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The wht review of the Spring 2011 collection from Smashbox

Smashbox In Bloom Collectionphotos: we heart this

It’s definitely that time of year readers, because I am in l-o-v-e. Not with some mere mortal, but with the latest collection, In Bloom from Smashbox. Spring is my favorite season – not just for the warm weather, blossoming flowers and singing birds, but also for the spring makeup collections.

Last year, our friends at Smashbox really wowed us with a bright and peppy 80’s inspired collection, Heartbreaker, and somehow they’ve managed to top that with their Spring 2011 line

Smashbox In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette and Brush packaging

Looking at the In Bloom collection is like stepping into a springtime Monet landscape; soft and sweet swirls of pinks, blues, violet and taupe with an earthy richness but completely feminine.

This absolutely gorgeous collection was designed to welcome spring with glowing colors and radiant shimmers for eyes, lips, cheeks and face. The line contains seven new and limited edition pieces, including two glosses, two eye liners, a luminizing powder, a cream blush duo and, the pièce de résistance, a 10 color eye shadow palette.

In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette

When the wht team received this collection for review, I took just one look at the In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette ($48) and knew it must be mine. I’m far from an artist, but this enchanting palette, full of colors reminiscent of Monet’s famous spring landscapes, sure makes me feel like one!

"An Orchard In Spring" Claude Monet “An Orchard In Spring” Claude Monet

The palette consists of ten shades, a mixture of lush mattes and soft shimmers, with matching duos stacked vertically – you can paint your eyes “by number” or mix and match any of the hues for customized looks.

In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette swatches
All ten shades, grouped by duo, (left to right) Ballet Pink, Soft Violet, Lavender Grey, Marine Blue, Golden Pink, Shimmery Copper, Warm Taupe, Moss, Bone, Nude.

These shadows are a dream to work with – they’re finely milled, super smooth and very blendable. The colors are true to the hue in the palette, coordinate flawlessly and are so flattering. Every time I’ve worn a combo from this palette at least one person has said “Your eyes look so pretty today.”

In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette swatchesA closer look at (left to right) Ballet Pink, Soft Violet, Lavender Grey, Marine Blue, Golden Pink, Shimmery Copper.

I adore the the Lavender Grey and Marine Blue duo (center hues, above) for an effortless smokey eye…

In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette swatchesIn Bloom Palette shades (left to right) Golden Pink (partially seen), Shimmery Copper, Warm Taupe, Moss, Bone and Nude.

Meanwhile Bone and Nude (far right duo, above) have become my go to colors for a simple, polished everyday look.

To top it all off, this palette has a nice quality, extra large mirror and all purpose, eye shadow brush – quite a deal (and perfect for traveling). All in all, Smashbox’s In Bloom is my favorite palette of the year, so far. Make sure to check it out while it’s still on the shelves!

And the goodness doesn’t stop there! Our team had a chance to check out every item in this blossoming collection, including the Cream Cheek Duo in Blushing/Peony ($26) a rosy duo of sheer creamy blushes for luminous cheeks.

Cream Cheek Duo in Blushing/Peony

These creamy blushes require no brushes (though you could use one if you wish). Just use your fingertips to sweep across cheeks for an all-day rosy glow. If you’ve suffered from cream blush disappearing from your face, check this duo out – word is these cream blushes last for hours with out streaks or fading.

Cream Cheek Duo in Blushing/Peony swatch cream cheek duo swatches – Blushing, Peony

The velvety soft blushes are super smooth with a cream finish. They’re richly pigmented and have no shimmer. Use the colors, Blushing (a soft dusty pink) and Peony (a brighter, more vivid pink) individually or layer them for a true flush of color.

Don’t worry lip gloss lovers – this collection has something for you too!

Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss with SPF 15 Limitless lip gloss; front: Endless Kiss, back: Timeless

In Bloom offers two super shiny shades of the Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss with SPF 15 ($21). Not only do these glosses have your daily SPF, they’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish lips while adding lots of shine.

Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss with SPF 15 swatchesLimitless lip gloss swatches; left: Timeless, right: Endless Kiss

These doe foot applicator, long lasting (up to 6 hours) glosses offer more sheer pink color – with Endless Kiss (rosy coral-tinged pink) and Timeless (peachy nude-pink) – and a shimmery luminous lip (no chunks of glitter here!)

Speaking of which, if your dull winter skin is in need of a radiant glow, check out the Artificial Light Luminizing Powder.

