Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer review

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Dry skin beware! There is a hydrating Green Monday worthy remedy that smells of roses and is bound to knock your dry skin out. I recently went to my local Sephora with one thing on my mind, a good facial moisturizer. I have tried so many, and over the winter months my face seemed unquenchable. I explained my dilemma and the head of the skin care department led me directly to Korres.

Having tried a couple Korres samples, I was anxious to hear more about the brand. This eco-conscious company was founded in 1996 from Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy and today promises “advanced natural formulations that deliver maximum results.” Using active natural extracts for superior performance, these formulas are clinically proven to benefit skin while avoiding harmful and synthetic compounds.

She went on to tell me that as far as dry, sensitive skin there wasn’t a higher recommended product then the Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer with SPF 6. So of course, I had to buy it immediately!

Well, one month later I am seeing all the benefits from this gem in a jar. The Wild Rose Moisturizer is one of Korres best sellers, and it’s easy to see why. With ingredients like vitamins C and E, wild rose oil, grape seed extract and olive oil; it’s practically a vitamin supplement for your face!

That’s not to mention all the things that are not in this soothing face cream. The Wild Rose Moisturizer, like all Korres products, is free of parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, phalates, genetically modified organisms, phalates and triclosan. Plus, Korres makes a conscious effort to reduce waste on all levels. Their packaging is made with recycled materials and designed with the minimum amount of materials as possible. In addition to all of their containers being recyclable as well.

Back to the most important part, at least as far as my dry skin was concerned, the moisturizer! Right away my skin felt more quenched than it had felt in months. My semi-sensitive skin had no negative reactions, zero redness or itchiness, and feels calm and supple.

Now that I have been using the Wild Rose Moisturizer for over a month the results are evident. Over time it has healed my dry skin, lightened my hyper pigmentation spots and even diminished my fine lines. I’ve also read that this works wonders on under eye circles and dark shadows. Throw into the mix that it also smells like a fresh bouquet of rosey goodness on your face and let’s face it; if you have dry skin – you need this!

Show your skin some love and try this out. If you’re like me, your face will show its thanks over time with a happy, hydrated glow. For $35.00 this well worth it’s cost.

Ladies, have you ever tried Korres? What products do you LOVE?

Get it at Sephora!

Bonus: Sample a handful of products from this line with the Korres Wild Rose Triple Benefits Collection, a $130 value (includes the Wild Rose Moisturizer, Mask, Serum and an Imperfection Targeting Pen) on sale for at Sephora $54 – plus it ships for FREE!

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  1. I’m Greek, and I’ve always heard great things about the Korres line but never tried any of their products. Christy, thanks to your review, I’m heading to Sephora today! If this product helped fade hyper pigmentation spots, I’m there.

  2. Actually this moisturizer seems to contain alot of filler ingredients, as well as triethanolamine and alot of PEGs, and pentylene glycol. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think Korres stuff are as natural as they advertise themselves to be.

  3. Hi Sheena,
    I think that happens a lot these days. Because “natural” is the word du jour, lots of companies are using it when maybe they shouldn’t be. I have no idea if Korres is one of those, it seems like the list of things that they DON’T have is pretty long. But natural is also not as stringent classification as organic is.

    Personally, I love the Korres body products. Their shower gels are amazing, really fragrant just like I like ’em! But I haven’t used their skin care because it seems to always have natural oils in it (as most natural products do). And that is a big non-no for my oily skin.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Ralph Lauren Heart of Gold =-.

  4. I have yet to find a Korres product that I don’t like. In general they are priced very well. The quality is always very high! And the results are pretty outstanding! My favorites right now are the lip butters, eye shadows, and mascara. While their skin care is top notch I am sure be certain not to ignore their make-up. It sure is pretty! I also tried the shower gel and loved it. I got mine on the cheap at TJ Maxx awhile back.

  5. Korres has some pretty good products. The Wild Rose moisturizer was one of my favorites while I was on Accutane and my skin was so dry. It smells fantastic too! I’ve also tried their Cherry Oil lipglosses, which are just okay.

  6. Me too Kellie..I love all the Korres products i’ve had over the years too.. I really like this wild rose moisturizer a lot! this is great for anyone with dry skin and looking for an extra bit of extra care! When i’m in sephora, i find myself looking at the line. I know it can be a bit pricey but when you find something you like, it’s worth every penny!

