MAC 2013 Fashion Sets – swatches and review

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A late but very pretty review of MAC 2013 Fashion Sets

MAC Fashion Sets 

Do you remember the 2012 MAC Fashion Sets launch? The release created matching sets based on their best-selling products. It’s notable in my mind because it gave me Russian Red lipglass and nail lacquer to pair with my lipstick. (Thanks MAC!) It did the same for Spice lipliner and many other products, 16 sets in total.

MAC’s brought back the concept. (And could we have a yearly Fashion sets launch, pretty please?) This time on a much smaller scale with only 4 sets, but they added eye shadows to the mix. And they have another hit on their hands, because the collection is almost entirely sold out. In fact, most of the lips products were gone within a few hours. (You can still find the nail lacquers and eye shadows.)

So, why do we tease you with a post about products that you can’t purchase? Because we’re mean? No, simply because we see so many of MAC’s limited edition products repromoted. So, you could consider us late with this post or SUPER early for the next time these shades come around!

MAC Fashion Sets Embrace Me

The Embrace Me set gives us a beautiful hot fuchsia pink, and is the set that did the best in terms of matching.

MAC Fashion Sets Embrace Me

lipstick – hot fuchsia pink with a matte finish
eye shadow – dirty hot pink with a satin finish
lipglass – bright fuchsia pink with a fuchsia shimmer
nail lacquer – fuchsia pink creme, great coverage in 2 coats

MAC Fashion Sets Embrace Me swatchesEmbrace Me lipstick, lipglass and eye shadow

MAC Fashion Sets Embrace Me nail lacquer Embrace Me nail lacquer

MAC Fashion Sets Heroine

Heroine was the set that everyone was losing their matchin’ minds over, specifically the lipstick (which was a repromote.)

MAC Fashion Sets Heroine lipstick

Although gorgeous (especially on darker skin tones), the deep red-toned matte purple of the lipstick, the nearly identical lip pencil and the bright grape magneta “Grape Ape” like lipglass (look it up, kids) were not at all good for my warm medium-toned skin. But wow, I can see what all the fuss was about.

MAC Fashion Sets Heroine eye shadow

I can, however, wear Heroine eye shadow, a sheer-ish matte finish bright periwinkle purple that looks really pretty as an accent with taupes and greys. But it’s far from a match to the lip products.

MAC Fashion Sets Heroine swatchesHeroine eye shadow, lipstick, lipliner and lipglass

MAC Fashion Sets Heroine nail lacquer

And I flipped for the nail lacquer; a lighter, creamy purple version of the lip products that gave perfect coverage in 2 coats.

MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze

Ablaze was the set I was most drawn too; a bright orange cream that is oh-so summer.

MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze swatchesAblaze eye shadow, lipliner and lipglass

eye shadow – a light and dirty apricot orange with a matte finish
lip pencil – a dark yet bright orange red (matches the nail lacquer to a T!)
lip glass – a medium orange with shimmer

MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze nail lacquerAblaze nail lacquer

And the nail lacquer is divine; a dark, bright orange red with a creme finish that’s opaque in 2 coats. I buy shades like this over and over and don’t care a bit!

MAC Fashion Sets Silly

Finally, there’s Silly; a cool, milky pink set.

MAC Fashion Sets Silly swatchesSilly eye shadow and lipstick

The eye shadow is a light blue pink with a frost finish (that looks rather matte.) And the lipstick is a bright blue pink with a matte finish.

MAC Fashion Sets Silly nail lacquerSilly nail lacquer

Silly nail lacquer is a pepto pink sort of light pink creme that was unfortunately pretty streaky and didn’t quite cover in 2 coats.

So we heartsters, we apologize for the lateness of this review. But bookmark it and we’ll see you again for repromotes – there are quite a few products here that are worth a second (or third…) look.

Did you pick up anything from MAC’s 2013 Fashion Sets release?

photo: we heart this, shown on NC 25/30 skintone

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I don’t know why, because it’s not something I’ve ever worn, but the Embrace Me eyeshadow is really drawing me in. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of that dirty magenta pink color in general, but I think that’s the one that I would snatch up.
    And it would last forever because I’d probably only wear it sparingly, but it would get lots of longing looks on my vanity as I applied my boring pinky-brown eyeshadow every morning…

  2. ooh! I didn’t know they did a new release of this. The Embrace Me set is so pretty! I love how it all matches so closely too.

  3. I’m being distracted by the male model for the Kraft commercial to the right of my monitor! Let’s get Zesty! Clever ad, check it out! Ablaze looks super inviting and it’s good to know that the nail lacquer looks good with two coats.. Who just applies one anyway? MAC is so good at the reinvention act. Why not? I love what they do and they do it well.

    1. For shame, @irene! If you go to Kraft’s site, he is completely shirtless and amazing . . .

  4. I got to try the Herione lipstick, liner and lipglass. The lipstick is a gorgeous violet shade, lighter than Strong Woman. The lipglass however is a little more universally wearable day or night. It has a beautiful purple shimmer and the usual long wear time of a MAC lipglass. Embrace Me is gorgeous!

  5. I am drawn to the “Silly” set (funny–named after me). Such lovely pinks. And I dreamed last night that I was painting with the “Buttercreme” powder palette!!! I’m obsessed!

  6. Grape Ape! I can still sing the theme song (and probably will all morning now– thanks, @stef !)
    Ablaze and Silly are both appealing to me, and I love that purple polish! You’re so right, these colors will all come around again if we’re lucky.

  7. I tired out the nail lacquer and eye shadow in Embrace Me set. The nail lacquer goes on so nicely, and the color works well for a summertime self-pedicure. Definitely a little different, but acceptable for peeking out of open-toed shoes in the office. The eye shadow was a little bright for me, but I think if applied along the lashline, it’s great for this season’s pop of color eye makeup trends!

  8. Bummed to hear about the Silly nail color being streaky, love colors like that! But the lip shade looks fantastic so I will keep my eyes open for it in the future!

  9. Russian Red lipglass wasn’t new for those fashion sets… It’s been permanent forever! I’ve been wearing it at least five years, you’ve been missing out! :)

    1. You’re right Suzanne – I HAVE been missing out! Thanks for pointing that out.

  10. I’m loving the Silly eyeshadow! It does look pretty matte, but I like that about it. I’d never tried an eyeshadow that vibrantly pink before, but it works really well with blue eyes. I”m into it! The nail polish is definitely a bit streaky, but with a little patience I think it’s a good one for those moments when you’re feeling ultra feminine. Last but not least, that Silly lipsstick – wowza! It is bright bubblegum pink so I tried it with a couple of different outfits to see what it worked with the best. Dark colors made it seem a little Barbie, but with something like a springy floral print dress it is absolutely perfect!

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