What To Wear to Jury Duty: Court Dress Code + Vogue Looks

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Received mail from the court summoning you to jury duty? 

You might not be thrilled about it, but it’s something to expect at one point or another, especially if you’re a U.S. citizen and 18 years old or above.

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As you accept your legal obligation and get to know the details, including the date when your appearance is required, perhaps one of the big questions to ask is what to wear to jury duty.

You don’t have to go elsewhere scouting for the best jury duty looks! This article has carefully selected the top professional yet fashionable court outfits. 

Dress Code: What Do You Have To Wear to Jury Duty?

What to wear on jury duty day depends on your state. 

For example, wearing jeans can be perfectly fine in some states, such as California and Michigan. However, it may be prohibited in others, like New York and Florida. 

To err on the safe side, avoid wearing overly casual or revealing clothes. Consider jury duty as something similar to a job interview, so opt for a business-like fashion

Note that if you go through individual state jury dress codes, you’ll find out that most, if not all, outline no specifics on what you should wear. Instead, the dress codes focus more on what you should not wear.

Here’s a general list of what you should totally avoid wearing when complying with your civic duty:

  • Shorts 
  • Mini skirt 
  • Tank tops
  • Sunglasses 
  • Caps and hats
  • Torn tops or jeans 
  • Flashy or noisy jewelry
  • See-through or suggestive clothes
  • Clothing with slogans and written expressions

You shouldn’t also come into the courtroom barefoot since this shows a lack of respect to the court. Nor should you wear strong perfume or cologne in consideration for those who have fragrance sensitivity

The goal here is to show through your attire that you mean serious business as you attend to your jury duty and not be the source of distraction. 

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17 Jury Duty Outfits Looks That Serve

Many find themselves at a loss on what to wear to jury duty as women, especially if it’s their first time being summoned by the court!

After all, you must ensure your outfit is courtroom-appropriate, comfortable (since jury duty can last for hours in a day), and polished. 

To help you out, here’s a rundown on what to wear to jury duty that is stylish, smart, and chic: 

Classic White Button Down Shirt and Jeans

Wearing a crisp white shirt with neatly rolled-up sleeves and tucking it in your blue jeans may look simple, but it’s a look you’ll certainly love. 

And what’s a better way to make a statement than to add a black leather belt and a wristwatch?

To complete the look, putting on white pumps would make you on the go, confident, and ready to take your role as a juror. 

Shop the look: White button down + jeans + white pumps

A smiling woman leaning against a window while wearing white buttondown top and a blue jeans

Matching Black Blazer and Pants With White Blouse

Going for an urbane ensemble? Going black and white will show off your refined taste for timeless fashion in the courtroom.

It’s a straightforward choice, too, so consider preparing your black blazer and pants, as well as your white blouse, the day before jury duty. 

And should you want to look assertive, a pair of black high heels will do it for you. 

Shop the look: Black blazer + black pants + white blouse + black pumps

A young asian business woman walking down the stairs wearing black blazer, pants and pumps

Elegant Pencil Dress

Appear as glamorous as Kate Middleton in a navy blue pencil dress on your courtroom appearance! 

The straight, narrow cut that slightly forms the body’s silhouette shows off a graceful appearance appropriate for the courtroom.

You can match it with navy blue heels or go for nude if you want the illusion of longer, slender legs.

As for your accessories, you can either throw in a gold or silver bracelet and a ring to further enhance your beauty.  

Shop the look: Navy blue pencil dress + navy blue heels

A business woman is standing in front of a group of people flaunting her navy blue dress and a a layered necklace

Sweater, Shirt, and Plaid Pants Combo

Is it getting chilly outside? A sweater, shirt, and plaid pants outfit would be one of your great picks for jury duty. 

You only have to wear gray plaid pants and your sweater over your white button-down shirt. Don’t forget to pop out your collars. 

Overall, this leans more toward the smart look that’s stylish and effortless. Framed glasses, a leather-strapped watch, and a pair of loafers would get you fully ready to make a verdict. 

Shop the look: Sweater + white shirt + plaid pants + loafers

A young woman in a black sweater posing with her hand on her chin.

Sophisticated Shift Dress and Leather Jacket

Be court-ready in just a few minutes with the classic black shift dress! It offers comfortability throughout the day’s session without sacrificing the modish sense you’re after. 

And to add sophistication and warmth as you stay in the courthouse, a black leather jacket would be the go-to clothing piece in your wardrobe. 

With high heels on, this attire could be re-worn for weekend dinners.

Shop the look: Shift dress + leather jacket + high heels

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Keeping It Simple With a Black Suit

When jury duty calls, it’s time to take your black suit and shoes out of the wardrobe.

They never lack style, so you definitely can’t go wrong with these choices. 

For a pop of contrasting color, don a pair of pearl earrings and a necklace to make your ensemble stand out even better. 

Shop the look: Black suit + black heels 

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Business Casual Faux Leather Skirt and Shirt

Want to wear business casual for jury duty? 

It doesn’t have to be that complicated — a faux leather skirt, a crisp white button-down shirt, and a pointed-toe pump would be the way to go. 

And to pair your look, a black clutch bag would be perfect. It can also carry the essentials you need as you spend the day in the courthouse. 

Shop the look: Faux leather skirt + shirt + pointed-toe pump

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White Top and Jeans and a Statement Blazer

Are you heavily plagued by the question “Can you wear jeans for jury duty?” 

The answer is yes if your state’s dress code allows it. But if you don’t want yourself to look too casual, white jeans can hoist up your fashion game. 

