What To Wear to a Concert: A List of the Top Outfit Ideas

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Staring blankly at your wardrobe while deciding what to wear to a concert? You’re not alone.

After all, the perfect outfit is a lingering thought for most concert-goers. 

While the most important things are to enjoy the event, the music, and the company of the crowd, looking your top is also not off the list. 

Also, since music shows can last for hours, your concert attire shouldn’t just be Insta-worthy but functional and comfortable as well. 

A crowd of people enjoying at a concert with the stage beaming of blue lights from spotlights

So what are your outfit selections when going to a concert?

Considering that there are various types of musical performances and jam sessions, the general goal is to align your fashion with the culture of the concert closely.

That, or you can show off your individuality, creativity, and uniqueness!

Don’t know where to find inspiration for what to wear? Dive deep, head first, into our list of the top outfits to wear to a concert!

What Is the Perfect Concert Outfit?

There’s no absolute formula to follow when choosing what to wear for concerts, nor is there a dress code, considering that each individual has varying preferences and styles toward fashion. 

However, in deciding what to wear to a concert, you should primarily align your attire to the kind of music event you’re attending. In doing so, you must also ensure you are not risking your comfort. 

After all, if you’re uncomfortable with your clothes the whole time, you may not be able to enjoy the show fully. 

If you’re unsure what to sport, you can draw inspiration from popular concert ensembles for your perfect concert outfit. 

For example, if you’re heading to a Taylor Swift concert, consider putting on a butterfly crop top, a skirt, and boots in pink or other pastel shades. 

Meanwhile, if you’re pondering what to wear to a rock concert, an oversized black shirt, fishnet stockings, and black combat boots will make you fit in with the crowd. 

Considerations on How To Dress for Concerts

Whether you’re still building your concert wardrobe or have too many outfit selections, there are various things to consider before you can ultimately pick the right apparel. 

The subsequent sections will thoroughly discuss these considerations in detail:

Check the Type of Concert You’ll Attend

Want to blend in with the crowd? Learn the culture of the concert. 

Fans and concert-goers find this a great opportunity to support the artist or band. 

You can find inspiration as to what these public figures are known for wearing and use them to create your look while adding a personal touch to your attire. 

You can also wear their merchandise if you have one.

Apart from referencing your clothes to the artists, comfort should also influence your decision. 

For example, if it’s a mosh pit you’re going to, you should opt for ventilating garments since it can get hot when a crowd surrounds you.

You should also avoid wearing hats since they can be knocked off while dancing. 

You get the idea.

Dressing right for the event will significantly maximize your concert experience. 

Check the Venue

Is the upcoming concert going to be held indoors or outdoors?

Where the event will take place should help you determine the right concert clothes to wear for a great concert experience. 

For example, you don’t have to bring a raincoat if the concert is indoors since you’re practically protected against unpredictable weather changes. 

Instead, you can have layers of clothes, especially if the place is air-conditioned. Cargo, leather, denim pants, skirts, or shorts would be your go-to concert outfit options. 

You can also opt for light tops, shirts, or fitted full sleeves to complete the look.

Meanwhile, an outdoor concert should call for more preparation. 

If it’s hot, you might consider wearing something of light fabric, like a cute dress matched with sunglasses and a hat. 

If it’s cold outside, layering a jacket, wrapping your neck with a scarf, and wearing pants would be ideal. 

Three women sitting on the grass at a music festival happily flaunting their concert outfits and accessories

Check the Season

Since we have winter, spring, summer, and fall, you should also check which season the concert date is falling. 

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to wear a flowy dress in the middle of winter, or you might freeze during your time at the concert.

Instead, you can wear an oversized furry or puffer jacket and match it with pants, fleece-lined leggings, and knee-high suede boots.   

On the other hand, you will have to ditch the thick winter jackets if the snow is beginning to melt. 

Wearing shorts over a fishnet paired with boots and a shirt would be ideal. Better yet, go for an effortless concert look by putting on your spring dress.

The Top Concert Attire Ideas

Attending a concert is a great opportunity to showcase your fashion sense, albeit it’s not a fashion show you’re going to. 

Nonetheless, apart from prioritizing your comfort, style, and practicality, there aren’t other dressing rules to worry about!

“You do you,” as most people would say. That said, what to wear to a concert is completely your choice.

To help you find inspiration for the perfect outfit, we have curated a list of the top outfits to wear to a concert. 


If you’re attending Coachella or other summer festivals with multiple music genres, your fashion inspiration would be no further than the bohemian style. 

When you opt for a Boho look, the goal is to appear as hippie as possible, much like how nomads and gypsies style themselves. 

That said, take out your cowboy boots or gladiator sandals for the outdoor concert in the summer! 

Meanwhile, your clothes will revolve mainly around eclectic patterns, playful colors, and silhouettes, showcasing a free-spirited persona. 

