Laura Mercier Smoky Suede Palette

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Well, I did it. I bought the first product from a holiday 2014 collection. Isn’t she a beaute? It’s the Laura Mercier Smoky Suede Palette ($55), a cream to powder eye shadow palette with ivory, taupe and graphite shades. And the brush! I was throwing my money at the register as soon as I saw it; a flat shader on one side and the pointiest lil’ liner brush on the other. LOVE.

Ok, let’s get Leaguing.

Question of the Week: Do your beauty spending habits change during the holidays? Do you tend to purchase more (or less) beauty-related items for yourself at this time of year?

Answer: Um, see above. I spend way more at this time of the year, what with my limited edition disorder (must have all the LE things!)

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(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

How about you, we heartsters: do you tend to purchase more (or less) beauty-related items for yourself at this time of year?


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  1. I spend as little as possible but it’s soooo hard.. Everything is calling my name and saying to me that I need it! I know it’s not true but I sometimes break under pressure.. so, I guess I’m quite the weakling, succumbing to getting cool stuff!

  2. I spend WAAAAAAAAAAAY more…I’m a sucker for gift sets and limited editions and it’s just my way–I always spend more on makeup and beauty in the fall and winter. It balances out through the year, though. Kinda.

  3. I am such a sucker for limited edition stuff, and during the holidays, ALL OF THE BRANDS come out with limited edition goodies. And to entice me even more, they are usually such a great value! I try really really hard to limit my spending but I usually buy myself at least one Christmas present…

  4. I’ve always been pulled in by the holiday sets. It just doesn’t seem right without one (or maybe 2) under the tree. The Laura Mercier graphite shades look really pretty and wearable!

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