ZIIP vs NuFACE: Which Facial Toning Device Works Best?

ZIIP vs NuFACE: Which Facial Toning Device Works Best?

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Once you reach your 30s, taking care of the skin should be more of a priority now than before.

Unlike in your younger years when you could be carefree and let your skin be without any skincare routine, finding a regimen that works is a must to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. 

a young woman with fair skin is posing at the camera enhancing her naturally looking healthy skin after using face toning device

Aside from finding the right skincare products, you might also find yourself looking for various devices like facial toning tools to help achieve naturally glowing skin.  

Some of today’s best facial toning devices are from ZIIP and NuFACE.

These brands are taking the world by storm with their exceptional handheld skincare devices. 

But if you can only buy one device, comparing ZIIP vs NuFACE can be challenging. 

Both brands have distinct features that you will love. Even both designs look pretty. So deciding which one to buy can be easier said than done. 

If you must decide whether to buy NuFACE versus ZIIP, it would help if you know the strengths and weaknesses of each device.

Read more to help you pick between NuFACE vs ZIIP for your next handheld skincare gadget at home. 

Zipp vs NuFACE: The Showdown

What’s in the box
  • ZIIP Beauty gadget 
  • 2.7 fl oz Golden Gel 
  • 1 charging USB cable 
  • 1 dedicated cleaning cloth 
  • 1 padded travel pouch
  • NuFACE Trinity gadget 
  • Basic facial trainer attachment 
  • 2 fl oz primer gel 
  • power adapter charging cradle 
Intensity at max strength (microamps)400 microamps335 microamps
SizeAt least 4 inches longAbout 5.5 inches long 
TechnologyMicrocurrents Nanocurrents Microcurrents 
App inclusionsYes, with nine skin treatments connected with the app and how-to videosYes, with how-to videos to demonstrate all attachments
Free attachments N/ARed LED attachment (to reduce wrinkle) and Eye & Lip (ELE) attachment
Recommended frequency of use3 to 6 times per weekAt least 20 minutes every day
FDA approvalYesYes
WarrantyTwo-year warranty (with T&C)One-year warranty (with T&C)

ZIIP Beauty vs NuFACE: Comparison 

Both Zipp and NuFACE devices take advantage of electrical technology to help improve the skin’s overall tone. These products use microcurrent facial toning to lift the skin and give it a nicer and fresher glow. 

Because of these similar perks, choosing between ZIIP or NuFACE can be overwhelming.

Check out the individual reviews for both devices to simplify your decision. 

All About ZIIP Beauty

ZIIP Beauty GX Series Microcurrent Facial Device + Golden Conductive Gel | Professional At-Home Tool...
  • ZIIP utilizes nano-current and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better every time you use it. Using the ZIIP App and our sophisticated waveform combinations, you...
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ZIIP is a company founded in 2015 by Melanie Simon, a highly-skilled electrical esthetician who took care of the skin of her numerous clients in the US for two decades. 

She developed groundbreaking technology that combined micro- and nano-current to elevate a person’s home facial experience. 

What’s Special About ZIIP Beauty? 

Some of the notable benefits and key features of the ZIIP Beauty facial toning device include the following: 

  • Revolutionary combination of microcurrent and 
  • nano current technology to address more skin issues 
  • Pain-free and non-invasive homecare facial treatment 
  • Nine treatment options come with the app you will link to your device
  • How-to videos present the best ways of moving the device all over your face for different treatment results
  • Comes in two models, the GX and OX, which differ in device color, gel formulation, and treatment programs 
  • Sleek, portable, and lightweight

Aside from these perks, the ZIIP microcurrent device is also ideal if you want a one-stop solution to all your skin problems. 

It helps improve skin tone, revitalizes dull and dry skin, corrects uneven complexion, and provides an anti-bacterial remedy. 

What Skin Issues Can ZIIP Beauty Fix? 

a woman's hand touching the girl's cheeks after toning the face with nuface facial toning device

Because of its micro-current and nano-current technologies, ZIIP can take care of the following:

  • Helps fix hyperpigmentation and skin puffiness
  • Helps improve your acne condition with regular use. 
  • Can eventually help with facial contouring
  • Can address problems in the delicate areas under the eyes without needing additional attachments

Downsides of Using ZIIP Beauty

  • This device is more expensive than the other handheld facial toners on the market. 
  • It needs consistent replenishment of its accompanying gel, which may cost a lot. 

How to Use the ZIIP Beauty Product Effectively 

Each box of ZIIP Beauty comes with a fully-charged device that you can use immediately. 

To begin using the product, you must look for the ZIIP Beauty app in your preferred app store and then download it. The app will require you to register your name and email address. 

Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, the app will require you to turn your Bluetooth on to connect both devices.

When done, you will gain access to several instructions for full facials and targeted treatments like skin plumping and contouring. 

You can choose the type of treatment you want on your skin, then apply the accompanying Golden Gel on your face and neck areas. 

The specially formulated gel acts as the conduit to help the micro-currents and nano-currents travel in your skin. It also comes with 24-karat gold and cone snail extracts to help penetrate the skin faster. 

It is crucial to follow the video shared on the app to ensure the proper movements of the device’s metal knobs. You may leave the gel on your skin overnight to use it as a serum. 

All About NuFACE

NuFACE Trinity + Effective Lip & Eye Attachment Set
  • FITNESS FOR YOUR FACE: Skincare is your nutrition, microcurrent is your exercise Just as exercise sculpts and tones the body, our microcurrent devices contour and tone...
  • 5 MINUTE FACIAL-LIFT: The NuFACE Trinity Device with the Facial Trainer Attachments gently stimulate your face and neck with microcurrents to help improve contour, dull...
  • LIP & EYE ATTACHMENT: The NuFACE Effective Lip & Eye (ELE) Attachment has focused dual wands that deliver gentle microcurrent to help lift, tone and reduce the appearance...

