Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection review

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It’s barely Valentine’s Day, but it’s not too early to start thinking Spring! It’s that time of year when we start dreaming of blue skies and sunny days (especially if you are in the snowed-in North East). Smashbox has a jump on Spring 2010 with their latest collection, Heartbreaker, a totally 80’s inspired line sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

I know what you’re thinking, “I love the 80’s, but no one looks good in the garish colors and bright hues of the decade.” (Do you remember when make up looked like this?) Luckily, Smashbox has created the Heartbreaker Collection to mimic the vibrancy of the go-go generation with sheer and flattering colors that are totally wearable for all skin tones, day or night

smashbox heartbreaker eyeshadow palette with 12 shades and 2 makeup brushes

And, if you’re looking for that big 80’s pop of color, the Heartbreaker Collection has you covered! There are two totally awesome eye shadow palettes, each filled with six eye popping shadows, Kiss n’ Tell (left) has pinks and purples while Hot Date (right) has teals, green and creams, that can be worn two ways. Use these shadows dry for a hint of brightness and a sheer wash of color. If you want to up the intensity, apply these shadows with a damp brush for deeper, vibrant shades that last all day.

If you want to draw even more attention to your eyes, you can’t go wrong with dramatic, black eyeliner. The Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black is great for those that love the look of a liquid liner, but have yet to manage the fine art of lining the eyes. This felt tipped pen helps create steady, smooth lines and is virtually skip-free. This Limited Edition liner is a true black with a hint of shine and once in place, stays put until you’re ready to take it off.

three smashbox lip glosses on a white background

If you’re like me, you may not wear eye shadow everyday (and I tend to stick to neutral eye colors, especially for an everyday look). I’ve found the easiest way to get some color on my face is with a dazzling lip color. A brightly hued gloss is an almost goof-proof way to brighten your look and the Heartbreaker collection offers three vibrant options. First, the Lip Shine offers lightweight yet highly pigmented shine in two spring shades, Melon-Drama (top) a super flattering, glistening coral and Berry Hot (bottom) a pink berry hue with a bit of shimmer. Word on the street is that these glosses are super smooth and glossy and feel great on the lips. I can’t wait to see what our review team thought of these high-shine lip glosses!

I however, could not resist the most playful item in this very fun collection, the Roller Gloss in Pink Sugar (middle). This Limited Edition gloss in the most 80’s of applications, smoothly deposits the non-sticky, sweet smelling gloss. The color may look shocking pink, but the hue is soft, sheer pink on lips with lots of shimmer. I was happily surprised to find the roll on gloss is moisturizing on the lips for hours at a time. Snap this up to feel like a kid again!

This Spring 2010 collection is rounded out with the Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Starlight. This vivid blush features a kaleidoscope of colors (red, pink and orange) with subtle shimmer that gives skin a soft, sunny glow. It’s perfect for adding some radiance and dazzle to drab winter complexions.

Lastly, Smashbox breaks out the roller ball a second time with the collections signature scent, the Heartbreaker Eau de Parfum. It’s a blend of sensuous florals and musky spices, including Pink Dianthanus, Fragrant Cloud Rose, Blue Violet, Blushing Gardenia, Sand Jasmine, Nutmeg, Clove and Creamy Vanilla. Take a little bit of spring with you wherever you go with this portable, sunny and sexy scent.

we heartsters and Review team: does the Heartbreaker Collection from Smashbox have you dreaming of Spring?

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    Tyna is a former editor of we heart this that worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever organizing her closets and drawers. skin tone: NW 20/25 skin type: combination favorite beauty product: eye shadows and lip balms


  1. This collection is a hit, 100%. My favorites are the Fusion Soft Lights blush and the Heartbreaker parfum. The blush is perfect on everyone and I love, LOVE the slight glow that it gives with the color. The perfume is a lovely girly scent and I love the smaller rollerball size, it’s perfect for throwing into my purse and away I go!

  2. I can’t wait to try the Roller Gloss in Pink Sugar! I’m having flashbacks already ;-)

  3. Ooo, I might need to try the Roller Gloss, if only to see how it compares with my memories of Kissing Potion! (I bet this one doesn’t leak in your pocket the way Kissing Potion did…)
    If only I could find a Cherry Coke Kissing Coolers replacement, my life would be complete!

  4. This whole collection looks phenomenal, and I’m especially loving that Roller Gloss because I’m a lip-product fanatic!!! I tried the Fusion Soft Lights Blush, and it’s wonderful. I’m super-fair, and it gives me a really pretty, pinky, just-got-in-from-playing-in-the-snow glow. It’s a really forgiving shade, and the color builds really nicely.

    As far as the eighties shades, I’m pretty sure I love them all – I’m a mega fan of bright teal eyeshadow!!!