Here is a bohemian clothing combination you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Off-shoulder ruffle top + bohemian-themed wide-leg pants + gladiator sandals

Accessories you can add:

  • Corset top
  • A floppy boho hat
  • Chunky, bold jewelry
  • Fake feather earrings
  • Temporary metallic tattoos
  • A tassel scarf around the neck
  • Beaded or woven bracelets, bangles

Sporty Denim

If it’s a pop concert you’re attending, you’ll never go wrong if you go for the classic denim style. 

As an iconic fabric that has dominated the fashion industry and influenced celebrity wardrobes, wearing denim can make you effortlessly chic. 

Note that denim comes in various washes. Light denim can highlight your features, while dark denim can create a slimming effect. 

You can combine these washes in one outfit, but if you do so, you shouldn’t opt for denim accessories. You don’t want to overkill it. 

Here is a denim clothing combination you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Denim trucker jacket + black turtleneck top + dark denim pants + leather boots

Accessories you can add:

  • Bag 
  • Jewelry 
  • Fedora hat 
  • Sunglasses
  • Paisley bandana

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Blink-182, you name it — if you’re attending a rock concert, one of the top choices of clothing you can wear would be their band merch. 

Most would also opt for an all-black concert outfit or a popping color without deviating from the rock-concept ensemble. 

Sporting black eyeliner will also help you complete the look. 

Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams are popular figures you can reference when styling yourself in a rock outfit. 

A woman wearing black leather pants and a leather jacket with accessories like silver rings and bracelets

An example of rock attire bearing the rock ‘n’ roll influence is as follows:

SHOP THE LOOK: Black leather jacket + band shirt + leather pants + platform boots

Accessories you can add:

  • Cap 
  • Belt 
  • Skull ring
  • Sunglasses
  • Leather bracelet
  • Black fringed handbag
  • Punk rock chain necklace

Edgy Glam

If you can’t decide between an edgy or a glam look for the next pop music concert, why not mix them up?

Edgy glam is where sweet and chic meets bold and dark. How do you achieve this? Start by taking your pastel-colored and dark-hued clothes out of the closet. 

The goal is to achieve a balance between these color and style combos.

Here is an edgy glam concert outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Floral romper + black or denim jacket + open-toe heels

Accessories you can add:

  • Bag 
  • Jewelry
  • Fur shawl
  • Sunglasses

Y2K Aesthetic 

Some fashion outfit trends come and go, but what’s coming back with vigor is the Y2K style.

This style represents a rebellious fashion trend where you can bring out your individuality. It’s particularly ideal if you’re off to a contemporary pop concert. 

Play with colors, patterns, and cuts that draw inspiration from the ’90s to early 2000s, and showcase your creative look in the music event you’re attending. 

Here is a Y2K aesthetic outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Center ruched crop top + bell-bottom denim pants + chunky heels

Accessories you can add:

  • Saddlebag 
  • Rhinestone belt
  • Beret 
  • Layered necklaces


Chic is when you mix simplicity and elegance.

It typically leads to an effortless look while maintaining a head-turning appearance, and it’s perfect for jazz shows, acoustic gigs, or other casual types of concerts. 

For the most part, you can liken chic style to quiet luxury fashion

It can be minimalistic, generally comfortable, and stylish in every way. Do these sound like the perfect elements for your concert attire?

Here is a chic outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: White blazers + tank top + paper-bag shorts + loafer mules

Accessories you can add:

  • Bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Minimalist jewelry

Cozy and Relaxed

Heading to a country concert? 

You can attend a local gig in your most comfortable yet stylish clothes. Go through your wardrobe essentials, and mix and match your comfy chic outfits with your dressy elements. 

Forget about your heels, but focus on selecting your coziest sneakers, and BAM, your country concert outfit is set.

This type of outfit is also perfect for casual concerts. Casual concerts are those that do not require you to really dress up.

They can be any genre, just as long as there are no strict rules on etiquette and attire. 

Here is a cozy outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Long sleeve crop top + distressed jeans + sneakers

Accessories you can add: 

  • Bag
  • Cap 
  • Jewelry 
  • Sunglasses
A young woman in a black top and jeans posing against an orange wall.


Want to look like a baddie at an EDM concert, music fest, or your favorite pop band’s music show? A Euphoria-inspired ensemble might be a good fit for you.

If you are into American television teenage drama series, chances are that you have already heard about Euphoria

The main characters in the show give off “bad girl energy,” and they’re great inspirations for your baddie outfit.

From bodycon dresses and mesh clothing to cut-out dresses, most of your look should appear with bright colors.

Here is a Euphoria-inspired outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: Mesh bodycon dress + ankle strap platform heels

Accessories you can add: 

  • Beret 
  • Neck chain
  • Small, clear bag
  • Other pieces of jewelry


If you’ve hesitated to purchase those metallic pants you saw in a store, attending Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or J.Lo’s concert would be a great reason to finally do so!