  7. Really Pam? I always thought Korres was pretty reasonably priced. But maybe that just shows how much I’m willing to pay for good products!

    My Mom and I were just talking about a new haircare line that I sent her something to test from (coming soon…it’s really good too!) And when she was raving about it, I said “well I’m sorry I turned you onto it cause it’s $20+ bucks a bottle”. And she said “Oh! I don’t think that’s so bad!” So I guess I get it from her..
    .-= stef´s last blog ..NYFW with Hourglass and La Perla =-.

  8. Melissa, this is a really great product! I have to say Hyperpigmentation spots weren’t a huge issue for me, just a slight one and it did have a lightening effect over time, but not total disappearing :) just slight lightening. But from what I’ve read that after several months it continues to help in that dept. And my skin stays more hydrated than it has in so long, it just feels so much better! I hope you like it! The whole rose line when used together is supposed to pack an even better punch for all those skin concerns too. You should definitely try out the WIld Rose Triple Benefits Collection & see how that does.. it’s such a great deal!!

    Kellie I love their lip butters too, so great!!

    & Stef I’m like you with the pricing.. I guess technically it’s kind of up there compared to some, but as Pam said.. totally worth every penny.

    I heart this line!!

  9. FYI-The eye shadows were on sale at Sephora the last that I checked.

    BTW in reference to my previous post-It drives me crazy when I don’t check my posts before I submit. It looks like I have had a traumatic brain injury! When will I learn?

  10. I have only tried to Korres Body Butter in fig. I really liked it. I think it was decant and delightful after a long hot bath and a stressful day. It was very concentrated and a little seemed to go a long way. This is unlike other body butters that seemed like I needed to soak my body to moisturize properly. This is a quality product.

    I love the idea of the rose moisturizer. However, I have very sensitive combination skin and this sounds a bit rich for my skin.

  11. Katherine, I really like their cherry oil lip gloss. But that’s not a surprise if you know me (I’m Lady Lip Gloss Gaga!) I think the cherry scent is super sweet and genuine cherry (not synthetic smelling). What didn’t work for you? Or were they just kind of “meh”? I guess if forced I could say the color didn’t floor me…but pretty none the less.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection review =-.

  12. Holly, the Body Butter is really wonderful!!
    I will say I have pretty sensitive skin too, but it is more on the dry side.
    The wild rose moisturizer may be something you can use in the winter if your skin gets dry.

    Sephora also has a collection of their rose goodies..shower gel, body butter and lip butter for only 19.50 ! pretty good sweet smelling deal :)

    Has anyone tried their Quercetin & Oak Antiwrinkle Night Cream, I’m curious about that one!!

  13. Thanks Christy! I will have to investigate. I am on the acne side of sensitve and seem to be allergic to certain ingredients.

    Right now I am recovering from a facial moisturizer that brought my skin some serious havoc.

  14. This moisturizer has caught my eye a couple of times, but for some reason I’ve never tried it. Glad to hear you like it Christy. My skin has been so dry this winter, I think I’m finally going to give this a try. Love all the Korres products I’ve tried!

  15. I am addicted to their lip butters, in flavors — er, shades — of guava, wild rose, plum, jasmine and pomegranate. So yummy, and so easy to smooth on for soft lips without tackiness or goop.

  16. STEF, What I mean is, this is not like buying a bottle of Jergen’s but it’s not outrageously expensive either! I think anyone that buys it will not be disappointed. It’s a nice treat if you ask me! I also like Korres body butters.. very very nice!

  17. Oh, sorry! I didn’t realise I would offend the Korres fans out there. But what I meant was some companies use the word natural too liberally and that we would do well to check the ingredient listings. I too, love the Korres Cherry Oil Lipgloss =)

  18. Oh Sheena, you didn’t offend anyone. No worries! I agree with you. Lots of natural wagon jumpers out there. I think checking ingredients more carefully is always wise. Whether your trying to go au natural or you just know you have to avoid something in particular (for me: oil!) I find it in all sorts of places I wouldn’t expect it.

    And Holly, what made your skin go haywire? I’m curious…

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