9 Top Facial Peels for Dry Skin To Rejuvenate Your Skin

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If you have dry skin, you might wonder if facial peels are still an option for you to try out when rejuvenating your skin. After all, you wouldn’t want to strip your face of its precious moisture even more! 

Fortunately, many types of face peels for dry skin are available in the market, and we’ve compiled the very best of them. 

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Our favorite selections of facial peel for dry skin do their job well of lifting off dead skin from your face while keeping it well hydrated.

Armed with the right information, you’ll soon be able to make an informed decision about the best face peels for dry skin.

Lactic 50% Gel Peel
Editor's Choice
  • Good for dry skin types
  • Has both Kojic and Lactic Acid for balancing skin texture
  • Has Green Tea and Cucumber to heal and hydrate skin
Exuviance Performance Peel AP25
Premium Pick
  • Has 25% blend of AHAs and PHA 
  • Also has Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Gluconolactone
  • Has ingredients that are ideal for any skin type
The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution
Budget Pick
  • Water-based serum
  • Suited for acne-prone and dry skin
  • Fragrance-free

What Is a Facial Peel?

A facial peel involves a procedure where a chemical solution is applied to the face to remove its outermost layers. As the surface skin peels off, it then reveals smoother skin underneath. 

Facial peels are available in different depths: light, medium, and deep. The depth of chemical peel you’ll want will depend on the skin issues you want to address. 

However, it’s worth noting that the deeper the peel, the more dramatic its effects on your skin. On the other hand, deeper peels also take longer to recover from.

What Are the Benefits of Using Facial Peels?

Depending on the depth of the peel and how often you’ve undertaken the procedure, you may expect improvements on your skin in the following areas:

  • Tone and texture
  • Appearance of wrinkles
  • Smoothness of skin
  • Appearance of dark spots and/or acne scars

What Are the Different Types of Facial Peels?

There are many different types of facial peels or chemical peels in the market. Some of the popular facial peels are as follows:

  • Lactic peel: A light chemical peel that can also moisturize the skin. It uses lactic acid, which is less drying and irritating on the skin, while smoothing and improving texture.
  • Beta hydroxy peel: Contains salicylic acid, which is good at reducing acne breakouts and making acne scars or enlarged pores less noticeable.
  • Retinol peel: Uses retinol, a formulation of vitamin A, that can also deeply penetrate the skin to encourage skin cell growth and renewal. It also aids in improving sagging skin and the appearance of fine wrinkles.
  • Mandelic acid peel: Targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is also the go-to treatment for people with sensitive skin problems, including rosacea.
  • Vitamin C peel: Can deeply clean pores, fade blemishes, and help treat acne.

Which Facial Peels Are Best for Dry Skin?

If you have dry skin, it’s best to look into chemical peels that use alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) as an active ingredient. 

This is important since facial peels with AHA will also

  • have glycolic acid, which serves to remove the dull topmost layers of the skin;
  • help hold moisture in the skin, preventing it from drying out;
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which dry skin tends to show more often.

Ultimately, the top facial peel for you will depend on which skincare problem you want to target and improve.

9 Top Facial Peels for Dry Skin to Rejuvenate Your Skin

In this list, we selected nine of the top face peels for dry skin to jump-start your rejuvenation process. Check their benefits and features to see which is perfect for your skin type. 

Top Facial Peel Wipes For Dry Skin

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel

This daily peel offers amazing and clinical-grade results that can be applied in the comfort of our own home!

Key Benefits: Lifts away dead skin, oil, and impurities; improves uneven skin tone and texture; leaves skin refreshed and glowing


  • Good for all skin types, including dry skin
  • Contains lactic acid and salicylic acid
  • Vegan, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free

If you need a professional-grade product to incorporate in your skincare routine, then this extra-strength peel is for you.


These two peel pads work harmoniously to leave your skin looking better than ever. 

The first pad has seven acids that serve to exfoliate and smooth your skin. It reduces lines and wrinkles, balances your skin, and clears clogged pores.

Meanwhile, the second pad contains 12 antioxidants and soothing ingredients, plus powerful ingredients like retinol, resveratrol, and green tea extracts. 

two opened sachets of Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel on a satin surface

These ingredients work in tandem to smooth lines and wrinkles, extend skin lifespan, and actively protect your skin against free radicals.

This extra-strength daily peel will work wonders to hydrate and tighten your skin. After using this product, you’ll definitely feel like your skin is years younger!

