12 Gorgeous MAC Lipstick Alternatives (You Need To Try)

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There’s no denying MAC lipsticks are amazing, but they also are expensive.

But they’re so delightfully satisfying, aren’t they? 

If you want to build on your lipstick collection but without $20+ on one tube, you should check out these MAC lipstick alternatives.

Do you love MAC lipstick?

MAC lipsticks never fail. They offer distinct shades for every skin tone. It’s like they have a unique formula for every set of lips.

Which is why women love them.

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For years, MAC, as a brand, shows a comprehensive understanding of colors and shades, making it easy for every woman to get the desired look for their lips.

With the quality and beauty of its lipstick colors, MAC lipsticks are worth the hype.

The brand has shades that can turn heads and catch attention.

MAC lipsticks can cost a pretty penny.

They sure are delightful and offer a beautiful shade range and quality.

But what’s holding many of us back from buying one is its price.

Why are they so expensive?

MAC lipsticks may seem like they can cost you an arm and a leg because they set the benchmark for the other lipstick brands.

But to be fair, MAC lipsticks are probably among the most affordable of all prestige brands.

For the longest time, the brand has held a distinct reputation as the standard among celebrities and common people.

With the components used and its unmatched quality, MAC lipsticks are justifiably expensive. And they are worth it.

As they say, every good thing comes with a price. And that’s the main reason why MAC lipsticks cost a pretty penny.

The brand is not just good, it’s undeniably amazing.

Looking for affordable MAC lipstick alternatives?

Let’s face it. MAC lipsticks are not pocket-friendly. But they are just so darn splendid, aren’t they?

A lot of women are torn about this actually.

And if you read this far, you probably are too.

So what are your options?

Have you considered these MAC lipstick alternatives?

Now, most of these MAC lipstick alternatives are not 100-percent a match with the genuine thing.

But you’ll be happy to know they are about 97 to 98 percent close to the real one. And some of the shades from these alternatives really capture the exact hues.

For the rest of us who are budget-conscious and still want to look their absolute best, I suggest you take on these MAC lipstick alternatives.

So if you’re a big fan of bargain buys and get thrilled when you save a buck or two from your purchases, you will these cheaper options to the original MAC lipsticks.

Here are the best MAC lipstick alternatives

In this post, I’m going to feature the fantastic MAC lipstick alternatives.

From the awesome Ruby Woo to the hot gorgeous shade of Russian Red, these are affordable alternatives to the popular MAC lip shades.

You’ll be surprised how accurate its shades. More importantly, these MAC lipstick alternatives won’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

Get your hands on these wonderful MAC lipstick alternatives for half the price.

MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick alternatives

Crazy about Ruby Woo?

If you’re in a frenzied scramble to get the look but not ecstatic about its price, check out these alternative lipsticks.

Here are alternatives that offer the same shade for a fraction of the real thing’s price.

1. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Red Lipstick, Satin Lipstick, On Fire Red

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, Lip Makeup, Cream Finish, Hydrating Lipstick, Nude, Pink,...
  • Creamy Hydrating Lipstick: This rich, creamy lipstick formula with Shea Butter leaves behind a sensuous feeling and creamy finish for smooth, supple lips, with no...
  • Smooth And Supple: Featuring pure color pigment, this lipstick is now available in a wide range of nude, pink, red, and plum shades that are rich, warm, and...
  • Let Your Lips Do The Talking: Find the perfect red lipstick and matching lip liner, collect each of our exclusive lip gloss shades, or treat your lips to lip balms that...


  • Vivid color that’s never garish
  • Sensationally gorgeous shade of red
  • Bright pigments that bring out the beauty of your lips

Are you ready for the bold red lip movement?

Maybelline New York’s got your back.

Introducing Color Sensational Red Lipstick. This product features the brand’s most trusted matte and satin formulae.

Kiss those dry lips good-bye. With Color Sensational Red Lipstick, you get a vivid red shade with a creamier feel; thanks to its nourishing honey nectar ingredient.

