Easy Halloween idea, host a Wig Party!

Easy Halloween idea, host a Wig Party!

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Now, we love a good theme party as much as the next person. And we’re damn good at throwing them too! Give us a topic and we can give you a party planned down to every last detail. But sometimes, we’re looking for a simpler get together (read: less work). Sometimes, the thought of a playlist and a cohesive menu is just too much. Can’t you just hang out and drink beer with a few bowls of dips and chips every now and again? Absolutely, yes. But on a holiday, you need a bit more, especially Halloween…

2007 was a big year for us, as it was a group theme costume year (we seem to have them once a decade) and this year we were the cast of Grey Gardens. As you can imagine, tons of fun (maybe only slightly less then the late 90s when we were The Spice Girls. Imagine running around Hollywood and screaming “Girl Power!”) We knew whatever we did in 2008 would never top it, so we decided to go subtle. I invented the Wig Party so we could still have a blast, but not have to worry about coordinating anything. Here’s how you can have one of your own.

What you’ll need: wigs, lots of them. I happen to have a ton of wigs, as I buy them any chance I get. My party guests were also instructed to bring at least one each. After the party, you probably will have a few more in your collection. The Sonny Bono (beautifully worn above) was one that my Hubby and I found on the floor of a celebrity’s 70s theme party we attended. (Ooh-la-la, celebrity cooties!)

Hang all the wigs from a clothesline and pins stretched across your main room. Instant decoration!

The objective: everyone at the party must wear each wig at least once and get a photo of it. Now being the fussy britches that I am, I actually made a chart to keep track of it. I don’t recommend that. I was a pain all night and it still didn’t work (as in the morning I was nagging sleepover guests who didn’t wear all the wigs). Just have fun and trust your guests to follow instructions. All photos should be sent to you (or whoever is the photoshop guru in your bunch).

The end result: above mentioned guru makes a collage of the best photos representing each wig, and this collage gets either printed or emailed to every party guest as a memento. Now, why am I the only one in the above collage? (which, by the way, is not all the wigs we had) Because I love my friends and want them to come to my next Wig Party!

Things to add to the fun: props around every corner. Mustaches (either hairy or an eyeliner to draw with), bandanas, hats, glasses; whatever you have. The finger bone that The Gypsy is trying to sell you above was a popular prop. It’s amazing (and fun) to watch people take on different personas, as wigs can be different things to different people. My Mary Tyler Moore is also known as The Dude (it makes a great rocker wig). The Mike Brady (not shown) was a real chameleon. It was also The Bag Lady and The 70s Aunt (complete with cigarettes and lots of loud complaining).

This is an easy and super fun way to still get in the Halloween spirit without a ton of stress about costumes.

8 thoughts on “Easy Halloween idea, host a Wig Party!”

  1. OMG – the montage is so funny! Love the Doug Henning “It’s Magic!” look on your face – that wig was a lot of fun!

    You are a smart girl to limit the wig wearer pics to just you – but even if you published me in the Michael Brady wig (and we’re talking the last season, reddish, permed Mike Brady here), I’d still go to your next wig party! It was a blast! As mentioned, the later it gets, the more people get into it and develop all sorts of great characters.

    Seriously, host your own Wig Party – it’s easy and your friends will love it.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Etsy – 4 for Vampires =-.

  2. I so want a hot pink stripper wig and to make everyone call me “Candy”. Is that weird? I love wigs. Especially ones that make you look like you never had a positive male role model. The Doug Henning picture will haunt my dreams…:P

  3. This is such a great idea! All of my friends are feeling lame this year, no one is up for costumes. I was going to have a few people over anyways, and now it’s going to be a Wig Party. I’m asking everyone to bring a wig from an old Halloween costume -I’m praying there’s a Princess Leia like you have. I can stock up on props at the 99¢ Store and I’m going to display styrofoam heads with my wigs around the place for easy access!

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