  5. I could not resist the powers of the Melon-Drama gloss and quickly scooped it up to test. Actually I eventually admitted to Tyna that I knew it would be mine from the minute I opened the box of products! 5 hours later (at the end of our mailing to the review team), I demurely grabbed it said “well…I suppose I’ll review this.” I wasn’t fooling anyone…

    Melon-Drama has me written all over it. One of my favorite brands; check. A lip gloss; check. A coral lip gloss; check! And it did not disappoint. It’s got very tiny gold shimmer in it that catches the light just right. It’s bright but semi sheer (I actually could have handled a bit more pigment, but I’m layering it over a coral pencil and it’s working out nicely). It’s also the second gloss I’ve tested lately that’s got no scent or taste. I’m really liking that! So many times I love a color, than get it on my lips and the scent breaks the deal. No worry of that here.

    This is a fun, summery gloss that has me totally wishing it was warm. For sure!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Julie Hewett Aphrodite bronzer – review =-.

  6. I LOVE anything Smashbox, so I can’t wait to try this collection. I am happy to hear how the Soft Lights looks on, with the combination of colors, I wasn’t sure about it, but it sounds amazing. I also, will have to splurge and buy the roller gloss. Love the color… it reminds me of my first gloss I ever owned in elementary school!

  7. I was lucky enough to receive the Heartbreaker EDP for review, and when I saw lucky, I REALLY mean lucky.

    Let me preface this by saying that I’m a total perfume junkie (at last count, I think I had about 100 fragrances in my collection–I know, it’s bad) so when I heard that there was a fragrance in this new Smashbox collection I just about squealed.

    The bottle itself? Adorable. It’s a glass roller-ball bottle and the color of the glass is graduated (red at the bottom and it works its way up to clear at the top). And what I really love is that the roller ball itself is metal instead of plastic. I just like the cool sensation of that on my skin.

    So let’s talk about the juice! Woooweee! Let it be known that I am an absolute sucker for any fragrance with nutmeg in its notes, and Heartbreaker is certainly no exception. This scent is like no other in my collection, because it’s just got this warm, gourmand quality to it, that at times will turn into a creamy floral, and then somehow slip back into a foody, comfort scent. And then when you least expect it, you get a bit a spice which makes an already warm, delicious scent even warmer.

    Smashbox really nailed it with this one. I can honestly say that the scent of the fragrance completely fits the name “Heartbreaker”. I have a hard time thinking there will be any many out there who won’t instantly be attracted to this because it’s just so soft, spicy, sultry and mouthwatering all at the same time. I can’t give anything but 5 stars.

  8. I’m going to preface this review of my Hot Date eye palette by saying that I love Smashbox. Why? because the products always look good, wear well and have lots of dramatic colors. Drama is the key word. I have never bought a Smashbox nude because they have fantastic purples and hot pinks. Other people make great nudes.

    Now, let me also say that I’m not so crazy about eye palettes. I find that the colors look nice in the box, but there is always one that you’re crazy for, and five that you’re not. I tend to think that palettes are for the indecisive, which I am not. The exception to this rule, I think, is the “complete” palette with eyes, cheeks and lips in everday colors. These I like because I can toss it in my locker at work and throw on a whole face in an emergency (of which I am likely to have plenty). Eye palettes, though? Nah, there’s not enough of any one color, and, as metioned before, most are a waste.

    So, back to my Hot Date. The palette looks very “Miami Vice” with shades of ocean turquoise, pale sand and rich earth. Throw in a little “Golden Girls” peach, and it is ’80s retro all the way. But to me, cool 80’s retro makeup is more Pat Benetar than Blanche Dubois, less Don Johnson and more…well, you get the picture.

    The colors are very sheer, and that wasn’t what I’m used to with smashbox. Using a wet brush does make them more substative, but, considering most of the palette (4 of 6 colors) are neutral, frankly I have a lot of other nuetral shadows that do a much better job. The two non-neutrals in the bunch are the deep turquoise and the pale seafoam green. There was absolutely no way for me to wear the seafoam in any form: a pale wash of color or wetted and intensified, I just looked like Endora (Bewitched, you know). The deep turquoise is the color that saved this set from being a total wash for me. Dry blended with my own nude selection added a nice pop of color in the crease of my eye: different and unexpected. I blended a wet turquoise with one of my own highly pigmented purples to make a smashing smokey eye.
    Bottom line. To me palettes in general are not the greatest and this is no exception. The turquoise is excellent…but not worth the whole purchase.

    But, the colors look pretty in the box, and the brush is nice.

  9. I think I’m going to treat myself to the Roller Gloss and the Hot Date eye palette. It’s great to hear the colors hint at the 80s without being too garish. Erin, the gloss reminds me of my first Middle School “kissing potion,” too!

  10. I saw the “Hot Date” palette in Sephora before Christmas when I went in “only to buy mascara” and actually left with “only mascara and the Hot Date” palette. I love greens and neutrals and done the right way, greens can be a subtle daytime look. I have always thought Smashbox has some of the highest quality shadows of any of the major brands (even better than NARS or Stila). The color STAYS, especially iwth a little TooFaced or Urban Decay eye primer (Smashbox’s eye primer leaves much to be desired).

    I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with this palette, and I sort of like that its tiny so I don’t feel like I’ll be stuck with it forever, as in I can soon buy another tempting treat!