If you want to bring out the best of your lips, you will love the sensationally gorgeous, vivid red by Maybelline New York.

2. Jolie Creme Lipstick Long Lasting Wear – Classic Red

Jolie Creme Lipstick Long Lasting Wear - Classic Red
  • Smooth and soft texture and rich, glowing color.
  • Color has extreme staying power that will not fade or feather.
  • Makes lips appear fuller.


  • Rich, glowing shade with a soft and smooth texture
  • Won’t easily fade or feather
  • Lips will appear fuller
  • Infused with antioxidants to protect and soften your lips

Do you want to make your lips look fuller?

Then you will love Jolie Creme Lipstick.

Ideal for longer wear, this lipstick has impressive staying power. It won’t easily fade or feather.

The Jolie Creme Lipstick features a classic red shade that’s inspired by MAC’s Ruby Woo.

With its rich and glowing color, this product will make your lips appear fuller.

Plus, this lipstick contains antioxidants that can soften your lips and enhance your smile.

3. LA Splash Cosmetics Waterproof All Day Wear Liquid Matte Lipstick Classic Hollywood Horror Collection

LA Splash Cosmetics Matte Liquid Blood Red Lipstick Waterproof All Day Wear Lipstick Classic...
  • VARIETY COLOR: Unique never before seen colors conjured up to fit every shade of you. Ultra-Matte finish you are sure to SCREAM of delight.
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED: Sexy color that dries to a vivid flat, no sticky opaque finish.
  • LONG LASTING & WATERPROOF: This gorgeous matte lipstick glides on as a liquid and dries down to a velvety finish that lasts for hours and hours.


  • Long-lasting matte lipsticks that are ultra-comfortable to wear
  • Made of vegan material
  • Never tested on animals

Do you scream of delight when you see ultra-matte lipstick?

Check out this another Ruby Woo-inspired lipstick shade from LA Splash Cosmetics.

Wondering what to expect from this product?

This beauty brand offers a waterproof lipstick that you can wear all day long. It’s a liquid matte lipstick that can give you eye-catching lips.

With its jaw-dropping shade, this lipstick will bring out the inner goddess in you.

4. ColourPop – Lippie Stix (Glam Bag)


  • Bright magenta in an ultra-matte finish for a delightful lip shade
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Infused with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter
  • Doesn’t contain parabens and sulfates

Looking to get more oomph from your lipstick?

Check out Lippie Stix by Colourpop. It contains skin-nurturing ingredients like vitamin E, avocado, mango, and shea butter for enhanced moisture and comfort.

This product features a super-matte texture. It has a velvety feel and comfortable to wear.

You’ll be happy to know it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates.

Russian Red MAC lipstick alternatives

Russian Red is one of the heavy favorites of beauty bloggers. There are a lot of reasons why it’s very popular.

For one, this shade of red is universal. And if you want to showcase your teeth, it perfectly accentuates them.

This hue also features a matte finish, which brings out your lips, making it eye-catching.

Looking for the Russian Red shade?

Check out these lipsticks.

1. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick

Maybelline Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick, Crisp Lip Color & Hydrating Formula, Ruby For...
  • Satin Lipstick for Women: Ruby For Me, a satin red lipstick, is made using specially selected pigments & tested on 50 diverse skin tones. This collection features...
  • Smooth & Comfortable: Made For All lipstick features our satin & matte formulas with honey nectar for a smooth, comfortable feel that looks great on all complexions;...
  • Luxurious Soft Finish: Maybelline's non-drying satin lipstick leaves lips feeling soft and smooth with every swipe; The uniquely shaped bullet is designed to hug the...


  • Tested on 50 types of skin tones
  • Contains honey nectar for a comfortable feel
  • Soft and smooth on your lips
  • A perfect accessory that you should have in your makeup bag

Not sure what lipstick shade best complements your skin tone?

Check out this game-changer from Maybelline New York.

Introducing Color Sensational Made for All. Tested on 50 different types of skin tones, this product features honey nectar for a comfortable feel. It feels soft and smooth when it touches your lips.

