7 Top Korean Blackhead Masks For Brighter Skin

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Do you have a Korean blackhead mask in your skincare arsenal? If not, we strongly encourage you to reconsider!

Blackheads are not just a concern for those with acne-prone skin. It can happen to anyone, especially as excess oils, dead skin cells, and other impurities accumulate on our skin. 

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Blackheads can be pretty stubborn too! That’s why it’s good to have a tried-and-tested skincare mask that can effectively unclog your pores and improve the appearance of your skin.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our recommendations for the top Korean blackhead masks that give you smoother, brighter skin!

Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2X with Super Volcanic Clusters
Editor’s Choice
  • Jeju volcanic clay absorbs excess oils and impurities that cause blackheads
  • Smoothens and brightens the complexion
  • Suitable for all skin types
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Pore Clean Up Mask
Budget Pick
  • Charcoal extract thoroughly removes oil and impurities
  • Brightens and protects skin from damage
  • Suitable for all skin types
Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask
Premium Pick
  • Eggplant extract removes impurities and nourishes the skin
  • Makes skin feel soft and supple
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone and sensitive skin

Top Ingredients for Removing Blackheads 

Blackheads are caused by the build-up of excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and other impurities on your hair follicles. Because the pores remain open, these substances oxidize and turn dark or black. 

Blackheads do not look pretty at the very least, which is why we desperately want them gone. They can be very stubborn!

If you’re tempted to just manually squeeze them, don’t. You may end up rupturing the follicle, triggering an inflammatory response and causing even more severe skin conditions.

Instead, consider using Korean blackhead masks that help target excess sebum production and thoroughly cleanse your pores. 

Generally, you want to be on the lookout for the following ingredients: 

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

AHAs are water-soluble chemical exfoliants that remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. 

By removing dead skin cells and other irritants from the skin, you can avoid clogging pores and, in turn, reduce the incidence of blackheads.

AHAs can also minimize the appearance of pores and improve your overall complexion. 

The most common AHAs used in Korean blackhead masks include glycolic acid and lactic acid. These are effective in gently exfoliating the skin, cleaning up clogged pores, and increasing collagen content

Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)

BHAs are oil-based chemical exfoliants. They are very similar to AHAs, but one key difference is that BHAs can reach deeper into the pores to clean excess sebum and other impurities. 

Salicylic acid is one of the top BHAs for targeting blackheads. It is a common ingredient in facial cleansers and blackhead masks due to its ability to break down excess oils, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, and other impurities. Salicylic acid also unclogs and deep-cleans your pores. 

Charcoal and Clay

Charcoal and clay are also common ingredients used in blackhead masks. They help absorb or draw out excess oils, dirt, and impurities from the skin. 

Charcoal also has antibacterial properties that can prevent acne breakouts. Meanwhile, clay has calming properties that can soothe inflamed skin during acne breakouts.

The most common charcoal and clay ingredients include kaolin, bentonite, rose, and volcanic asha powerful ingredient abundant in South Korea.

7 Top Korean Face Masks for Blackheads

Top Korean Blackhead Masks for All Skin Types

Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2X with Super Volcanic Clusters

We love this as a blackhead mask because it really draws out all the oils and dirt from your skin.

Key benefits: Exfoliates, cleanses, and removes impurities from the skin


  • Jeju volcanic clusters that absorb excess oils, dirt, and irritants
  • AHA lactic acid removes dead skin cells and minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Non-irritating formula won’t dry or strip your skin of its natural oils 

A heavy-duty clay mask that removes stubborn blackheads but is gentle on the skin.

The Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2X has achieved cult status for a reason.

The mineral-rich volcanic clusters from Jeju effectively absorb excess sebum and other impurities. It also helps regulate sebum production to prevent blackheads from forming in the future.

The mask also has AHAs, specifically lactic acid, that gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells. It promotes cell turnover, giving your pores a smoother and more refined appearance.

This clay mask is great for blackheads or all over the skin for a brighter complexion. It’s gentle enough for all skin types.

