (8 mm) are applied and attached from the inner eye corner to the mid part of your eyelid (9 mm). 
  4. It will be followed by attaching longer lash extensions from the mid part (10 to 11 mm) to the outer corner of the eye (12 to 13 mm). 
  5. The lash length will eventually be reduced to the last section of the outer corner (12 mm, 11mm, and 10 mm).
illustration of an eye with lash extensions. The numbers of lengths for lash mapping are listed above the lashes.

How to Maintain Cat Eyelash Extensions

After getting the perfect wispy cat eye lashes extension, aftercare plays a significant role in making them last longer. 

To help you with that, here are the things you should remember to clean and maintain your cat eyelashes:

Note: These maintenance tips apply to all eyelash extension types.


  • Wash your lash extensions regularly using a lash shampoo and lash conditioner.
  • Brush your lash extensions at least twice a day with a clean spoolie.
  • Apply protective lash sealant to make them last longer.
  • Use silk pillowcases.
  • Use oil-free makeup remover only.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Keep up with your lash refill appointments every two to four weeks.


  • Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after application.
  • Don’t use mascara.
  • Don’t apply oil-based products to your eye area.
  • Don’t tug or pull eyelash extensions.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers.

Ideal Eye Shapes for Cat Eyelash Extensions

When choosing a type of eyelash extension suitable for you, it is crucial to consider your own facial characteristics and eye shape since not every lash style looks good on everyone. 

So are cat eyelash extensions for you?

To help you decide, you should know your eye shape. Then, proceed to this list of ideal eye shapes for this lash style:

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the most attractive and alluring eye shape in conventional beauty. 

Choosing cat eyelashes on almond eyes is perfect since it can emphasize the length of your eyes, giving you a mysterious yet very alluring look. 

Round Eyes

Big and round eyes can be the best facial feature that you want to accentuate. Usually, this eye shape’s height is almost similar to its length. 

If you incorporate cat eyelash extensions, it lengthens your round eyes to balance out the eye shape and makes them look like you have almond eyes while keeping the beauty of your round eyes. 


Monolid or single-lidded eyes don’t have visible eye creases.

If you have this eye shape, getting cat eyelash extensions makes sense, as they can make your eye look more open and prominent. 

A hybrid between doll-eye lash extensions and a bit of cat-eye lashes to add more length to your outer corners will look perfect on your small eyes.

Moreover, it will highlight that elongated eye shape, which makes monolids even more stunning!

Downturned Eyes

With the help of cat-eye eyelash, you can create volume on the upper outer eye corner. So getting this lash style is the best if you want to lift your downturned eyes. 

As long as you have natural lashes to support the eyelash extensions, you can pull off long ones in the outer corners of up to 14 mm. 

Close-Set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes, one of the best things about getting cat eyelash extensions is that they draw attention to your outer eye corners by adding longer cat-eye lashes. 

Adding more length in the outer eye corners and gradually adding shorter lashes toward your inner corners will make a massive difference in close-set eyes. 

A close up of a woman's eye with long lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get cat eyelash extensions?

Cat eyelash extensions involve adding shorter lengths and gradually shifting to longer lashes on the outer eye corners, which recreates that winged-eyeliner shape.

You should get cat eyelash extensions if you want to achieve that sensual and sharp cat-eye shape.

Aside from that, this lash type can achieve that elongated effect and eye lift, making your face appear slimmer.

You can sport these cat eyelash extensions on a cocktail lounge or even at a club night out! They create that perfect balance of wild fun and refined style that almost anyone would want!

What are the drawbacks of getting cat eyelash extensions? 

Aside from the incredible benefits this lash type offers, getting cat eyelash extensions also has some downsides. 

First, cat eyelashes contain longer lashes at the ends, making them heavier than classic extensions. Meaning these long lashes have a high possibility of quickly falling off. 

Thus, if you want to get this lash type, you need to commit to a higher level of maintenance and touch-ups. To keep them intact, you must book lash refill appointments every two to four weeks.

But if they are well-maintained, you don’t have to worry about getting sparse eyelashes. In turn, you can enjoy the perks they can give you for a longer time. 


Cat eyelash extensions are one of the best lash styles out there that can really make a difference in your look.

Fortunately, these lash extensions are widely available in almost any modern lash studio near you.  

Make sure to choose a trained and certified lash technician who will know how to achieve the best eyelashes for cat eyes that won’t look shabby and won’t damage your natural eyelashes. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting cat eyelash extensions, this is your sign to go for it!

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