9 Top Toners With Niacinamide For Stunning Skin

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In the world of skincare, it’s not just brands or products that get thrust into the spotlight. Ingredients get their 15 minutes of fame, too! 

A woman is putting on her facial toner with niacinamide in front of a mirror.

The latest buzz-worthy term in the industry? Niacinamide! 

Niacinamide serums are all the rage these days, it seems. If you’ve caught the niacinamide bug, you may want to branch out from serums and get a toner with the same beauty booster. 

But with all the options available online and in-store, how do you know which one will deliver on its promises? 

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place! To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve hand-picked the 9 top toners with niacinamide on the market today. 

Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner
Editor's Choice
  • Promotes bright skin with even tones and smaller pores
  • Helps reduce dark spots and inflammation
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free
Paula's Choice Pore-Reducing Toner with Niacinamide
Premium Pick
  • Hydrates, nourishes, and refreshes skin for a smooth, poreless texture
  • Combats uneven skin tone and common signs of aging
  • Fragrance- and paraben-free weightless liquid
Bliss Disappearing Act Niacinamide Toner
Budget Pick
  • Minimizes and unclogs pores
  • Leaves skin smooth and oil-free
  • Free of parabens, alcohol, and phthalates

What Is Niacinamide? 

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. It’s found in foods like red meat, poultry, fish, yeast, and green vegetables. 

However, it’s more popularly used as an oral supplement or an active ingredient in skincare products.

Benefits of Niacinamide

On paper, niacinamide might seem like yet another vitamin, but its catalog of benefits proves it’s nothing to be shrugged off. 

This skincare overachiever acts as a hydrator and builds proteins (like elastin and collagen),  which keep the skin smooth and supple. 

Still not convinced? Here’s an overview of niacinamide’s most important benefits:  

  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Improves mild to moderate cases of acne
  • Combats redness and inflammation in skin conditions like eczema and rosacea 
  • Fights sun damage, dark spots, and signs of aging
  • Remains gentle on sensitive skin

How to Choose the Top Niacinamide Toner

As with all skincare products, the most vital factor to consider when getting a toner with niacinamide is whether its formula suits your skin type and skin concerns. 

Take a look at this quick table of the properties and ingredients your niacinamide toner should have based on your skin type: 

Dry SkinOily SkinCombination SkinSensitive Skin
Hydrating and nourishing
Cleansing and exfoliatingCleansing and hydratingMild
Ingredients Plant extracts
Vitamin E
Hyaluronic acid
Salicylic acid
Witch hazel
Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) 
Salicylic acid
Lactic acid
Glycolic acid
Rose water extract
Aloe vera extract
Chamomile extract

Important warning: never mix niacinamide with vitamin C! These two ingredients don’t interact well and may cancel out each other’s effects. Plus, they can cause excess facial flushing. 

9 Top Niacinamide Toners for Bright, Silky Smooth Skin

Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner

A powerhouse combo of potent yet gentle ingredients? Check. Works on all skin types? Check. Targets skin issues like spots, dullness, uneven tone, and large pores? Check. Great price with endless benefits? Check. This is a toner that truly does it all! 

Key Benefits: Brightens skin; reduces inflammation; improves dark spots; evens skin tone; minimizes pores


  • Infused with niacinamide, licorice root extract, and naturally-derived arbutin
  • Designed to stop excess oil and melanin production  
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula

For visibly brighter skin with tighter pores, make this toner a skincare staple!


With rave reviews from experts and loyal users alike, the Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner has definitely earned the top spot on this list. 

A bottle of facial toner of Good Molecules sitting on a marble table.

Its signature blend of plant-based ingredients gives you unmatched radiance, helping resolve common issues like uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. 

One review of this niacinamide brightening toner even claims that they saw results in just one day! 

While this toner is effective on all skin types, it’s particularly helpful for folks with oily or acne-prone skin since it helps get rid of excess oil. Even better, its gentle formula makes it suitable for everyday use. 

Bliss Disappearing Act Niacinamide Toner

No need to settle for a mediocre product even when you’re on a tight budget. The Bliss Disappearing Act Niacinamide Toner allows you to achieve clean, healthy, and well-balanced skin without breaking the bank. 

Key Benefits: Unclogs and shrinks pores; strengthens skin barrier; cleanses and mattifies skin


  • Contains a blend of mushroom, green tea, and rosa canina extracts
  • Gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities in seconds
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA-certified formula

Keep both your skin and wallet happy with this standout toner!


Quality doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag as the Bliss Disappearing Act Niacinamide Toner shows.

Each of the spa-grade ingredients in its formula serves a specific purpose that boosts skin health in astounding ways. 

Of course, there’s niacinamide that tightens pores, leaves skin brighter, and removes dirt and dead skin cells to provide a refreshing cleanse. 

