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Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor – review and swatches

Attention drugstore junkies, have I got a treat for you! Covergirl is at it again and this time pulled out the big guns with a 44 color lipstick release! I’ve been wanting to try these shades since our post about the Olympians favorite beauty products, and seeing Gracie Gold wearing Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in the fabulous shade called “Hot.”

Let me tell you, not only are the colors gorgeous, but the formula is so creamy and smooth, you will think you’re wearing a high-end Dior. I am smitten with everything about Covergirl LipPerfection ($7.49) and will be hitting my local Target to raid the shelves for more.


Let me start by saying Covergirl has the lipstick tube perfected. They’ve been in the business long enough to know exactly how to house their lipsticks. The tubes are solid, twist open effortlessly, and show a great sample color at the base, so you know exactly what color you’re getting.


And the colors, wow, they really have some beautiful colors. You know how when you pick out lipstick sometimes the color looks so good in the tube and then just plain wrong on your lips? Well these colors have shades that translate well to the lip and almost every one I tried looked great.


Covergirl has divided the 44 colors into four shade families: Browns and Spices, Nudes/Corals/Reds, Pinks to Roses, and Lilacs/Mauves/Burgundies. There’s literally something for everyone and you will have no trouble finding a shade that you can’t live without. Let’s take a look at a few colors!


200 Sultry – medium rosy nude
270 Rush – medium peachy nude
308 Ravish – berry mauve
310 Smitten – berry plum

Covergirl-LipPerfection-6-swatchesSultry, Rush, Ravish and Smitten

I tested two hues in the plums/mauves family – Ravish and Smitten – both are spot on and not too purple. They give a berry hint of color without looking goth.


327 Bombshell – magenta pink
350 Eternal – bright raspberry
405 Fairytale – medium coral
415 Siren – shimmering medium pink

Covergirl-LipPerfection-8-swatchesBombshell, Eternal, Fairytale, Siren

Bombshell looks bold but is not over the top, and Eternal, a raspberry, is very wearable. Fairytale, an orange toned coral, is gorgeous but was the only one that didn’t look good on my lips. I’ve just never been able to wear coral.

The formula is a new surprise, for hidden in all of these fabulous colors is a moisturizing therapy to help improve lip condition. Made of an olive oil derived emollient, white tea, shea, avocado and aloe, Covergirl claims it will improve lip condition in just 7 days. I can definitely say after using them for a couple of weeks now, my lips have felt better than they have all summer. I wouldn’t say it replaces your favorite lip balm but this lipstick really does have an added moisturizing bonus. The formula is soft and creamy, and slides on lips easily.

Wide variety of colors
Moisturizing lip therapy complex

Has a mild taste to it which some may not like

What I love most is that LipPerfection adds a moisturizing formula, while still providing a strong punch of color, which is so often sacrificed with other hydrating lipsticks. Plus, even though it’s super creamy it still has amazing staying power and was still visible at the end of the day. That is so rare for a lipstick and I am loving it! Hit your local store and give LipPerfection a try… your lips will thank you for it!

So weheartsters – Which shade are you hoping to try from the vast array of Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolors?

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    Erin is a secondary science teacher who adores makeup and fashion. She spends her free time pursuing her other passions which include cooking, antiquing, and decorating. skin tone: NC30 skin type: oily to normal favorite beauty product: lipglosses and bronzers

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  1. I would love to try Rush! Though it looks shimmery in the photo, but it is one of my favorite colors.

  2. I was seriously impressed with this collection….affordable, huge variety, great formula, what more could you ask for!

  3. Ooo, I like Sultry and Rush, but Eternal is the EXACT color of my favorite nail polish—bright, bright raspberry! I think my favorite part is the price; I’m not a lipstick person but if they are moisturizing and I don’t feel like I’m wasting a ton of money by trying them out, I’ll definitely bite.

  4. I am not a huge lipstick wearer – but these colors are gorgeous! Plus, for about 8 bucks worth the splurge! Loving the look of Eternal and Ravish – and I wouldn’t feel guilty picking them up and only wearing them on big nights out. (Adds Covergirl LipPerfection to her drugstore list)

  5. I totally agree with your great review–these are really bright, smooth, nice-quality lipsticks! I have Bombshell currently, but am thinking that Smitten will be a nice transition for fall.

  6. This collection was a revelation to swatch. Creaminess! Pigment! The smartest lipstick packaging ever (you can see the color AND it doesn’t roll off the table!) From a drugstore?! Yes, from a drugstore!

    Side note: I actually didn’t think this had a smell or taste. And I am a total snot about those 2 things.

    The shade I’m reaching for most is Spellbound. It’s not shown here, but it’s a brighter, deeper, slightly more magenta version of Bombshell. It’s a statement lipstick. A “look at me and my sassy pink lips” kind of lipstick.

    You can’t go wrong with LipPerfection. You just can’t.

    1. hmm I’m a total snot about smell and taste also… The colors look gorgeous and the packaging is so nice, I might just give it a try.

  7. Yeah, I’m going to pick up Ravish this weekend when I’m inevitably at Target. That’s happening. :)

  8. Confession: I have paid double and even triple for “fancy” lipsticks that were not even half as good as this. This is a quality lipstick at a drugstore price and you can get it Covergirl almost anywhere.

  9. I’m excited to try these! The formula sounds wonderful – I love a great moisturizing lipstick with excellent pigmentation! :D I’m looking forward to seeing all the colors! :D I’m so happy to hear about the nice packaging – the tubes sound so nice and sturdy. I also REALLY appreciate the accurate color representations on the bottoms. It’s not fun to browse colors forever only to get home and find completely different colors inside.

    My favorite from the swatches is Eternal – that is THE perfect raspberry color, super pretty! I’ll definitely be picking that one up. Yay for new lippies! (Sorry for the long comment; awesome lipstick = overly excited, lol.) XD

  10. I own a tube of Eternal that was the old formula so it’s tempting to replace it with the new one because I LOVE the color!

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