Michael Todd Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream review

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Roses are red and this cream helps me from feeling blue!

Michael Todd Damascus Rose cream 

The beauty goddess must be smiling upon me, because I recently received another amazing Michael Todd True Organics product for review. (If you worry about crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness and haven’t checked out their incredible eye-o-sonic yet – go read our review). Their latest, the Michael Todd Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream is yet another step forward in the fight against wrinkles, slack skin and aging.

While I once had skin that wavered between combination and plain old oily, as I’ve aged I have noticed my skin is noticeably drier and my old lotions just weren’t cutting it. While they offered instant moisture, they quickly seemed to disappear, leaving me with skin that looks and feels kind of crinkly and devoid of life. After just two weeks using the Damascus Rose Enriched Wrinkle Cream ($125) and my skin is starting to look like it’s old (make that young!) self.

Michael Todd Damascus Rose cream

Formulated for mature and dry skin, the Michael Todd Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream is packed with natural age-fighting ingredients that have been making both an immediate and long-term impact on my skin. According to the folks at Michael Todd, Damascus Rose “contains 10 different “peptides,” including next generation tri-peptides to ratchet up collagen production.” As the body ages, collagen production slows down leading to skin that is less plump, full and tight. The peptides in this cream can help keep collagen levels up and slow down the sag.

Additionally, the Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream is “rich in essential oils of Avocado, Jojoba, Palm, Rose Hip, Wheat Germ, Carrot Seed and Neem synergistically combined with antioxidants A, B5, C, E and Co-Enzyme Q-10” that combine to nourish and moisturize the skin while fighting against environmental stress. Top that off with blue green algae and black willow bark to help eliminate toxins while remineralizing and healing skin and you have one powerful little jar of cream!

Michael Todd Damascus Rose cream

Actually, let me rephrase that this purple jar is actually nicely sized (1.7 oz) and the rich, cream spreads well over the skin – just a finger-tip sized scoop can cover the whole face. Add in a second little scoop to cover the neck and chest – and this cream should last you a long time. So how does this cream perform?

I’ve been using the Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream as a nighttime moisturizer with fabulous results. Since the ingredients in the cream may cause sun sensitivity and there is no SPF in the cream, I’ve found this to be the best usage for me. After washing and toning, I can’t wait to slather this ultra-creamy, rich lotion on my face.

It quickly absorbs into my skin, leaving soft, dewy skin behind that smells faintly of roses. Normally, I’m not a fan of scented facial products, but this sort of powdery scented rose is calming and soothing as I drift off to sleep. In the morning, I can still see the cream in action as my skin still looks and feels hydrated and ready to face the day. As I continue to use this cream I’ll be looking for the promised long term effects; plumpness and fullness and skin that is less slack and saggy.

While this cream is stronger than my normal face lotions, it has not had any negative side effects. Not a single new pimple has appeared and my sometimes sensitive skin has stayed happy and healthy – no itchiness or redness here.

Super creamy
Extra moisturizing
Soft rose scent
Natural ingredients that fight the signs of aging


All in all, for those battling the ravages of time, or those with sensitive dry skin, I highly recommend Michael Todd’s latest offering. The Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream can give you smooth, supple skin and help you drift off to dreamland in a happy, rose-scented state!

we heartsters – have you discovered the wonder of Michael Todd? What are your favorite products?

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  1. I love a rose scent! I am using Weleda Wild Rose night cream these days and love the smell!
    Would love to try this! Great post!

  2. I am probably too oily to use this one during the day. But it sounds like it might make a great night time moisturizer. Michael Todd always has such great products. I would absolutely give this one a shot!

  3. I still use a Michael Todd Charcoal Detox face wash from the wht fairies. It’s a great night time cleanser! I’m pretty sure this cream is awesome too.

  4. I have never tried this line, but you had me at “Damascus Rose”–this looks delicious. I heart anything rose-y; the Salma Hayek Rose Petal Hydrating Balm and Stella perfume by Stella McCartney are two faves. I will have to try this cream–lovely review.

  5. @tyna, great review. Just shove some through the monitor . . . I love the thought of a rose-scented cream, and those ingredients make it truly a powerhouse! I’m not wild about paying this much for a product, but in this case it’s probably worth it.

  6. I find the scent of roses so relaxing, I’d probably use it as a night cream, too! (That and the lack of SPF.) In the photo it look so lush and thick. Aack, so tempting!

  7. I love the scent of roses, it’s very relaxing to me. I also like how creamy this one looks. I am at the age where I need to add more serious power creams to my daily routine and this one sounds great.

  8. Stumbled upon your blog today looking for reviews on Michael Todd products. This sounds fabulous and my mature skin would LOVE to try this product!

  9. Michael Todd products floor me every time! You all know how much I love my facial creams and how picky I am.. Well, I happen to just adore Michael Todd’s Damascus Rose Wrinkle Cream. The rose cream has given what I normally use as a day time moisturizer a real run for its money — yes, I know it’s hard to believe but true, my skin seems to think that it’s just perfect for daytime use!

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