M-61 PowerGlow Peel

We like this wipe-type peel that delivers outstanding results while only taking a minute of your time.

Key Benefits: Reduces pore size; reduces the appearance of fine lines and spider veins; promotes an even skin tone 


  • Good for dry skin types
  • Has glycolic and salicylic acids, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • Synthetic fragrance-free and sulfate-free

Short on time? Then M-61 PowerGlow® Peel has got you covered.


Most of us like our skincare routines simple, especially since we often don’t have a lot of time on our hands.

That’s why M-61 PowerGlow® Peel’s one-minute, one-step exfoliation treatment is a simple yet powerful product that offers to resurface, clarify, and help firm up your skin in literally seconds.

It has glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and vitamin K that work together to improve the appearance of your skin.   

It also has bilberry extract that promotes a more even skin tone and chamomile and lavender to calm and soothe irritation.

All these results in an instant — that’s M-61 PowerGlow Peel for you!

Top Facial Peel Pads for Dry Skin

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

This treatment pad is gentle and safe enough to use daily, making it a great product to try if you’re cautious about peels. 

Key Benefits: Offers safe and effective exfoliation; brightens skin complexion; cools and soothes the skin


  • Best for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin
  • Has glycolic + lactic acid to exfoliate skin and improve texture
  • Fragrance- and cruelty-free

Great for all skin types, this product will leave your skin brighter and smoother than before.


If this is your first foray into using facial peels for dry skin, then a gentle yet effective product may be the best option.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads have just enough amounts of glycolic and lactic acid to exfoliate all skin types, even sensitive skin.

A jar of a first aid beauty radiance pads on top of a green grass surrounded by flowers.

It targets dullness and uneven skin texture, dark spots, wrinkles, and the appearance of pores. It will surely leave your skin noticeably bright and glowing! This makes it a good facial peel for dry skin.

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

Our premium pick is a great chemical peel that targets and removes dead and dull skin layers to reveal healthier skin underneath.

Key Benefits: Smooths and refines skin; exfoliates the skin; improves clarity and brightness of skin


  • Has 25% blend of AHAs and PHA, including glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone
  • Has ingredients that are ideal for any skin type

A high-performance peel in the comfort of your own home — that’s Exuviance Performance Peel’s promise.


If you like stronger peels to fix your skin woes, Exuviance has you covered.

This chemical peel is a potent mix of ingredients such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone (polyhydroxy acid or PHAs). 

These acids act as exfoliants that can penetrate the skin easily and work hard to improve skin problems like dryness, wrinkles, and acne.

Additionally, the presence of PHAs in Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 makes this product ideal for any skin type, even sensitive skin. 

The product also improves skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of pores, making it a good face peeling treatment.

Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads

We adore these pads as they offer a gentle yet effective way of exfoliating your skin while moisturizing it at the same time.

Key Benefits: Exfoliates skin; reduces fine lines; reduces the appearance of wrinkles


  • Good for all skin types
  • Contains a solution of 20% glycolic acid
  • Boosted with vitamins B5, C & E, green tea, and Calendula extracts

Turn back the hands of time with the aid of these resurfacing pads!


Gentle is always the way to go when dealing with dry skin.

That’s why QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads is a good option to try if you’re unsure about trying out face peels while still wanting to experience good results.

This product’s 20% glycolic solution will exfoliate your face and help reduce problems like bumps, scars, wrinkles, and lines.

At the same time, it has powerful antioxidants like Vitamins B5, C & E that will hydrate your skin and aid in repairing damage from UV rays.

Additionally, these pads also contain green tea and Calendula extracts that act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. It also has allantoin that will help protect and soothe your skin.

With so many benefits, no wonder this is a favorite purchase among people!

QRxLabs Glycolic Acid Pads 35% Facial Peel

These affordable yet powerful pads gently exfoliate your skin to promote a more natural glow.

Key Benefits: Works on dark spots; helps with acne breakouts; minimizes fine lines and wrinkles


  • Good for all skin types, including dry skin
  • Has glycolic acid
  • Infused with vitamins C and E

Renew your skin with ease with the help of Glycolic Acid Pads 35% Facial Peel.


Anti-aging products don’t have to be very expensive to deliver the results they promise.

Fortunately, Glycolic Acid Pads 35% Facial Peel is more affordable than skincare products.