Artificial Light luminizing powder swatchesArtificial Light luminizing powder

This shimmering soft nude powder ($20) can be used all over the face to highlight and brighten for a Monet worthy luminescent glow. Highlight your cheekbones, narrow the bridge of your nose, brighten the corners of eyes- this powder does it all! Seriously, you can even add this powder to your favorite lotion for a subtle shimmer all over your face or body.

Last, but not least, eye liner addicts are going to love the new Soft Focus Powder Eye Liners. These unique liners were “developed to mimic the effect of a soft focus lens which eliminates hard lines and angles” and create a soft, slightly smudged, diffused line.

Soft Focus powder eye liner, Dark Brown and Heather Grey swatchesSoft Focus powder eye liner, Dark Brown and Heather Grey

The enlongated sponge tip needs a small tap before application, and then the color is easily blended for an soft smudge or full on smoky eye. Available in two sultry shades, ($22 each) Heather Grey (a matte gray) and Dark Brown (a matte chocolate brown).

The In Bloom Collection, full of soft blossoming colors with a sheer glow is the perfect way to welcome the spring. we heartsters and testers – are you ready to get radiant with the In Boom Collection from Smashbox?

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  1. Ohmygosh, that palette! I am slain! Smashbox, you always know the way to my heart…

  2. I tested the In Bloom gloss in Timeless, the peachy nude-pink, which has cemented Smashbox as one of my very favorite brands of all time. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect nude gloss. The color is flattering and luminous (and, as @tyna mentioned, it’s shimmery without being glittery). It’s extremely long lasting, and even contains SPF-15!
    The doe foot applicator is so perfectly precise, I wonder why other lines don’t adopt the design.

    Honestly, I’ve been going to this gloss automatically ever since it arrived in my mailbox because it puts my other nudes to shame. Even though it’s a nude, Timeless seems to light up my whole face in such a natural way. Learning that In Bloom is limited edition has made me a little panicky. Guess I’d better stock up while I can!

    In a word: perfection! 5 stars.

  3. I tried the Limitless lipgloss in Endless Kiss, as I am powerless to coral. This beauty has a lot going for it; a very subtle vanilla scent, gold shimmer suspended in the light coral-pink base, the best doe foot in town (it’s elongated with an extra long flat applicator side), a slight stickiness that equals long wear time. BUT, it’s so sheer! Like, I hardly see the color on my lips sheer. And because the color is just so gorgeous, I would have liked to see more of it. I’m going 3 stars on this for teasing me with beautiful color, but not delivering it. (But Smashbox, I will always heart you!)

    That palette is all kinds of pretty! @tyna, you better keep your eye on it…

  4. Wow, this is some write up @tyna! You draw a nice line on your arm too.. I tried (at Sephora) some of the Artificial Light Luminizing Powder and wound up really having some fun with it. I can see how it can be used in all kinds of lotions to get that great glow after a long winter. I got caught up in Smashbox’s amazing line a couple years ago. They really have some great options for everyone. Fantastic colors can work magic on the canvas – just like Monet!

  5. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see all these in person. I think I’d love to have any or every item in this collection!

  6. @mandaleem – I know! The palette is just all kinds of gorgeous.

    @turboterp – I loved the looks of both glosses – doe tip, SPF 15, not too much sparkle – what’s not to love? Except as @stef mentioned, the sheerness. I however, love a soft tinted – even a clear – gloss, so these are right up my alley.

    And thanks for the props @irene – but the straight line credit goes to the wht artist @stef – fab pictures lady!

  7. Stop, @tyna, stop! I don’t need to fall in love with *another* palette! You’re killing me!

    I think I would have to really see these colors in person though before I fully commit. I’m weird like that. Some palettes I’ll buy right away (coughNakedcough) and some I need to see in person.

    P.S. @tyna— My momma and I believe everyone is an artist in their own right…you just have to find what inspires you to pick up your “brushes.” I tend to dabble into everything that is under the category “fine arts”, but I’m not really a master at anything. I sculpt sometimes, I draw, I paint (albeit badly, I think) but I also cook, bake, decorate, make-up, write, train dogs (okay, I’ve trained one other aside from my own dogs. I consider it an accomplishment), and various crafts. Jane of all trades, master of none, that’s me!

  8. Wow, I am in love with that palette! They are gorgeous colors for spring, and believe me, I am ready for a new season and some new colors! Love Smashbox, as always!

  9. I got to test the Soft Focus Eyeliner in Dark Brown. As usual I have to mention that I am not a huge eyeliner person. But my time here at WHT has pushed me to try new things.

