41 Romantic Rose Nail Designs To Get This Valentine’s Day!

41 Romantic Rose Nail Designs To Get This Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It is a celebration of love and romance all over the world!

beautiful multi color rose nail design with a rose in the background

It’s the time of the year when lots of romantic cards are exchanged, gifts of chocolates and flowers are sent with romantic messages, and couples spend special time together.

This is the day when you absolutely want to feel and look good. So to complete your Valentines Day look, go to your trusted nail salon and get your nails done! 

Among the perfect nail set you can get this season is a rose nail design since roses are deeply associated with sophistication, elegance, love, and affection.

But did you know that there are lots of rose nails designs that you can choose from? 

If you want to add romance to your nails for this beautiful day, skim through this article! You might find interesting ones that can make you feel the essence of the season of love!

What Are Rose Nail Designs?

A rose nail is a type of decorative nail art that involves painting a rose design on the nails. There are many different ways to create a rose nail design, ranging from simple to complex. 

Some common techniques include using nail polish or acrylic paint to create the design or using nail stickers or decals to add a rose pattern to the nails. 

Rose nail designs are a popular choice for special occasions, such as weddings or proms, but can also be worn as a fun and unique everyday look.

Reasons Rose Nails are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Here are some of the reasons to choose rose nail designs during the most romantic time of the year:

  • Detailed roses for nail designs on your nails can elevate the look of the style you’re going for. 
  • Light rose nails are one of the best shades to consider if you don’t like bold white nails.
  • Rose nail shades especially look stunning on summer days and spring.
  • Rose nail designs add blush to your nails. 
  • Rose nails are classy.
  • Nails with rose designs look perfect with pastel-colored clothing during dates. 
  • Rose nails can be worn on any occasion, but most especially on Valentine’s Day.
  • Rose designs on nails give a beautiful contrast to dark-colored or tan skin.
  • Nails with rose designs never go out of style.
  • Rose nail art designs scream femininity. 
  • Rose shades on nails instantly add a pop of color without changing the feminine vibe of your outfit. 

If you’re convinced, choose your desired nail shape, colors, and stickers to create the perfect rose nail design that suits your mood and style for Valentine’s season!

A manicure that has rose or flower details will undoubtedly let you show off your lovable, sweet side.

In this article, we’ve gathered several ideas that will make you fall in love with these floral rose nail designs. Check them out below!

41 Pretty Rose Nail Designs for Valentine’s Day

Scroll down to get some rose nail design ideas and inspos that will set the romantic mood for your Valentine’s Day. 

Seductive Rose Nails

Try this seductive red nail polish on your coffin nails and pair it with a stamped black rose nail design and a glossy top coat. 

Matte Burnt Maroon Nails

Spice up your round nails with a burnt maroon matte top coat, then add a gold 3D rose nail accent for detail. 

Sleeping Beauty Nails

Want to feel like princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty this Valentine’s Day? Wear this Barbie pink rose shade on ballerina nails with a 3D rose detail decorated with rhinestones. 

Rose Gold Floral Nail Art

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you can’t serve some rosy pink nail realness. Get your nails painted with rose gold polish with hand-painted rose nail art! 

As accents, chunky glitter polish with rose gold foil on one nail each hand will look magical.

Glittery Lavender Nails

Wish to get away from the cliché? Why not choose a lavender acrylic nail set covered with subtle white glitter? And don’t forget to add 3D rose nail art, pearls, and rhinestones for feminine vibes. 

These lavender sugar nails will surely be an eye catcher!

Ruby Nails With Black Rose Outline and Gold Foil

This intricate rose nail design comes with three layers: a water base top coat, gold foil, and an outline of a black rose on top. The results? Stunning and alluring red nails that look like stained-glass windows! 

Blushing Pink Ombre Nails

Two-toned ombres are still a thing, and they probably won’t go out of style! Try these rosy ombre nails and add 3D looking rose designs topped with rhinestones for a spark!

Stamped Rose Nails

Paint your nails with satin pink nail polish and add stamped white roses on top to accentuate!  

Nude Nails With Painted Rose Detail

Try nude almond nails today! Make it fun by painting some of the nails with red roses, then finish it with a glossy top coat.

Gothic Nails With Rose Design

Go for a gothic-themed Valentine’s Day with these glossy black nails. Add a twist to the rose nail art design to amp up and add glamour to your regular black nail polish.  

Textured Rose Press On Nails

Press-on nails are among the hottest nail trends today. Get these nude textured rose press-on nail sets and achieve this stylish and unique rose nail design that you can wear for your date!

Blue Rose Over Black Nails

Who said that blue and black don’t complement each other? This rose nail design says otherwise! Get your oval black nails painted with blue rose nail art today!

Deep Red Matte Nails with Black Roses

These beautiful glossy black rose nail outlines against deep red matte nails will offer you the beauty of a vampire’s timeless love.

Brown Textured Rose Nails

Get into the nude aesthetic with different matte browns and a 3D rose nail art at the bottom of each nail. Don’t forget to spread rhinestones to add contrast to the matte neutral gels! 

Rose in Shades of Blue

Do you love blue shades? You can apply your favorite shades of blue to your nails on transparent long acrylic nails and sprinkle glitter here and there! This set is particularly inspired by a Genshin Impact character.

