Temu Makeup Review: Products Under $10 Tried & True

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If you’re a certified online shopping junkie like us, it’s unlikely that Temu, one of the most buzzworthy up-and-comers in the e-commerce arena, has slipped under your radar. 

But if you’re not all that familiar with Temu yet, here’s all you need to know about it.

Temu is a Boston-based digital marketplace operator that sells practically everything — clothing, cosmetics, electronics, appliances, household items, and more — at astoundingly low prices.

a collage of multiple temu makeup products on a pink background

How does it do so? 

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of that in a while, but the short answer to this query is that Temu doesn’t manufacture and sell its own products. 

Instead, it uses a global supply chain network to source from the best vendors at the most affordable prices. 

Because these vendors are often manufacturers themselves, they can offer various products at the lowest possible prices.

This unique business model makes it possible for Temu to offer cosmetics for a dollar or less. 

For instance, high-quality Temu makeup products like eyeliner — which goes for $10 to $35 in other stores — are offered for as low as 71 cents on the site.

With price tags like this, it should come as no surprise that Temu has captivated as many customers as it has.  

In February 2023, CNN reported that Temu had surpassed its household-name rivals, Walmart and Amazon, and taken the top spot as the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S. with over 20 million (and counting) downloads and 11 million active users.

Its meteoric rise in popularity was bolstered by the launch of a Super Bowl ad with the tagline “Shop Like a Billionaire,” which marked the first time the company aired a commercial during the most-watched televised sporting event.

But hold on. How exactly is Temu so cheap? Is Temu safe to shop from? Where is Temu from? Which Temu makeup products are worth buying and which ones aren’t?  

We’re here to answer all your questions about this online shopping platform and show you how to get makeup for cheap from the site. 

We’ll give you a rundown of our own Temu reviews! We worked on this post with support from the brand, but all opinions are our own honest feedback.

Read on to find out which makeup must-haves from Temu you should get today!

Temu: The Cheapest Place to Buy Makeup Online

With stores slapping sky-high prices on practically all beauty essentials these days, getting high-quality makeup for cheap seems more and more like a pipe dream. 

But what if we told you that by shopping in Temu instead of heading to popular retail stores, you can discover bargain beauty finds — some of which cost only a dollar? 

We’re not exaggerating! Temu ranks among the best websites that offer $1 makeup (and less!). 

Plus, with the coupon code fav18310 you can save 30% off on your first order when you shop here.

It offers a vast range of more affordable but equally reliable and long-lasting alternatives that are up to par with your luxury makeup favorites. 

What’s more, thousands of beauty enthusiasts across the U.S. have raved about Temu makeup with no-holds-barred enthusiasm. 

Of course, when a company like Temu claims to let all users (makeup fanatics included) shop like billionaires on their site, it’s only natural for skeptics and hesitant shoppers to ask how Temu can sell such cheap products in the first place.

But we did a deep dive into their business model and will unpack how they get the prices so low. It’s all legit.

How Is Temu So Cheap?

So how does Temu achieve its shockingly cheap prices? The answer is actually quite simple: Temu adopts a pioneering next-gen manufacturing (NGM) model that puts consumers first and removes a lot of hidden costs that shoppers like you and me have no idea we’re paying for.

NGM is a vast improvement on  the process of traditional manufacturing, which typically has manufacturers create products that make their way through multiple middlemen who add their hefty markups before the products reach the consumers.

By contrast, the next-gen manufacturing business model of Temu allows manufacturers to produce products based on direct consumer feedback and sell them to consumers directly, so they can offer in-demand goods for cheap prices.

Consumers also save by not having to pay for the expensive marketing campaigns that many brands splurge on in order to make themselves known to shoppers.

1. Temu’s NGM makes production more personalized and less costly

Temu’s NGM takes the guesswork out of matching product demand and supply by helping manufacturers find out which kinds of products customers want and when they want them from the customers themselves.

As a result, they can avoid wasting resources and cut down on the costs of overproduction by producing the right kind of products that consumers want and stop production of out-of-favor merchandise. The cost savings are then passed down to customers in the form of extremely low prices.

2. Temu’s NGM attracts consumers of various demographics

Temu’s platform emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion by letting consumers of all demographic voice out their need for specific products, no matter how niche.

