Farmasi Canada: Is Now Open! (Updated April 2022)

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When will Farmasi be available in Canada?

As of October 1st, 2021 Farmasi is now open for enrollment in Canada.

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Makeup Kit

When is Farmasi launching in Canada?

Farmasi officially launched in Canada on October 1st 2021! 

How To Sign Up For Farmasi Canada

Step 1: Click here – this should take you to the Farmasi Canada site and directly to the sign up page.

If for some reason the link above does not work try this link instead. Then select your country from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Fill out your personal information. If the sponsor area is blank make sure to enter my sponsor code in the sponsor code box.

Enter the code 0122394 then click “Find” to have it confirmed.

Once it is confirmed it should look like Mc****Be**** in the sponsor box.

screenshot of Farmasi website with Sponsor Info

(Note: I’ve recently changed my business name to MMC Media. So it will say that where the image says McKinzie Bean) 

Also, on the page where it says SSN, you will enter in your SIN. 

Where it lists Zip Code enter in your Postal Code. 

On the last section of the personal information page, it has you enter your “nickname.” This is what will be at the end of your referral link. Most people choose to do their name, but some choose to do the name of the business. 

For example, my Farmasi Canada referral link is

Step 3: Proceed to select a kit (optional), view your cart, and make your payment (if purchasing a kit).

Step 4: Send me an email at [email protected]. ⭐️This is important⭐️ This will make sure I am notified immediately that you are on the team so I can get you the resources you need to get started!  

What can you do to succeed with Farmasi Canada?

First, understand how monumental the opportunity is to launch a brand new company in Canada.

Farmasi is the FASTEST growing direct sales company ever to launch in the USA.

In 2020 alone Farmasi grew 800% in the United States (yes, even with the craziness of that year!).

Its success is validated in the United States and you have the untapped potential to take it to the top in your county.

In network marketing the sooner you can get in the greater the exponential increase you can experience.

To put it into perspective in the United States we went from zero to 500,000 Beauty Influencers in less than two years.

Imagine if you signed up as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer in Canada right at the beginning? Your team rapidly builds from 2 to 5, to 50, to 5,000+.

This is the opportunity that will change your life.

Second, find the right sponsor/beauty influencer to work with.

In Farmasi their distributors are called Beauty Influencers.

To sign up you need to pair up with one of the existing Beauty Influencers.

When choosing your sponsor look for someone who is knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated to the success of her team.

I would personally love to help you in your business. I am one of the top leaders in the United States and am helping with the Farmasi Canada launch.

Frequently, I network with corporate and high-level management. This allows me to get the most up to date information and is a huge advantage for our team.

Here is a recent picture of me on the private jet with the CEO (he’s the guy right behind me). 

Woman on a private jet

Our team offers extensive training, a strong community with a beautiful and diverse sisterhood, weekly virtual team calls, team retreats and much more!

Want to join our Farmasi Canada team?

We have one of the fastest-growing teams in Canada and I promise we are a fun group 😊 

Click here to sign up and join us!  If needed enter in the sponsor code (0122394)

Then make sure to email me at [email protected] so I can give you access to our team resources!

Why Farmasi Canada?

I talked a little bit about why joining Farmasi Canada at the beginning of the launch can be so life-changing, but what makes Farmasi different?

Here are a few of my top reasons.

1. Farmasi Is A Global Company

Farmasi is currently ranked as the #30 largest direct sales company in the world. Their European roots allow for backing and support as they launch in new markets.

When you sign up as a Canadian Beauty Influencer you have the support of a massive company paired with the potential of a ground floor opportunity. It is a direct sales match made in Heaven!

You won’t experience as many growing pains or out of stock issues as you do with brand new startups.

Farmasi owns the largest integrated cosmetics facility in all of Europe (called Farmacity) and just recently invested 26 million dollars to grow their infrastructure in the United States.

2. Superior Corporate Support

I have never seen the support from corporate leadership as I have with Farmasi.

Recently, I was invited to a meeting with the CEO, Operations Manager, VP of Marketing, and Regional Sales Manager. They wanted feedback from me and other Beauty Influencers to hear ideas we had for the company and our thoughts on things that were coming.

When we ask for something they are so responsive and do everything they can to make it happen.

Two women hugging the Farmasi CEO Sinan Tuna

Here I am with the Farmasi CEO! (I’m the one on the right and the left is one of my beautiful team members.)

3. The Compensation Plan

When I first read the Farmasi compensation plan I was shocked.

I’ve evaluated dozens of direct sales compensation plans over the years and nothing even compared to Farmasi’s.