Wondering what makes Color Sensational Made for All distinct from other lipstick brands?

It’s specially created using selected pigments to look sensational on a variety of skin tones. It takes out the guesswork so you get the perfect shade that suits you best.

2. Revlon Matte Lipstick, Really Red

Revlon Matte Lipstick, Really Red, 0.15 Ounces (Pack of 1)
  • Super vibrant. Super lush. Super creamy. This cult-classic lipstick is the perfect combination of high-impact color in a super-moisturizing formula
  • This lipstick uses microfine pigments so the shades are vibrant, but the feeling is lightweight
  • The formula is infused with vitamin E and avocado oil. Buttery-only better!


  • Gives maximum color with a suede-like texture
  • Doesn’t feel dry
  • Simply glides on your lips without cakiness or drag

Here’s another lipstick product with decades of brand experience backing it up.

Introducing Revlon Matte Lipstick, Really Red.

Wondering what to expect from this gorgeous lipstick?

This product won’t dry your lips. And it’s very comfortable to wear.

Infused with vitamins C and E as well as aloe vera extract, Revlon Matte Lipstick features moisturizing components that will protect your lips in hot and cold weather.

The shade is really red, and it’s awesome. It’s an excellent product that’s close to MAC’s Russian Red but for less than half the latter’s price.

3. NYX Matte Lipstick, Perfect Red

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Matte Lipstick - Perfect Red (Bright Blue-Toned Red)
  • Smooth and Plush Matte Lipstick: Load your lips with the plush, pigment rich matte colors of this shockingly smooth matte lipstick that glides right on and stays in place...
  • Creamy and Dreamy: This matte lipstick is never dry feeling, always creamy, dreamy and matte; Now available in a range of fresh new matte colors, these playful matte...
  • Lip Products For The Perfect Pout: Doll your lips in plush, creamy, perfection; Try our complete line of lip products including lipstick, lip gloss, lip cream, lip liner...


  • Pigment-rich red that’s perfect for your lips
  • Smooth matte texture that glides when you put it on
  • Stays in place longer
  • Doesn’t feel fry
  • Gives a creamy and dreamy feel

Want to get your lips in impeccable shape and beauty?

Check out NYX Matte Lipstick, Perfect Red.

It’s a unique lipstick that’s surprisingly comfortable to wear, owing to its vitamin C and E and aloe vera extract ingredients.

With its moisturizing components and unmatched matte shade, NYX Matte Lipstick cares as well as make you look good. The pigmentation is wonderful; you don’t need additional layers to get a bright red color for your lips.

When it comes to color and texture, this is one of the best MAC lipstick alternatives that’s almost identical to Russian Red.

Do you have medium-toned skin?

When picking a lipstick, you’d have to consider your skin tone.

For instance, if you have pale skin, your best choice would be MAC’s Ruby Woo; for fair skin, I’d go for Russian Red.

So what’s the best shade for medium skin tone?

Below are the best choices for MAC lipstick alternatives for medium-toned skin.

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 674 Coralberry

Revlon Lipstick, Super Lustrous Lipstick, Creamy Formula For Soft, Fuller-Looking Lips, Moisturized...
  • LUSCIOUS COMFORT: Formulated with 80% conditioning ingredients
  • LUXURIOUS COLOR: Made with microfine pigments for lipstick shades that are rich with color yet lightweight in feel
  • SOFT, FULLER-LOOKING LIPS: Glides on smoothly to visibly minimize lines for soft, fuller-looking lips


  • Captures the coral-colored shade of MAC Vegas Volt
  • Creates an eye-catching effect
  • Enhances the undertones of your skin

Looking for a moisturizing lipstick that’s perfect for your skin tone?

Check out Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 674 Coralberry. It’s a must-have; as essential as having a little black dress.

Wondering what to expect from this product?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 674 Coralberry is packed with vitamins C and E and mega moisturizers, so it won’t dry your skin.

If you want to have smooth and sexy lips, you’ll love this one. It will make your lips feel soft and stay kissable for hours.

