Voloom Reviews: Is This the Flat Hair Solution You Need?

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Any hairstyle won’t look its best if the hair lacks volume and shape.

And thin, flat hair can be even more of a challenge to deal with when you just want to wear your hair down on a regular day.

While there are hair styling products and salon treatments that offer solutions to our flat hair problems, they tend to be expensive and time-consuming. 

pink Voloom iron on a marble table with a white background

But there’s one tool that stood out to us because of its promise to volumize flat hair in a way no other products could: the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron. 

And after seeing too-many-to-count Voloom reviews, it was hard not to try it and see what all the hype was about.

Tons of social media posts have given their stamps of approval for this hairstyling tool, but is it really as good as everyone is making it out to be?

Keep reading as we dive into our own Voloom review and explore how this product works to provide long-lasting hair volume.

Voloom Review: Quick Primer on the Product

Before we dive deep into this review, let us show you what this hair styling tool is, its features, and how it can benefit you.

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron

This is a unique hair iron that adds volume and structure to flat, limp hair in seconds.

Key benefits: Adds volume to any hair type in seconds; hair-lifting effect lasts long even without styling products; easy to use


  • Patented hair iron plates
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Digital display for temperature settings
  • Automatic shut-off mechanism
  • Comes with hair clips and a sectioning brush

It’s now possible to rock a stunning hairstyle without many styling products and expensive salon visits.


It’s unlikely a coincidence that Voloom sounds much like “volume.” While the brand carries various hair styling and hair care products, its claim to fame is the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron. 

It’s now considered a go-to hair styling tool for women struggling with flat hair. 

In fact, the Voloom Iron has become a hairstyling trend on various social media platforms. 

Several TikTok videos about this product — with many of them showing impressive before-and-after results that using the Voloom hair iron offers — have accumulated more than 21 million views to date.

But is it worth the hype? We can happily say that all the rave Voloom reviews and the attention toward the tool are justified and well-deserved.

Why? Well, let’s take a closer look at the product to find out. 

How Does the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron Work? 

Upon first glance, the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron might remind you of a typical hair straightening iron at first, but how it works is completely different.

This Voloom hair tool features patented iron plates with an interlocking tooth design that looks like a waffle maker. 

When you clamp it down on a section of your hair, the alternating spaces between the unique iron plates create a crimping pattern. 

This pattern is what Voloom calls the “volume pockets,” and they’re designed to lift the top layers of your hair, resulting in a fuller look.

Take note that it creates a crimped-hair appearance, but that’s why Voloom is specifically designed to be used on the underlayer or the inner sections of your hair that aren’t visible.

The result? Hair with more body and volume! This will elevate any hairstyle and also make you feel confident enough to let your hair down.

Voloom Hair Iron Review: Best Features

It didn’t take much for us to understand why it’s been trending. After all, there are many things to love about this hair-volumizing iron. 

We’ve narrowed down the best features you’ll likely find useful in this Voloom product.

Ceramic-Coated Volumizing Plates

This is the highlight of the Voloom hair iron. It features a beveled iron plate that looks like a waffle maker, which creates textured patterns on the underlayer of the hair to increase its volume.

LED Display for Digital Temperature

The Voloom iron has a digital temperature monitor, so there’s no need to guess how hot its plates are. 

Its temperature range is between 220 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust its default setting by 5 degrees, making it easier for you to set it to the right heat level for your unique hair type.

As a general rule, always start at a lower temperature setting when trying a new hair iron.

Automatic Shutoff

This is one safety feature that we love about Voloom’s hair iron. The product is designed to automatically shut down the hot iron platform when it’s not used for 30 minutes.

Essential Styling Tools

Each purchase comes with three hair clips and a teasing brush, so you can give it a go as soon as your order arrives. It’s so nice to have all the tools you need to use your Voloom Hair Iron and volumize your hair.  

Voloom Hair Iron Reviews: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s recap why the Voloom hair volumizing iron is recommended by many and some things you may have to consider before making a purchase.


  • Ensures easy use. We’re used to having tedious and time-consuming styling tools and methods for adding volume to our hair. That’s simply not part of the Voloom experience.

    Overall, it’s fairly easy to navigate. You won’t feel lost even if it’s the first-ever hair styling tool you’ve purchased because it comes with a detailed manual.
  • Develops hair volume in seconds without styling products. Like most hair styling tools, using the Voloom iron the right way will take a few tries, like finding the right temperature setting and figuring out how to section your hair. 

    But even these preparations should only take a few minutes.

    The actual magic of adding volume to each underlayer section of your hair and creating volume pockets using the Voloom iron only takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the length of your hair.  

    So even if you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to leave the house with limp hair.
  • Offers options for every hair type, thickness, texture, and length. The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron comes in three variants, which we’ll discuss in detail later on.

    These variants have iron plates in different sizes, so there’s an option for every type and length of hair.
  • Provides added hair volume that can last for days. You’re probably browsing through Voloom iron reviews for one specific feedback: how long do the volume pockets last?

    You can add this Voloom hair tool review to the hundreds that say the hair-volumizing effect can last for a day or even a few days.

    How long the added volume and structure will hold, as well as how much retouching will be needed, can be affected by several factors.


  • Comes with a somewhat high price tag. With the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron, you’re saving time on trips to the salon, and you can significantly reduce how often you’ll need hair styling products.

    That said, there are a few things that you should consider. For one, the price tag is a little above the cost you expect for a hair styling tool. 

