7 Best Nuface Gel Alternatives For More Affordable Options

7 Best Nuface Gel Alternatives For More Affordable Options

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If you’re a long-time fan of microcurrent facial treatments, then you’re likely already familiar with the Nuface brand. 

Chances are you’ve already bought one of their devices, which usually comes in a bundle with an activator gel.

Textured background with oxygen bubbles; Hyaluronic acid

This gel may already be working well for you. However, the cost of maintaining an all-Nuface microcurrent facial at home can be difficult to keep up with because — let’s be honest — they don’t come cheap.

Don’t fret! We’ve found some of the best Nuface gel alternatives, so keep reading to find your next choice of conductivity gel for microcurrent treatments at home.

If you’re new to this high-tech skincare trend, read on to find out why microcurrent treatments could work great for you.

7E Wellness ReStore Anti-Aging Conductive Gel
Editor's Choice
  • Collagen peptides with amino acids
  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula
  • Hydrates the skin
Foreo Serum
Premium Pick
  • Deeply moisturizing formula
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Contains squalane that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
AROMATICA Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Budget Pick
  • Soothing and cooling effect
  • 96% aloe vera
  • Economical and multipurpose
  • Can be used on other areas of the skin

What Are Microcurrent Facial Treatments?

A microcurrent facial is a non-invasive treatment that uses a microcurrent device to generate low-voltage electric currents that travel through the layers of skin to the muscles. 

This activates protein synthesis in the muscles and stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules that transport energy from the cells to other body parts. 

By activating both ATP production and protein synthesis, it essentially exercises your facial muscles. In short, it enhances the appearance of your skin by toning, lifting, and tightening it.

Are Microcurrent Facial Treatments Safe and Beneficial? 

The idea of using a device to deliver electric currents to your face can be scary. 

But did you know that non-invasive, low-current treatments like microcurrent facials are actually safe and capable of offering various health and cosmetic benefits?

How? First of all, it’s crucial to understand that the human body can produce electricity. Neurons actually need currents to send signals to the brain, making them essential for just about any bodily function.

Due to the human body’s electrical capabilities, scientists have explored the possibilities of using low-voltage electricity as a form of skeletal and muscle treatment since the late 1960s.

Decades later, studies on low-current treatments have expanded. Experts have found their potential to fight signs of skin aging.

One study found that microcurrent therapy can significantly enhance the quality of the skin in just one to two weeks. Another said it may help minimize enlarged pores, especially when paired with a laser treatment. 

The proven benefits of this treatment may explain the increasing demand for microcurrent devices, especially ones available for personal use.

Many brands, including Nuface, now offer microcurrent facial toning devices as a beneficial addition to your skincare regimen at home. 

Bodybuilders and gym-goers can also benefit from this non-invasive treatment because it helps with muscle recovery.

Do You Need Gel With a Microcurrent Device?

Yes, you need it. Microcurrent-compatible gels are a must for the device to work.

Our skin has a natural resistance to electricity, a quality that protects our bodies from the dangers of external electrical shocks. However, this resistance can also hamper the effectiveness of microcurrent devices. 

Pre-applying a conductive gel to your skin before using a microcurrent device allows you to maximize its benefits.

It acts as a conductor that helps the electric currents from the device travel from the surface of your skin to your facial muscles. So without it, your expensive skincare gizmo may not work as intended. 

Additionally, the application of a conductive gel also helps the device glide smoothly on the skin. This helps prevent the occurrence of unnecessary friction that comes about when you use the device on a dry face.

Note that not all facial gels can work with microcurrent devices. 

So when shopping for an alternative to the Nuface gel primer, make sure you look for a microcurrent conductive gel specifically. 

Why Would You Need a Nuface Gel Alternative?

Most companies that sell microcurrent devices commonly also offer their own conductive face gels. 

For example, Nuface offers two activators specifically designed for their microcurrent gadgets.

The Nuface Aqua Gel Activator is formulated with hyaluronic acid. It’s loved by many because it’s lightweight and very hydrating. 

If you’re not a fan of the gel texture, Nuface also has the Silk Crème Activator that promises to make your skin brighter and firmer.

Many long-time users of both of these Nuface microcurrent gels for the face love their effects on the skin. However, they’re both on the pricier side. 

The mini version of the Aqua Gel Activator costs $29, while the full-size option costs $39. 

Nuface’s Silk Crème Activator is even more expensive; the mini variant is available at $49 and the full-size one at $69.

How to Choose the Best Nuface Gel Alternative

Given their expensive prices, it’s understandable why you would want to find alternatives to Nuface gel primers. 

But how do you choose the right product that will fit your needs and your budget at the same time? 

Consider the following questions when selecting a product to help you make the right purchase. 

Is It a Conductive Gel?

You must make sure that your Nuface gel alternative is clearly labeled as a “conductive gel.” This type of product can transmit the low-voltage electricity produced by your device to your facial muscles.