For long-lasting smoothness and color that stay rich, you’ll love Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 674 Coralberry.

2. LA Girl Luxury Creme’ Lip Color – GLC543 – Demure


  • Packed with full pigments to give you a striking look
  • Contains a moisturizing blend of shea butter and aloe vera extract
  • Infused with vitamin E to enhance your lips

Do you want smoother and healthier-looking lips?

You’ll love LA Girl Luxury Creme’ Lip Color – GLC543 – Demure.

With its rich color and luxurious ingredients, this gorgeous lipstick will glide effortlessly when you put it on. And it’s very comfortable to wear.

This lipstick is also packed with full pigments and a moisturizing blend to give a long-lasting effect while soothing your lips.

So if you’re looking for flawless coverage for your lips, you should get your hands on this amazing lipstick.

3. NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream 583A Haute Melon

NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream 583A Haute Melon
  • A velvet-textured lip cream formulated with rich color and moisturizers
  • The round lipstick is creamy yet non-smudging and long-lasting
  • The color you see on the lipstick is the color you get on the lips


  • Velvet-textured lipstick with rich color
  • Offers a long-lasting effect that doesn’t smudge or smear
  • Also has a moisturizing effect to soothe dry lips
  • Cruelty-free

Want to make a dashing entrance at a party?

With NYX Haute Melon, you can turn heads and wow people.

This vibrant lipstick will bring out your best look. It’s got a radiant shade of red to create a statement-making look that lasts long.

Enriched with vitamins A and C, NYX Haute Melon gives a nourishing effect on your lips. It feels as good as it looks.

Always on the run and don’t have enough time to beautify?

With this lipstick, you can make your look pop even with minimal makeup. It’s perfect when you’re running late to an important meeting or event and you want to look fab.

What’s more, NYX Haute Melon is cruelty-free. This product wasn’t tested on animals.

For instant glam, get NYX Haute Melon.

Looking for the perfect MAC alternative for dark skin tones?

Are you looking for MAC lipstick alternatives that offer deep color payoff that will make a huge difference in your beautiful dark skin?

These products will give you the right touch and tone that will enhance your day-to-day look.

1. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Iluvsarahii x ColourPop – Mamacita


  • 100 percent kiss-proof
  • Won’t transfer or smudge
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Ultra-matte lipstick that glides smoothly on your lips
  • Super intense pigment with a bold look

Here’s a gorgeous lipstick that’s right for you, dark-skinned beauties.

Introducing ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Mamacita.

This product features a lightweight formula that will glide smoothly on your lips. It leaves an intense pigment, creating an ultra-matte look.

What I love about ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Mamacita is that it’s kiss-proof. It won’t smudge or smear and definitely won’t transfer.

Want to give your lips a fuller look?

With ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Mamacita, everyone’s going to have a serious crush on your lips.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color – My Mahogany

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color - My Mahogany
  • Smoother, more nourished lips instantly
  • Color sensational lipcolor's exclusive nourishing honey nectar dramatically hydrates beyond perfection
  • Discover a sensational improvement in overall lip appearance


  • Smooth on your lips and nourishes them instantly
  • Infused with honey nectar for lip hydration
  • Rich, stunning color that will turn heads

If you love the shade of MAC Spirit but not its price, then you will love Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color – My Mahogany.

This product captures the essence of its MAC equivalent, making it one of the best MAC lipstick alternatives.

The softer nude color mixed with the right blend of brown looks amazing on dark skin. You’ll fall in love with its rich and crisp color.

My Mahogany contains honey nectar, which gives it a velvety feel and moisturizing effect on your lips.

I hope you find this MAC lipstick alternatives list helpful.

No matter your skin tone or lipstick shade you choose, these MAC lipstick alternatives offer the same look and feel of MAC but without its price. You get the perfect glitz to complement your natural look.

MAC fans, would you give these MAC lipstick alternatives a try?

A close up of a pink lipstick on a pink background, showcasing MAC lipstick alternatives.


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