    It’s worth noting that Voloom sometimes offers major discounts on Amazon. Once you see it happen, don’t let go of the chance of owning this revolutionary hair-volumizing iron!
  • May require touch-ups under certain circumstances. You may have to reuse it to touch up your hair’s added lift and volume more often if you live somewhere that gets humid frequently. 

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron: Where To Buy

One of the easiest ways to buy the Voloom Hair Volumizing iron is through Amazon, where you can also find thousands of Voloom reviews if you’re still on the fence about getting one.

Pink voloom iron with clips and brush on a marble table with white background

You can order directly from the official Voloom website. However, we’ve found that it’s easier to browse Voloom reviews on Amazon.

Which Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron Is Right for You?

Flat hair or not, everyone will benefit from having Voloom in their hair styling arsenal. Adding volume and shape will only accentuate any hairstyle. 

It’s also worth noting that there are three different variants of the Voloom Hair Iron for you to choose from.

They all cost the same, have the same features, and include the same tools per purchase. 

To help you further decide which Voloom iron to buy, here’s a quick rundown of how each hair-volumizing tool differs from the other options.

Voloom Classic

Consider this one the standard Voloom hair-volumizing iron that should be suitable for most hair types. 

Its iron plates measure 1.5 inches, so the Classic can create bigger hair volume pockets than the other two variants.

We recommend the larger iron plates for thicker and longer hair. However, it might occupy a bigger space in your bag if you’re always on the go.

White Voloom iron with a white background

Voloom Petite

Here’s the medium-sized Voloom hair iron with 1-inch plates. So this could be a better option if your hair also sits in the middle of the thickness and texture spectrum.

If you’re keeping your hair at medium- or shoulder-length, this hair iron’s petite size would be perfect for more precise styling.

That said, plenty of Voloom Petite reviews from users with thicker and longer hair say this variant works great for them as well. 

You may also want to consider this if you want something that’s a bit more travel-friendly than the Classic.

Voloom Rootie

It can be more challenging to use any hair ironing tool on short hair, especially when you need to clamp it near the roots. As you can tell from its name, the Voloom Rootie is made for this purpose.

Reviews about using the Voloom Rootie for short hair use attest to how effective and easy it is to use. That’s not shocking since it features iron plates that are only 3/4-inch wide. 

We also recommend this for those with fine and short thin hair.

What if you have medium or long hair, but it’s thinner and finer than most? Many Voloom Rootie reviews mention that it works well for these hair types too.

How Do You Use Your Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron? 

We find it best to style your hair first before using Voloom. That includes using a hair dryer and a flat iron to curl or straighten your hair, then parting it as you normally would. 

After prepping your hair, follow these easy steps to use the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron:

  1. Start with one side of the hair first. Using the teasing brush, separate its top layer and clip it to the other side.

    You’ll also need to separate a 1/2-inch to 1-inch wide section of hair that runs alongside your face and clip it to the other side as well. 

    Pro tip: These sections will remain smooth and should hide the volume pockets in the underlayer.
  1. Lift a thin section of your unclipped hair, which is your underlayer hair. Start with a section that’s close to the scalp, clamp the Voloom iron down on it, and release it after one to two seconds.

    Do this clamp-and-release method up to three times on different sections of hair in the same area, then proceed to the lower areas.
  1. Once you’ve done all the underlayer sections on one side, unclip all the hair sections you made and move them to their original placements.
  1. Repeat these steps on the other side of your hair.

Here are two important reminders as well to ensure you use your iron without damaging your locks:

  1. Never clamp your hair with Voloom for more than two seconds.
  2. Don’t press hard and run it down your locks as you would with a straightening or curling iron.

Voloom Before And After

Here is a before and after of our contributor Stef after using the Voloom iron on her hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Voloom Iron on Wet Hair?

No. The Voloom Iron is designed for volumizing hair, not drying it. It’s advised to let your hair completely dry before using it.

If you want to use a styling tool that’s suitable for wet or damp hair, opt for a wet-to-dry straightening iron instead.

Can I Curl My Hair Using Voloom?

The Voloom Classic, Petite, and Rootie irons are not designed to curl or straighten your hair. 

They’re specifically meant to add “volume pockets” to your roots down in the underlayer of your hair. So they can’t create beautiful curls or sleek locks; all they can do is volumize your hair.

Can I Use Crimpers Instead of Voloom Iron?

You may think you can use a regular hair crimper as an alternative to Voloom’s hair iron. Well, this is not exactly the case.

The tooth design of the Voloom iron plates has deeper alternating spaces and creates a more textured pattern. 

This allows Voloom irons to produce lasting patterns that hold or lift the upper layers of your hair. And this may be difficult to achieve with a typical hair crimper.

Voloom Reviews: Should You Get One?

No matter your hair type, texture, and length, flat and limp hair is a concern we all know too well. 

The thing about flatness is it can still be an issue even when you’ve meticulously styled your hair into lovely waves. 

Sometimes even using your trusty hair straightening iron can lead to the same problem. 

Luckily, there’s the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron, which is a terrific solution for anyone who’s had bad hair days. 

Voloom can be a worthy investment because it will save you from frequent visits to the salon and your local beauty store to restock hairstyling products. 

It’ll add much-needed volume to your mane without the hassle! And you can rest assured of its quality because our Voloom review is just one of many that attest to this tool’s incredible performance. 

Just remember that this is still a styling tool that applies heat to your strands and near your scalp. So don’t forget to keep up with proper hair care to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

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