This product has glycolic acid that exfoliates your skin to rid it of impurities and reveal younger-looking skin.

It’s also infused with vitamins C and E to help even out skin tone and brighten the skin.

It’s rich in natural herbal ingredients that deliver amazing results as well!

Top Facial Peel Gels/Serums for Dry Skin

Lactic 50% Gel Peel

Our editor’s pick is an effective gel peel that not only evens your skin tone but also helps you address deeper skin problems like acne scars, dark spots, and even stretch marks.

Key Benefits: Reduces freckles, spots, and other pigment irregularities; diminishes the appearance of fine lines; increases hydration and skin absorption


  • Good for dry skin types
  • Has both kojic and lactic acid for balancing skin texture
  • Has green tea and cucumber to heal and hydrate skin

A gel peel that fixes so many skin problems? We won’t say no to that!


If one of your concerns about facial peels is that they might dry out your skin even further, then Perfect Image’s Lactic 50% Gel Peel might soothe your worries.

This powerful gel peel actively promotes natural healing and repairs damaged skin while also deeply hydrating it at the same time. 

It can provide deep exfoliation on your skin that will remove dead skin cells and lessen the distinctiveness of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

This gel peel has 50% lactic acid, making it the product with the highest concentrations of acids than any product on our list.

This gel peel’s positive effects on your skin may make this one of the top chemical peels for dry skin on the market.

Toyo Cure Aqua Gel Gentle Exfoliator

This gel exfoliator is gentle on your skin while delivering fantastic results, making it one of our favorites! 

Key Benefits: Improves pigmentation; has anti-aging benefits; smooths and brightens skin tone


  • Water-based formula
  • Good for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive
  • Has rosemary, aloe, and ginkgo extracts

Heal and improve your skin using the power of water!


Are you wary about any type of acid touching your face, no matter their promises? 

Then Toyo Cure Aqua Gel Gentle Exfoliator may just be a good product for you to try out.

Instead of acids, this gel uses activated hydrogen water to remove dead skin, leaving you with a smoother, brighter skin tone.

It also aids in improving the pigmentation of your skin and reduces the appearance of beauty marks and bumps.

This gel can be used anywhere in the body — your neck, elbows, hands, or even heels. For as long as you have skincare problems, Toyo Cure Aqua Gel Gentle Exfoliator is here to help!

The Ordinary Peeling Solution 30ml AHA 30% + BHA 2%

Our budget pick is this amazing peeling solution that delivers fantastic results without a high price tag.

Key Benefits: Exfoliates skin; improves uneven skin pigmentation; evens skin texture


  • Water-based serum
  • Suitable for acne-prone and dry skin
  • Fragrance-free

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your skincare routine, thanks to The Ordinary Peeling Solution.


With skyrocketing prices everywhere, it’s important to look for products that are great for your skin and healthy for your pockets at the same time. Fortunately, The Ordinary Peeling Solution is an affordable option for many.

Removing dead skin on the outermost layer of your skin will leave you with a more even-toned, glowing complexion. This is also a water-based serum, making it generally safer to use. 

This is a good product to check if you want smoother, brighter skin on a tight budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Peeling of Skin on Face?

In facial peels, the acidic solutions applied to the face will exfoliate the skin, which will then eventually peel off.

What to Do When Skin Is Peeling on Face?

Since getting rid of dead skin cells at the outermost layer is one of the effects of facial peels, it’s best to let the peeling skin naturally slough off.

It’s also important not to pick at or pull off peeling skin since these actions might increase your face’s risk of infection or scarring.

How To Get Rid of Dry Peeling?

Doing the following may help when peeling skin occurs on your face:

  • Apply hypoallergenic moisturizing cream or ointment over the affected areas.
  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Shower in warm water instead of hot water, as hot water is more drying to the skin.
  • Avoid rubbing your skin with towels.
  • Use humidifiers.
  • Wear sunscreen with SPF higher than 45.

However, if the peeling gets worse, it’s best to see a dermatologist for proper advice on how to get rid of dry peeling.

Top Facial Peel for Dry Skin to Rejuvenate Your Skin

With so many facial peel products in the market, it’s definitely best to do your own research when selecting which item to buy.

This is especially true when you have dry skin as keeping your face hydrated is an important factor to consider when undertaking facial peel treatments.

Overall, your choice of the top facial peel for dry skin will depend on which skin problems you want to address.

From there, you can buy the perfect item to reveal a younger, more glowing you!

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