10 Top Clean Beauty Brands Revolutionizing Cosmetics

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Want the top clean beauty brands for healthy, non-toxic skincare and makeup? As concern grows over harmful chemicals in beauty products, clean beauty brands offer the solution. 

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This guide reveals the top clean beauty brands committed to safe, sustainable ingredients that align with a green, holistic lifestyle. 

Read on and learn which brands are leading the clean beauty revolution and changing the industry for the better!

Fast Facts

  • Clean beauty promotes health through non-toxic formulas, eco-responsibility through sustainability practices, and transparency through ethical sourcing and production.
  • Choose top clean beauty brands like Ilia, Purito, Lys Beauty, Cocokind, Kora Organics for safety, sustainability, transparency, and effectiveness.
  • Indicators of clean beauty branded products have logos of their certifications such as USDA Organic, EWG Verified, Cruelty-Free, or EcoCert COSMOS.

Ultimate List of the Top Clean Beauty Brands

Dive into our curated list that features the crème de la crème of clean beauty brands. 

These trailblazers are transforming the way we perceive beauty, merging aesthetics with ethics in a way that’s both refreshing and responsible.

Kora Organics

Kora Organics provides gentle yet effective certified organic skincare powered by botanical ingredients. Formulas are designed to be healthy, safe, and uplifting for skin and senses alike.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Sources ingredients from organic harvesting practices that reduce waste, limit toxins, and boost antioxidants up to 60% more than non-organic
  • No toxic chemicals, synthetics, or banned ingredients used in products from start to finish
  • Organic farming methods produce less pollution and land erosion
  • Products undergo extensive third-party auditing at every stage

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Ecocert/COSMOS organic certified
  • Complies with EU banned ingredient list

Our Favorite From the Brand

Kora Turmeric Glow Brightening Refillable Moisturizer

The Kora Turmeric Glow Brightening Moisturizer is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the true power of clean beauty.

Key Benefits: Hydrates the skin; reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation; brightens complexion


  • Rich cream formula
  • Radiant finish
  • Refillable pod

This little jar of magic can turn your skin into a radiant canvas with no harmful ingredients added!


Aromatica is a Korean clean beauty brand harnessing aromatherapy through pure, ethically sourced essential oils and botanicals. As a leader in the clean space, they advocate for skin health, sustainability, and transparency.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Vegan formulas free of synthetic or harmful ingredients
  • Uses 100% pure essential oils and botanicals
  • Ingredients ethically sourced
  • Offers refillable packaging for zero waste
  • Requires 95% natural and 20% organic content
  • Strict GMO standards

The Brand’s Certifications

  • COSMOS organic certified since 2019
  • First Korean brand named Safe Cosmetics Champion for ingredient transparency
  • Registered with The Vegan Society

Our Favorite From the Brand

Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser

Let your skin experience a refreshing cleanse that leaves it feeling revitalized with Aromatica’s Balancing Foaming Cleanser!

Key Benefits: Thoroughly washes away excess oil on skin; reduces appearance of blemishes; controls skin’s water-to-oil balance


  • Foam formula
  • Non-greasy
  • Infused with real tea-tree extract

The standout benefits of this Korean clean beauty product are simply too good to ignore!


Kosas offers next-level clean cosmetics focused on revealing natural beauty through comfortable, skin-friendly ingredients that simply work. Launched in 2015 with just four lipsticks, the brand has grown based on clinically-backed formulations safe for sensitive skin.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Adheres to rigorous clean beauty standards, banning over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients like silicones
  • Prioritizes skin-friendly ingredients tested not to trigger sensitivity
  • Clinically tested for safety and efficacy
  • Products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Sephora Clean certified
  • Meets Credo and EU clean beauty standards

Our Favorite From the Brand

Kosas Revealer Concealer

Want a clean beauty product that not only meets but surpasses expectations? Your search ends with the Kosas Revealer Concealer!

Key Benefits: Fights dark circles and puffiness; visibly plumps skin; calms redness and blemishes


  • Buildable medium coverage
  • Radiant finish
  • Non-comedogenic 

This concealer is proof that clean beauty can be powerful, effective, and luxurious.

Westman Atelier

Westman Atelier is revolutionizing clean cosmetics by using non-toxic, skin-nourishing formulas for high-performance makeup. The brand takes a science-backed approach, powered by plant actives and trusted formulators.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Dedicated to using safe, skin-nourishing clean ingredients
  • Abides by an internal restricted list with over 2700 ingredients banned
  • Focuses on natural ingredients but may use synthetic if necessary for efficacy and safety
  • Transparent about product formulations
  • Strong commitment to sustainability through recycled and eco-friendly packaging
  • Abides by their Clean Beauty Promise to ban suspicious ingredients

The Brand’s Certifications

Our Favorite From the Brand

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

If there's one clean beauty product that should be on your radar, it's the multiuse Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick!