Using a conventional face gel as an alternative will make using your microcurrent device practically a waste.

Is It Suitable for Your Skin Type?

Nuface gels are expensive because they’re filled with skin-loving ingredients.  

The good news is that there are now more conductive gel options with similarly high-quality ingredients from relatively affordable brands.

Some ingredients to look for in your choice of conductive gel include the following:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Squalene oil
  • Vitamin B3 
  • Natural extracts 

All these help make your skin smoother to prep it for your microcurrent facial. They also enhance the treatment’s benefits for the skin. 

So it’s vital to choose a product with any of these ingredients. Make sure to pick one that can also enhance your skincare regimen according to your skin type and specific concerns.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

The priciness of Nuface gels is the main reason why many microcurrent device users look for alternatives. 

So after ensuring the gel is conductive and suitable for your skin type, it’s good to consider if it fits within your budget.

7 Best Nuface Gel Alternatives

We’ve gathered a list of amazing Nuface gel alternatives that should be compatible with your microcurrent device.

The items below have cheaper prices but don’t compromise on quality.

7E Wellness ReStore Anti-Aging Conductive Gel With Bio-Active Complex

With a product created by a brand known for advanced skincare technology, you can be sure you’re getting the right conductive gel for your microcurrent treatment.

Key benefits: Leaves no greasy feeling on the skin; contains active ingredients that boost skin health; has anti-aging effects


  • Collagen peptides
  • Green tea
  • Hyaluronic acid

With its skin-loving ingredients, this product allows you to take care of your skin while your Nuface device delivers microcurrents to your facial muscles.


This conductive gel is from the Myolift brand, which has its own microcurrent line. So it’s definitely formulated to help your microcurrent device do its work effectively.

Avid users say that they only need to use a small amount of this gel to cover their entire face for each microcurrent treatment. This means you’ll be getting more product for a much lower price than that of the Nuface activator gels. 

Despite its more economical price, there’s no tradeoff for subpar ingredients here. This conductive gel is also packed with active, high-quality ingredients like collagen peptides, green tea, and minerals.

Its blend of collagen peptides has up to 9 essential amino acids. So it helps keep your skin plump and firm while reducing visible signs of aging.

It also contains hyaluronic acid, which is the best ingredient to tackle skin dryness or dehydration.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with Nuface devices. Tons of reviews confirm that it works well with any microcurrent device.

Foreo Serum

Are gel and cream not for you? Here’s the best serum for microcurrent devices!

Key benefits: Keeps skin firm and plump; deep moisturizing effect; dermatologist-tested as safe for all skin types


  • Hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate
  • Conductive serum formula
  • Squalane

If you love how serum feels, this one’s a great option to moisturize your skin deeply!


The combination of hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate in this serum deeply moisturizes your skin and helps maintain its youthful radiance.

It’s also infused with squalene oil, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for a wide range of skin issues. 

The product also features an innovative microcapsule system that helps deliver its benefits more effectively to the skin.

It’s conductive, so it will work on microcurrent devices, making it an excellent Nuface primer alternative in serum form.

Also, many people prefer face serums because they can go into deeper layers of the skin, while gel skincare products tend to feel heavy. So this one can be used daily. It’s definitely a must-try!

IndulgeMe Gel Primer

Address fine lines and dry skin while you deliver face-toning microcurrents to your facial muscles.

Key benefits: Leave-on formula; can be used with most microcurrent, radio-frequency, and laser devices; skin-brightening and hydrating ingredients


  • Nicotinamide (vitamin B3)
  • Gold foil
  • Hyaluronic acid

Whether you’re using a device from Nuface or other brands, this gel primer is designed to work with several popular microcurrent brands.


Are you looking for a new conductivity gel for microcurrent devices because of the steep price of Nuface gels? Or is it because you want something that has more skin-friendly active ingredients? 

If your answer is both, then you have to give the IndulgeMe Gel Primer a try.

This microcurrent gel has four active ingredients, including gold foil. Aside from its extra posh appeal, it also delivers skin-brightening benefits and aids cell renewal.

It also contains other active ingredients, namely nicotinamide (vitamin B3) and collagen peptides, which fight common signs of aging like dry, crepey skin.

Plus, it has hyaluronic acid, which boosts the product’s ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines by keeping the skin hydrated.

This conductive gel works with the leading microcurrent brands, so it can also be a good Foreo Bear serum alternative.

SolaWave Renew Complex Serum

This serum from SolaWave can help your microcurrent device fight wrinkles and fine lines more effectively.

Key benefits: Lightweight, moisturizing, and fragrance-free formula that suits dry or sensitive skin; has ingredients that can fight acne breakouts


  • Aloe vera juice
  • Cucumber fruit extract
  • Blue tansy

Not all serums are created equal, and if you need one that’s meant to be used for microcurrent therapy, here’s an awesome option!