French Tips With White Rose Nail Art

Achieve a minimalist look with these French tips on square nails accented with one fingernail filled with white roses. 

Red Roses and Gold Flake Ombré Nails

Accessorize your black nail coat with gold flakes, ombre, and hand-painted red rose nail designs that are suitable for the romantic season!

White 3D Rose Nail Designs

If you’re looking for a unique and elegant rose nail set, your search ends here. Say yes to this 3D rose nail design with shades of white, silver, and a little blush of pink. 

Black Marble Rose Nail Art

Turn your coffin nails into a work of art with these black rose nail paintings and some black French tips smeared with gold foil!

Purple Nails With Gold Roses and Rhinestones

Who loves some purple nails on Valentine’s? If it’s you, try glossy purple gel polish decorated with gold rhinestones, silver glitter, and gold chrome rose designs on nails.

Latte Nails With Beige and White Roses 

For a lowkey yet romantic look during the romantic season, sport the classic browns on your nails and ask for white and beige roses to also make them lowkey stand out. 

Electric Green Rose Nail Art

For green shade lovers, these neon green nail designs on top of teal green gel polish are a match made in heaven for you! Its random neon green lines and green rose nail art details make it unique and striking.

3D Rose Nails

For this design, opt for medium-length nails. Paint them nude and add red and white 3D rose nails and rhinestones of different sizes for a romantic spin to your nails.  

Gothic Rose Nails

This glossy black stiletto manicure is spruced up with a dark red rose nail art, creating a moody, gothic Valentine’s vibe!

Wine Red Nails + 3D Roses and Rubies

Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without wine and red roses! Match your nail’s color and details and top it off with red rhinestones. 

Red Glitter French + Roses

Try new things like this twist to French tips: the red glittery tips over a matte off-white polish! Add glittery red rose designs to spice up your nails.

Sangria Red Glittery Nails With 3D Rose Accent on White

Want another idea for an elegantly vampiric look this Valentine’s Day? 

These stiletto nails painted with stunning, glossy red polish covered in glitter and accented with a 3D rose and rhinestones on one glossy white nail each hand will give you an otherworldly beauty.

Blue Marble Rose Coffin Nails

This full set of blue coffin nails involves extraordinary marble designs and blue rose nail art over black accent nails. This nail set is best worn if you want to feel extra during the love season. 

White French Tips and Nude Rose 

Go classy and simple for the upcoming special date that your partner planned for you. This elegant set of acrylic nails with white tips, nude rose accents, and a cute tiara on a nail for each hand will look princessly.

Sheer Pink Nails with Rose Stickers

You can also achieve romantic rose nail design with rose nail art stickers! Get your nails painted with beautiful sheer glossy pink gel polish and glittery transparent nails. 

Stick colorful rose nail stickers on top and add rhinestones to outline your cuticle.  

Red, Black, and Holographic Nail Design

The classic red shade is perfect on any nail shape. Design each nail uniquely using rose nail art, hearts, glitter, and rhinestones. Finish with a glossy top coat, and you get the best Valentine’s nails! 

Stunning Red and Orange Rose Nail Painting

This manicure is truly extraordinary and lovely when worn! If you want to step up the rose nail designs you know, try orange rose nail paintings on matte white polish. 

Milky Gel Base With Pink Rose Tips

Want a simple rose nail design that still exudes charm? This nail design is perfect for ladies who want it minimal and dainty. Have pink roses painted at the tip of milky-white long almond nails.

Maroon Nails Gold Flakes and Lavender Roses

This dashing nail set is perfect for mature women who like a combination of maroon shade, gold flakes, and lavender rose details. 

White Rose French Tips

If you like to look classy on your date, ask for these long almond-shaped transparent acrylic nails with white rose French tip details for that sweet and elegant feel. 

Rainbow Ombre Rose Stamps

You might want to try a neon rainbow nail design this Valentine’s day. If that’s the case, get rainbow ombre roses over a white polish base. This set of nails will surely be a breath of fresh air!

Rose Gold Nail Design With White Gradient Rose

Paint your nails with reflective rose gold glitter gel polish and spare one nail for a white gradient rose on each hand. 

Red French Tips and a Painted Rose

Decorate almond nails with red French tips and have one nail painted with a rose. This attractive, glossy nail set is perfect for Valentine’s dates, whether day or night. 

Black and White Rose Nail Design

If you’re conflicted about whether to get black or white nail polish for Valentine’s Day, say no more! This black and white manicure with freehand black rose nail art and lines come to the rescue to put your indecision to rest. 

Embossed Roses on Pink-White Ombre Nails

This stiletto ombre set has the perfect combination of white and shades of pink as a backdrop for lighter-pink rose accents. This looks perfect on pastel-colored date outfits.

Ultraviolet Nails With 3D Lavender Rose

For your Valentine’s date, channel your inner queen with deep violet nail polish decorated with gorgeous lavender-colored 3D roses. You deserve to be treated like royalty!

Do You Love These Rose Nail Designs Too?

We have reached the end of the list of gorgeous rose nail design inspo and ideas.

Rose designs can be worn for birthday parties, weddings, Valentine’s day—nearly all occasions!

Remember that adding rose designs to your nails can bring elegance and class to your nail. You can even use it to make your set of nails fun as well! 

So, prepare for your best date and choose one from our curated list. Finally, enjoy your freshly painted nails after your nail session.  

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