This courtroom-appropriate apparel can be paired with a spaghetti strap top, a blazer in any pastel shade, and a nude pair of stilettos for that soft and feminine ensemble. 

And don’t leave your fingernails bare! A white almond nail or French tip mani can make you look well set.

Shop the look: Top + white jeans + blazer + stilettos

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Keeping It Vintage in Turtleneck Sweater and Velvet Pants

Don’t doubt how a turtleneck sweater and a pair of bootleg velvet pants would look once you put them on! 

Though this outfit looks straight out of the ’90s, it remains a stylish wardrobe choice that fits the modern era. For a pleasing aesthetic, they should bear colors from the same palette. 

And to get you set for jury duty, simply opt for a pair of black boots and a black handbag.   

Shop the look: Turtleneck sweater + velvet pants + boots

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A Dress and a Blazer for a Refined Look

A blazer can seriously add a hint of professionalism to your outfit. 

If jury duty day comes and you want to sport an A-lined, belted dress, a black blazer will further enhance your courtroom attire. You may as well match the color of your clothing with high heels or opt for flat shoes if you want something comfy. 

The final touches would involve wearing a neck scarf, which shows your fellow jurors you’re more than ready for the day.  

Shop the look: Dress + black blazer + high heels

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A Sweater and a Button-Front Skirt for a Straightforward Outfit

Report for jury duty wearing your favorite sweater and button-front skirt. The colors are all the more ideal if the date falls during autumn. 

Considering the temperature starts dropping during this season, don’t forget to wear black tights and complete the look with high-heeled ankle boots!

Shop the look: Sweater + button front skirt + ankle boots + black tights

A woman wearing a burgundy sweater with gold buttons on one side and black skirt.

White Blazer and Tee Contrasted by Black Ankle Trousers

This is another outfit that will meet your county’s juror dress code requirements. 

A sleek white blazer and a plain white tee matched with a pair of black ankle trousers and high heels would certainly make you look ready for the proceedings. Both colors stand out distinctly. 

With you looking this professional, you can get on with your day in court with poise. 

Shop the look: White blazer + white tee + black trousers + black high heels

A woman in glasses sitting on a couch in a living room while wearing a white blazer and white shirt

All Black Except the Camel Coat

Dress comfortably during the judicial hearing by opting for this sleek and chic winter jury duty outfit. 

A black top, slim-fit jeans, and boots paired with a camel coat are trendy thanks to their straightforwardness in fashion. 

You don’t need to wear jewelry for this look. Still, an accessory such as a tote bag might be necessary for your essentials, like makeup, wallet, and phone. 

Shop the look: Black tee + black slim-fit jeans + camel coat + boots

A woman wearing a camel coat and sunglasses is talking on the phone.

All White and a Statement Bag

If the all-black look doesn’t click with you, perhaps an all-white outfit will!

Grab your white suit out of the closet, high heels, and brown leather bag to add character to your appearance. 

This smart look initially conveys a message to the court that you’re fit to become part of the jury. 

Shop the look: White suit + high heels + leather bag

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Navy Blue Pleated Dress and a Statement Belt

Putting on a navy blue dress and a golden belt for a more defined waist would also make you fit to enter the courtroom. 

As for your footwear, a pair of block heeled loafers in navy blue is a perfectly elegant puzzle piece for your ensemble. 

Shop the look: Navy blue dress + block heeled loafers + gold belt

Chic in Plain Top and Palazzo Pants

Another way to get dressed appropriately according to your district’s juror dress code is to sport your white top contrasted by a pair of black, flowy palazzo pants. 

While black flats will look good for this ensemble, the best choice to give you more height is a pair of open-toe, strap heels

However, you may have to check first if open-toe shoes are allowed. If not, let out your high-heeled pumps!

Shop the look: Plain white top + black palazzo pants + open-toe, strap heels

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Effortless in Sweater and Cigarette Pants

A laidback wardrobe choice consists of your favorite comfortable sweater and a pair of tailored cigarette pants. 

Tuck your top for a more flattering waist-to-hip silhouette and put on your high heels or flats, as well as a long necklace draping down your chest. 

With this conservative attire, you’ll be more than ready to do your duty during the court proceedings while looking modish. 

Shop the look: Sweater + cigarette pants + high heels

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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Wear to Jury Duty for Males?

If you’re a guy called for jury duty, the most accepted dress code would be business casual, regardless of the slight variations among various states. 

Here are some clothing combination ideas you can follow if you’ve been picked to become part of the jury:

  • Sweater + button-down shirt + chinos
  • Striped suit + turtleneck shirt
  • Crew neck shirt + blazer + dress pants
  • Polo shirt + khaki pants
  • Button-down shirt + leather jacket + pants
  • Three-piece suit + button-down shirt
  • Structure blazer + button down shirt + chinos
  • Camel coat + sweater + shirt + suit trousers

What Happens if You Wear Extremely Inappropriate Clothes for Jury Duty?

Showing up for jury duty in extremely inappropriate clothes will most likely get you denied access to the courtroom. 

In such a case, you will be asked to return to your home, at your own expense, and change into more suitable clothing. 

Subjecting yourself to such a hassling situation would be the last thing you want to happen, so it’s always best to comply with the court’s dress code, especially since judges are particular about clothing. 

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Awaken Your Inner Courtroom Fashionista!

Our list proves you can still look good despite ditching the idea of wearing bare sleeveless tops, mini skirts, skimpy dresses, etc. 

If you still want to rock your cami top and other sleeveless pieces, it must be worn with another cover-up, such as a sweater or blazer. 

While being part of the jury isn’t something you’d be too excited about, think of it as a means to contribute your service to your society while showing off your excellent taste in fashion! 

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