    This eyeliner is simply the best that I have ever tried. It is so easy to use. It gives a natural and soft look. And it is a really easy way to create a smoky eye. I am in love with this stuff! Smashbox has done it again!

    5 stars from me!!

  10. @tyna, what a great review, and great swatches! You’ve totally convinced me that I NEED the In Bloom palette for spring. I mean, just look at the colors! So pretty and delicate…

    @stef, those lipglosses look great in the tube… it’s sad that they’re sheer in the swatches/in real life. I like my lipgloss to have a decent amount of color too.

    I received the Soft Focus Eyeliner in Heather Gray to test. The color is a medium gray with a bit of green/blue tinge to it. Would look best on gals with a cool/pink skintone, but still works on us warm/yellow toned gals! As @kellie76 said, it gives you a soft and natural look. There is a little fading throughout the day, and possibly a little transfer onto your eyelid if too much is applied. I’m a little torn on the product packaging–I like the soft little applicator because it’s gentle on the eye area, and applies the powder fairly evenly. It’s cute and small, and has product and applicator in one–very handy! However, there is a tiny bit of fallout onto my cheeks, and quite a bit gets into my eyes. It clears up pretty quickly, and doesn’t bother my contacts TOO much, but I wish there were a little less fallout. (I might try tapping some of the product into another container and try using a brush to apply it, because I do like this product quite a bit).

    3 stars from me. I personally prefer just a tad more oomph to my eyeliner, a little less fallout, and a slightly less expensive pricetag. While it isn’t the perfect product for me, I enjoy having it in my makeup kit, and would definitely recommend it to ladies looking to try something a little softer and more natural than typical eyeliners.

  11. I received the Cream Cheek Duo in Blushing/Peony and this definitely fulfilled my cream blush obsession. Being as pale as I am, blush is a must and I love cream formulations because they look more natural on me. Ladies, this is THE cream blush y’all need for the Spring through the Summer.
    The pink shade goes on a medium rose shade that looks like I’m blushing from within, or like I’ve been running (and chased because that’s the only way you’re getting me to run). The peachy shade actually applies with a hint of pink, though in the pan you cannot detect pink. It’s like a coral pink on me. Layered together, the two shades create a deep coral. I only needed one dab of the pink for a good application. I needed a slightly heavier hand with the peach shade to keep it showing on me. I have fairly oily skin, so this didn’t last forever on me–only about an hour or two. It lasted up to five hours when I sealed it in with a translucent loose powder. Overall, this got 5 stars from me because it’s a gorgeous cream blush that didn’t break me out and really brightened up my face.
    I also received the eye shadow palette from the hubby for Valentine’s Day and he definitely got bonus points. Let me just say that this one is a beauty. Every shade is wearable for everyday. You can do a lighter look for day or a smokey look for nighttime with this palette. My hazel peepers look best with the grey duo and the greenish duo. The palette is a bit pricey, but not a color is a waste of space and the pans are generously sized :) Too pretty for words and very versatile!

  12. Wow, that palette is beautiful. I’ve been looking for some good neutrals to add to my collection. Being a New Englander I’m looking forward to spring collections more than ever!

  13. This is quite a beautiful assortment of colors! I love the Monet for comparison.

  14. I was so distracted by the eye palette that I nearly forgot about the luminizing powder! I use highlighters frequently, and while I tend to prefer liquids (like Moon Beam) I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Particularly, this is great in the areas that liquids don’t tread like beneath my brow and the corners of my eye. Larger areas like cheek bones and the bridge of my nose (I have a big nose) I like to reserve for my liquid counterparts. The goldish nude is a perfect highlight for not appearing too washed out like some more whiteish or pinkish highlighters do.The small sponge tip seems also better for small spots like I mentioned (and it does seem made for using on the brow bone). Nice addition to my makeup bag, if not an essential one. 3 stars…plus a half if I could.

  15. This is too pretty. I love your Monet comparison- I can definitely see it! These colors are all so pretty, and they are all so wearable… makes me sad I’m a poor college gal. Maybe if these go on sale I’ll pick up one, but seeing that Spring isn’t even here yet, that might take a while :(

  16. The In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette looks AMAZING. Like a neutral lover (me!)’s dream come true. I am impressed with the swatches too! The cheek duo looks like perfect pops of cheek colors. I always gravitate towards those colors that you don’t need a lot of to get color payoff. I bet this duo looks fantastic with that palette.

    I’m also very curious about those Soft Focus liners. I am a fan of a bold line, but maybe for layering these could be sweet as well!

    Great review @tyna!!

  17. That palette is so pretty! I love the colors…The Smashbox powder seems really nice too.

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