Here’s another serum with conductive properties to use with your microcurrent device. The best part is that this one is filled with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and brightening ingredients.

The leading active ingredient in its formula is blue tansy, which can fight skin irritation and acne breakouts.

It also has aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid, so it can moisturize your skin. 

By keeping your skin hydrated and plump, it helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and blemishes.

Le Mieux O2 Calming Gel

Now you don’t have to worry about aggravating your skin during and after your microcurrent treatment — just use this product to calm your skin!

Key benefits: Soothes skin to reduce redness and irritation; hydrates and moisturizes skin; suitable for all skin types


  • Aloe leaf extract
  • Apple fruit water
  • Green and white tea

With an ingredient list filled with healthy natural extracts, this gel nourishes your skin from the inside out.


As the name indicates, this product is primarily formulated to calm the skin. So if you’re experiencing redness and irritation, this gel from Le Mieux can help soothe your skin instantly.

But it’s also packed with a total of 18 botanical extracts. Together, these ingredients make your skin smooth and soft and help it retain moisture, so it stays plump and looks nourished.

The calming effect of this gel makes it a good post-microcurrent treatment product. 

But it’s also formulated to carry low-voltage electricity from microcurrent devices to your face muscles.

With its soothing, brightening, and hydrating effects, it’s one of the best conductive gels for microcurrent treatments that you can find on the market.

Medicube Age-R Booster Gel Serum

Want to achieve firm and smooth skin? Give this gel serum a try!

Key benefits: Delivers long-lasting moisturization; hypoallergenic; good for sensitive skin


  • Plant stem cell extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vegan collagen

With the hybrid formula of this Medicube product, you no longer have to choose between a conductive gel and a serum — you can get both in just one gel.


Some products deliver moisturization that lasts for only a limited time — but not this one.

Medicube’s gel serum promises more than that and can help keep your skin moisturized for longer. Hyaluronic acid will help your skin stay youthful and maintain elasticity.

It’s also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones because it’s hypoallergenic.

You’ll also love that this product contains eco-friendly ingredients, including plant-based collagen and plant stem cell extracts.

While this gel serum is best used with Medicube’s Age-R device, it’s also compatible with other microcurrent devices.

AROMATICA Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Your skin should feel refreshed after a microcurrent treatment, and you’ll achieve that with this product.

Key benefits: Calms and soothes skin; has a cooling effect; moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin


  • Aloe vera leaf extract
  • Rosemary leaf water
  • Plant-derived propanediol

You can use this product on any part of your body, so it’s definitely a steal!


Aloe vera is the best key ingredient to have in Nuface gel alternatives because it mostly contains water, making it suitable for microcurrent treatments. 

It’s then worth noting that this gel has 96% aloe vera in it, which is also known for its amazing soothing, refreshing, and calming effects on the skin.

It also contains rosemary leaf water that revitalizes the skin.

All in all, this gel will improve your skin’s overall condition and help it stay smooth.

You’ll also love that it’s a multipurpose product. Aside from at-home microcurrent facials, you can apply this to your underarms and legs after shaving or waxing.

If you’re trying only to use skincare products with plant-derived ingredients, choosing an Aromatica product is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Nuface Device With Other Gels?

Yes. Although it’s best to use a microcurrent device and gel from the same brand, you can use most conductive gels for the face with Nuface devices.

Is It Okay To Use Face Oils With Microcurrent Devices?

Face oils and other oil-based products can be beneficial to various skin types. But it’s best to avoid face oils for microcurrent treatment.

Oil isn’t a conductor of electricity. So applying pure face oils before getting your microcurrent device to work basically blocks the low-voltage electricity it produces, preventing it from working as effectively as it should. 

That said, you may notice that some conductive gels contain fruit or botanical oils, which doesn’t automatically make them incompatible with microcurrent devices.

It’s likely that they only have low concentrations of oil-based ingredients.

How Often Should I Use My Microcurrent Device?

Most experts recommend using microcurrent devices almost every day of the week, especially for first-time users.

Nuface, in particular, recommends using their device five days a week. Much like building muscles on other body parts, your facial muscles will need the workout to get properly toned and contoured.

Most microcurrent devices can be used for five minutes every use. But to be extra sure, don’t forget to read the instructions from the manufacturer.

Warning: Don’t use your microcurrent device if you have an active acne breakout. Focus on treating your acne first with the right products before using your device on your face. 

What Gel to Use With Nuface Devices? Choose From Our Picks Above

A product’s price is important to consider in maintaining a skincare routine, especially if you’re trying out an at-home microcurrent treatment.

So affordability is a valid factor to consider when looking for Nuface gel alternatives. 

The great news is that the best conductive gels for microcurrent therapy can be affordable and have good-quality, skin-loving ingredients at the same time. 

Just ensure you’re buying a conductive gel for microcurrent to pair with your Nuface device. 

With many great alternatives out there, you can choose the right gel or serum that will help you achieve your skincare goals!

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