HELP! What Can I Do For My Dry Chapped Lips?

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That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 8.6.18

New feature from the Lipstick League: Help a Blogger. Jen from My Beauty Bunny says “My lips are always chapped! What lipsticks do you recommend for dry lips?”

Answer: Well, my dear bunny boo…I don’t recommend lipstick for chapped lips! You need to skip the lipstick and deal with the chap. I look to Sara Happ for that.

lip scrub for dry lips

First: get the limited edition The Lip Scrub in Coconut ($22) and use it 3 times a week. Bonus, it tastes like a macaroon. But don’t eat it…

Night treatment for dry chapped lips

During this week, also use The Dream Slip Night Treatment ($32) EVERY night. I predict your lips will be feeling much better very soon.

And while all that lip care is going on at night, use Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner ($28) during the day. That’s the bullet shown above in the dreamy Joshua Tree Sunset. And that’s exactly how it makes your lips feel: dreamy. It’s an organic, super hydrating sheer lipstick.

Here’s what was happening with the League last week…

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Phyrra is Currently Craving: While I need another eyeshadow palette like I need another hole in my head, I’m still lusting after the new Too Faced Then & Now Palette. The pinks and purples are what I want!

Your turn we heartsters, what would you recommend to My Beauty Bunny Jen for chapped lips?


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