Eyelash Extension Before And After: Choosing Your Perfect Pair

Eyelash Extension Before And After: Choosing Your Perfect Pair

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Are you tired of spending extra time every morning on eyeliner and mascara? Would you rather wake up every day with effortless full, long eyelashes?

A closeup of a woman's closed eyes with the other side has shorter lashes and the other side has longer lashes

If you’ve answered YES to both questions, rush toward a trusted eyelash salon and ask for eyelash extensions today!

If you’re new to lash extensions, you’re probably curious about the process and finding the perfect extensions for you. 

You may be wondering how you should prepare for your extension appointment, what type of lashes are available, and how to choose your perfect pair. 

Well, we got you covered! We share all the essential eyelash extension before and after tips, the types of extensions available, and how they can elevate and impact your look.

We’ll also share photos of before and after lash extensions samples based on the different lash extension types.

By the end of the piece, you’ll know exactly what to expect before and after lashes are done, what type of lash extensions you want to get, and how to properly care for them.

Things to Do Before Your Lash Extension Appointment

These days, eyelash extension techs are really good at giving you the gorgeous, natural-looking lashes you want. However, there are some things you can do to ensure your appointment goes well.

Here’s a list of the important things to do before your eyelash extension appointment:

Arrive on Time

Arriving on time for your eyelash extension appointment ensures you have ample time for the extension process. It also gives the technician enough time to work efficiently without rushing to meet their next appointment. 

If you are running late, be sure to call and let the salon know. They can decide if you need to reschedule instead. Remember, the last thing you want is a rushed application.

Remove All Makeup

Be sure to arrive at your eyelash extension appointment with a clean face, free of any makeup or oils that could interfere with the adhesive. 

Your technician will likely clean your lashes again before starting, but it is best to arrive with a fresh canvas.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can cause your eyes to be more sensitive and prone to irritation, which can be uncomfortable during the eyelash extension process. So, avoid caffeine for at least a few hours before your appointment.

Come with Clean Hair

If you have long hair, it is a good idea to tie it back or bring a hair tie to your appointment. Your technician will need to access your lashes and forehead area, and loose hair can get in the way.

Moreover, you’ll be required to avoid wetting your new eyelash extensions for at least 24 to 48 hours after application. This means it will be challenging to wash your hair during that window. 

So, for hygiene purposes, wash your hair before your appointment. 

Communicate Your Desired Look

Be sure to discuss with your lash technician the look you hope to achieve with your eyelash extensions. 

Bring pictures of styles you like, and specify any concerns or preferences.

Avoid Wearing Contacts

If you usually wear contacts, removing them before your appointment is best. This will prevent discomfort during the procedure and help you avoid complications with your contact lenses.

Plan for The Duration of The Appointment

Eyelash extension appointments can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the fullness and length desired. 

Clear your schedule for the appointment and allow yourself to relax throughout the process.

Things to Do After Your Lash Extension Appointment

Once you’ve had beautiful eyelash extensions done, you should keep in mind the following aftercare tips to help maintain their longevity and appearance:

Avoid Getting Your Lashes Wet

It is crucial to avoid water and steam for the first 24 to 48 hours after your eyelash extension appointment to let the lash glue fully dry and set.

Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

Oil-based products can break down the lash adhesive used to attach the extensions and cause them to fall out prematurely. 

Avoid using oil-based cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup products near your lashes after getting them done.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

A curly haired woman rubbing her eyes while holding her eyeglasses in a light blue background

Rubbing or pulling on the lashes can cause them to fall out and damage your natural lashes. Do your best to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes as much as possible.

Avoid Using Mascaras

Mascaras can weigh down the extensions and cause them to become misaligned or clumpy. It is best to avoid using mascaras on lash extensions as much as possible.

But if you really want to use mascara, you may use a water-based variant. However, this may still damage your lash extensions.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach, face down on your pillow can cause your lash extensions to get tangled and twisted. So, avoid sleeping on your stomach. Instead, sleep on your back to keep them looking gorgeous.

Avoid Using Excess Heat

Excess heat, such as heat from hair dryers or curling irons, can cause your extensions to become brittle and break. It is best to avoid using heat on your lashes or to use a lower heat setting if necessary.

Avoid Using Falsies

False lashes may look great, but they can be difficult to remove and may cause your extensions to get tangled or damaged. If you don’t want that, don’t use false lashes while wearing extensions.

Avoid Using Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup can also be difficult to remove and cause the extensions to become clumpy or misaligned. Using waterproof products near your extensions is a NO-NO.

Why Follow Proper Eyelash Extension Before and After Procedures?

Preparing for your eyelash extensions appointment is vital for successful and beautiful-looking lash results. 

One of the best things you can do for your lashes is to know how to prepare and care for them before and after lash extension appointments.  

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to follow before and after protocols:

To Ensure the Best Possible Results

Proper before and after care can help ensure that the extensions are applied correctly and last as long as possible. 

To Maintain the Appearance of Your Extensions

Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the appearance of extensions and ensuring that they look their best. This includes avoiding water and steam, using a specific cleanser to clean the lashes gently, and avoiding oil-based products and mascaras.

To Extend the Life of The Extensions

Failing to follow proper aftercare instructions can cause lash extensions to become damaged, misaligned, or fall out prematurely. 

This can result in the need for more frequent touch-ups or even complete removal and re-application of the extensions if it gets too bad.

