Stef’s Favorite Beauty Products of 2011

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High end, drugstore, names you know and ones you should!

I am the self-declared captain of the beauty-obsessed portion of this ship. Don’t get me wrong, Tyna could easily steer the wheel in a moment’s notice. But she also sails happily knowing that I dutifully try every item that passes through the wht harbor. So, all aboard – these are my favorite beauty products that sailed our way this year…

all photos: we heart this, and ps – stealing gives you pimples.

1. Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara$20
I have tried enough mascaras to know exactly what I love in one; a buildable formula that produces separated lashes with faux-like length, achieved by a manageable sized, plastic bristle brush. Lush Lash mascara does precisely that, perfectly. Plus, as an added bonus the formula is infused with good for your lash ingredients that enhance growth as well. Honestly, my lashes have never looked longer or better. It’s like a gift from the makeup gods! (buy it here)

2. OCC Tint Tinted Moisturizer$25
OCC’s rainbow of Lip Tars have found a lifelong fan in me, but it’s one of their utilitarian products that grabbed me this year. OCC Tint, their tinted moisturizer, is phenomenal. It’s a thin, water-based product that feels like just that – water! Yet somehow, it veils everything. In Y2 (one of their 12 shades) I have found my holy grail. (buy it here)

3. Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain$26
Hourglass packaging makes me weak in the knees. Happily, the products within deliver the goods as well. Especially Aura Sheer Lip Stain. It’s a water based stain that provides sheer, buildable color that lasts and lasts and LASTS. Psst, I love the cheek stains shown above too. (buy it here)

4. 100% Pure Coconut Body Creme$15
Get ready for quite the claim: 100% Pure Coconut Body Cream is not only my favorite lotion this year, but my favorite lotion ever. If you’re a coconut lover, you absolutely need this. Rich, but not greasy, it has a pure coconut scent and a bit of earthiness thrown in for good measure that makes you smell downright edible. Best of all, if I apply it at night, the scent is still on my skin the next afternoon. Lotion perfection, I’m telling you! (buy it here)

5. tarte Glossed Over PureOptic Collection$29.50
My single most anticipated holiday collection every year? You’re looking at it – it’s tarte’s lipgloss set. This year they outdid themselves with Glossed over PureOptic. Super minty, full of pigment and a stunning range of colors in creme and sparkle finishes. LOVE! (buy it here)

6. MAC Surf, Baby! collection
I couldn’t pick just one product from this collection. From the limited edition packaging and a gold overspray hibiscus flower, to the bronzey goodness and the beautifully pigmented shadows; as a whole, Surf, Baby! is just MAC launch perfection. (beg someone on Makeup Alley!)

7. Sally Hansen Salon Effects$9.99
10 days of wear for less than 10 bucks is a beauty bargain if I’ve ever seen one. I am just as thrilled with Sally Hansen Salon Effects today as when I first discovered them a year ago. They release new, perfectly on-trend designs every few months (wait till you see the new “Love Letter” design!) and show no sign of losing momentum, both in their innovation or my love of them! (buy in drugstores everywhere)

8. Origins Plantscription Eye Cream$42.50
I’ve got eye creams that cost hundreds of dollars on my vanity, but know which one I reach for every morning? That’s right, Planscription! This gel/cream hybrid has a super refreshing scent, absorbs instantly and somehow manages to make me look rested even when I’m not. (buy it here)

9. Bobbi Brown Peony and Python palette$50
What’s not to love about this? Six shades that all work beautifully together, packaged in what has to be the most fabulous case of the year. Plus, it’s the palette that reunited me with purple, a shade I was convinced I couldn’t wear; but Bobbi knew I could! (buy it here)

10. Body Deli Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub$32
I could rave about The Body Deli’s scrubs all day, especially Egyptian Date. It’s a creamy, sweet and spicy tub full of organic goodness. But really, I only need two words to convey the awesomeness of this: butter and sugar. (buy it here)

we heartsters, have any love for any of these products? Tell us about it!

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  1. I haven’t tried many of the products you mentioned (but give me a minute..he he) but I am 100% with you on the Body Deli Scrub! It is the best.
    I know you have been around the block, (in terms of cosmetic testing)so I will heed your picks!
    Thanks for your picks!

  2. What a stellar list @stef ! Impressive. Choices all around. I totally agree with your choice of Urban Decay’s Lush Lash as a top 2011 product. It is awesome!! And I am dying to try. The Hourglass Lip Stain. Cant’t wait to see what 2012 will bring!

  3. O captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won.

    This is a pretty darn list of possible beauty prizes for the past year. Great round up @Stef !

    1. How great is our team? They know their beauty products AND their Walt Whitman!

      A shout out to @mandaleem

  4. I don’t have the mascara, but I do have UD’s Lush Lash System with the serum and lash mask. I’ve noticed a difference in my lashes since using it, much fuller and longer. I need to get the mascara to make them perfect.

    I love Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects, especially since they make cute designs for holidays. Easy to use and last for a good long manicure.

    I plan on checking out the Hourglass stains and OCC tinted moisturizers.

  5. I love Body Deli Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub, MAC Surf Baby, and 100% Pure Coconut Body Creme, and I covet ever other item you’ve listed. That’s an amazing list, @stef !

  6. I’ve tried a couple of those products and LOVE the 100% Pure coconut body cream! It isn’t artificial smelling at all. Even my boyfriend loves the scent (he describes it as a caramel scent though). It’s rich and creamy and delightful, and really feels good on my skin. I agree with Stef, it’s one of my favorite lotions EVER :) The Lush Lash mascara and Hourglass cheek stains are good products as well, but I have had a bit of trouble with the Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips…I can’t get them completely smooth on my nails, and it’s driving me CRAZY.

  7. I would love to try these products, but most of them aren’t available in Australia and the ones that are like Hourglass and M.A.C. cost a small fortune to purchase. It is such a shame!

  8. I really like Stef’s favorite beauty products of 2011. They are truly amazing and magnificent. I also like to try those cool beauty products.

  9. In love with the Sally Hansen salon effects strips, too!

    That Bobbi Brown palette looks amazing. I adore the packaging.

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