Manufacturers are then encouraged to put out diverse, personalized goods on Temu’s platform.

And as more and more consumers with similar niche needs and interests purchase their products, manufacturers meet the increased demand with increases in their output and improvements in their efficiency

Once again, the result is cheap prices for high-quality, tailor-made products.  

How To Buy Makeup for Cheap From Temu

All set to buy dollar makeup from online stores and suppliers on Temu? 

Here’s a quick how-to guide for your first purchase: 

1. Download the Temu app or visit the website

You can either download the Temu app from the App Store or the Google Play Store or visit the Temu website to see their products and search for the item you want. 

2. Read product descriptions and check reviews

As is the case with any online shopping platform, there’s always a risk of getting a not-so-stellar product from Temu.

To avoid this, make sure to read the product description carefully to see the specifications of each product, including its color, size, and material type.

Most descriptions of Temu makeup products also indicate whether they’re suitable or unsuitable for certain skin types. 

Also, take a look at the reviews of each product and see the photos of the actual item attached to each review. 

This will help you get a good overview of whether the product you’re eyeing performs as advertised, allowing you to make an informed decision.

3. Add the product to your shopping cart or go to “Checkout”

Once you’re ready to buy a particular product, you can either add it to your shopping cart if you want to keep browsing for other items or go to the “Checkout” page if you want to finalize your purchase. 

The “Checkout” page will give you a full summary of your order and a breakdown of the total price. Standard shipping on Temu is free, but you can also opt for express delivery for a fixed fee. 

Then you can enter your shipping information and pay for the item/s via your preferred method of payment. 

Temu accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Klarna, among others. 

Cheapest Makeup Products From Temu: Our Recommendations

If you want to learn more about Temu’s range of cheap cosmetics from different brands and manufacturers before making a purchase, you’re in luck. 

We’ve gone ahead and ordered some of the hottest makeup products on Temu. Ahead, we’ll show you actual pictures and give you our feedback on each product. 

Take note that these items are sorted by price, and the prices indicated are rounded off. For instance, some products under the “Makeup for $1” category cost more or less than a dollar.

Temu Makeup for $1 

1. Black Eyeliner

One black eyeliner on top of a marble table

For just 71 cents, this eyeliner pencil gives you a creamy, buildable formula that allows you to create gorgeous, long-lasting looks, from a dramatic siren eye to a classic cat eye. The cherry on top? It’s cruelty-free too.

2. Eyebrow Pencil

An open eyebrow pencil in gold and black on top of a marble table

With a triangular tip for precise definition and a soft spoolie for targeted grooming and blending, this dual-ended pencil helps you fill in your brows to perfection with just a few smooth, easy strokes. 

We found this formulation to be a bit on the drier side. 

a zig zag swatch of brown eyeliner on the back of a hand

3. Shiny Eyeshadow (Cowherd)

An open shiny eyeshadow on top of a marble table

A highly pigmented formula with a mesmerizingly glittery finish makes this eyeshadow a must-have, whether you want to bring a subtle touch of magic to your everyday eye makeup or use it as a highlighter. 

The packaging and shade reminded us of Urban Decay’s Space Cowboy.

A swatch of a golden eyeshadow on the palm of a woman's hand

4. Lip Balm

A blue-pink colored packaging lip balm on top of marble table

Lip tint, balm, and primer all rolled into one neat little package? We’re sold. This balm moisturizes dry lips and leaves them with a youthful flush of color. Plus, you can use it to smooth out your lips before applying lipstick. 

This applies with a beautiful light pink shade. It is super hydrating and feels good on the lips. 

5. Lip Oil

A light red colored lip oil on top of a marble table

On days when you don’t have the time or energy to do proper lip care, reach for this ultra-nourishing lip oil to give your lips a boost of color and hydration. You can choose from apple, strawberry, coconut, and lemon flavors!

This applies like a true lip oil. It is a thinner hydrating formula that smells exactly like strawberries. This is almost clear with a very slight pink tint. 

6. Finger Puffs

Multicolored finger puffs  with two inside a small container on top of a marble table

Suitable for both liquid and powder products, these $1 makeup puffs come with pointed tips for access to hard-to-reach areas and wide, rounded bases for even blending. Best of all, each puff comes with a finger pocket for easy, precise use. 