To Prevent Irritation or Infection

Failing to follow proper aftercare instructions can lead to irritation or infection of the eyes. This can be uncomfortable and compromise the natural lashes’ health.

To Save Time and Money

Proper aftercare can help ensure that the extensions last as long as possible, saving time and money on touch-ups and re-applications. It can also help prevent the need for full removals, which can be time-consuming and costly. 

Before and After Eyelash Extensions: Finding Your Perfect Lash Extension Type

Now that you know what to do before and after you get your lashes done, it’s time to find your perfect lash extension type.

You can choose from various eyelash extension types depending on your preference and the current state of your natural lashes.

The most common types are classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, hybrid eyelash extensions, and mega volume eyelash extensions.

If you need help deciding which lash extension type to get, we can help! Keep reading below to discover their respective features to help you choose the perfect set of lashes. 

Plus, check out comparison photos of different eyelashes extension before and after to see how they enhance and elevate your natural lashes.

Note: Eyelash extensions are not permanent solutions to thin or short natural lashes. If you want to maintain long luscious lashes, you’ll need to get a lash infill appointment every two to four weeks for touch-ups and to replace the lashes that have naturally fallen out. 

Classic lash extension

Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • Applied on a 1:1 ratio
  • Uses 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15 mm diameter lash extensions
  • Takes around 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Mimics the way your natural lashes look
  • Creates soft and fuller eyelashes
  • Adds length to your natural lashes
  • Simple and stunning
  • Perfect choice for first-time eyelash extension wearers
before and after photo of a woman after classic eyelash extension

After getting classic eyelash extensions, your natural lashes will appear longer, thicker, and more defined. 

These extensions will fill in the gaps in your natural lashes, creating a more cohesive look. 

Classic lash extensions before and after can look strikingly different. These lashes make your eyes appear larger and more dramatic and eliminate the need for daily mascara or falsies.

an infographic about cat eyelash extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

  • Known as 2D to 6D extensions
  • Applied on a 1:2 to 1:10 ratio per fan
  • Uses 0.07 and 0.05 mm diameter lash extensions
  • A more advanced technique where multiple ultra-fine lashes are applied to a single natural lash
  • Results in a thick lash line that defines the eyes
  • Create a fuller, more dramatic look
  • Involves finer, lighter lash extensions formed in a “fan” shape with two to six lash extensions each
  • Fans are applied on every natural lash
  • Gives you a fluffy, voluminous look
  • Perfect for those who want to make a statement with their lashes
before and after photo of a woman's volume eyelash extension

If you get volume eyelash extensions, your natural lashes will appear fuller, fluffier, and more distinct. 

Moreover, any gaps in your natural lashes will be filled in, creating a dramatic and intense look. 

As a result, your eyes appear more prominent and more striking without using mascara!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

  • Known as “mixed” extensions
  • Combination of classic and volume extension techniques
  • Uses a variable ratio of 30% classic lashes and 70% volume lashes
  • Uses 0.10 and 0.15 mm for classic extensions and 0.03-0.10 for volume extensions
  • Creates a custom lash design pattern to help maximize your lash line
  • Provides a natural yet fuller look
  • Adds volume without looking fake or overdramatic
  • Perfect for a special occasion and everyday wear
before and after photo of a woman's hybrid eyelash extension

With hybrid lash extensions, you can get the best of both worlds — every bit of thickness and length you’ve always wanted and a touch of volume for added lash fullness!

Compared to classic extensions, they offer the same natural feel yet a much fuller look. Moreover, hybrid lashes can be an excellent option for those looking to add length and volume without your lashes looking overly dramatic or fake. 

These are generally less high-maintenance than volume extensions as well! However, choosing a skilled technician and following proper aftercare instructions are essential to ensure the best possible results.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

  • Uses more than 10 ultra-fine extensions glued together on a single fan
  • Uses lash extensions with a diameter of 0.03 to 0.05 mm 
  • Looks similar to volume lash extensions but are typically longer and fuller
  • The technique requires precision and excellent lash extension skills
  • Fans are applied to every natural lash
  • Gives you a very full mega voluminous look
before and after photo of a woman's mega volume eyelash extension

As you can see from the most dramatic eyelash extensions before and after photos, mega volume lashes are the most intense type of extensions available.

This technique involves applying finer and lighter extensions to the natural lashes in a “mega volume” fan, creating an ultra-full and fluffy look.

Out of all the lash types, mega volume lash extensions are the most high-maintenance. They require frequent touch-ups, typically every one to two weeks,

You also need to choose a skilled and experienced technician for mega volume extensions, as the technique involved requires a very high level of precision and can be prone to errors if not done correctly.

With mega volume lashes, your eyes will definitely be the center of attention. These lash extensions frame your eyes in an effortlessly glamorous way.

These dramatic eyelash extensions are perfect for you if you feel super extra!

Found the Eyelash Extension Before and After Pictures Convincing?

A closeup of a woman's eye with her long eyelashes

Which lash style is perfect for you?

If you want to feel more beautiful and say goodbye to lash curlers and mascaras, go to your trusted lash salon now and ask for a professional lash tech to help you achieve whichever lash style you wish to wear. 

Before getting them done, consider the before and after eyelash extension tips above. 

It will also help to have a personalized consultation with your tech first to determine what’s best for your eye shape and to discuss the expectation of the outcome. 

Give lash extensions a try! But beware because once you try them, you won’t want to return to having bare lashes! 

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