MAC Paint Pot Painterly: Is This Eye Makeup Worth the Splurge?

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If you’re familiar with the eye makeup scene, you already know that one of the best ways to help you enjoy it longer is by using an eye primer before applying other products. 

Of course, if you’re new to the whole game, you might be wondering why this step is necessary in the first place. 

Professional make-up artist applying cream base eyeshadow primer to model eye

Well, in this article, we’ll be tackling that and more, as we’ll also look into MAC Paint Pot Painterly — one of the cult classics regarding eye makeup.

We’ll give you a Painterly Paint Pot review based on actual user feedback, which may help inform you better if you’re already considering adding this product to your makeup kit.    

So let’s get to it!

What Is MAC Cosmetics?

When it comes to makeup, MAC Cosmetics has made a name for itself as a premiere color authority since it was established in the 1980s.

Ask any makeup artist, and finding someone unfamiliar with this brand is hard! 

This company gives importance to inclusion and diversity, which can be seen in their products that cater to different skin types and colors, as well as their product availability in over 120 countries.  

The best part is that MAC Cosmetics has everything you need for a more gorgeous-looking you. 

From face makeup (foundations, blushes, concealers, highlighters, etc.) to lipsticks (lip balm, lip gloss, lip liners), from brushes and applicators to skin care (wash, serums, moisturizers), you can easily browse through their store to get the basics and then some!  

Their eye makeup line is definitely impressive as they offer a wide range of products like eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, eye palettes and kits, and of course, eye primers

What Is MAC Paint Pot Painterly?

Before getting into that, let’s look at what eye primers are for. 

Eye primers are creams or liquid-based products that you can apply to your eyelids to make your eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer. 

They work the same way as face primers do, but for your eyelids, they grip your lids and makeup to ensure makeup won’t budge or crease as you go about your day. 

And with that out of the way, let’s look at one fan-favorite eye primer out there: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots.

Pro Longwear Paint Pots come in iconic glass pots of 0.17 ounces instead of the more usual tubes that other brands of eye primers use. 

MAC sells these Paint Pots in 15 colors, with shades like Black Mirror, Born to Beam, and Tailor Grey. 

One of them is the MAC Pot Painterly color. You can think of Painterly as a hue that resembles nude beige or soft pink, which works well for people with cool undertones.

Indeed, a MAC Paint Pot Painterly swatch over the skin leaves it with a pretty pale pink hue and a matte finish.

Paint Pot in Painterly, in a nutshell, is like this:

MAC Paint Pot Painterly

This eye primer easily doubles as a nude beige cream shadow that you can use on its own or alongside other products for long-lasting, outstanding results. 

Key Benefits: Stay-true color; long-lasting wear; provides flexible coverage


  • Non-acnegenic
  • Non-creasing
  • Water-resistant

As one MAC Paint Pot review says, this is the perfect overall lid primer to apply before using eyeshadow or even on its own during no-makeup days!

The product inside the pot has a thick consistency that feels creamy to the touch but applies as a thin, even layer on your lids.   

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Painterly Review: Pros and Cons

As with all products, the MAC Painterly has its fair share of pros and cons.

As a buyer, you may want to read them before buying the product so you know whether or not you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

Pros of MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Painterly

  • Long-lasting wear

    This eye primer promises up to 24 hours of intense, vibrant finish when applied to your eyelids.

    According to MAC Paint Pot painterly reviews, this claim holds up as the product keeps eyeshadow in place without creasing and fading anywhere from 10 to 15 hours straight, making it perfect for long days inside and outside the office.

    Plus, since you won’t be reapplying the product throughout the day, your Paint Pot will last a long time. Some customers even said their Paint Pots lasted them years before finally running out!

    It also works great on mature skin because it can help the eyeshadow hold longer. There will be no movement whatsoever!
  • Easy to apply

    If you’re a newbie to makeup in general, applying anything around the eyes can be daunting since they’re so close to these delicate organs.

    Fortunately, MAC Paint Pot Painterly is easy to apply. All you need to do is reach into the pot with your finger, brush, or sponge to get a small amount of the product before patting it gently down your eyelids.

    Still unsure how to do it yourself? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply this product later on! 
  • Versatility and blendability

    Another plus point for MAC is the versatility of their Paint Pot Painterly, which you can adjust depending on your needs and preferences. 

    You can use this product in two ways: on its own, which works well to even out the skin tone of your eyelids and help give you a clean, fresh, no-makeup look, or as an eyeshadow base that helps keep your powder eyeshadow stay in place longer.

    When used as a base, it has the added benefit of enhancing the color of your eyeshadow, making it pop even more!

    Plus, it makes blending other products on your eyelids easier. This works perfectly if you’re fond of wearing multiple colors or gradients on your lids. 

Cons of MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

  • Price

    MAC Cosmetics are amazing, but they’re also known to be a bit above the price range of other brands, especially if you’re used to cheaper drugstore makeup selections like Revlon, NYX, or E.l.f.

    Unfortunately, MAC Paint Pot Painterly is no exception. This may dissuade you from trying it, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. 

    However, if you have the means for it, buying this eye primer from MAC Cosmetics may be worthwhile, considering a single pot can last you a long time. 
  • Quick drying

    Once applied to your eyelids, this eye primer dries quickly, which can be both a pro and a con.

    It means you’ll be done with your eye makeup a lot quicker, but on the flip side, you need to work very quickly to soften any rough edges or blend it with other products. Otherwise, you might get some patchy results.

    Also, you might find that the remaining contents inside your Painterly Paint Pot may get dried out quickly.

    This is because the oils in the product have separated and sank to the bottom of the pot. Using it in this state may give you stiff-looking swatches instead of smooth applications.

    However, there’s a quick and easy way to fix this issue, which we’ll list below. 
A woman wearing white shirt is applying makeup in front of a mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Apply MAC Paint Pot Painterly?

  1. Using a flat, compact brush (or your finger), take a small amount of the product from the pot.
  2. Start dabbing it on your eyelid, covering the entire area from the bottom up to the space under the brows. 
  3. Next, blend the eye primer using a soft, fluffy brush to ensure it looks smooth and even on your skin. 
  4. Leave it as is if you’re wearing it on its own, or start applying your eye shadow if you use it as a base.   

How To Fix Dried MAC Paint Pots?

Find yourself with a dried-out MAC Paint Pot? Revive it using these steps:

  1. Vigorously stir the product inside the pot using a fresh toothpick or wooden skewer. This will ensure that all the oils that have settled to the bottom will be reincorporated into the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Next, push the product downward using a clean container smaller than the pot. Press the container and the remaining contents of the MAC Paint Pot together to flatten it out.
  3. Clean off the edges.
  4. You’re done! You can use your MAC Paint Pot Painterly as usual. 

Here’s a video to walk you through those steps:

MAC Paint Pot Painterly Verdict: A Fan Favorite for a Reason

If you have both the budget and a desire to get better-looking, long-lasting eye makeup, then MAC Paint Pot Painterly is definitely worth trying out. 

Its versatility, blendability, and long-lasting effects will satisfy makeup newbies and enthusiasts alike. 

Of course, its price is its most significant setback as this MAC product is on the expensive side, particularly for those working on a tight budget. 

It’s not cheap, but we think the splurge is worth it, especially for a product this good!

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