7. Makeup Brush

A black makeup brush on top of a white marble table

Say goodbye to streaky, cakey foundation! This compact, handheld makeup brush helps you apply your foundation and blend it out with ultimate ease to achieve a poreless, flawlessly airbrushed base.  

8. Cosmetic Spatulas

Multicolored cosmetic spatulas on top of a marble table

One of the best-kept secrets in K-beauty, this 20-piece set of cosmetic spatulas allows you to build thin layers of foundation and concealer for a sheer, your-skin-but-better finish. You can also use them to apply undereye cream. 

9. Makeup Remover Towel

A closeup of a pink makeup remover towel on top of a white marble table

Wiping off makeup at the end of the day doesn’t need to be a chore, thanks to this soft, easy-to-use microfiber towel that aids your trusty makeup-removing cleanser in getting rid of every last trace of product to leave your skin refreshingly clean.  

This towel felt so soft. It was the same size as more expensive makeup remover cloths we’ve tested, but felt a bit thinner. 

Temu Makeup for $2

10. Cluster Lashes

Two boxes of cluster lashes on top of a white marble table

Falsies are an affordable alternative to expensive lash extensions — and this 100-piece box of fake lashes may just be the cheapest on the market. Use a few of them to give your eyes a subtle pop or double-stack them to create a dramatic look. 

11. Eyeshadow Pen

An eyeshadow pen with a white packaging on top of a white marble table

Available in 12 gorgeous hues, this eyeshadow pen takes the mess and hassle out of shadow application. Just apply it to your eyelids as you would lipstick to your lips, and voilà: beautifully blended eye shadow with a stunning matte finish!

This was one of our favorite items we tested. The application was creamy, the color was pigmented. We need to order the other 11 shades now. This is definitely one of the best Temu makeup products. 

12. Stacked Eyeshadow (#3)

A multicolored three-layer stacked eyeshadow  on top of  white marble table

Three layers of highly pigmented powder eyeshadow in a compact container? Perfection. This product features off-white, beige, and deep taupe eyeshadow colors with a shimmery finish, giving your eye makeup the subtlest hint of sparkle. 

This stack reminds me of the Kaja shadows. My favorite of the shadows was the shimmer. It is beautiful and buildable but is a bit glittery. 

light rose gold shimmer eyeshadow swatched on the back of a hand

13. Heated Eyelash Curler

A closeup of a pink heated eyelash curler on top of a white marble table

Enjoy all the perks of a heated eyelash curler minus the premium price tag with this handy beauty device! Easy to use and USB rechargeable, it helps you achieve enviably swoopy lashes in seconds. 

14. Cream Blush (QF20-3#)

A white colored packaging for cream blush on top of a white marble table

This water-resistant cream blush rivals similar products from luxury brands when it comes to versatile use. Ideal for various skin tones, it lends a dramatic flush of color to fair skin and leaves a touch of rosiness on medium to deep skin.  

This cream blush was creamy, easy to apply, and super blendable. 

swatch of a warm-toned orange blush on a wrist with a marble background

15. Liquid Blush (02)

Two different colored liquid blushes on top of a white marble table

Made with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, this smooth, lightweight blush gives you a bright, dewy glow that lasts all day long! Apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a lovely pinched-cheek look. 

The packaging is very reminiscent of the Rare Beauty blush, it is also VERY pigmented like rare beauty. However, this blush had a weird chemical smell so we recommend passing on this one.

16. Liquid Blush (05)

Going somewhere fancy? Go for this liquid blush variation. It features the same buildable, waterproof formula as above in a deeper blush color that matches the glamor of formal outfits and flatters deeper skin tones. 

Our thoughts on this are the same as its 02 counterpart listed above. Weird chemical smell = an automatic no.

17. Highlight Wand (4#)

A closeup of various highlight wands on top of a white marble table

We wanted to love this highlight wand and the blush and contour wands (Liquid Blush Pens listed below) from the same listing, but unfortunately, they are a pass. The tubes were filled with air, the shades weren’t our favorite, and this highlight was super sheer and glittery. 

a rose gold tube of makeup over a marble background
(This was how little product was left after one use)

18. Tricolor Primer

A tricolor primer inside a beautiful packaging on top of a white marble table

Now you can flaunt flawless skin without spending a fortune! This lightweight color-correcting and skin-brightening primer covers up blemishes and creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup application.  