Mushroom and Rosa canina extracts tighten pores and remove excess shine. 

Finally, the green tea extract wields its potent antioxidant properties to combat skin damage from external stressors. Plus, it restores skin balance! 

Paula's Choice Pore-Reducing Toner with Niacinamide

This premium toner might cost a little more than the others on this list, but it also packs a little more punch. Made to cleanse, clear, nourish, refresh, and hydrate, its lightweight, multitasking formula makes it deserving of a premium price. 

Key Benefits: Restores smooth texture; combats signs of aging; reduces blemishes; minimizes pores


  • Boasts top-notch ingredients like niacinamide, antioxidants, ceramides, and plant extracts
  • Weightless formula for lightweight cleansing and hydration
  • Paraben-free; safe for daily use

Looking for a splurge-worthy toner? Treat yourself to this cut-above-the-rest product!


The Pore-Reducing Toner with Niacinamide from Paula’s Choice — a beloved skincare brand with both facial toners and body toners for women — shows exactly why you can’t skip the toner part of your daily routine. 

For total cleansing, it catches the traces of makeup that your cleanser leaves behind. For superior moisturization, it delivers hydration to relieve dry, flaky, and irritated skin and improve oiliness. 

For ultimate renewal, its lightweight, antioxidant-loaded formula helps fight signs of aging like dark spots and uneven tone. 

The result? Refreshed, blemish-free skin that ages you in reverse!  

Cos De BAHA Niacinamide 5% Toner

An exceptional Korean niacinamide toner from a rising star in Korean skincare, this product targets free radicals and inflammation to leave skin smooth and blemish-free. Perfect for blotchy, acne-prone skin! 

Key Benefits: Prevents frequent breakouts; reduces wrinkles and fine lines; improves dull, aging, pigmented skin


  • Formulated with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin
  • Features natural extracts that restore healthy skin
  • Free of parabens and other harsh chemicals 

Dewy, plump skin is within your reach when you use this balancing toner!


Korean skincare has become synonymous with gentle cleansing and moisturization, which is just what the Cos De BAHA Niacinamide 5% Toner offers. 

Using the joint forces of two big hitters — niacinamide and hyaluronic acid — it reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging. 

This Korean toner also includes allantoin, which soothes inflammation in skin issues like eczema and skin sensitivity. 

Since it helps immensely with redness, it’s a great buy for people with a fair or limestone skin tone. 

CeraVe Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide

Reap the benefits of gentle, thorough cleansing and superior revitalization with this tried-and-tested toner. Its household-name brand gains your trust, but its simple yet powerful formulation gets you hooked for life. 

Key Benefits: Gently removes impurities; retains moisture; softens and energizes skin 


  • Combines niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid in a fast-absorbing formula
  • pH-balanced and alcohol-free to prevent dryness
  • Allergy-tested to ensure safety for sensitive skin

This is a must-have for your skincare regimen!


Sometimes the simple choice is the right choice! The CeraVe Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide features a straightforward formula that delivers on all the toner essentials and then some.

A woman's hand holding a bottle of cerave hydrating toner on a peach background

One of its main perks is that it rids your skin of impurities and leftover residue without causing dryness or irritation. It catches what your cleanser misses while nourishing and rehydrating your skin, keeping moisture tightly sealed. 

Combining the power of ceramides and niacinamide, it also restores the skin barrier to promote a soft, smooth texture with a healthy glow. 

Bolden Skin Brightening Toner

Bid adieu to dark spots and welcome firm, even, gorgeous skin. This crowd favorite harnesses the brightening power of niacinamide to its fullest potential, helping you achieve your skin goals effortlessly. 

Key Benefits: Fades dark spots; plumps up aging skin; hydrates and refreshes; enhances skin texture


  • Designed with niacinamide, glycolic acid, licorice root, and algae extract  
  • Improves skin hydration and elasticity
  • Vegan, cruelty-free with no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates

On the hunt for a good toner for black skin? Your search ends with this toner!


Hyperpigmentation affects a significant portion of the population, especially black women. 

The Bolden Skin Brightening Toner is specially formulated to address this common issue and give you clear, spot-free skin.

With both glycolic acid and niaminacide in the mix, the toner evens skin tone, minimizes pores, and suppresses excess oil production. 

Plus, it increases your skin’s hydration and locks in moisture to keep your skin gorgeously firm and plump. Age spots and fine lines also diminish significantly, especially with everyday use! 

Other ingredients like algae, witch hazel, and licorice boost the effects of the main players, so you can maximize their perks. 

I’m From Rice Toner with Niacinamide

Want soft, balanced skin? Now it’s possible with this showstopping toner! Created by an underrated but top-notch Korean brand, it focuses on hydration to keep your skin healthy and oh-so-smooth.   

