My Favorite Products from Ricky's NYC

My Favorite Products from Ricky’s NYC

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My Favorite beauty products from Rickys-NYC Haulaffiliate link

Question of the Week: If you purchased any beauty products over the holidays, are you happy with your purchases?

Answer: I didn’t buy anything over the holidays. But last week I had a real moment on the Ricky’s website. Shown above is my order that just arrived. Fake Tattoos! Japanese eye lash serum! A moustache-shaped face mask! It’s like some beautiful carny box of wonder (which I am TOTALLY here for). I’ll share my thoughts soon…

But until then, can you EVEN with those Ricky Color nail polishes?

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Gouldylox is Currently Craving: a serious skincare makeover! My fine lines are out of control and I want MORE radiance. I’m determined to skip botox and focus on keeping my skin healthy. The products I’m dying to try? This new skincare line from BareMinerals.

we heartsters – did you purchase any beauty products over the holidays? If so, tell us if you’re happy with them!

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  1. If you purchased any beauty products over the holidays, are you happy with your purchases? I mostly replenished tried and true products because my “supply” was getting bare. (I’ve been on a mission for awhile to use all of the bottle that I have that are 1/2 empty and even ones that have 1/4 left. They were taking up too much room and I was too frugal to pitch them.)

    I do want to give a big shout out to Biore, Charcoal Cleanser. @lipglossandspandex recommended. You gotta love a $6 cleanser that works as good as a $40 one.

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