19. Flower Lipstick (Color 02)

Temu flower lipstick with pink packaging on a marble and white background.

Not only does this jelly lipstick brighten and moisturize dry and discolored lips, but it also comes with a dainty flower inside the tube for added whimsy. Plus, it changes color when you apply it to your lips, leaving a light pink tint.

20. Lip Mask

A red colored packaging lip mask with with a small brush on top of a white marble table

A product with ingredients like camellia seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E that deliver hydration and nourishment to your lips, exfoliate them, and fade lip lines — all while you get some much-needed beauty sleep? Sounds like a win-win to us.   

21. Facial Steamer

A white facial steamer isolated on a white background

A refreshing spritz of water or facial mist can be a godsend on hot, dry days. To ensure you can give your skin a boost of hydration anytime and anywhere, keep this portable, rechargeable device stashed away in your makeup bag for daily use.  

We’ve ordered over a dozen times from Temu and have noticed a pattern. If your product comes in a cardboard box, it may be squished, however, the products have always been in perfect condition. The box for this steamer was very squished when we received it, but the product works perfectly (and looks great too!).

Temu Makeup for $3

22. Highlighter Palette

An open white packaging of a highlighter palette isolated on a light background

Featuring eight luminous shades, this highlighter palette allows you to create a wide range of makeup looks. Whether you want to sculpt your cheekbones and jawline or make your entire face glow, this palette’s your makeup BFF.

23. Liquid Blush Pen (2#)

We had high hopes for these blush, contour, and highlight wands, but as we mentioned in #17, these shades do not match the photos online, and the tubes have very little product in them.

24. Liquid Blush Pen (3#)

Our thoughts are the same as for the item above. These blush, contour, and highlight pens are a pass.

25. Lip Oil (Rosewood)

A closeup of a rosewood colored lip oil isolated on a white marble table

Want lips with a soft pinkish glow? Try this lip-plumping oil. It enhances the color and volume of your lips and hydrates them simultaneously, making your lips appear fuller, softer, and brighter. 

In terms of consistency, this feels more like a gloss than a lip oil and has a subtle, almost minty smell.

Swatch of a pink tinted lip oil on the back of a hand

26. Makeup Brush Organizer

A closeup of a white makeup brush organizer isolated on a light background

If you can’t seem to keep your makeup station organized, this organizer is sure to be a lifesaver for you. Aside from offering multiple slots for your makeup brushes and products, it also rotates to give you quick and easy access to each tool. 

27. Palette Organizer (Big)

A white palette organizer isolated on a white background

Splurged on a makeup haul? Combat your shopping-spree guilt by getting a low-cost makeup organizer with slots for large eyeshadow palettes and small bronzer, highlighter, and contour palettes. 

28. Ice Roller

A peach colored ice roller on top of a white marble table

Worked or partied too hard and wound up with puffy, tired eyes? Give yourself a quick beauty boost with this ice roller! Just stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes and use it to massage your face to help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate your skin. 

29. 40 Count Eyeshadow Palette

A closeup of a black eyeshadow palette with a brush isolated on a light background

This 40-shade eyeshadow palette is a bargain coming in at about $3. With so many color options you could do an abundance of makeup looks. 

The pans on this palette are very small, and the packaging feels cheap, but for the price, it is a screaming deal. Overall, the shadows applied well in our swatch test and were not patchy. 

Temu Makeup for $4, $5, $6, and $7

30. Butterfly Eyeshadow (Chocolate Mousse)

A closeup of a butterfly eyeshadow with a beautiful packaging isolated on a white background

Getting makeup for cheap doesn’t mean you have to settle for items with tacky packaging, as this eyeshadow palette in a delicate butterfly case proves. It gives you six shimmery nude colors while bringing the fun back to your makeup routine. 

This butterfly palette may be the most gorgeous packaging we’ve ever seen. For a full demo of this product plus swatches, view our Reel below. This may be the prettiest makeup on Temu.

31. Pink Eyeshadow Palette (1502)

A multicolored pink eyeshadow palette isolated on a white background

With 15 matte and glittery eye shadow colors, this palette has every hue you need for any look, from casual to formal. Top tip: Make sure your eyeshadow brush is damp before using it to apply this product for intense color payoff.   

