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Michael Todd Soniclear Review

You know we love our beauty gadgets and sonic cleaning brushes here at we heart this. The advances in technology have made it possible to get spa and dermatologist level care right in your own home. And today, I’m thrilled to introduce the latest and greatest in sonic cleansing, the Michael Todd Soniclear.

SONICLEAR uses a patent-pending sonic-wave powered technology to micro-massage away dirt and other impurities and gently exfoliate at brush speeds in excess of 300 times per second. Powerful, yet gentle enough even for sensitive skin, SONICLEAR removes makeup 6x better and cleanses 2x better than with hands alone. Within just minutes of use per day, your skin is healthier, clearer and brighter looking with smoother texture and refined pores.

Michael-Todd-Soniclear-review-3Shown here in limited edition orange

As a huge fan of Michael Todd, particularly the eye-o-sonic, it came as no surprise to me that they have managed to create the best sonic brush ever, with all the bells and whistles, at a pretty fabulous price.

All right, $150 is not pocket change and a pretty big purchase. But the difference you see in your skin, and the amount you’ll save on products, makes this splurge worth every penny.


So what makes the Michael Todd Soniclear so special? For starters, the brush comes equipped with two brushes – one for the face and one for the body. While you have to purchase accessories or splash out more money on a complete kit with other sonic brushes, the Michael Todd has you covered from head to toe from the word go.

The face brush has a smaller head and softer bristles, while the larger body brush covers more skin and features slightly sturdier bristles. They are easy to swap in and out – even in the shower – depending on your needs.

Speaking of the shower, I love that this comfortable feeling brush has grips on the side of the handle. I’ve dropped my old brushes while sudsing up in the shower, and this seems to help me keep the brush firmly in hand, no matter how foamy I get!


The Michael Todd Soniclear has three speeds per brush head (slow, medium, and fast). Start out with the slowest speeds to see how skin responds, and build up to the super deep cleaning high speeds. Combined with the pre-programmed timer (one minute broken into three 20 second intervals), you can create the cleansing ritual that works best for your skin!

Sensitive Skin Note: Another huge difference with the Michael Todd Soniclear is that it does NOT spin. Great news for sensitive skin! It cleans with sonic motion, and by avoiding the spinning motion, which can irriate and even tear skin, this brush can be used by most everyone.

I have semi-sensitive skin, that can also be oily, and using the face brush at the highest speed leaves my skin smooth, matte, looking pore-free and without an ounce of irritation.


The Soniclear comes with a nifty little charger to hold the brush in between uses. When fully charged you’ll get 35 minutes of use from this brush (almost double the 20 minutes you get with the other sonic brushes).

But the biggest benefit of all is that the Michael Todd Soniclear is the “first ever sonic skin cleansing brush with built in antimicrobial protection against stain and odor causing bacteria”. Your brush stays clean in between uses no matter how much dirt and grime you whisk away from your face!


The folks at Michael Todd explain that “sonic cleansing can create a breeding ground for microbial contamination when skin cells, makeup and moisture residue combine with bacteria that cling to the brush bristles between cleansings. Traditional rotary and sonic skin cleansing systems don’t offer protection against bacteria. After extensive research and testing, we found a way to incorporate safe, effective and durable antimicrobial technology into the brush heads, leaving the brushes cleaner, fresher for longer.”

In fact, you should get six months of use from each brush head (as opposed to 3 months for the others) – saving you even more money in the long run!

So we heartsters, are you excited to check out the latest from Michael Todd? Start saving up, or put this gem on your holiday wish list, as it is my new must-have for clear, radiant skin! And if you just can’t wait, good news – we are GIVING AWAY a Michael Todd Soniclear to one lucky winner! Click here for all the details!

we heartsters – Are you a believer in sonic cleansing?

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  1. I really like that this one has a body brush option and the anti-microbial brushes… I think I need one of these!

  2. This sounds perfect. I never realized about any damage my current “sonic” cleanser may cause my skin. Bonus, having 1 unit that allows you to use on your face with 1 brush and switch out to the body brush. Definitely must get this. I love the color too :)

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