Key Benefits: Prevents moisture loss; illuminates skin; lightens pigmentation; protects and nourishes skin


  • pH-balanced formula with rice extract, vitamin E, and niacinamide
  • Blends natural extracts and synthetic ingredients to achieve outstanding results
  • Vegan and cruelty-free with no artificial fragrances 

Join the Korean skincare craze and get this Korean toner with niacinamide!

When it comes to hydration, Korean skincare products like the I’m From Rice Toner are unparalleled!

Beyond providing deep moisturization, this toner prevents water loss in the skin to maintain elasticity. On top of this, it brightens skin and enhances the appearance of enlarged pores. 

Balance is the foundation of this product. The 77.78% rice extract works side by side with niacinamide to encourage collagen production and give new life to a weak, damaged skin barrier. 

Synthetic yet safe compounds like methylpropanediol and butylene glycol help increase the skin’s absorption of active ingredients. 

All these complex features may sound daunting, but the outcome is simple: soft, bright, even, well-nourished skin! 

numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

Skincare products with fermented ingredients seem to be trending everywhere these days, and this toner proves why they’re worth the hype. 

By enhancing skin elasticity and strengthening the skin barrier, it leaves your skin smooth, radiant, and picture-perfect. 

Key Benefits: Evens skin tone; improves skin texture; restores glow and elasticity; hydrates skin


  • Uses fermented ingredients and niacinamide to target complex skin issues
  • Delivers visible results in a few weeks
  • Lightweight, non-sticky formula with no artificial colorants 

Take your skincare routine to the next level with this toner!


Popular with K-beauty fanatics and other enthusiasts in the know, fermented skincare products like the numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner boost skin health in countless ways.

This toner’s formula boasts 50 kinds of fermented ingredients, which are smaller than non-fermented products and thus penetrate the skin faster. 

It addresses common skin complaints like wrinkles, dullness, redness, and blemishes by strengthening the skin barrier. 

Better yet, it improves skin elasticity to help you achieve clearer, tighter skin with a dewy glow! 

Paula's Choice RESIST Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner

Looking for age-defying skincare? This superb toner repairs skin damage and refines your skin texture, giving you a youthful radiance like never before. 

Key Benefits: Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots; minimizes pores; restores firmness


  • Weightless formula with niacinamide and peptide complex
  • Targets signs of aging and sun damage
  • Fragrance-free and paraben-free

Crow’s feet and smile lines creeping up on you? This toner helps you get ahead of premature aging and rejuvenate your skin!


Aging is inevitable, so it’s important to embrace aging with grace and self-love. But it’s also vital to keep your skin healthy and glowing, which is just what the RESIST Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner does! 

A trio of Paula's choice products sitting on a window sill.

Another standout from Paula’s Choice, this toner focuses on renewing, repairing, and refining mature skin. 

It uses both niacinamide and peptide complex to encourage collagen production and help maintain your skin’s tautness and firmness through the years. 

Enriched with potent antioxidants, it also defends the skin against environmental agents that accelerate the aging process, such as UV rays and pollutants. 

Like the other toners with niacinamide on this list, it also cleanses residue, shrinks enlarged pores, and brightens dark spots. 

Some users with acne and oily skin found it ineffective in resolving their skin problems though. 

FAQs About Toners With Niacinamide

Can I Use Niacinamide Toner Every Day?

Yes! Niacinamide toners cleanse your skin and act as primers for products like moisturizers and sunscreen, which is why it’s essential for your morning skincare routine.

Simply add a few drops of your toner with niacinamide to your face cleansing pads, spread over your face, and you’re done! 

How Long Does Niacinamide Clear Acne?

Visible results of clearer, less oily skin after using a niacinamide toner can vary from person to person. Some see results in as early as 4 weeks, while others take around 8–12 weeks. 

What Toner Should I Use With Niacinamide Serum?

If you’re a niacinamide serum devotee, no worries! You can still enhance its effects by pairing it with your trusty old toner. 

Make sure your toner meets your skin’s specific needs, though.

Here are the top toners for each skin type: 

Can Niacinamide Cause Breakouts?

Niacinamide is unlikely to cause any side effects or trigger skin purging, but some users may experience rashes and breakouts.

If you experience any adverse reactions to your niacinamide toner, stop using it right away. 

Revitalize Your Skin With The Top Niacinamide Toner

A major game-changer for all skin types, niacinamide has proven why it’s a must-have in your daily skincare regimen — especially in the form of a toner! 

A woman wearing a towel is looking at herself in the mirror while applying facial toner.

With the list of the top toners to use with niacinamide above, you can choose the one that meets your skincare needs and goals. 

This way, you can achieve the soft, clean, poreless, blemish-free skin of your dreams! 

Crazy about toner? 

Learn more about this beauty essential here:


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