  11. Awesome review Tyna. I am really going to check the Smashbox’s “Hot Date” palette out next time I’m over at Sephora. Most likey tomorrow! I know Katie has an eye for how to wear greens and neutrals the right way.. It’s so true. It is very possible to wear them during the day if done right. Looking forward to seeing them on me too..

  12. Oh, those eye colors are sooo pretty! I’m such a sucker for subtle eye color. Although those are actual, noticeable colors (which I’m not known for wearing), I would totally wear those. They are colorful but not “look at me!”

  13. Sherri, I am the total opposite because my biggest weakness is eye shadow palettes! And I think the reason I’m drawn to them is because I Want It All! With a good palette, I’m getting a bunch of shadows, instead on just one pot. And then I can buy a single gloss or hair item and feel like I made good shopping decisions – heh. Stef thought for sure I would snatch up either Kiss n’ Tell or Hot Date, but, as mentioned in the review, I had to have the Roller Ball Lip Gloss.

    I’m so glad I made that choice – the gloss is a pretty, shiny shade that’s perfect both day or night. I wear it alone during the daytime and layer it on other glosses or lipstick if I’m wearing some color for the evening. Best of all, even after three weeks of use, I still smile every time I pull this out of my bag. The roller ball is just a fun little pick me up. Oh, you were right Alyssa – I’ve been carrying roller gloss in my purse or pocket without any leakage problems. Smashbox has perfected the roll on gloss!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Jo Malone Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle =-.

  14. I’m one lucky lady as I got to try out the Kiss and Tell palette, chock full of some of my all time favorite eyeshadow colors.. I love pinks and having a nice solid black in there is nice for lining the eye. This the perfect travel palette, because you can go either totally subtle, with the soft pink, cream and white shades..or you can go whole hog with major hot pink, purple and black. Each color has a nice shimmer to it, and they really last all day.
    If your taking a trip and have limited space, you really have an option for each day and night with this palette.. if your into pinks..which I totally am :)

    I’ve tried a color or two a day since receiving it, and every day I love it more!
    The shadows all go on smooth and blend well.
    For me, these colors and the quality of smashbox eyeshadow make it well worth the 34 dollar price tag. If you like pinks and purples this is for you.
    My favorite combo so far is the hot pink applied in a few coats to really make it pop near the eye, ballet pink by the brow and in the corners of the eye….lined with a wet application of the charcoal color. Stays on great and totally pops.
    Five happy loving stars from me :)

  15. I tested the Berry-Hot lip shine and was instantly in love. The color is gorgeous! It is a really pretty shade of berry pink that goes on so smooth and isn’t one bit sticky. It comes in a tube where you squeeze a little bit out at a time and apply. Keeps my lips super moisturized and best of all it stays put. Love all of my Smashbox glosses and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

  16. I so need the Melon-Drama and Berry-Hot lip shines. I am obsessed with pigmented glosses and those two shades are to die for…

    Alyssa—I freaking loved the Cherry Cola Kissing Kooler—it was my favorite lip product growing up! I remember it smelled insanely awesome and it had that “hint of tint” that was the only way I could get around my mom’s no makeup rule (I believe my mom’s precise quote to me when I was 12 was “Only whores wear makeup.” Awesome.) Anyhoo, I got her to agree to the Kissing Koolers b/c they were essentially lip balms and not considered makeup by her standards. I really wish Maybelline would bring those back!

  17. Tyna, I see what your saying with the palette being a good shopping decision. For some reason I tend to see palettes as someone else’s aesthetic for your face. Kind of like Garanimals are for your body or living room suits are for your home. I like a freer approach.
    But, I did want to mention that I have purchased a palette recently that I do use: Shanghai from Cargo. It contains 4 cool neutrals, each about as large as a full-sized single product. There’s a sheer taupey-plum, a matte nude, a sparkly sheer pink and a shimmery white highlighter. I bought this when I needed to create a 40’s pinup look and it worked well (sans the pink which I have used on other occasions). Anyway, that was my only (eyeshadow) palette purchase in recent times, and I liked the “pinup” look so much I sometimes do a toned-down version for every day. So, sometimes I do like a palette, I guess.

  18. I was the lucky tester of the Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black. I am a huge fan of black eyeliner, especially liquid and I truly love this pen! First, while I love the look of liquid liner, it can be a bitch to work with it. If I’m tired or had too much coffee, forget about it! Pencils it is. But this pen liquid liner is a great alternative.

    I had no problems drawing straight, smooth lines – even when my hands were not so steady, I had fab results. As mentioned, the color is a true black with a bit of luster – I likey. And, once this stuff dries, it stays in placed until you remove it. I tested a line on the back of my hand and over 24 hours later (including at least a dozen hand washes and a long shower) the liner is still there. It’s lost that sheen, but I can’t complain over such staying power!

    There is one possible caveat, in that the tip is more of a medium point than a fine point. Personally, I hate lines with a super fine point; it’s almost like what’s the point? I normally need to draw a second layer and if it’s not precisely over the first, you get a little white space…then you try to fill it in and things are all downhill from there! I liked the thickness of the Smashbox pen – it’s the perfect, medium width for me!

    So for it’s ease of use, color and longevity, I’m giving the Liquid Liner Pen 5 stars.

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