By flaunting metallic clothing items, you’ll certainly stand out.

You’ll cast off reflective shine, making you a standout among a crowd of oversized shirts and jeans

Here is a metallic outfit you can try:

SHOP THE LOOK: White high-neck crop top + silver pants + white sneakers

Accessories you can add: 

  • Sunglasses
  • Shoulder bag
  • Sparkly jewelry

Fall Fashion

Fall is the season before winter. That said, it hints that you must dress a little warmer if the local gig show or festival concert falls under that season. 

While you may only be able to show a little skin for this specific concert outfit style, you can still appear comfortable and stylish throughout the autumn shows.

Here is an outfit you can try for the fall season:

SHOP THE LOOK: Cropped puffer jacket + cropped tank top + loose fitted jeans + sneakers

Accessories you can add: 

  • Scarf 
  • Jewelry
  • Fedora hat
  • Sunglasses  
  • Bag of choice

What Do You Wear to a Concert in Your 30s?

In your 30s? If you are wondering what to wear to a concert at that age, there are a plethora of outfits you can try. 

You can pull off any of the following outfits:

  • All-black ensemble
  • Dress and trench coat
  • Shirt, jacket, and shorts
  • Crop top and cargo pants
  • Cropped T-shirt and mini skirt
  • Mini dress and Western boots
  • Fitted knitted dress and sandals
  • Puff sleeve topper and denim maxi skirt
  • Leather jacket, top, and bright-colored pants

In creating your go-to concert outfit, clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident are important. 

You may also want to wear something for your nails to elevate your look further.

You can opt for beautiful long nails if you want to feel fierce or short nails if you want to keep it simple.

What Do You Wear in a Concert in Your 40s?

If you’re in your 40s, you can wear whatever you want that will make you feel fabulous for the concert! 

You can mix and match what you have in your wardrobe and create a stunning outfit that best fits your style. 

Some of the basic clothing items someone in their 40s can wear to a country concert or other music shows are listed below:

  • Shirt and jeans 
  • Blouse and pants
  • Long, flowy dresses
  • Coats, cami top, and pants
  • Blazers, tees, and slacks
  • Fitted turtleneck shirt and wide pants
  • A button-down shirt and maxi denim skirt

When dressing up for a concert, let your creative side show.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your look by constantly sticking to your everyday wear. 

Also, while you’re free to wear any clothes you like, you may want not to take them to the extreme.

Remember, you don’t want to look like you are wearing a costume. 

What To Wear to a Concert for Guys?

Overwhelmed by the thought of what clothes to wear at a concert if you are a guy? There are various options for you!

Here are some wardrobe essentials you’ll be able to mix and match:

  • Chinos 
  • Floral shirts 
  • Funky tank top
  • Plain white shirt
  • Denim jeans or jackets
  • Band merch or tees
  • Shorts and shirt combo
  • Hoodies, jackets, or flannel shirts

With several pieces listed above and a great footwear collection, you can create several great concert outfits for your next rock concert, country show, and other gigs in the summer months. 

However, if it’s the cold season, you may want to wear something thick to keep you warm.

Common clothing options for the winter are:

  • Overcoat + heavyweight work shirt
  • Thick turtlenecks + men’s puffer jacket
  • Hoodie + puffer jacket + carpenter pants
A crowd of people at a music festival with a girl wearing white longsleeves crop top enjoying

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does What You Wear to a Concert Matter?

It generally doesn’t matter what you wear to a concert.

However, wearing something that will make you feel confident and comfortable is important. 

After all, wrong clothing choices can become a nuisance, especially if you wear too many layers of clothes and the concert venue is outdoors under the blazing sun.

What Should You Not Wear to a Concert?

There are no absolute rules on what not to wear to a concert. However, the biggest consideration should be your comfort. 

If a particular piece of clothing makes you uncomfortable, you should not wear it. 

What Can You Wear for a K-Pop Concert?

Need tips for what to wear to a K-Pop concert? Opt to dress according to your fandom’s color.

You may also sport shirts with your idols’ images printed on them.

Pair your top with high-waisted jeans or a skirt, and remember your cute bag for your makeup essentials if you need a retouch. 

As for your shoes, choose your comfiest pair, since queuing to enter the show can take long and may cause discomfort on your feet. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your light stick!

Rock Your Top Concert Outfit With Confidence

After going through various inspirations, deciding what to wear or dress for a concert will no longer be that stressful. 

You can rock the ever-classic denim, relive the retro fashion, flaunt your edgy glam style, and more!

The key aspect in learning to style yourself is ensuring your wardrobe has the essentials: several modish and striking pieces, versatile footwear, and a wide range of fun accessories.  

By doing so, you’d be geared up for any concert you want to go to, regardless of your age or gender!

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