32. Fake Eyelashes 

A closeup of fake eyelashes in pink packaging isolated on a white background

Made with high-quality faux mink, these falsies mimic the curl, texture, and look of real lashes. With 20 pairs in one package, this false-lash set can be your go-to for achieving voluminous, natural-looking lashes! 

33. Brush Set (Champagne)

Various makeup brushes inside a small black bag isolated on a white background

You can never have too many brushes, especially if you’re an aspiring beauty guru. Now if you want a one-time purchase for all the brushes you need, try this set with a whopping 15 brushes — all with soft, fluffy nylon bristles. 


Where Is Temu Located? 

Temu was founded in the U.S., and its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Temu Safe To Shop From?

Definitely! Temu is considered a safe e-commerce platform to buy from due to its robust Purchase Protection Program designed to safeguard consumer interests. The platform collaborates with reputable logistics providers, such as FedEx and UPS, and trusted payment providers, like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, to ensure the reliability and security of deliveries and transactions.

There are plenty of positive Temu reviews from satisfied customers on their app and website as well as social media sites. 

Take note that some users do find their delivery time slower than Amazon, although shipping on Temu is mostly free and it responds to customer complaints about this quite quickly.

How Long Do Temu Makeup Products Take To Arrive?

If you’ve decided to purchase makeup products from Temu, you can expect them to be delivered within seven to 15 days. However, many customers have reported receiving their orders sooner than expected.

Where Does Temu Ship From?

Temu ships goods from all over the globe and works with shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx to deliver them to each user’s doorstep. 

Remember that your chosen product’s country of origin may vary. Make sure to check the product description for this information. 

Is Temu the Same as Shein or Wish?

No, Temu is not the same as Shein or Wish. Shein contracts with manufacturers to create their own goods and primarily focuses on fast fashion, accessories, and other adjacent category products. Temu is like an everything store. They carry products from over 29 major categories. Temu is also a pure third-party marketplace that does not manufacture any of their own products. Unlike Wish, Temu focuses on selling to consumers, whereas Wish also sells to businesses and allows dropshipping.

Does Temu Actually Give Free Stuff? 

Yes, Temu actually has been giving free stuff to people earning rewards from their social, referral, and promotional games. There are specific terms and conditions you have to follow to qualify, though so read the fine print carefully!

Does Temu Sell Counterfeit Products?

No, Temu does not sell counterfeit products or knock-offs. The company maintains a strict vetting process for all third-party sellers, ensuring that they adhere to quality standards. Sellers who violate Temu’s policies, which include selling counterfeit items, can be permanently banned from the platform.

Is It OK To Use Cheap Makeup?

For the most part, it’s perfectly OK to buy cheap makeup. Plenty of affordable makeup products work just as well as their high-end counterparts.

In some cases, the only difference between a drugstore or dollar-store makeup product and a luxury one is that the latter has brand prestige, which justifies its hefty price tag. 

That said, some high-end products are worth the splurge, especially if they’re made with higher-quality ingredients or specially formulated to suit certain skin types. 

All in all, it’s best to take precautionary measures before purchasing any makeup product — cheap or otherwise. Make sure to look at each item’s list of ingredients and label to assess whether it’s suitable for your skin type. 

Additionally, if you have sensitive skin or any existing skin issues, make sure to consult your dermatologist before buying makeup. 

Get Cosmetics for Less at Temu!

Selecting makeup products is a balancing act in many ways; you often have to weigh each product’s longevity, quality, and price tag against another. 

But luckily, you can take one factor out of the equation above by opting to shop at sites like Temu, where you can find great makeup for cheap at prices within (and even below) your budget range. 

But if you’re unsure where to start, try ordering a few of our recommended Temu makeup products above (like this cream eyeshadow stick, go buy it right now, it is seriously that good!).

It’s essentially a low-risk, high-reward situation. If you wind up with a disappointing item (like these and these), you’ll only have frittered away a few bucks at most. 

But if you discover a product that suits your needs, delivers stunning, long-lasting results, and costs only a dollar, you’ll have found a holy-grail item that you’ll never go without again! 

Ready for more Temu favorites? 

Check out 30 more of our favorite Temu finds in beauty, fashion, and home in our full review here


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