Remington Ultimate Stylist Tool Flat Iron and Curling Iron Review

Remington Ultimate Stylist Tool Flat Iron and Curling Iron Review

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Because just one hair style is never enough…

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Some days I’m quiet and reserved and I just want to do my job and get home to my kindle or DVR. Other days I’m all about being social and finding where the fun is at. More times than not, my hair ends up matching my mood. Some days I want a sleek, professional look, others I want flirty, bouncy or downright sassy locks.

I bet a few of you feel the same and your bathroom cabinet is probably as overstuffed as mine with flat irons, curling irons, curling wands, diffusers and condensers, not to mention those multiple bottles of product to help achieve the above mentioned manes. The trend setters at Remington know that one look is never enough, and they have come up with a solution to feed our chameleon hair habits, while reducing clutter in our cabinets, all without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Stylist ($32.99) delivers four looks with one cool tool. This flat iron slides out to create curling wings so you can go from straight hair, to tight curls, voluminous spirals, or loose beach waves.

The Ultimate Stylist is packed full of additional features for its low price. It has the all-important ceramic plates for less damage and quicker styling. A 30 second heat-up time will achieve salon high heat of 400⁰F. There are 30 variable heat settings and the dial, as well as the on-off switch, are located on the inside of the handle, which I like so my hand doesn’t inadvertently change the setting while I’m styling.

A few more bonus points should be awarded for the plates that can be locked shut when not in use, as well as the 360⁰ swivel cord to help combat cord tangling and aid in styling ease. Oh, and the 60 minute automatic shut-off means you never have to worry if you actually pulled that cord before you rushed out the door.

So will the Ultimate Stylist have the review team doing some spring cleaning on our overstuffed bathroom cabinets? We’ll see when everyone checks in – especially our reviewers with long locks. My recently shorn hair doesn’t go past my chin, so my best test was with the straightener.

I can attest that this iron does get HOT. I would advise that you use a good heat protectant cream at least until you find your exact setting – I did not at first, and didn’t know anything was wrong until my husband walked in the bathroom and said “Do you know your hair is smoking? Can’t you smell it burning?!” After that I turned the setting way down, put some thick cream on, and worked my way up the dial until I found my proper temperature.

I got my thick, coarse hair straight in a decent amount of time – not as quickly as with a higher-end iron, but not bad at all. The curling wings were awkward for me at first, but I varied my technique after watching this video and by pulling much thinner pieces of hair, I was able to achieve some good curls toward the top of my head. That was pretty exciting and did have me longing for my longer hair!

Low price point for a ceramic iron
Up to four different looks possible, depending on length and thickness of hair
30 second heat up
30 variable heat settings
400⁰F salon high heat
60 minute automatic shutoff
Easy action slide to create curls

Takes longer to straighten than with a salon iron
Very small sections of hair must be pulled through to get good curl results
Can damage your hair if you don’t use a heat protectant cream

we heartsters and Testers – have you tossed a few tools and added some cabinet space thanks to the Remington Ultimate Stylist?

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7 thoughts on “Remington Ultimate Stylist Tool Flat Iron and Curling Iron Review”

  1. I have long hair and was so excited to test the Remington Ultimate Stylist. First of all, I’m not the most coordinated person when it comes to hair gadgets, so there was a learning curve with this one because it’s so unique. Using it as a flat iron was easy, but curls took a little practice. I watched the video on the Remington site as well as a few others I found on YouTube, and was finally able to master the straightening vs. curling use of the iron. You’re right, @melinda, the trick for curls is doing really small sections of hair at a time.

    I was surprised by how hot the Stylist gets– a great thing for effective curling or straightening, but as with any styling appliance, you have to respect the heat or you can fry your hair. Mel, I can’t believe your hair was smoking! It does get hot very quickly, too.

    There are many features I appreciate, like the swivel cord, the automatic shut-off, and the plates that move to create different sized curls. For the price, I think the Stylist offers a lot if you’re willing to take the time to learn how to use it. I’m not ready to give away my other hair tools yet, but now that I’ve finally got it down, the Ultimate Stylist is a regular tool for me. 4 stars.

  2. I’m looking for a new flat iron, mine is still good but it’s getting old and I would like to have one at the office . One of the reasons this appeals to me, is for its automatic shut-off feature. For under $33.00 I may give it a go. Great review@melinda!

  3. I really enjoyed this hair tool. It works great for straightening and curling. I have very thick medium length hair. (I have to always take small sections as a result of having so much hair.) The Remington hair stylist is great because it is affordable, assessable and compact. I love the fact that I had to pack ONE small thing in my suitcase to curl and straighten. (I love things that do double duty!)

    Four Stars

  4. I am so glad to hear that you longer haired ladies tried and had luck with this! And I agree @hao9703 that this would be great as a travel tool for all the styles you could want. And I agree with you too @turboterp that while it doesn’t make me want to give up all my styling tools (that work a bit quicker and more smoothly for straightening), for all the features it has, you can’t beat the price.

    Just again, if you’re considering buying it, like turboterp said, respect the heat and use some good cream first and try the lower settings first because it is powerful heat! From using it on the highest setting, it actually fried about an inch in diameter chunk of hair completely out of my head (thank God it was a layer below my top layer). It took quite a few months to grow back (my stylist even said she didn’t think it would!), but it’s now filling in nicely.But when used properly, it does do a decent job, so I’d actually probably give it 3 stars for what it can do. I don’t get much use out of it with shorter hair, since I can really only take advantage of the straightening side of it, but with longer hair, I could see it as a good tool to use for multiple looks.

  5. I have stick straight hair so I would only use one of these guys to try waves and curls like I’ve seen on YouTube. This seems like a cool product! I’m a bit wary of heat products sometimes so I’d only use it once in a while. Great review @melinda!

  6. Late to the party on commenting, but I love the Remington Ultimate! The crappy old flat iron I was using only straightened and it didn’t do a great job at that. But I’m loving this one. It does a great job of providing so many looks in one handy device! I love how fast it heats up and how easy it is to work with. This one gets 5 stars from me!

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