Key Benefits: Gives effervescent flush of color; boosts hydration; preserves youthful-looking skin


  • Lip-and-cheek stick
  • Creamy texture, hydrating finish
  • Medium coverage

This isn't just makeup; it's skincare in disguise, providing benefits that go beyond the surface.

True Botanicals

As part of our list of clean beauty brands, True Botanicals takes a Bioholistic approach to skincare, considering the interconnection between skin, mind, body, and environment. 

This is through incorporating pure plant actives that nourish skin and deliver clinically proven results.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Uses pure plant actives that nourish skin and deliver clinically proven results.
  • Formulated without 6,500+ known toxins
  • Formulas contain nutrients that support skin health and microbiome
  • Dedicated to constantly enhancing product safety and sustainability
  • Clinically shown to outperform leading brands in university trials

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Meets Made Safe standards for product safety and sustainability

Our Favorite From the Brand

Renew Nourishing Cleanser

True Botanicals' Renew Nourishing Cleanser is a hypoallergenic, microbiome-friendly, biocompatible facial cleanser packed with antioxidants from natural ingredients!

Key Benefits: Gently removes away dirt and impurities; leaves skin supple and refreshed; helps minimize signs of aging


  • Infused with green and white tea, aloe vera, and green tea seed oil
  • Cream formula
  • Naturally scented with grapefruit, lavender, vetiver and jasmine

This clean beauty product will surely level up your skincare routine!

JVN Hair

JVN Hair provides efficacious haircare centered around the hero ingredient hemisqualane. Formulas are designed for all hair types, safely enhancing shine, softness and manageability over time.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Products powered by revolutionary hemisqualane
  • Free of harsh sulfates and silicones
  • Improves hair health without compromising conventional options

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Earned Clean + Planet Positive seal from Sephora
  • Complies with Sephora clean ingredient standards

Our Favorite From the Brand

JVN Complete Air Dry Cream

On the hunt for a game-changing clean beauty product to elevate your hair game? Look no further than JVN’s Complete Air Dry Cream!

Key Benefits: Increases hair shine; enhances curls; fights fizz; holds and extends style


  • Infused with squalane, hemisqualane, chia seed extract, and moringa seed oil
  • Buildable formulation
  • Comes in a recyclable aluminum tube

Not only are you investing in your hair's health and style, but you're also contributing to a greener future.

Cay Skin

Cay Skin offers daily suncare and skincare that embraces all skin tones. Formulas blend island-sourced ingredients like sea moss with skincare actives to protect skin while making it glow.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Vegan, cruelty-free and reef-friendly (coral-safe)
  • Dermatologist-tested and silicone-free
  • Sustainability is core to their mission
  • Use recycled packaging

The Brand’s Certifications

  • CarbonNeutral® certified business for net-zero carbon emissions
  • Featured as a Sephora Clean brand

Our Favorite From the Brand

Cay Skin Deepwater Hydrating and Soothing Body Crème

Love the sun? Show some love for your skin by trying out Cay Skin’s Deepwater Hydrating & Soothing Body Crème!

Key Benefits: Hydrates skin; visibly brightens skin; tones and smoothens skin


  • Rich cream formula with light-as-air texture
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Lightly scented with Cay Skin’s signature clean blend of grapefruit and vanilla extracts

This product from a clean, vegan beauty brand will surely keep your skin healthy and protected in the most natural way possible!


As a clean luxury beauty brand, Saie delivers high-performance makeup powered by luxurious, eco-friendly ingredients that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Ethically sources non-toxic, luxurious ingredients
  • Develops products sustainably using recycled materials
  • Partners with ocean conservation nonprofits
  • Offsets team carbon footprints through forest projects
  • Plastic Negative (removes more than produces)

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Climate Neutral certified for net-zero emissions
  • Plastic-Negative certified
  • Leaping Bunny certified 

Our Favorite From the Brand

Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 Sunscreen

Embrace a fresh, luminous appearance and leave behind the burden of heavy foundations with Saie's Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer, a shining star in the realm of clean beauty!

Key Benefits: Locks in moisture; brightens complexion; visibly refines skin appearance


  • Sheer, dewy coverage
  • Radiant finish
  • Fragrance-free

Make this your go-to clean beauty product for effortless, dewy beauty now!


