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From first sight of Kusmi Tea, I was in love. I mean, would you look at that beautiful packaging? How could I resist? Also, being married to an Englishmen, I’ve learned a thing or two about tea over the years. But after Rakisha contacted us with a gushing email upon receipt of hers, I knew I should hand this review over to her. So without further ado, Rakisha’s first review for we heart this, on what may just be the most gorgeous tea we’ve ever come across~Stef

I’m not sure when my love of tea developed, because I hated it as a child. I had really bad asthma and my Mother would brew hyssop, eucalyptus, and comfrey herb teas to help me breathe better during a time when even decaffeinated tea was thought of as new age. My grandmother was more conventional. She would serve up boiling hot cup of Lipton tea with honey, lemon, and a generous splash of whatever strong brown liquor was in the house. I don’t know if it helped, but I sure slept okay.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed a fondness for tea as a way to relax or to enjoy a new exotic flavor without adding to my waistline. Berry and citrus-laced teas awaken my palette during the springtime, and vanilla based teas are as comforting to me as mashed potatoes and meatloaf. So I was more than overjoyed when I received a box of the Kusmi Tea Essentials to review, 24 of their 12 best selling teas (2 bags of each).

Kusmi Tea originated in Russia 142 years ago and was further developed upon a move to Paris. Since then Kusmi Tea claims to have “perfected the art of blending unique teas” and making blends that invigorate all of the senses. I can attest that the last century and a half of blending teas has served them well. Each tea in the assortment bowled me over (cupped me over?), especially the seductively named Sweet Love. It is a combination of black tea, guarana, spices and pink pepper. The taste warms your whole body like a passionate kiss from a lover. It was the first time a tea ever made me shout “Wow!”

My other favorites were Prince Vladimir—a combo of citrus fruits, vanilla and spices, and St. Petersburg that combines citrus fruits, red fruits and caramel. Besides their exquisite tastes, the Essentials selection we received is beautifully packaged in rich-colored paper with gold designs. The bags are made of muslin and the tags are sewn on, making them microwave safe. Though if loose tea is your passion, as you can see, their tins are breathtaking as well.

I am saddened to be down to my last 4 bags of tea, but I am going to splurge and order from their online store. And if you want a great gift for the tea lover in your life, combine the Essentials collection with the Kusmi shopping bag for a present sure to be a hit (and under 40 dollars)!

Review Team, let us know your thoughts on this historically tasty tea!


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  1. Oh, I love tea! I’m sad I didn’t get to review this one! Once the chilly fall and winter mornings set in, I drink a mug in the morning and a mug at night!

    When I was in preschool, I had a lovely teacher from South Africa and I went home with her everyday after school until my parents were finished working…she had a son my age and so we played together. Any time we had a rainy day she always made us hot tea for our afternoon snack so I loved it even as a 3-4 year old child!

    Not to mention going to tea at Laduree or Angelina’s in Paris is pretty much the chicest thing you can do with an afternoon (and the Laudree macaroons deserve a whole post and review of their own!).

    Such happy memories! And a delicious beverage too!

  2. Katie, I’m sorry you didn’t get to review it too, cause it’s absolutely amazing. Like I said, the minute it showed up I was oohing and ahhing. It looks like a Parisian Tea (by way of Russia) should look. How’s that? Beautiful and historical! I got a box with muslin bags too and they are really impressive, like little sewn masterpieces. Plus, they seem better for brewing than paper, the water flows through them easily and by the end, the tea inside has expanded and filled the whole bag.

    But the taste, oh my, the taste! The 3 Rakisha lists above were my favorites too, all for different reasons. My other fav was Anastasia; bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. It’s really aromatic and refreshing. I chose a blend based on my mood or what I was doing. A sweet tea like St. Petersburg after dinner when I was craving dessert. A spicy tea like Sweet Love when I needed and afternoon pick up. I was really looking forward to each bag!

