What Are Wispy Eyelash Extensions? The Ultimate Guide

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Makeup trends keep advancing, and their influence on the internet makes every beauty enthusiast want to try them all.

One of these trends includes getting eyelash extensions.

Before, eyelash extensions were only limited to classic lash extensions. But over time, this beauty procedure keeps on upgrading — from hybrid lash extensions and volume lash extensions to mega volume lash extensions!

But have you heard about wispy eyelash extensions?

A close up of a woman's blue eye with long wispy lashes.

Wispy eyelash extensions are a beautiful combination of classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions and are fast becoming a lash lover favorite.

If you want to learn more about wispy lash extensions, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about it and why it has become one of the most requested types of lash extensions in lash salons today.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

The wispy eyelash extension is a new style of lash extension with noticeable spikes and a lush appearance.

It is a unique hybrid eyelash extension that creates a smooth and feathered look, achieving a natural-looking yet more dramatic makeup look.

Sometimes, it is called Kim K lashes due to the influence of Kim Kardashian’s lashes, which many people also want to try.

Because of this, this natural-looking wispy lash extension became one of the most frequently requested lash styles today.

The application involves a method in which a handmade lash fan, made out of 2 to 6 lashes, is placed with alternate lash lengths.

If done correctly, it can give you that illusion of the Kardashian look or falsies.

If you want a spiky false eyelash style, you should book a lash schedule with a certified lash expert now to get a whole set of long wispy eyelash extensions!

Types of Wispy Lash Styles

A person is holding a tweezers to a person's eyelashes.

When it comes to wispy eyelash extensions, you can choose from different types of lash styles depending on the look you want.

These wispy lash styles include the following:

Wispy Classic Lash Extensions

This wispy lash style is achieved by combining individual lashes with various lengths.

Wispy classic eyelash extensions are ideal for you if you want to enhance your natural lashes without being too dramatic.

It will give your eyelashes subtle volume and length, making them stand out while staying natural-looking.

Wispy Volume Lash Extensions

If you want your eyelashes to get great volume and density, wispy volume lashes contain a mixture of fans with 2 to 6 lash extensions per lash fan.

With this lash style, spikes are created using closed fans.

These wispy volume lashes are perfect for clients who aim to achieve a more dramatic lash look.

Get this feathery lash extension if you want to make a statement during special occasions or every day if you want!

Wispy Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

This wispy lash extension style combines wispy classic and wispy volume methods.

In this style, spikes are created by putting individual lash extensions between volume lash extension fans.

Compared to wispy classic lashes, wispy hybrid lashes are denser and thicker, but they don’t have the uniformity that a volume set has.

Wispy hybrid eyelash extensions are the best for you if you have gaps in your eyelashes since they can make your lash line appear fuller.

Wispy Dramatic Lash Extensions

Out of all wispy lash styles, wispy dramatic lash extensions provide the most dramatic look, hence the name.

This dramatic type of wispy lashes involve a mixture of bigger fans and short fans.

Make a strong lash statement by getting this wispy dramatic lash extension now!

What Is Lash Mapping?

Lash mapping is a technique lash technicians use to plan which thickness, curls, and length they will use. Also, it enables lash techs to match their clients’ natural eyelashes and eye shapes.

When making any lash extension type, lash mapping is key to creating the perfect set of eyelash extensions for their clients based on the level of drama and style they want.

To give you an example of how a lash mapping is done, here’s a detailed video tutorial for you:

Types of Lash Maps for Wispy Eyelash Extensions

Like any other eyelash extension type, the different styles of wispy extensions can be achieved with various lash maps.

Here are some of the common types of lash maps used for wispy eyelash extensions you should know to help you decide which ones to get:

An infographic featuring kim k wispy lash extension, doll-effect wispy lash extension, open eye wispy lash extension, and cat-eye wispy lash extension for wispy lash extensions

Kim K Wispy Lash Extension

The Kim K lash style, heavily inspired by Kim Kardashian, is the most trending and requested wispy lash style today. Fortunately, it is suitable for any eye shape.

To make this, your lash technician will place 7, 8, and 9 mm lash fans in the inner corner, 11 mm fans in the middle, and 10 mm long fans in the outer corners.

Usually, its spikes are 1 mm longer in the inner corner and 2 mm longer than the fans.

To make sure there will be no gaps after one eyelash extension falls off, your lash tech will put a couple of spikes of similar lengths near each other.

For a more dramatic look, they usually apply 7 to 10 spikes or more per eye.

