How to Curl Hair With A Curling Wand: Hacks You Need To Know

How to Curl Hair With A Curling Wand: Hacks You Need To Know

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Wondering how to curl hair with a wand? Curling your hair with a wand can result in gorgeous curls or beachy waves. This post will show you how to get those magazine-worthy locks. 

Woman curling her hair with a curling wand

I’m sure you probably had your hair curled (or at least seen a curling iron) before. But if you haven’t, well, a curling iron is a heated tool that you can use to style hair.

If you want to be in the loop about curling hair and tools, this post is for you.

In this article, I’ll share useful tips on how to curl hair with a wand. These ideas are perfect at any time of the year. If you have previous experience curling your hair with a wand or any tool, this post will help amp up your styling game.

What do you need to start curling your hair with a wand?

You’ll need a styling lotion, a wet brush, and a curling iron.

Wondering what hair curling products are best?

For the styling lotion.

I suggest you use the Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion (8 Ounces). What’s great about this product is that it is infused with vitamins to enhance the sheen and add strength to your hair.

It’s also a blow-drying essential especially for hair that’s fragile, fine, or was chemically treated.

With the Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion, you get fewer tangles and less breakage with your hair. It gives shine, body, and soft hold for all styles and types of hair.

For your hairbrush.

You can use the ever so popular Wet Brush.

This hairbrush can detangle your hair with ease. It can effortlessly free up the knots and tugs, whether your hair is wet or dry.

Hair breakage happens when the bristles aren’t soft and flexible enough.

But with the Wet Brush, it can straighten out the stubborn tangles without breaking your hair. In fact, it can strengthen your hair from root to tip.

For your curling wand.

Check out this highly-rated curling wand.

With over 2k reviews and 4.5 starts you know you are getting a quality product. 

It also features adjustable temperature settings. You can heat up its barrel within a minute.

How to curl hair with a wand?

To get started, put styling lotion on your hair first.

You should also get the tangles out too. After applying the lotion to your hair, get the knots out with your hairbrush.

Now, the idea of curling your hair is to wrap your hair around the heated barrel.

After leaving your hair heated on the barrel for a few seconds, unwind your hair from the barrel and hold the curl in place in your hand for a few seconds to help solidify the curl

Ideally, the whole process will give your hair a good curl.

How to curl your hair with a wand tutorial:

Why should you start curling your hair with a wand?

The most noticeable benefit to using a curling wand is the absence of a weird crease on your hair after you curled it.

With a curling iron, there’s a clamp or “flipper.” This component can leave a ridge or groove on your hair. So instead of just having curls, you also get a furrow line, which looks ugly.

A curling wand doesn’t have this clamping part, which is great because your hair will only have the curls and no creases.

What’s more, a lot of curling wands today have different “sizes,” allowing you to achieve various sized curls.

Curling your hair with a wand may take some getting used to.

You’re probably wondering how to curl hair with a wand when you’re used to doing it with a curling iron.

To be honest, it may take a bit of practice and getting used to.

When you’re more familiar with the curling iron, invest time in practicing with the wand to learn how to use it better.

Eventually, you will know the ideal length of your hair for the curling wand to set.

Plus, you’ll also get a good idea of how to correctly wrap your hair around the wand.

Wondering how to curl hair with a wand and get it bouncy and beautiful?

Now, if you’re used to a curling iron instead of a wand, this may take a bit of an adjustment on your part. You’ll have to get used to the idea of not having a “flipper” clamping down on your hair.

OK. So first off, you need to select the right heat level.

Starting out with a heat setting that’s too high for your ideal level may result in frying your hair.

If you’re not sure how hot the wand should be, be on the safe side and always go with the lowest setting. That way, you can assess how your hair does at all viable heat levels, starting from the least hot.

Not enough heat?

Simply increase the heat setting as little as possible. Crank it up until you get to the right level.

Do you have thinner hair?

Don’t risk frying your hair. Go low with the heat. The lower the setting, the better and safer it is for your hair.

As for thicker hair, amp it up. You’ll need more heat if you want to have your hair curled with a wand.

Tips For Curling Hair With A Wand

1. Make sure the wand fits.

Be sure to test the curling wand unheated on your hair. Familiarize yourself with the tool without burning yourself (or worse, frying your hair).

Know how many times you can roll your hair around the wand. Try it out without risking your hair or head from burning.

2. Prime your hair first before curling it with a wand.

Now, it’s time for the real thing.

While you’re getting the curling wand to its ideal heat setting, take the time to get your head and hair ready for the next process.

Some people can get away with curling immediately without making preparations beforehand. They just curl right over the frizz, waves, and normal curls.

You are lucky if you are one of these people.

But if you belong to the majority of the curling population that can’t get away with curling right away, here are tips on priming your hair.