At Farmasi you earn a whopping 50% commission on all sales. Yes, ALL sales! In other companies, you have to sell $1,500 products before you even start earning 50%.

On top of that, you can earn an additional personal bonus of up to 25%.

There are also group bonuses, leadership bonuses, rank up bonuses, car bonuses, trips to earn and more.

Farmasi seriously spoils their Beauty Influencers.

4. The Products Seriously Rock

The quality of the products, especially at this price point can’t be beat.

With 71 years of experience, they have perfected their processes and formulas.

I have tested dozens of brands over the years, including high-end products that run 2-3x the price of Farmasi items. I was sure when I tested Farmasi’s products that they couldn’t be high quality at the price they were offered at, but boy was I wrong.

Now you may be wondering, “How can Farmasi offer such high-quality products at a low price?”

Great question.

Remember the huge “Farmacity” cosmetics facility I mentioned above?

At Farmacity they manufacture every part of the product, the bottles, the label, and of course the product itself.

Because they do not have to outsource to middlemen this cuts out that markup. It also allows them to create products faster when there is demand since they are not waiting on a third party.

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Farmasi skincare products on a table

Why is Farmasi Canada what you’ve been looking for?

Now, I’ve given you all of the statistics and logical reasons why you should join our team as a Canadian Farmasi Beauty Influencer, but honestly, it is so much more than that.

Farmasi Transforms Lives

A few short years ago I was a young mom, that wanted more than anything to be able to stay at home with her baby.

Right after I gave birth my husband’s employer started doing massive layoffs (60% of the workforce!) and anyone that still had a job had their pay cut by 30+%.

Money was tight and we had to move into my sweet Grandma’s basement. As new parents, we didn’t know what the future would hold and how we were going to make it all work. It was a scary time. I needed to make an income, but I didn’t want to leave my baby as I trudged off to a 9 to 5 that I hated.

Fast forward and now we have two babies.

I make a full-time income from home with Farmasi.

My job is flexible.

I can work during naptime, in the evenings or I can even afford to have a sitter come to tend so I can do one on one calls with my team.

It is the perfect balance for me.

Because of Farmasi, we are in the process of building our forever home. A place where we can put down our roots and make memories as a family.

Farmasi Is There In Hard Times

Last year, we experienced a heartbreaking tragedy in our family. It absolutely devastated me.

My beautiful Farmasi team rallied around me. They supported me, checked on me, offered prayers for my family and strengthened my spirit.

Farmasi is more than just a career, on this team it is family.

If you are searching for community, friendship, fulfilment, personal development or an income from home we are here to welcome you with open arms.

Please, come and see!

Click here to join with us today!

I’ll let you know the minute you can sign up as a Canadian Beauty Influencer and get growing with our supportive fam!




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  1. I have heard great things about Farmasi’s products, but I would only be interested if the product was shipped from Canada.

    Do you know if this is true?

    1. I believe that they will, but I will confirm this for you ASAP!

    2. At the launch they will be shipped from the USA, they will be partnered with a Canadian shipping company though. As things expand in CA they will likely build a fulfilment center there.

  2. LHENDRICK says:

    Combien le kit de démarrage Merci

    1. Je viens d’apprendre que pour une durée limitée pendant le lancement, il n’y aura aucun frais d’inscription. Si vous voulez l’un des kits de démarrage, il y en aura à partir de 25 $ CA.

      Je ne parle pas français alors j’ai utilisé Google translate. Espérons que cette réponse ait du sens !

  3. This is exciting news! I’ve joined the wait list and can hardly wait for the launch 😀

    1. Yay!! I’m so excited for you to be apart of the Farmasi Canada team 🙌🏻 hopefully you can make our Q&A call tonight!

  4. Martha Dunlop says:

    I have previously signed up for Farma
    si Canada how do we launch the website to get things going?

    1. Hi Martha! Farmasi Canada has not opened up for sign ups yet. The launch date is October 1st. Did you sign up for mine or another’s waitlist. Maybe that is what you are thinking of?

      Once Farmasi opens in Canada we have loads of training available for those on our team with tutorials, training, graphics and more!

  5. Victor Onukak says:

    Do you want to launch your company in Nigeria and Africa?
    I could help you with that and help you flood the African market with your amazing products and opportunity.
    Kindly contact me with this number either call or whatsapp. +2347063440274

    1. I wish that it was available there! Maybe one day Farmasi will open in Africa!

  6. Karen Bradley says:

    Wow I found a lot of Interesting things out that is awesome

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful for you! I can’t wait to have you join our Farmasi Family!

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