Purito Bentolin Pore Clay Mask

We love this pore clay mask because it’s perfect for detoxifying congested skin.

Key benefits: 4 types of clay that absorb excess oils, regulate sebum production, remove dead skin cells, and unclog pores


  • Kaolin clay has exfoliating and soothing properties
  • Bentonite and volcanic ash to remove blackheads and soak up impurities
  • Charcoal powder detoxifies and tightens the skin

A hypoallergenic, chemical-free mask that harnesses the power of 4 types of clay to draw out impurities that clog pores and cause blackheads.

Clay is one of the best ingredients for drawing out excess oils and impurities from the skin.

Purito utilizes 4 different types of clay for its pore-clearing mask to maximize its benefits.

Kaolin, bentonite, volcanic ash, and charcoal work together to suck up all the excess oils and dirt clogging your pores. These ingredients clean and detoxify—making your pores look smaller and feel tighter.  

As a clean beauty brand, the Purito Bentolin Pore Clay Mask is suitable for combination and sensitive skin. It cleanses your skin without exacerbating your dry patches.

It’s also cruelty-free and sustainable for your peace of mind! 

Top Korean Blackhead Masks for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask

We love this blackhead mask because it makes skin feel smooth and clean.

Key benefits: Natural ingredients that remove impurities, as well as calm and nourish the skin


  • 66% lupeol eggplant extract removes impurities and calms the skin
  • Walnut shell powder for gentle exfoliation of the skin
  • Japanese white birch sap and chia seed extract to protect and nourish

A clay mask with natural ingredients to remove blackheads and leave skin feeling soft and supple.

Did your previous clay mask leave you feeling a bit too dry for your liking?

Then you’ll love the Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask! It’s one of the top Korean face masks for blackheads if you have sensitive skin.

The creamy formula is hypoallergenic with natural ingredients and no fragrances.

The finely milled walnut shell powder will gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. At the same time, the eggplant extract works to loosen up impurities and remove them from your skin.

Japanese white birch sap and chia seed extract also nourish your skin and promote skin elasticity. That’s why your skin feels so smooth and supple after using this Korean blackhead remover mask.

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask

We love this pore mask because it removes blackheads while keeping the skin hydrated.

Key benefits: Hydrating and moisturizing, tightens and unclogs pores


  • Egg white extract tightens and reduces the appearance of pores
  • Kaolin clay absorbs excess oils and dirt and purifies the skin
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and oils that hydrate and nourish

A gentle and hydrating clay mask that absorbs excess oils and refines the appearance of pores.

No one is immune from blackheads, even those with dry skin. It’s a good thing that there’s a pore mask that will hydrate and nourish your skin.

The Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask is infused with vitamins, minerals, and oils to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Nonetheless, it’s just as effective at absorbing excess oils and regulating sebum production. Kaolin clay also deeply penetrates your pores and removes pore-clogging impurities.

Albumen extracted from egg whites also helps tighten your skin and minimize the appearance of pores. You’ll be able to enjoy plumper and firmer skin!

Top Korean Blackhead Nose Mask 

I Dew Care Exfoliating Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

We love this exfoliating mask because you can have fun while peeling away those blackheads.

Key benefits: Exfoliating mask that removes impurities and enhances your complexion


  • Volcanic ash and charcoal remove excess oils, impurities, and blackheads
  • Moringa seed oil purifies and protects skin from irritants
  • Sapphire powder has exfoliating and brightening properties 

This targeted peel-off mask removes blackheads and makes your T-zone look brighter and more radiant.

If you like to have fun with your skincare, you’ll surely love the I Dew Care Peel-off Face Space Kitten.

This Korean blackhead mask has a unique galactic texture that will make your skin sparkle.

Underneath, you have powerhouse ingredients working hard to remove blackheads from your T-zone. Volcanic ash and charcoal also regulate sebum production to prevent your pores from clogging up in the future.