    These teas don’t need any sugar either, and certainly no milk. I’m used to English tea, super sweet and creamy (delicious too, but not so good for you). I had absolutely no guilt drinking a couple of cups a day of Kusmi.

    I will def. be buying this again. A few for gifts as well. Wonderful stuff!

    .-= stef´s last blog ..We heart Illamasqua, a review… =-.

  3. Oh the vastness of the finer things in life.. and Oh the world of fine tea! Step aside Mr. Coffee! I love good coffee but I wouldn’t know what to do without our daily teatime and our dear Stef knows it. Anyone that calls our home phone –will hear this recording of my hubby’s distinctive deep voice. “We’re probably here, but that would interrupt our teatime. We’ll call you later”. No kidding it sounds so funny when I listen to it.
    Onto Kusmi Tea Essentials! The box I received is just the perfect item to learn all about Kusmi Tea. It has 12 varieties of amazing teas to indulge yourself with. I have to say right upfront that these are terrific and this is the best way to sample this line! That’s what in this pack of 24 enveloped muslin tea bags! Each envelope is brilliant in color and gorgeous. It’s also foiled sealed, to ensure freshness. I want to keep them because they are that Fancy! It’s hard to find quality tea – period.. Honestly, most of our specialty teas come from an online company and they are imported to this country! I wanted to see where I could buy these, and the only two places in California are at Bristol Farms on Sunset Blvd., and Lincoln Blvd. I have a Bristol Farms in Newport Beach and am tempted to call and ask them to get this product too! These teas have landed in the right hands.. I say this because drinking quality tea is a major part of our lives and we take it seriously, as we have it brewed every day at home.. Tea time is so relaxing and therapeutic too.. Just holding a warm mug makes me automatically unwind and feel a million times better! We use some of the finest whole leaf teas you can find in the world.. and I have to admit, this is amazing tea for a tea bag.. Bags usually have what I call, “floor sweepings” in them and are not worth a darn.. But Kusmi Tea has quality tealeaf.- I’m impressed-very.. and can say so, because I am spoiled with great teas and admit to know the difference! I used to be an average teabag drinker! You can see the leaf inside the bag.. I give this product 4 stars.. It’s definitely quality leaf. I would have loved to try some of their white teas.. Hopefully I can get my mitts on some soon.
    I strongly suggest trying this brand out.. You won’t be disappointed in the least. Maybe you too will become a serious whole leaf tea enthusiast- It’s been a very long time since I have had a bag a tea that am thrilled about!
    – Prince Vladimir – this was delicious. I wound up hording the second teabag until just today.. I even did a second running with the first teabag.. I know that’s crazy.. but I love this tea! It sure deserves the name Prince associated with it. It’s so regal tasting.. it has a great vanilla and light citrus infusion to it. Lovely with some honey and cream..
    – Anastasia – Loaded with Bergamot.. I love, I mean adore bergamot! A touch of lemon and orange blossom in this.. Delightful with just a bit of orange blossom honey..
    – Detox – I made this and then chilled it.. I totally enjoyed this with the lemongrass aroma.
    – Kashmir Tchaï – This was wonderfully spiced! It blows anyTchai tea I’ve ever had out of the water! Yummy!
    – Bouquet of Flowers N°108 – Another instant favorite – you got it.. it’s got that Bergamot I love in it. Of course, I have this with the famed cream and honey!
    – St Pétersburg- Wow, this was super citrusy.. and sweet.. I only added a smidgen of honey.
    – Decaffeinated Earl Grey with citrus fruits- I had no idea that decaffeinated Earl Grey could taste this good.. it was great for a my late afternoon tea –
    – Darjeeling N° 37- This was really mild.. I had honey and half and half with this.. It is lovely.
    – Green Darjeeling – This was nice.. I’m not a huge Green Tea fan, but enjoyed this very much. It comes from Arya garden.
    – Russian Morning N°24 Awesome. This black tea was as welcomed surprise.. I wanted this cup to not end..
    – Spearmint green tea- Okay, we also grow our own mint.. various mints.. so I love it.. This tea was so refreshing that I made it an ice tea..
    – Sweet love- Was the first tea I tried.. It was the one that I opened and shocked to see the huge leaf inside the bag… along with a bit of quarana and spices with pink pepper.