Ilia sees skincare and makeup as one. Potent formulas shield skin with active levels of botanicals and are powered by SPF to make key ingredients up to 200% more effective.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Designs products with skincare ingredients in active levels
  • Believes in SPF to protect and boost botanicals
  • Uses clean, non-toxic ingredients balanced with safe synthetics
  • Pushed clean beauty forward through conscious innovation since 2011

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Meets EU cosmetic regulatory standards
  • Member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program
  • Certified CarbonNeutral business

Our Favorite From the Brand

Ilia Liquid Powder Eye Shadow Tint

Ready to upgrade your beauty routine with a clean, weightless eyeshadow product? Don’t look past Ilia’s Liquid Powder Eye Shadow Tint!

Key Benefits: Smoothens skin; enhances eyes via a diffused wash of color; visibly firms delicate skin


  • Cream-to-powder formula
  • Long wearing and crease resistant
  • Weightless and water-based

While you're rocking that killer eye makeup, you're also nourishing your skin and making a conscious choice toward a greener planet!

LYS Beauty

LYS Beauty is an affordable clean beauty brand on a mission to diversify the industry and make clean accessible. Formulas suit every skin type/tone using skincare ingredients to promote skin health.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Vegan, cruelty-free and fragrance-free
  • Formulas without gluten, talc, mineral oil or SLS
  • Actively shifts the clean beauty conversation
  • Supports environmental causes

The Brand’s Certifications

Our Favorite From the Brand

LYS Triple Fix Serum Foundation

If you're all about enhancing your beauty while taking care of your skin without spending a dime, the Triple Fix Serum Foundation from LYS is your best bet!

Key Benefits: Combats visible signs of aging; brightens and evens complexion; hydrates skin


  • Light to medium coverage
  • Buildable
  • Fragrance-free

Your skin will thank you for this radiant, age-defying, and nourishing addition to your clean beauty routine.


Cocokind is a top clean drugstore beauty brand grounded in the core skincare pillars of hydration and barrier support. 

Formulas give skin a healthy, radiant glow while reflecting a commitment to transparency, affordability and sustainability.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Invests in high-performing clean formulas
  • Dedicated to measuring and reducing environmental impact
  • Shares carbon footprint info on labeling
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging

The Brand’s Certifications

Our Favorite From the Brand

Cocokind Vitamin C Glow Serum

The Cocokind Vitamin C Glow Serum isn't just a must-buy, it's a must-experience for anyone ready to dive into clean beauty!

Key Benefits: Brightens and evens skin tone; improves skin moisture; protects skin from environmental stressors


  • Lightweight liquid serum formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Infused with ascorbyl glucoside (a stable form of vitamin C), azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid, and sea grape caviar extract

Experience the guilt-free glow from an affordable clean beauty brand now!

Alima Pure

In a beauty world filled with choices, Alima Pure stands out as a brand that embraces clean, non-toxic ingredients, fosters empowerment and connection, and commits to environmental sustainability.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Embraces clean, non-toxic ingredients in their cosmetics
  • Proudly never tests on animals and free of harmful substances, including parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
  • They’ve been carbon neutral since 2008, offsetting 100% of their corporate carbon emissions
  • Actively participates in renewable power programs, deriving energy from 100% renewable sources.

The Brand’s Certifications

  • B-corporation certified

Our Favorite From the Brand

Alima Pure Matte Foundation Loose Mineral Powder Foundation

Say hello to radiant, protected, and naturally enhanced skin all in one chic jar of clean mineral powder foundation from Alima Pure!

Key Benefits: Enhances skin over time; evens out skin tone; protects skin from the sun


  • Lightweight powder formula
  • Matte finish
  • Non-comedogenic

With each application, you're not just enhancing your beauty; you're nourishing and safeguarding your skin's future.

Well People

Well People is a cheap clean beauty brand, renowned for its award-winning, plant-powered products. 

Grounded in the core principle of “less is more”, their formulas deliver a healthy, radiant glow to the skin, reflecting a commitment to ingredient transparency, consumer well-being, and sustainability.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Invests in high-performing botanical formulas, using high-quality ingredients like green tea and pomegranate
  • Dedicated to ingredient transparency, with high-performance formulas that are dermatologist-approved 
  • Stays away from harmful synthetic ingredients, using only clean, ethically sourced botanicals
  • 100% vegan, having removed beeswax and carmine from their offerings

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Leaping Bunny and PETA certified cruelty-free
  • EWG-verified, meeting the highest safety standards

Our Favorite From the Brand

Well People Revitalizing Dew Snow Mushroom Eye Gel-Cream

Give your eyes the rejuvenation they deserve with the Well People Revitalizing Gel-Cream!