Doll-Effect Wispy Lash Extension

Doll-effect lashes involve the application of longer lashes placed in the mid-section of the lashes and shorter lashes placed on the outer and inner corners of the eyes,

Usually, lash techs would use 10, 8, and 9 mm near the corneas, 12 mm, then 11 mm close to the inner corner.

This lash style is great for people with almond, hooded, and even monolid eyes since it can freshen up the face and create a flattering, youthful, opened-up look.

Choose this style if you want your eyes to appear fuller and bigger.

Open Eye Wispy Lash Extension

To achieve wispy open eyelash extensions, lash techs will concentrate the longest lash length at the center of the eyes by adding length and volume in the middle of the eyelid.

Then the lengths will be tapered down from the mid-eye to the shortest lash lengths in the outer and inner corners of the eye, creating symmetrical graduation.

Usually, lash techs will begin with 9 mm lashes for the inner eye corner, longer lashes for the middle with 10 to 12 mm, and then back to the outer eye corner with 9 mm.

This lash type is perfect if you want to open your eyes too.

Cat-Eye Wispy Lash Extension

Do you want to mimic the shape of a winged liner?

Luckily, the classic cat-eye lash style can recreate that sultry look but with long wispy lash extensions!

To effectively achieve this look, lash techs will start by applying smaller lash lengths from the inner eye corner and then continue to apply for the longest lash extensions on the outer eye corner.

This particular style is perfect for people with round eyes as it creates an elongated effect and an elegant lift on the eyes. Plus, it makes your eyes more feminine and dramatic.

A lash tech applying eyelash extension to a woman

How to Take Care of Wispy Eyelash Extensions

Wispy lash extensions require extra care and attention, which can be hard to maintain. But if you want to keep your set of wispy lashes extensions in good condition and make them last longer, it’s crucial to handle it with utmost care.

Here are some vital aftercare tips you need to keep in mind after getting wispy eyelash extensions: 

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your lash extensions.
  • Don’t use oil-based products near your lashes.
  • Avoid lash perming.
  • Don’t curl your lash extensions.
  • Stay away from chlorinated water.
  • Face away from the showerhead.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Regularly brush your lashes with a clean spoolie.
  • Keep it dry for 24 to 48 hours after your eyelash appointment.

Reminder: If you want to have your wispy eyelash extensions removed, you must contact your lash artist and book a lash removal appointment. Never pull them on your own.

How Long Do Wispy Lash Extensions Last?

Wispy lash extensions follow your natural lashes’ growth cycle and fall off with them.

Remember that the lasting power of your lash extensions depends on the texture and strength of your natural lashes. Also, it depends on where your natural lashes are in their natural growth cycle when applying for the lash extensions.

Commonly, wispy eyelash extensions last between two to three weeks after application. The longer lashes usually fall off first. After three to four weeks, half of your lash extensions might start to fall off. After four to six weeks, expect all of your lash extensions to fall out entirely.

Because of this, lash technicians recommend you book a lash infill session after 3 to 4 weeks to maintain your wispy lash extensions and make them as good as before.

Will Wispy Lashes Damage Natural Lashes?

Eyelash extensions, in general, will NOT damage your natural eyelashes, given that they are properly applied and if you follow the essential maintenance and aftercare tips.

If you want wispy eyelash extensions, find a salon with experienced and certified lash technicians who know the proper application and techniques required to achieve a wonderful set of eyelash extensions.

If you don’t, you risk damaging your natural eyelashes. If an amateur lash tech uses low-quality materials or if the extensions are applied too heavily, they can ruin your natural lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely.

A close up photo of a woman's eye while she's lying on a bed

Who Are Wispy Lashes Good For?

Wispy eyelash extensions are perfect for people who want thick, noticeable lashes that will make you confident whenever, wherever.

If you get this lashing freestyle technique, you can achieve a fluffy, feathery, textured look since they are a combination of lash extensions with various lengths.

However, since there are different types of wispy eyelash extensions, ask your trusted lash artist which wispy lash map and style is suitable for your eye shape and the look you want to achieve. 

This way, you can customize your wispy lashes and make the most of the result!

Get Wispy Eyelash Extensions Today!

Do you want to try something new other than the standard classic lash extension types?

Then you should step up your eyelash game and get the trendy wispy eyelash extensions now!

Wispy lash extensions are the best eyelash extensions you should wear if you want to look fabulous wherever you go — even with minimal makeup!

Ultimately, if you’re a huge fan of Kim Kardashian, you can achieve her eyelashes with this style!

Book an appointment with your trusted lash technician and get wispy eyelash extensions today!

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