Mother-and-daughter team Carol and Tera Cole founded NuFACE while searching for the best solution for people who want home-based skin therapies in between their professional skincare treatments. 

Though relatively new in the market, this product has a steady following among skincare enthusiasts worldwide. 

What’s Special About NuFACE Trinity?

Find out all the perks and key benefits of using NuFACE Trinity: 

  • Helps tighten skin 
  • Enhances facial contour 
  • Lessens wrinkles
  • Comes with add-on attachment options, including the Wrinkle Reducer (with red LED light) and ELE (eye and lips) for an additional cost
  • Includes how-to videos on the product’s free app to demonstrate all the possible ways of moving the device all over the face to achieve various results
  • Features ergonomic and sleek design
  • Portable and lightweight 

In addition, NuFACE Trinity also comes in several models, including the NuFACE Mini. It is made smaller for more accessible transportation.

You may also get the larger version called NuBODY for body sculpting and the slimmer NuFACE Fix for targeting super fine lines.

Why Try the NuFACE Trinity Fix? 

Using the NuFACE Trinity device regularly gives you the following benefits:

  • Can reduce visible aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps boost your skin tone 
  • Brightens your dull complexion
  • Can serve as your Botox injections alternatives 
  • Helps make your skin look younger

Cons of Using NuFACE Trinity

  • Short-lived results
  • You will need to use it daily to prolong its effects on the skin
  • May hurt your skin due to the static effect if you do not follow the app’s instructions

How to Use NuFACE Trinity? 

To begin using this home facial treatment device, you must prepare your face by applying the hydrating gel primer included in the package. 

The NuFACE device comes with two circular metal nodes placed on the uppermost portion of the head attachment.

When the nodes come into contact with the gel primer, the device will produce the microcurrent and transfer it to the muscles under the skin.

Since the gel primer serves as the electrical conductor, it can produce an instant toning effect when it gets into contact with the device.

You may also boost the efficiency of NuFACE Trinity by keeping your skin free of oils. So cleanse the skin properly before applying the gel primer. 

It is also crucial to apply liberal amounts of gel primer on all skin surfaces to prevent static shocks. 

Most importantly, keep the device in direct contact with the skin with light to medium pressure to ensure the best results.  

Which Is Better: ZIIP or NuFACE? 

a woman with hair in a neat bun is posing at the camera flaunting her perfectly toned face

Before you determine which of these devices works better, you must know if they can meet your expectations. 

ZIIP Beauty may be more expensive than NuFACE, but its features can provide value for your money due to its effectiveness and flexibility. 

Several studies back up the claims about using different currents to solve skin problems like acne and pigmentation. Fortunately, you can take advantage of multiple currents for your home-based facial treatment using ZIIP’s main product. 

You will also appreciate ZIIP Beauty because of its easy-to-follow instructional videos. You may access these files online or through its app. 

On the other hand, NuFACE Trinity also has a lot of followers because of its ability to tighten the skin and contour the face. 

It may sound like using this product daily can be time-consuming, but consistency will help you achieve your desired results. 

Which Should You Buy?

It can be overwhelming to check every NuFACE and ZIIP Beauty review and their before and after effects to check which of these brands provide the most benefits. 

Both devices are proven effective in solving skin problems like dullness, fine lines, and sagging. However, they also beat each other in several strengths. 

If you want an all-in device to help improve your skin condition in many ways, then the luxurious ZIIP Beauty could be your best option. With more advanced current technology, it offers multiple ways to enhance your skin. 

Meanwhile, NuFACE Trinity could be your best option if you’re on a tight budget. Each package already comes with free attachments to help target issues in specific areas, like under the eyes and places with fine lines. 

You could expect to pay a premium if you pick ZIIP Beauty over NuFACE Trinity. But every cent you spend will be worth it in the long run though. 

On the other hand, NuFACE Trinity may be more affordable, yet it is still packed with all the features you want to see in your facial treatments at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do Microcurrent Devices Work? 

Microcurrent devices deliver small but potent electrical currents on the skin as you massage them gently on the area where you want to use them.

The currents trigger the facial tissues under the skin, stimulating them to tighten and tone. 

Using these devices at home allows you to have a convenient and non-invasive facial treatment without the need to visit any skincare clinic.  

Are Microcurrent Facial Toning Gadgets Effective? 

Most users of these devices can attest to the efficiency of the products.

Based on the reviews in online shopping platforms, the products significantly help enhance the skin’s softness and texture. 

You must use these products consistently with their appropriate gel primers to achieve your desired results. 

Are there Any Risks Involved When Using Microcurrent Devices at Home? 

While the entire process of using electric currents on your skin sounds daunting, most of them are pain-free.

You only need to use adequate amounts of gel primer on your skin to prevent shock statics that may hurt you. 

However, you must steer clear of these devices if you are pregnant, diagnosed with seizures and epilepsy, or using electronic implants like cochlear implants and pacemaker insertions.

a woman with hair in a neat bun is posing fierce at the camera while touching her cheeks

ZIIP vs NuFACE: Who Wins?

The winner is the device with benefits and features that suit your needs.

Picking the right at-home facial toning treatments like ZIIP and NuFACE does not have to be overwhelming, especially if you know what you are looking for. 

In the end, it all boils down to the budget you are willing to spend and the types of benefits your own skin needs regularly.

So pick the suitable device deliberately to ensure that your skin will remain young and beautiful at all times. 

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