Key Benefits: Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles; delivers plumping hydration; brightens complexion


  • Gel formula
  • Lightweight yet rich texture
  • Enriched with aloe extract, broccoli seed oil, snow mushroom, and niacinamide

It's skincare that truly cares for your skin and the environment.


Beautycounter is a top clean beauty brand that sets the highest standards in the beauty industry through their stringent screening of ingredients. 

Their formulas combine high performance with ethical sourcing and sustainability, reflecting a commitment to purity, safety, and environmental responsibility.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Has a Never List of over 2,800 banned ingredients, investing in the cleanest, high-performing formulas.
  • They work to minimize any potential restricted chemicals through rigorous screening and supply chain oversight.
  • After learning of lax US regulations, they have been advocating for stricter guidelines and cleaner formulas.
  • They partner with nonprofits and scientists to discover safer ingredients for future use

The Brand’s Certifications

  • Leaping Bunny certified

Our Favorite From the Brand

Beautycounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

Got sensitive skin? This featherweight foundation from the clean beauty brand Beautycounter will surely give you a healthy-looking base!

Key Benefits: Visibly plumps and smoothens skin; minimizes appearance of fine lines over time; hydrates skin


  • Weightless, natural finish
  • Long-lasting light-to-medium coverage
  • Fragrance-free

Treat your skin to the TLC it needs by wearing a clean, featherweight foundation!


Purito Purito is a favorite clean K-beauty brand and stands out for its cruelty-free, vegan formulas. 

Focused on smart, non-irritating ingredients, their products deliver a healthy, radiant glow while reflecting a commitment to safety, sustainability, and the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

The Brand’s Clean Practices

  • Invests in high-performing clean formulas containing only the most effective necessary raw ingredients that have passed their own safety research.
  • Their products are formulated without irritants
  • Steers clear of animal testing and avoids using animal-derived components like honey and beeswax
  • Most products feature recyclable and recycled packaging
  • Utilizes PCR plastics, PLA, and reduced plastic tubes to minimize waste

The Brand’s Certifications

Our Favorite from the Brand

Purito Centella Unscented Serum

If you're on the lookout for a clean beauty product that can rescue and rejuvenate your skin, Purito’s Centella Unscented Serum deserves a spot in your skincare routine.

Key Benefits: Restores damaged skin barrier; soothes irritated skin; retains skin moisture


  • Lightweight, gel-type serum
  • Formulated for damaged skin
  • Non-sticky

This unsung clean beauty hero is a true must-buy for anyone who values the health and balance of their skin.

Why Choose Clean Beauty Brands?

Choosing clean beauty brands is an important decision that goes beyond just the products you use on your skin. It’s about choosing health, sustainability, and transparency. 

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Here are some reasons why you should consider making the switch to clean beauty brands:

  • Health and safety. Clean beauty products prioritize health by avoiding harmful chemicals and toxins often found in conventional beauty products.
  • Higher standards. They adhere to strict certifications around organics, fair trade, and safety.
  • Environmental responsibility. By choosing clean beauty, you’re supporting brands committed to sustainable practices, helping to reduce environmental impact.
  • Transparency. Clean beauty brands offer transparency, providing clear ingredient lists and production processes, allowing for informed choices.
  • Ethical practices. Many clean beauty brands uphold ethical practices, including cruelty-free testing and fair trade sourcing, to promote fair treatment of animals and people.
  • Effectiveness. Despite their natural formulations, clean beauty products are often packed with potent ingredients that deliver impressive results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trust Small Clean Beauty Brands?

Yes, you can trust small clean beauty brands, but it’s always a good thing to still do your research. 

Check their ingredient lists, certifications, and reviews. Smaller brands often have a strong commitment to transparency and quality, but due diligence is key. 

Many small brands are founded on ethical and sustainable principles, offering unique, effective products while prioritizing clean and safe ingredients.

How Can I Identify Clean Beauty Brands and Products When Shopping?

To identify clean beauty brands and products when shopping, look for key indicators like certifications such as USDA Organic or EWG Verified.

These certifications are often indicated by logos or labels prominently displayed on the packaging of products of clean beauty brands.

They act as visual cues for consumers, making it easier to identify products that meet specific clean beauty standards.

It’s also a good idea to investigate the brand’s commitment to ethics and sustainability. Checking user reviews and the overall brand reputation can offer useful insights.

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Make the Conscious Move of Switching to Clean Beauty Brands!

Discover your inner glow and illuminate your beauty routine by exploring the clean beauty brands spotlighted here. 

Their dedication to ethical, sustainable practices and non-toxic ingredients will leave your skin nourished and spirits lifted. 

Make the switch to clean beauty for unparalleled radiance, inside and out!

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