It’s an effective formula that won’t dry out your skin.

After peeling off the mask, you’ll be greeted by a brighter and more radiant complexion that’s surely selfie-worthy!

Top Korean Peel-Off Mask For Blackheads

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit

We love these pore stripes because it’s a complete regimen for your blackheads.

Key benefits: 3 steps to open up pores, remove blackheads, and soothe skin


  • Step 1 has a heating essence that opens pores and loosens blackheads
  • Step 2 removes blackheads and impurities from the skin
  • Step 3 features a cooling patch that calms skin and tightens pores 

These pore strips care for your skin even after the blackheads are gone.

Before the advent of Korean blackhead masks, we had pore strips.

The Holika Holika pore strips are made from thick bamboo that is easy to peel off and sits comfortably atop your nose.

In the first step, a heating essence helps open up your pores and melt excess sebum. Next, the traditional pore strip removes the blackheads and impurities on your skin.

There’s also proper after-care in the third step with a cooling patch that soothes and shrinks your pores. Closing back your pores is vital to prevent future blackheads from forming.

With these three steps, you have a refreshing and comprehensive regimen that effectively removes blackheads.

Top Deep Blackhead Removal Mask  

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Pore Clean Up Mask

We love this pore mask because it’s so satisfying to see your blackheads disappear.

Key benefits: Highly adhesive formula that extracts deep blackheads


  • Charcoal extracts excess oils and impurities that cause blackheads
  • Caragana sinica extract helps control oil production; brightens and protects
  • Botanical extracts that nourish and smoothen the skin 

A blackhead mask that thoroughly removes impurities from your skin.

For that squeaky clean feeling, try out the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore Clean Up Mask.

The Korean blackhead mask has a highly adhesive formula that enables it to unseat even the deepest blackheads. But contrary to its name, removing this mask won’t feel like hell.

Seeing blackheads, dried sebum, and other impurities come off your skin is satisfying. Your nose will feel clean and smooth with botanical extracts like camellia and rose.

Caragana sinica extract delivers better oil control so that your pores become smaller and tighter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Koreans Use For Blackheads?

Many famous Korean blackhead masks feature volcanic clay and charcoal to effectively remove excess oils and impurities that cause blackheads. 

K-beauty brands are also known for infusing their products with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that give you smoother and brighter skin.

beautician in a spa applying clay mask on beautiful female client's face

What Face Mask Is Best For Blackheads?

Look for blackhead masks that feature AHAs like lactic acid, BHAs like salicylic acid, charcoal, and clay.

These are the best ingredients for targeting blackheads because they unclog your pores, remove excess sebum and impurities, and minimize the appearance of pores. 

How Do Koreans Clean Their Pores?

Apart from using blackhead masks, the key to Koreans’ flawless, poreless skin is that they follow a 10-step Korean day and night skincare routine

Other steps essential for cleaning pores are double-cleansing to remove oils, debris, makeup, serums, and essences that target excess sebum production. 

How Do You Permanently Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Blackheads can be stubborn, but you can get rid of them. Just keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. 

You need a skincare routine with products that help remove blackheads, such as blackhead removers and clay masks. 

Consistency with your skincare is really the top defense against blackheads. You can complement that with acne treatments, proper diet and exercise, and other healthy habits that will benefit your skin. 

Want to Get Rid Of Blackheads? Try a Korean Blackhead Mask Today!

There are many reasons why we develop blackheads. It could be due to exposure to environmental irritants, a genetic predisposition to blackheads, or slower cell turnover due to aging.

Regardless of the cause, it is possible to eliminate these stubborn blackheads. 

You can take advantage of the benefits of a Korean blackhead removal mask to absorb excess oils, regulate sebum production, and improve the appearance of your pores. 

Remember that a blackhead mask works best when incorporated into a skincare routine. 

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen are just as important in maintaining a youthful glow. These skincare steps also allow you to maximize the benefits of your blackhead mask! 

Want to learn more about K-beauty products for oily skin?


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