Give Me All the Red Lipstick

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lots of Red-Lipsticks in a row

Red lipstick all in a pretty row for a #lipstickleague Instagram photo challenge that’s going on right now. Want in on the fun? Follow us at @weheartthisdotcom to get in on the action!

Question of the Week: Name a color cosmetic that you love to wear year-around, regardless of the season.

Answer: It’s shown above!

Here’s what was up with the League this week…

we heart this – You know balms, glosses and sticks; but have you tried Lip Oil? Clarins has two new ones, Honey and Raspberry, that are as amazing as you’d imagine.

Beautygeeks – For some of us, covering a blemish is still one of our biggest makeup-technique challenges. Could be we’ve all been waiting for this simple video tutorial with Estee Lauder pro Carly Wolk on how to hide a pimple perfectly… with a kiss and a hug.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Beauty Junkies is giving away a haircare prize pack by Marula Pure Beauty Oil that’s worth $148. Go enter while you can!

EauMG – reviews a new vintage-inspired perfume from Phoenix Botanicals that smells exactly like fresh hyacinths.

Gouldylox Reviews – I haven’t felt like writing about makeup as my city has been protesting and rioting. That said, the only way to get past all of my feelings about my city and it’s pain, is to do what I normally do. In this case, it’s write about a great new mascara I found at CVS.

Love for Lacquer – Don’t have time for brows in the morning? From the company who brought you LASHFOOD, you must check out their new BROWFOOD! Quick, perfect brows in minutes!

My Beauty Bunny – Looking for some fun, affordable cruelty-free lippies? Look no further. We’ve got a look at the Tom’s of Maine Lip Balms, Lip Shimmers, and Lip Glosses!

My Newest AddictionBite Beauty Butter Cream lipsticks are kind of a big deal and Laura shows us her two favorites!

Nouveau Cheap – A $4.99 magnetic palette that you can find at your local craft store? Yep, it’s true!

Phyrra – The new Silk Naturals Spring 2015 Collection is gorgeous! Check it out!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

How about you we heartsters – what color do you wear year-round?


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  1. Hot pink nail polish, or vampy dark nail polish. It doesn’t matter what’s on trend or what the season is, odds are good that I’ll probably be wearing hot pink or some almost-black shade of red in the near future ;) Half of my nail polish collection is probably one or the other!

  2. Brown lipstick. It looks awesome on me, but it only really works in the fall and winter. wah waaaaaaah *sad trombone*

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