  4. I’m so happy to seem my first review on WHT and to know that I wasn’t alone in my enjoyment of Kusmi Tea. This really is the perfect time of year for hot teas, apple pies, and snuggling on the sofa. (Or at football game!) I don’t use sugar nor honey in my teas at all, and Kusmi’s were so vibrant tasting that I didn’t even think about adding any.

  5. I didn’t test these yummy teas, but Rakisha’s review sure makes me wish I had! I seem to go on and off tea. Well, hot tea, at least, I love my organic green teas however and i think I would like a number of these yummy flavors. I can add my cheers to the packaging – the box just looks fab. It will add color and interest to your kitchen as well as offering some much needed relaxation when you are ready to serve the tea inside the shiny, pretty box!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..A case of the (meatless) Mondays =-.

  6. These sound amazing!!! I want Sweet Love and Spicy Chocolate… ooo and the packaging is divine looking too!! Anastasia sounds amazing too.. I love some Bergamot!! great write up!! Now I want Tea :)

  7. I want some tea soooo bad right now!! Unfortunately, it’s 9:30 pm and my decaf bags from the collection are gone! Well, between the man and I, they’re almost all gone – he’s been drinking them every night, and I’m like “do you at least APPRECIATE the beauty of these teas??!” Going back to regular old tea is just not the same. This product gets 5 stars from me – I will definitely be buying this again. And I have had some very fine teas in the past (like some I got from Oprah they were so fine!). These rank right up there, and in some ways better – the presentation is gorgeous. I couldn’t wait to pull them out when I had company over the last weeks. The muslin bag like everyone has mentioned, looks great (love it, Stef – “little masterpieces” so true!) and serves a purpose I’m sure in improving the taste. I even love the tag. It’s thick, fine, coated paper so it doesn’t sog up if you drop it in the water and it just looks and feels rich. One of my favorite parts is that the brewing minutes are written right on the tag – I LOVE THAT!!! I drink so many different teas that have different brewing times that I’m always searching on the boxes for where it is. With this, you don’t have to search – it’s right there on every tag. I don’t need to mention the tastes as everyone has covered that – they are so delicious though. My favorites are also Anastasia, Prince Vladimir, and St. Petersburg!

  8. Mel, I am such a dunce! I did not even notice the brewing minutes on the tags. Jeez, that is genius.

    Welcome to wht, Lainie! I have not tried Prince Vladimir iced, but after reading your post, I sure want to. Tea lovers, check out her blog. You’ll flip your tea lovin’ wigs!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..We heart Illamasqua, a review… =-.

  9. I, too, received the Kusmi Tea Essentials and since I am a self-professed packaging hoor, I fell in love the minute I saw that gorgeous box. And then when I opened it to discover those little gem-colored bags inside? It was oh-vah. But then to discover the muslin tea bags with the staple-free tags? I was in sensory overload, I tell you, and I hadn’t even tasted the tea yet!

    Let’s just say that if you’re already a tea fan and you haven’t tried Kusmi, you need to get yourself this sampler box ASAP. And if you aren’t a tea fan, you need it as well. It will change your mind about tea. I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Hot or iced, sweetened or with milk, these teas are heaven in a cup. My faves so far are the Darjeeling Green and Prince Valdimir. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make another cup.

    (And of course, 5 very enthusiastic stars from me.)

  10. Hi Rakisha, That was a great review and I look forward to your next review. As a tea aficionado, I too cannot wait to try a cup. That said, I am also going to query BiBi regarding the additional ingredient added to that cup of tea. (Smile)

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