First, you need to make sure there are no major tangles or knots. To straighten your hair, grab a brush to free up the entanglement. A hair styling lotion will also come in handy for this.

At this point, some people may make use of a heat-protectant spray.

In all things, it’s best to test out the product(s) (hair-styling lotion and heat-resistant spray) if you’re using it for the first time.

3. Get your hand wand curls on.

Grab a section of your hair. Ideally, take a portion that’s smaller than an inch. Then separate it from the rest of your locks.

If you work with a section that’s more than one inch, you may not get the much bounce once you’re done curling your hair with a wand.

Now, flip the wand so its point is close to your shoulder. Just make sure not to burn your skin; if it touches, it’s very hot.

How to wrap your hair on the curling wand?

When wrapping your hair, start at the base of the curling wand (with the tip of the wand near to your shoulder).

Without touching on the hot device, wrap your hair toward the tip of the curling wand.

Once you complete the wrapping process, hold your hair around the curling wand for a couple of seconds.

In no case shall it exceed five seconds.

The curling wand can curl really fast because of its heat setting (comparably hotter than a conventional curling iron).

So if you hold your hair around the wand longer than five seconds, you risk frying your hair.

Remember these curling wand tips:

Only take a small section of your hair at a time. No more than an inch per portion, separating it from the rest of your mane.

Because if you take more than an inch, your hair won’t come out as bouncy.

Wrap your hair around the curling wand quickly. Start from the base of the device and toward the tip.

Hold your hair around the wand for a few seconds. But no more than five seconds at a time. Then let it go.

Wondering how to curl hair with a wand to get a loose wavy look?

Do you want loose waves instead of curly hair?

The longer you wear your curls, the looser and looser they get.

But if you want the loose waves right away, here’s an easy trick to get that desired look.

After curling your hair with a wand, get a paddle brush and just use it through your hair.

Use A Curling Wand For Loose Waves Tutorial: 

Want to achieve soft waves on your hair?

According to celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis, curling wands can give you looser hairstyles.

The Suave Professionals ambassador works with a number of celebrities, including Katharine Langford, Camila Cabello, and Julianne Moore.

“If you’re going to do soft waves or beach waves, you would use a curling wand because you don’t need a clamp to set the hair,” he said.

Marcus also pointed out that you shouldn’t position the curling wand too close to your head. Otherwise, it will create a rounding effect that isn’t so flattering for your overall look.

Did you know hair-twisting direction matters?

When curling your hair in the front, it’s a good idea to wrap away from your face.

Marcus explained that if you wrap your hair forward, it will close into your face. Ideally, you should show off your face as much as possible, he added.

As for your hair in the back, you can do alternate twisting directions.

Want to have a longer hold?

It’s all in the preparation while your hair is still wet prior to curling.

“You have to prep the hair with something,” Marcus said. “You can’t just have clean hair, use a wand, and then hair spray.”

He mentioned a combination of sea salt spray, thickening spray, or mousse to have a longer hold for your hair.

“If you don’t create memory in the hair, it doesn’t matter how long you wand or tong it for,” he advised.

I already mentioned Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion above. Here are other hair products I recommend for use in prepping your hair.

Do you want to create beachy waves?

Infused with rice protein, OUAI Wave Spray adds body and enhances texture to your hair, giving it hair memory and shine.

This product is paraben-free and wasn’t tested on animals.

If you want to achieve an effortlessly chic look, OUAI Wave Spray can do wonders for you.

Are you looking to add volume to your mane?

R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray features the quintessential formula to add volume, body, and shine to your hair from root to tip.

To apply, spray it on your towel-dried hair. This is perfect when you need to use a hot roller or curling wand afterward.

R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray’s key ingredients include aloe leaf extract, ginger root extract, pro-vitamin B5, and honey.

This product doesn’t contain paraben, sulfate, petrolatum, and mineral oil. It’s cruelty-free too.

Want to create the style you want and lock it in place?

Check out Suave Professionals Sculpting Gel Firm Control.

This product delivers extreme control and brilliant shine, allowing you to create your desired hairstyle while locking it in place.

Suave Professionals Sculpting Gel Firm Control contains a humidity-defense complex that lets you mold your hair and have it stay put that way longer.

To apply, take a dime-sized amount and rub it with your hands. Spread it evenly on damp hair, stretching it from root to tip. Then create the style you want.

Conclusion: How to curl hair with a wand

Are you passionate about styling your hair?

Then learning how to do your hair curled with a wand is an important skill that you should learn.

But why curls, you might ask.

Well, they are everything! (In my opinion.)

With curls, you can turn those rushed morning hairstyles look gorgeous.

Plus, beautiful curls can add texture and volume to your hair, giving it movement. And it can make ponytails and braids look more fabulous.

If you love this post on how to curl hair with a wand, you’re going to love my other hairstyle posts too.

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