Easy Recipes: Hummus and Goat Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers

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Celebrate National Hummus Day with this delicious appetizer

As much as we love elaborately planned dinner parties, there are times when you find out people are coming over last minute and you just need to whip up something on the fly. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, cobbled together odds and ends from the back of the fridge though!


In celebration of National Hummus Day on May 21, we whipped up some delicious easy appetizers with one of our favorite classic Sabra flavors, Roasted Pine Nut. These hummus and goat cheese stuffed cherry peppers (aka pimentos) assemble quickly and cook in no time in the broiler. The hummus provides a satisfying creamy and garlicky center that pairs well with tangy goat cheese. Together they balance out the slightly sweet spicy kick of the cherry peppers, and we cap them off with some panko to add a nice crunch.

For extra points you can wrap them in proscuitto before popping under the broiler. The salty layer adds a little extra oomph if you’re catering to a carnivorous bunch of gourmands.

The best appetizers are hearty enough to satiate your guests, but not so labor intensive that they require a lot of prep time. If you’re REALLY in a hurry and have no time to fire up the broiler, these guys are tasty cold too – skip the panko and call it a day. These little 2-3 bite wonders not only make great apps, but they’re still delicious as leftovers. They’re also perfect for packing in a lunch. What better way to mix up your desk lunch routine?

We love to see hummus becoming ubiquitous in the food landscape and find it our duty to spread the word that there are so many more things you can do than just use it as a dip! Its smooth, creamy texture makes it such a versatile ingredient, and it’s an easy way to add a punch of flavor.

With 13 flavors to choose from, Sabra makes it hard to choose just one favorite. Feel free to substitute any one of your favorite flavors in these stuffed peppers.

Hummus and Goat Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers
makes approximately 20 peppers

16 oz jar of seeded and cored cherry peppers
6 oz Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
2 oz creamy goat cheese
1/4 c panko
Thinly sliced prosciutto (optional)



1. Pour the cherry peppers into a colander to drain. Shake vigorously to get extra liquid out. Let sit out in the colander for about 10 minutes to dry slightly.

2. Turn the broiler on to high and line a baking sheet with foil.


3. If using a new container of hummus, stir in the center topping to mix thoroughly. Scoop hummus into the peppers, filling approximately 2/3 of the space. This will be approximately 1 tbsp but depend on the size of the pepper.



4. Heat the goat cheese for about 25 seconds to soften slightly. This will make it easier to work with. Fill the remaining 2/3 of the peppers with goat cheese and use a knife to smooth it across the entire opening of the pepper.


5. Dip the goat cheese top into the panko and wrap half a slice of prosciutto around each pepper (if using). The prosciutto is especially great for the inevitable couple of smashed peppers that don’t have perfect little holes for filling. Place in rows on the baking sheet.


6. Broil on high for 8 minutes, until the panko turns golden brown.


So, how should you celebrate National Hummus Day? Make this recipe, of course. But also head over to Sabra where they’ll be giving away coupons all day!

we heartsters – what’s your favorite Sabra flavor?


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  1. Can I just say, these made my mouth water!! I don’t know if I’m merely hungry or what, but I am making these! Thanks for posting this! Love it!

    1. Heather your welcome! These really look so yummy!!

  2. I love hummus. I have made spicy peppers stuffed with goat cheese, topped with bread crumbs. I have never thought to add hummus! I doff my hat to your brilliance!

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